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Sex with aunt again

True i****t Story

i was sitting at home relaxing doing nothing this past sat night, which is a first for me. now i had sex with my aunt a few weeks ago but have not really heard from her since. i get a shower when i go back to my room i have a message on my phone from her. she said she needed to talk to me come over as soon as i can. now im like oh shit did my uncle find out? or my mother?
my stomach was turning.

i get into my car and ride over as fast as i can. heart beating fast scared as shit as what i could walk into. i get there and go in my aunts house, its quiet nobody down stairs, i yell out hello aunt karen you here? i hear her say up here honey i need to talk to you. i go up and my aunt is in her room she does have a robe on, she says sit down we have to talk.
she told me that her and my uncle are getting divorced, im like does he know?!
nope she says its just they have drifted apart and have not had sex in 4 years
and were always fighting. so she had enough she showed he moved out and everything. i was like ok, then my aunt says babe me and you can have all the sex we want now and with that my aunt took off her robe and there stood her beautiful naked body.

i got up and we kissed nice and long my cock was already jumping to get out of my shorts, she took off my shirt i kicked my sneaks off and my aunt pulled down my shorts and dick was standing for her she got down on her knees and took my cock into her warm mouth, it felt so fucking good watching her suck and lick my cock and balls. she got up got on the bed on all fours and told me to fuck her doggie right now, i got behind her put my head into her and with one thrust the rest of my throbbing cock was in. i was pumping her hard and fast it felt so damn good. she kept backing up as i pushed forward i was in heaven, then out of no where i hear karen! tommy! what the hell are you two doing!!, i look over and there is my mother standing in the doorway, i almost shit myself. i pulled out sat in the big chair in my aunts room in the corner crossing my legs and hiding my cock from my mom seeing it.

my aunt got up, put her robe on and said to her s****r linda lets talk in the hallway, my mom was like i cant believe what i just saw tommy your fucking your aunt! my s****r! im like im dead thats it everybody is going to know now. my aunt and mother were talking in the hallway, i could hear them but not make it out. they came back in the room after 5 maybe 10 mins but it seemed forever. my mother sat on the bed across from me and ok tommy look i see whats going on here your aunt karen told me everything, and how you were there when your peice of shit uncle was not, and when people love each other i dont see anything wrong with them making love ,sex or whatever you want to say.
even with you two being related. my mom said she will not say anything to anybody and what happens here stays here, im like ok cool a big sigh came out of me. just then my mom says i will not say anything but im joing you two i already talked with karen and she said fine, so tonight tommy your also fucking me.

my jaw dropped just then my mother stood up kicked off her sandels took off her shirt and bra, this is the first time i saw my moms tits they were bigger than my aunts nice full and round, now my mother and aunt kinda look like each other but not twins, my mother has long brown hair, huge tits, nice body and then i see her shaved pussy, im like mom are you sure? she said tommy i have been single too long and dates are pointless, no sex i need something tommy and your it son. my aunt is layin on the bed fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit, my mother lays down and begins to eat her pussy! she is eating her s****r!!! im like holy shit! this is hot, i started to jerk off, when my mother said dont do that put your hard cock in your mother tight wet pussy baby now! i got up walked over there go behind my mom i rubbed the head of my cock all around her lips she moaned alittle i slide my cock into her pussy, man it was all wet and tight, i was all up in her now. she moaned out fuck me tommy please fuck me i started to pump my moms cunt hard and fast. i still could not believe i was fucking the very same pussy i came out of. it felt so godamn good.

my mom then said lay down tommy im on top now. my mom got ontop grabbed my cock and put in her tight pussy and slide down on me, she started to ride me slow and then picked it up a bit. she looked at me and said its all fine tommy it feels good dont it baby, im like oh yes it does it feel so fucking good. my aunt karen came over and kissed us both. this was great my aunt was telling her to fuck me harded fuck your sons cock linda fuck it good, my mom was moaning and grinding on my dick, i was like jesus mom this feels so fucking good, i love your wet pussy i love you. i told her oh shit mom im going to cum,im going to fucking cum, just then my mother got off my dick and put it in her mouth. her mouth was so hot and wet i could'nt stand it, i yelled out im fucking cumming!!! and with that i came right into my mom's mouth, she sucked down all of my cum. she laid down next to me rubbing my chest my aunt karen on the other side. we all argee no one will ever know and that us 3 will always have sex, me and my mom, me and my aunt or all 3. now whatever anyone make think of this being wrong, you can think that, but these two women in my life made it feel so right, hey you only live life once, enjoy

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