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I was 18 years old. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. My Mom had gone to a Ladies club meeting. My Dad and my b*****r had gone off fishing and I had pretended to be sick so that I could get a good look at my b*****r’s XXX videos that he kept under his bed I was going have a free afternoon of beautiful ladies getting fucked by huge cocks while stoking myself slowly to satisfaction. At the time we only had one VCR in the house and it was in the f****y room. My Mom was the last to leave and as she pulled out I quickly made my way to my b*****r’s room.

I pushed aside his dirty laundry and pulled out the battered shoebox that housed his bountiful collection of three XXX rated videotapes and a few wrinkled XXX magazines.
This was the mother load of sexual information for me.

As I carefully lifted the cover, I noticed a new tape sitting on top. The title of the movie was “Taboo”. My desire jumped at the thought of seeing some new pussy on screen.

I quickly made my way to the f****y room stopping only briefly to grab a towel and washcloth from the bathroom. I set the towel across the seat of the couch and placed the washcloth within arms reach. I inserted the tape into VCR and turned the TV on. As the screen flicked I shed my clothes on the floor in front of the couch.

I secured the remote control and flipped fast-forward as I rubbed my swollen balls. You see I liked to save up for special days like this and I hadn’t jacked off in a week.

I fast forwarded thru the credits and got right into the heart of the movie. It was about a mom who gets turned on by her son having sex. I was well into the scene where she masturbates in her bedroom while her son fucks some nubile honey on the living room couch. Her son was taking this big busted blond from behind on the f****y couch. She was moaning and wailing about his big dick fucking her.

His mom was going to town with her fingers in her hot bush. She twisted her big brown nipples with one hand. She was gritting her teeth and grunting. My cock was hard in my stroking hand watching her play with her beautiful bushy pussy.

Suddenly I heard the crumble of gravel outside. Someone was coming home! I stopped the video, turned off the TV, jumped up, grabbed the towels, and grabbed my clothes and halled ass to my bedroom. I was cursing myself for not getting the tape, but I did realize with some relief that I still had the remote control in my hand.

I tried to control my breathing as I heard the sounds of Mom coming through the front door.

She sounded flustered as she threw her keys on coffee table and made her way to her room. I quickly slipped under the sheets of my bed just in case she would look in on me. Not a second too soon as my door slowly opened. Through half closed eyes I could see Mom stick her head in the door. I snorted and turned feigning sl**p. She closed the door quietly.

Shortly I heard the sounds of water running for a bath.

My heart rate had lowered enough to realize that I still needed to go get the videotape out of the VCR. I got up and put on my sweat pants and t-shirt. I slowly opened my door and peered down the hallway. Mom was obviously already in the bathroom. I could see that the steam that was escaping cracked the door.

I slowly walked down the hall but as I passed the bathroom I just happened to glance through the crack in the door. There I saw Mom totally nude getting ready to step into the bath.

Mom was forty-two at the time. She had a housewife paunch and her skin was milky white. She had black medium length curly hair, big mouth full of teeth and striking green eyes. Mom wasn’t a beautiful woman by the standards of the porn stars that I saw in the videos, but here was my first look at a living breathing naked woman and I naturally paused.

My first look was at her ample butt as she cautiously stepped into the hot water. As she raised her leg I could see a hint of her pussy lips. My cock suddenly jumped to attention.

She turned in preparation to sit and I then saw her big tits with large round pink nipples. My eyes widened and quickly shoot to her hairy bush surrounding her pussy. My cock was pushing the fabric of my sweats to the limits. She slowly sat down in the tub and her lips parted in a deep sigh as she felt the heat engulf her body.
Her head titled back and her breasts rose up as her curly black hair cascaded over her back.

I felt dizzy and confused. This was my Mom here. But she was naked and she didn’t know I could see.

She didn’t look like the women on the movies that I had watched; yet my cock was hard as a rock. Still watching Mom as she began to wash herself my hand instinctively went under my sweat pants and I began to stroke. I could see the beads of sweat on Mom’s shoulders as her body adjusted to the heat of the bath.

She grabbed a washcloth and soap and began to wash herself. First she went over her shoulders. Then she cupped each boob and washed underneath. I was feeling so crazy and stroking my cock felt so good that I hadn’t realized that my sweat pants were now around my ankles.

As I watched her breath heavy and lift her legs up to wash I kicked my sweat pants completely off. I was stroking slowly but surely to orgasm. I didn’t want it to go too fast.

My head was swimming with the vision of naked Mom as she washed.
Accidentally I leaned forward and stumbled though the cracked door.
Mom looked up at me holding my rock hard cock with nothing but a t-shirt. Her eyes were shocked at first then angry.

“W-W-What are you doing?!?” she demanded.

“Ummm,” was all I could muster. I continued to stroke my cock as now I had a better view of her naked body.

“W-w-what do you want?!” she stammered as her face went flush. Her eyes were glued to my cock.

“I…I want you to suck it,” I said breathlessly.

I took a few steps towards the tub. I was just above her head.

“No…. No!” she said shaking her head.

She brought her hand up and swatted my cock. It just bounced up harder.
As she brought her hand up again she went to smack but her fingers grabbed hard onto my shaft. She pulled me forward.

Then suddenly her grip loosened. She began to stoke me.

As she did her tits bounced up and down slowly. I could see her big pink nipples shrink and grow erect. I was about to pass out from the ecstasy. It was only a few moments, and I couldn’t control myself. I felt the rising of my balls and I knew I would cum soon. Her stoking had become gentle yet fierce as if she knew that I was close.

My knees buckled as orgasm waved over me.

My sperm shot out and as it did she tilted her head back. I shot my load all over her big beautiful tits. It seemed to come out forever in large globs that slid down her cleavage and on her now erect nipples.
I let out a big moan as the last of my spunk came out. I lingered there in bliss for what seemed eternity.

“Jim,” she said softly.

My eyes opened and I felt suddenly ashamed for what had happened I ran out of the bathroom and to my room. I quickly dressed and tried to get out the door. There was Mom blocking my way.

Her face was flushed. Her bathrobe shut tight covered her body.

“Jim, what I just did was wrong,” she said firmly, “ I am going to have to tell your Dad what happened.”

“What? What? No. No! Don’t tell Dad! Please Mom!” I had tears streaming from my eyes.

“Ok, ok honey. I won’t tell Dad. But you and I will never speak of this again. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mom, I understand.”

That was the first time I had “sex” with Mom.

It’s been 23 years since. Dad passed on about a year ago. I am married with two k**s. I live in a different state. Lately, on the phone Mom has been making references to me about needing a bath. There is no mistaking what she means.

Mom called me last week and told me that she needed my help closing out some legal matter of Dad’s.

I told her I would come out. My wife couldn’t come because of work and my k**s were in school. It would be Mom and me alone. My cock was twitching at the possibilities.

The flight was impossible. I tried to sl**p, but my thoughts kept playing that bath over and over again. I swear I had a five-hour hard on.

The stewardess asked me more than once if I felt all right. She said I was flushed. I was hot, but not in a way she could imagine.
When I finally landed and got my bags, Mom was not there to meet me. I turned on my cell phone and immediately got the message that she wouldn’t be able to pick me up, but she would reimburse the rental car if I could drive myself home. She also added that
She might not be home when I got there because of a meeting she had to attend. I quickly got a rental car and drove the extra two hours to my boyhood home.
The house was dark when I pulled in the driveway.

I quickly unloaded my bags and took them to my old room, which was now a guest room. I was exhausted so I stripped down to my underwear and slipped under the covers for a nap. It wasn’t long before I was in dreamland.
In my dream I was 18 again and performing my lazy Saturday jack off ritual. I had just turned on the TV and got the tape going when I heard the familiar sound of car tires on gravel. I jumped in my dream and my eyes popped open just in time to see Mom peeking her head into my door. Déjà vu! I waited till I heard the sound of the bath going.

My heart was beating so fast in anticipation of what was to come.
When I heard the water turn off I got up and walked to my door. This time I stripped naked and my cock sprung out as I lowered my underwear. I opened my door and quietly crept down the hall. The steam from the bath was coming out of the bathroom door again. This time as I stopped to look, Mom was already in the bath.
The first think that shocked me was that she had dyed her hair red. She was washing herself as before, but I could see that she was glancing at the door.

I started to stroke myself at the sight of her large tits with huge pink nipples. They may have been a little saggier but they were still big.
Mom titled her head back and lifted the washcloth and squeezed water down onto her breasts. She looked directly at me as I stood stroking my cock. I purposely stumbled through the door.

“What are you doing?” she stated breathlessly.

“Stroking my cock to your beautiful body, Mom.” I stated confidently.

“Call me Roxanne. What do you want?”

I remembered that Mom had told me how as a teenager she had always wanted red hair and to be named Roxanne. My desire lurched at this additional layer to our game.
I let my hand off my cock and took steps so that it was right above her.

“Well, Roxanne, I want you to suck it.

Suck me till I cum.”
Mom reached out and grabbed my cock as before. She started to stroke me.

“Don’t you want to cum on me?” she asked coyly.

“No, Roxie, I wanna fuck you and cum in you!”

I was flush with desire. This was crazier that I imagined. I suddenly felt her lips wrap around my cock. She started sucking my head hard. My knees buckled at the f***e.
She pulled her lips off my shaft with a pop.

“I want you to come in the bath with me” she cooed

I stepped over the edge of the tub and put my feet into the hot water.

Mom rose up at the same time and embraced me. My hard cock rubbed up her fleshy belly almost touching the tips of her nipples.

“I want you to lick me and get me wet. Then you fill me with your cum.”

We kissed and her tounge shot into my mouth. I grabbed her butt and tweaked her nipple with my other hand. It was her turn to buckle. I caught her and slowly licked down her neck through her tits down her belly.

I knelt in the hot water and pushed her pussy lips onto my rigid tongue.

She leaned back as I held her ass in my hands and licked up and down her slit. She tasted sweet and hot I flicked her clitty with my tongue. She moaned and shuttered.
It was a quick orgasm for her.

I grabbed her waist and turned her around. She yelped as I swatted her butt as I prepared to enter her from behind. I spread her pussy lips and guided my cock head into
Her hot wet twat.

“Oooooo fuck me good Jim!”

I stroked slowly at first. I penetrated her deeper and deeper.

Once I hit the hilt of her pussy I started to increase my speed. I reached around to grab her tits as started to fuck her like a wild a****l. I started to grunt. She was moaning and squealing.
It wasn’t long before I felt myself getting close to orgasm.

“Oh baby, I’m gonna fill you with my cum!”

“Oh Yes! Yes! Fill Roxanne with your cum!”

At this I started to cum. I spurted my load with in Mom’s pussy as she started to shriek and moan in orgasm herself. I drove deep one last time to get the last into her and I let out a large moan.


MMMmmmm baby! That felt so good!” she sighed as I pulled my cock out of her hot cum filled pussy.

She turned and we kissed again. We took many more “baths” in and out of the water that week. Mom or rather Roxanne continues to me my lover when I can get out of town alone.

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