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Story with Patrick – My True Story

Second MeetingJanuary 2013

My eyes were closed as water cascaded down my head to my back as I knelt in the stall of the shower with Patrick’s cock lodged deep in my mouth. My hand brushed my short, wet and recently-cut hair out of my face as water dripped down. My lips sucked the tip of his semi-hard cock as my tongue pressed and snaked at the end of his cock feverishly. I heard Patrick groan and it spurred me to suck him harder. Nothing will do that better than to hear a guy’s reaction to my blowjob. His cock, as I’ve mentioned before, is perfect for sucking.

The second meeting between Patrick and I was easy to organise on both our parts and I was happy that I could meet up with him again. This time it was my turn to organise the room, and I drove two and a half hours up to near where he lived to meet him. The room was large, clean and comfortable with a queen-sized bed and a sliding glass door that opened to small outdoor area. The bathroom was spacious, with a large glass-partitioned shower stall. And the first thought when I saw that shower stall, it’s big enough to fit two people. That was all that mattered at the time of my booking.

I checked in and since Patrick was not due to arrive until early evening, left my room and had a very late lunch at a nearby restaurant. The rest of the afternoon went by pretty slowly, but I occupied myself (no, not what you’re thinking! And I know what you’re thinking). I watched boring movies on TV, watched ‘Revenge’ on my laptop, and generally wasted time until Patrick arrived. I have to confess to a momentary attack of anxiety when the time neared, I had a thought that Patrick would send me a message letting me know that he could not make it to our date.

But my fears were unfounded, he texted me to let me know he would arrive on time. I came out to meet him to take him to the room on one side of the property. Once in the room, I asked Patrick as he sat on the bed if he wanted to clean up first; he said he had had a shower. I licked my lips and stood between his knees as I kissed him. Our tongues passionately tangled as we tasted each other’s lips and mouths. His tongue soft and sweet as he teased my lips, I sucked his tongue and toyed with my tongue in return. He smelled good too, light cologne and fresh from his shower.

We undress hurriedly: I threw my maxi dress into my overnight bag, and turned to pull off his cargo shorts to get at his stiffened rod, but his hiking shoes got into the way. He kicked those off and took off his shirt. As soon as we were both naked I pushed him back onto the bed, and we kissed some more. He also sucked and licked my nipples and he scooted up on his back to the middle of the bed. I lay on my right side along his thigh, one of my legs hooked over his left as I busily took his cock into my mouth, as my left hand gripped the base of his throbbing penis.

It had been my intention to make him cum into my mouth because I have yet to taste him. Alas, this date will prove that it won’t be time for me to taste him, yet. Patrick told me during the evening that I made him close to shooting his semen, but I guessed I was missing a certain something that could not make him cum. I have to take notes. Anyway, I was aware that he was close as I sucked him: my lips and tongue worked in tandem, milked and sucked the mushroom head of his cock. My tongue pressed and moved from side to side, which he seemed to love from the sound he made as I sucked him. His cock throbbed and shuddered inside my wet mouth, my saliva dripped out from my lips, my head bopped up and down, faster and faster, as I did my best to make him cum. My tongue would press his throbbing shaft hard as I pulled my lips up, simulating a pussy’s spasm.

My hand did not neglect his heavy sacs as my mouth enveloped his throbbing shaft. I could feel his penis throb with bl00d in his veins. Patrick pushed his groin up slightly from the mattress, getting ready to shoot, and I wanted to have his seeds on my tongue. But by this time I had been sucking him for a full 10 to 15 minutes, and my jaw was locking with numbness. I desperately wanted to taste him, but it was not to be. I almost cried. I told him I was sorry, because I knew instinctively that he was very close to cuming. He shook his head and told me that perhaps it was time he fucked me.

I smiled and told him yes please. He took a packet of condoms from his cargo shorts and handed one open one to me. I giggled and admitted to him that I had never put a condom on a guy before, ever. I stuffed up my first attempt, so Patrick took the condom back from my fingers and rolled the rubber over his stiff cock. I backed myself to the bed and lied on my back, my thighs spread wide to accommodate him as he walked on his knees, positioned his cock at my wet pussy and gently pushed into my wet, ready and waiting pussy.

He felt so good gliding into my body as I gripped my ankles with my arms wrapped around my knees to spread my legs as far apart as I could. The sound of our bodies slapping each other was loud in the room as he fucked me, his thrust deep and hard. My vagina shuddered and hugged his penis tightly. I contracted my pussy hard around him, Patrick stopped for a few seconds as he felt the sensation of my tunnel squeezed, then he pommelled my pussy again, his ass rise and fall. His skin begin to dampened from the exertion, I stroked his back as I locked my ankles behind his ass, and I used my ankles to urged him on.

By this time his helmet had grazed over and over again against my G-spot, I told him that I was coming. From deep within my cavern, my orgasm exploded and radiated outwards. Patrick felt my body shuddered as I hugged him tightly. He rested on top of me as he waited for my orgasm to die away before he pushed up again to thrust in and out of my hot and wet pussy. I breathlessly told him to fuck me, and unselfish man that he was, he did.

Several minutes later, he came with a deep breath, his cock shuddered as his semen spilled into the rubber. He rested on top of my body for a few seconds, then pushed himself up and pulled his semi-hard cock away from my pussy and went into the bathroom to clean up. As I left the bed, with shock, I saw a streak of bl00d on the bed sheets. He had not been rough at all otherwise I would have told him to stop. Thoughts churned in my head as I mentally checked my body; nope, no pain anywhere only the throbbing residue of my orgasm. I shrugged and followed Patrick into the shower.

I joined Patrick in the stall and knelt on the floor to take his still semi-hard cock into my mouth, after I asked him to make sure he’s not sensitive. He shook his head and said he was not sensitive. I took him back into my mouth greedily, and sucked him with gusto. I grazed my teeth along his smooth shaft as water from the shower poured down my back, my hand held the base of his cock and also to hold his pubic hair away from my mouth. I glanced up briefly and saw that once again, he had his arms folded on his chest (I laughed on the inside good-naturedly by this point with his body language that I am slowly getting to know).

My eyes were closed as my mouth sucked up I pressed my tongue on his penis against the roof of my mouth. As my lips moved down my tongue moved from side to side inside, I breathed though my nose with pleasure of having his cock in my mouth. I heard Patrick moaned at the sensation and I returned to do the same thing for a couple more minutes. I changed my tactics slightly, and sucked only the tip of his cock, sucked hard and teased my tongue at the tiny opening, I tasted his salty pre-cum, my tongue and lips worked frenetically at his cock in the shower. I was probably on my knees for a good five to six minute and eventually had to get up due to the hard floor.

We quickly cleaned up and hopped back into bed under the covers. Moment of truth arrived. I wondered if he would make up for the lack of cuddles the last time we met. I could tell that he was not used to touching or hugs or cuddle, so I did the touching. But I made sure first the he does not mind. As we both watched a movie on the plasma screen TV, I idly played with his dormant penis. So soft and … well, don’t want to break the mood here, but the word ‘cute’ comes to mind. Not a word usually associated with the male genitalia.

Out of the blue, Patrick chuckled. I looked at him and he said that I had promised I would give him a massage during our chat. I grinned, walked back to the bathroom to grab cocoa oil, slapped his hips and told him to go on to his stomach. For the next 20-25 minutes, I kneaded and massaged his back, shoulders, arms, hands, his buttocks and his scalp. And I found out more about Patrick, physically speaking, which of course shall not be revealed here since it might identify him. I thought he fell asl**p until I slapped his bum to wake him. I queried if he felt good, he sighed with contentment and replied drowsily that yes, he did. I do not often offer to massage strangers, but I like to use my hands for this occasionally for people I care about.

Anyhow, Patrick rolled on to his back once more and turned on the TV. He concentrated on the movie, and I had no idea what we were watching (turned out to be Contraband), so I slipped under the blanket and from the side of his right hip, sucked his cock again. I did say his penis was prefect for sucking, and I love to suck him. He did not seem to mind. I asked him from under the blanket if he could see the movie, and his muffled replied was that yes he could, even with my head in the way (I asked him later what the movie was about, and he said he had no idea since he lost concentration a while ago).

My lips worked at his shaft up and down once again, felt it from the soft repose position as it gradually stiffened in my hand and on my tongue. My pace at this point in time was slow and deliberate, I was in no hurry. After all, I did not want to appear too gluttonous for him. His muffled groans were music to my ears as I have him between my lips my tongue licked him up and down as my right hand held the base of his manhood. My lips pulled the head of his penis up hard as I twirled my tongue on the sensitive tip and pushed gently at the tiny opening. His hips shuddered at that move and I repeated it a couple more times.

With supply of oxygen running low under the blanket, I had to come up for air. He grinned as he saw me emerged from under the covers, and told me playfully it might be a good idea for his cock to rest for a bit. I giggled and agreed to let him rest as we watched the movie. I snuggled next to him, pulled his right hand over my shoulders to let him play with my sensitive nipples, which he did willingly. He cupped, twisted and pinched my soft dark areolas in turn until my buds tightened with arousal then palmed them until they were soft again. I was happy that this time he touched me more, but still more would have been good (yes, yes, I am a touchy-feely girl, I cannot help it!).

In all my excitement I forgot to pack one of the most important things: my tube of K-Y Jelly. Just when it was really needed, I don’t have it. With my ass pressed against the side of his thigh, he pushed his stiffening cock between my pussy lips, my juice flowed from the stimulation. I had thought he wanted to go into my pussy, but it was quickly pushed aside by the thought that he was only lubing up with my juice to go into my ass.

Patrick tried to push into my sphincter as we both lied on our side, but the angle was all wrong, and his manhood could not find the bullseye that was my brown-eye. So I got on to my hands and knees on the bed and he got into position behind me. His penis pushed through, I knew straight away that it was not going to go well at all. He must have gotten to about half way with his shaft when I begged him to stay still for a moment, but seconds later, pleaded with him to take his cock out of my ass. My butt hole burned as if lit with fire. My hands clenched the bed sheets tightly from pain, colour red lit up my eye lids as I squeezed my eyes closed.

He pulled out gently, and stroked my back. He asked if I was OK. I groaned out breathlessly that I will be momentarily. He headed to the table and grabbed a condom. He came back to the bed and pressed his cock into my pussy. I relished his perfect cock as it glided into my body once more. Unfortunately with the pain of my tight anus still burning back there, my lubrication dried up and my pussy then got a bit painful from his thrusts, plus my pussy got too sensitive as well. So we had stop.

Following that, Patrick crashed out after he cleaned up in the shower. I turned off the TV and let him sl33p. I was wide awake, but I did eventually drifted off too after reading a book for about an hour or so. However, he woke up in the middle of the night and told me that he felt sick. I jumped up and checked him if he had a fever, but it turned out to be some stomach bug. He said he will have go, he apologised profusely for leaving me. I shook my head and told him to go home, and I hoped it was not something serious. I hugged him, and with a peck on my cheek, he went home.

After he left one thing occurred to me. I had not once felt his mouth on my pussy. Damn. Oh well, at least I got to suck him three (or was it four?) times. Heaven forbid if I will ever be sick of sucking a cock. He will just have to make it up to me next time by going down on me, three or four times just so we were even.

PS. Patrick’s fine now, the bug left after 24 hours.

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