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Me and my oldest son's first sexual encounter

Since I’ve got some time to spare, I thought I’d try to write the story of my first sexual experience with my oldest son, Robert.I’m not a skilled writer, so please bear with me, ok ?

It was about two and a half years ago, mid summer.It was close to midnight.
K., my youngest son, was asl**p in his room, and me and Robert were watching a movie, a light, comic thing called “American pie”.
Now this movie features a character called “Stifler’s mom”, Stifler being one of the movie’s protagonists, and his mom being a sultry lady in her 40’s, who his friends all seem to find drop dead sexy.

We were watching the movie, lying lazily in the sofa, the weather being so hot that I was only wearing a long, loose T-shirt, when out of the blue Robert looked up and said to me:”Do you know you’re actually the resident “Stifler’s mom” arond here, mom?”.
I had to laugh at this sudden outburst, and I could do nothing more than smile and answer:”Really?What do you mean?Who says that?”.

“A lot of my friends who’ve seen you around, actually”, Robert said, “They’re always teasing me, calling you a MILF, talking about how hot you look, and how it’s a shame and a waste that you don’t have a boyfriend and so on...At first it really bothered me, I even got into a few fights over it, but now I just laugh it away.Do you know that R. (one of Robert’s friends, who hangs out with him all the time at our place, and who’s ALWAYS very polite, lol) even offered me money if I could snap a naked pic of you to show him?Of course I told him to sod off, and that I’d kick his arse if he asked again!”.

This made me laugh even harder, but at the same time I was feeling more than a bit turned on by the thought of seemingly being quite a few young men’s sexual fantasy too.Until this day I really don’t know what it was, was it the heat, the few glasses of wine, or the fact that I hadn’t had sex in quite a few months that made me ask my son there and then:”And you, love-do YOU think I’m sexy?”.

Robert turned beet red, shuffled uncomfortably in his chair and said:”Eh...yes mom, you look great...”.

“Do you like looking at me?”, I asked, "Be honest, love.".

“Yes”, he said, “I do.I think you’re a very sexy, good looking lady.”.

“You’ve seen me naked a lot too, honey-for free, might I add, just k**ding-do you like how I look than?”.

“Mom!But yes-you have a beautiful body...”.

“I'm going to ask you once:would you like to see me naked now, hon?Don’t worry, be honest, I'll get naked for you right here, right now if you want me to.”.

"If you mean that...yes please...If you don’t mind, I'd like to see that...”.

“Here you go than”, I said, my insides shaking with nerves, pulling the shirt I was wearing over my head, treating my son to a completely unobstructed view of his mother’s naked body,”Enjoy, love!”.
I had just stripped completely nude for my own son, showing him the most private parts of the body that had birthed him...

Now Robert-both my sons actually-had seen me walk around totally naked numerous times in and around the house or on the beach, and I had seen them, being naked amongst each other not being a big thing in our household, but this was different, this was clearly getting very sexual-and it turned me on.

“Do you like it?”, I asked innocently, flaunting my body for him, striking a pose.It was a very warm night, and he was only wearing shorts, that's why I could clearly see the bulge of his erection, so I knew the answer to my question already.

“I love it”, he said, never taking his eyes of me, “You’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”.

At this point I really must confess that pure, a****l lust had taken over, and I asked-nervous and red faced myself now- if he wanted me to put on a little show for him, but he’d have to return the favour and keep it between us, and it seemed I clearly underestimated the nerve and hornyness of my boy, because before I knew it he said “Yes, please do mom, show me what you can do”, and quickly slipped out of his shorts, treating me to the lovely sight of his thick, erect member pointing upwards and his heavy, semen- filled balls hanging down.

So I started licking my lips and opened my legs wide, giving my son a good view of his mother’s wet, open vagina, started kneading my boobs for him, playing with my fat, swollen nipples so they stuck out like big, pink jellybeans.I wanted to turn my own son on as much as I could, and it seemed to work, because Robert was stroking his beautiful cock vigorously in no time, turning me on like crazy.My own son was pleasuring himself right in front of me...Looking at it felt terribly wrong, and at the same time so completely right...

I started playing with my exposed pussy too, working my little clit hard, stretching its hood and pulling my swollen, purplish labia, and it only took me a couple of minutes to reach a shuddering, moaning climax-all of this in front of my very own son’s eyes.

The sight of his barenaked mother climaxing wildly right in front of him must have set him off too, because I was still panting from my own enormous orgasm when I was treated for the first time to the beautiful sight of my son’s semen bursting in thick, white jets out of his swollen member, splashing on his belly.I've seen that sight hundreds of times since than, and received his seed happily in all my orifices...

We both lay still there for a few minutes, looking at each other in kind of a post-orgasmic haze, when Robert cleaned himself up a bit, and stood up, came over to me, gave me a quick kiss-smiling nervously and feeling clearly a bit uncomfortable-and went upstairs, leaving me selfishly alone to a sl**pless night of guilty feelings and a lot of thinking...

This was our true first sexual encounter, and it took me-and Robert- more than a few weeks of worrying and thinking, some more sl**pless nights and a lot of talking between the both of us to get really comfortable with the newly arisen situation, but we’re happy to say it has only gotten better ever since, and we're having completely uninhibited sex at least a couple of times a week now.
It’s no sensational tale, but it’s true, and it was the beginning of a very lovingly relationship between me and my sons, only strengthening our love and our bond.After accomplishing this extremely rewarding sexual relationship with my oldest son, it was much easier to start the same with my youngest son a bit later.

Big kiss to all of you,
Ann xxx!!!

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