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Mom, the "party favor"!


Hi all!
I wanted to try my hands on writing a little fantasy story, tell me what you think of it, will you?
I have to repeat "for the record" : it's a fantasy, I used a few real names and places, but this hasn't happened in reality (too bad, lol)!

Big kiss,
Ann xxx

It was mid-summer, late afternoon on a blistering hot day.Ann was sweating profusely while she was loading the cardboard boxes full of meat, snacks and cans of soft drinks and beer in the trunk of her car.She actually could feel the sweat trickle down between her round breasts and down her back, working its way past her massive buttocks.

What the hell, she thought, a little sweaty work is a small price to pay to keep my house clean and free of loud, d***ken boys...

Today was her oldest son, Robert’s 19th birthday, and he had insisted on giving a party for a rather large groups of his mates.
Now Ann knew from experience that such party would probably end with half the attendants being dead d***k and maybe even being sick in her spotless toilet or extremely well-kept garden, so she had offered, as a birthday gift to Robert, to rent a free standing cabin in some woods a few miles away for him to throw his party in, a cabin mostly used by the owners-former neighbours of her parents- as kind of a weekend retreat.
The cabin consisted of a large living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom with a shower, and a well-equiped kitchen.It was located next to a large pond, where the locals sometimes came to fish, but it could be perfectly used for swimming too.

So the partygoers had room to sl**p, a kitchen to cook in, and their own private swimming pool.Now the only thing left to do was bring them their food and drink.
She had told Robert she wanted to keep the meat they were going to barbecue at the party later cool in her big refridgerator as long as possible, she didn’t want it to spoil in this hot temperature and maybe even give someone a case of food poisoning, so she promised to bring it to them, toghether with some more snacks and beverages she had bought.

She loaded up the last box, closed the trunk, got in her car and drove off.
It only took her a few minutes to reach the bumpy trail through the woods that led to the cabin, carefully driving to avoid the potholes and than parking the car on a open patch of grass, next to four or five other cars and a few bikes that were already parked there.

It seemed the party was already in full swing, a group of guys in shorts and t-shirts were sitting in the shade laughing boistorously and drinking cans of beer and maybe ten others, including her son, were playing somekind of rough waterpolo game in the pond, splashing and shouting madly...
There were no girls there, obviously there were no girlfriends allowed, this was seemingly a “guys night out”, getting madly d***k without bothering-or being scolded by- their ladyfriends.

Ann could clearly see that a lot of the guys had brought their own alcohol, and there had already been a lot of heavy drinking going on...
All in all she counted f******n guys, f******n yelling, d***k guys, and once again she was glad she had come up with the idea of the cabin...

In the meantime Robert had spotted his mom, waved at her, but continued to play.She waved back at him, started to take the boxes out of her car’s trunk, and started carrying them inside the cabin, so they would be kept as cool as possible.
She passed the group of guys sitting in the shade in front of the cabin, and was greeted with much-and loud- enthousiasm, most of the guys knew her as Robert’s mother and had been to her house one time or another.
When she passed them,sweating from the heat and carrying a box full of food, she overheard one of them saying :”Look at those babies jiggle!”, and she flushed a bit, she knew he hadn’t been talking about her earrings...

She was wearing only a top-no bra, shorts, panties and flip-flops, so she was showing quite a lot of skin, but than again, she hadn’t expected to be scrutinized by a large unruly group of slightly d***k young men.
She walked to her car and back to the cabin a few times more, jokingly declining every offer from the grinning boys to help her carry the boxes, telling the young men she didn’t trust them with her raw meat, and every time she passed them their whistles and howls got rowdier-and she liked it.

Finally the car booth was empty, and she stood outside the cabin for a moment, wiping her brow and catching her breath, overlooking the pond and the roughousing young men in it.
Her sweat made the few clothes she was wearing stick to her voloptuous body.She felt a lot of prying eyes on her, and she just knew that quite a lot of Robert’s friends were completely undressing her mentally, and she really liked that feeling...

At 42 she still looked rather good, with heavy, pendulously hanging breasts and a proud, round arse supported by strong, long legs.
She knew she carried a few pounds too many, but she carried them well.
Her red hair was done in frisky pigtails due to the heat, adding to her young-looking appearance.

“Hey mom”, Robert shouted, “come have a swim with us!The water’s great!”.

“Can’t do, love”, she answered,”I don’t have my bathing suit with me.”

These words were received with a very loud and teasing chorus of “You don’t need that, Mrs.V., you can go skinny dipping, we don’t mind...”, and so on.
Ann felt a fluttering in her stomach and a tingling sensation creeping between her legs.

This situation was getting her all worked up...
She could just FEEL the lust of those guys for her, the sexual tension hung in the air like a kind of oily smoke.
It was there and then she decided to take advantage of this once in a lifetime situation...

“Don’t dare me, boys”, she said, trying to keep her voice steady, “I’ve done weirder things in my time!”.

“Come on than”, Mike-one of Roberts best mates- yelled, “put your money where your mouth is, Mrs.V.!”.

She looked directly at Robert, and was pleasantly surprised to see him grinning from ear to ear, the look in his eyes was clearly one of pure lust...
Her own son was looking at his mother with nothing but sex on his mind...
This turned her on most of all, and she asked-as innocently as possible:“Would you mind if I went skinny dipping with you and your friends, honey?”.

“Oh no, please do”, he answered, smiling even more broadly, “Get your kit of, mom-show these guys where my good looks come from!”.

“Okay then”, she said, kicking of her flip-flops, “here goes!”.

In one fluid movement she pulled her top over her head, exposing her round, pendulous breasts for f******n pairs of horny boys’ eyes...She was gettin extremely worked up herself now, and it showed, because her large, pink nipples were pointing straight forward, adding to the spectacle the boys were being treated to.

The crowd had fallen silent, but when she pulled down her shorts and her panties too, some whispers and quite a few nervous giggles were heard...
Her exposed pussy was completely bald, shaved smoothly so it looked more naked than naked, clearly showing her bare little slit framed by her large, purplish labia.

“Wow”, she overheard one of the guys say,”My mom doesn’t look anything like that...”.

She stood there, letting them enjoy the view for a few moments.
They seemed to find their voices and alcohol induced courage again, because a chorus of laughs and wolf howls and some spontanuous applause burst loose.
She gave them a playfull little bow, and started walking to the pond, her heavy breasts bouncing and jiggling, and she made sure to give her naked bum an extra shake too, completely enjoying the reaction her nakedness got from Robert and his mates.

She dove in the pond, and took a few slow strokes to the deep middle.She could still feel all eyes on her, and she knew they were commenting her amongst each other.
The fact of her being in the water barenaked seemed to trigger some kind of response with the partyguests, because in a few moments the water was filled with grinning young men, all doing their best to get as close to her as possible.

Ann than decided to take the situation as far as possible, she would let them do with her whatever they wanted, the only thing she wanted in return was being taken by Robert too, she wanted her son to have sex with her, a thought that had been on her mind for quite some time now-and this was her chance.She wasn’t going to miss it...

“Now there, guys”, she said, “It seems I’m the only one naked here, why don’t you all lose those swimming trunks and maybe show an old lady a good time?”.

She didn’t have to ask twice, because a few seconds later f******n pairs of various models and shapes of swimming trunks were thrown on the pond’s bank or were floating on its surface...
She was extremely happy to recognize Robert’s amongst them too, and she sought him out in the surrounding group of horny-and now also very naked-boys and flashed him a naughty grin.

Ann felt the first hands exploring her body under the water, at first a bit tentatively, but when she smiled and didn’t complain the exploring hands got bolder, and she quickly could feel several pairs of hands kneading her breasts, rubbing her pussy and rubbing her bum, some even running their fingers through her arse crack...
She was sure she could feel the tips of several extremely hard penises poking against her round tummy and thighs too...

“Let’s get out of the water, boys”, she said bravely,”let’s find ourselves a comfortable place in the sun and continue the festivities there...”.

She didn’t have to repeat her request, because a moment later she could feel herself being lifted out of the water and her wet, naked body was literary being carried out of the pond and up to and on a large, sturdy wooden picnic table by several equally naked young men, their young cocks hard with anticipation.
Someone luckily had had the good sense of quickly laying a few thick blankets on top of the table, so when the boys put her down on it, it actually felt rather comfortable.

She lay there in the sun, her wet, gleaming totally naked body completed exposed for the eyes of her son and all his mates, and she loved every second of it...Her full, slightly sagging breasts were hanging lazily to the sides of her body, and her pink, open vagina was gleaming with exited wetness in the hot sun.The only thing that made her a little nervous was that she wasn’t sure if Robert would go all the way with her, but than again she HAD seen him look at her naked body in a” particular “way lately...Well, only one way to find out, she thought, I’ll have to risk it, it will be all or nothing...

“Well, guys”, she said, smiling broadly, “it seems you all like what I have to offer, and you have my absolute permission to do with me as you like, but I think it’s nothing more than polite that that you let the birthday boy, my Robert, do the honours and let him enjoy my special gift first, and when he’s done, you can all have me for the rest of the day.
What do you think, dear-are you up to it?Come on and show your mother a good time, I know you want to!”.

“You bet”, he answered without blinking-making her heart jump with joy, “I’ve been wanting this for a long time, mom-I’m glad it’s finally happening, and I don’t care if there’s an audience or not”.

With these words he pushed himself through his naked, gaping, exited friends, positioned himself between Ann’s legs and slowly mounted her, immediately pushing his hard, erect cock in his mothers gratefully accepting vagina, the thought and feeling of the tip of his cock entering his mom's pussy for the first time making him wanting to mate with her there and than.
He began riding her in a steady rhythm, using slow, long strokes, making his mom moan with pleasure.He kissed his mother on the mouth, feeling her warm, slippery tongue greedily entwine with his own.His hands were running all over her naked body, stroking her round tummy and pausing on her heaving, udder-like breasts so he could tweak and pinch his mother's big, erect nipples, making her squeal and writhe beneath her son in feverish passion.The thought of his mother's vagina enclosing his pulsing, erect penis was making him mad with lust and passion, and he rode her hard...

It didn’t take long for Ann to orgasm, the combination of pure physical enjoyment and the guilty pleasure of being fucked by her very own son in front of all his friends making for probably the most earth-shaking orgasm she ever had.

A few seconds later she could feel her son’s penis contract deep within the very same womb that birthed him 19 years ago, and she could feel his hot seed entering her...Her hands were on his buttocks, pulling him in her as deep as possible.
After a few moments he pulled out his dripping member, wet and slippery from the mix of his seed and his mother’s most intimite juices, kissed Ann deeply on the mouth, smiled warmly at her and whispered “Thank you” in her ear, stood up and said to his friends: “She’s all yours, guys, enjoy her as my very special party favor, but be nice to her, you hear!”.

That was all the encouragement they needed...In a few moments Ann was literary set upon by a horde of horny, sex-mad boys, her breasts thoroughly being kneaded and her pussy and arse roughly getting entered by young eager cocks, one after another, making her moan with pleasure.

One of them inserted his penis in her mouth, and she started sucking on it greedily, bringing it swiftly to orgasm, swallowing the hot cum spurting in her mouth, only to find another erect one take its place between her cum-stained lips, and after that one another, the supply of hard cocks and hot seed seemed endless...
She was used for quite some time, seemingly hours, being handed from one boy to another, and when the party-attendants finally were all spent and tired all her orifices were tired and sore and it felt like someone had emptied a bucket of cum on her and in her...

This surely was a birthday party neither she or Robert would ever forget, and she for one knew that this days’s experience was only the beginning of her and her son’s sexual adventures, she would make sure of that!In fact she could hardly wait to get him alone with her again...

The end???

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