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First time with a Shemale

First off this is a true story. I lost my virginity at a young age so sex is always been something usual for me. As far as how I lost my virginity... thats another story. I have always dated women that were openminded, bi-sexual and down right sluts. I have been in strange conversations and situations because of being soooooo "openminded", heres my story...

Bella and I were getting dressed for a night on the town. We had plans to meet a couple from a a website we were members of. So we were planning to have some fun after we had drinks and got them back to our place. In route to our meeting place they called and said they had an emergency. So we decided to go to a bar and see who we could find to play with. We went to a local club and it was packed so it seemed like we would have no trouble finding someone to bring home. After quite a few shots, and a couple more shots... Bella and a tall sexy girl came to where I was sitting. We had the regular conversation to find out how freaky she was and decided she would fit in perfectly for what we like. On the way home Bella sat in the back seat with her and they giggled all the way to my place. Once we got there Bella wanted me to go in the room, undress and get ready for the show... so I did. They came in the room and told me that our new friend didnt want to fuck but would love to give me head. I laid back and Bella laid next to me while I recieved probably the best head of my life. Once I came, she swallowed. We sat in the bed for a while and talked then Bella left to take her home. The next morning Bella told me that the tall girl was actually a tall shemale. I didnt believe it until Bella showed me pics that she took with her camera phone on the way home. I never saw that girl (shemale) again... although I would love to.

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