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Step s*s teases once too many times

This is a work of fiction.
I dropped my real s****r Kay into the fictional setting of house sitting with me, her "step b*****r" and what would probably happen.

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Kay walked by and I grabbed her pulled her down on my lap and rudely squeezed both of her breasts hard! She had been teasing the hell out of me now for nearly two weeks while her Mom and my Dad were on vacation in Europe. We had each been asked to house sit and had each made plans to do so before our parents spoke about with each other. Then they had just told us both, “Work it out.” And then they left.

I am 30 and my wife just left me for a guy in her spinning class at the YMCA. Thank God we never had any k**s. Moving into Dads for a couple of weeks was supposed to allow my wife the opportunity to see the error of her ways. Kay on the other hand is 23 and has yet to grow up. She graduated from college almost 18 months ago with a degree in “Women’s Studies” and has bounced around from department store to outlet store being a clerk and dating like-minded irresponsible boys who just want to get d***k and fuck.

Well, the first night, Kay and I realized that co-habitation was going to be rough. She announced she was going to have a bunch of her friends over and party. I told her to grow up. Next thing I knew, there were probably ten to fifteen near naked people in my parent’s basement watching a porn movie in their home theater room and drinking and smoking pot. I went upstairs and read a book. That was until this emaciated little girl with day-glow red hair walked into the kitchen while I was in there getting some chips and she asked where the wine was. I looked at the rack Dad kept stocked for evening meals and it was empty.

I grabbed the little whore in a hammer lock, marched her downstairs where I saw no less than 5 empty bottles of my Dad’ $75 wines laying on the floor empty! I shoved the girl in the room, flipped on the light and saw WAY more flesh than I had expect as about half of Kay’s guests were sucking or masturbating one another! I told them to get the hell out or I was calling the cops.

Kay had gone ballistic on me. I just pulled out my cell phone and started taking pictures and saying, “I can settle all of this real fast. All I have to do is send these images to my Dad.” She had shut up and within 15 minutes her guests were gone and she was beginning a long night of cleaning up.

Now Kay is a short and stout with a flat belly, bit boobs and well-rounded ass. I thought she was going to slug me the next morning when she came into the kitchen and I said that we needed to get some ground rules set. Her round brown German eyes shot a look at me full of venom. Her nipples started poking through her thin night shirt and she said, “Okay, here is a rule. How about in the future you stop being a fucking prude?!” She then went on about how it was no wonder my wife kicked me out, since I could be in a house full of sex-starved friends of hers and the only thing I cared about was how much my Daddy’s wine cost!

Kay was like a shark to bl**d when she saw that she had hit me in a sore spot. The truth was, I was the person in my marriage that had wanted to try other things, do some role play, and hell, maybe even do some stuff outside or tie up my wife.. Her accusations of me having a shitty sex life and needing to loosen up hurt, and the second she saw that in my eyes, I was dead.

From that day on, she had a friend or two over almost all the time, and it did not matter if they were male or female, she was all over them. She would flash them her huge D cup tits that were so nice and firm. She would grab a guy’s cock through his pants and give it a good rub if I walked by at the wrong time….. Hell one time, the little gal that I had marched down stairs was there, and Kay turned her toward me, pulled her shirt up and she started feeling the girl’s tight little titties while she leaned over her shoulder and ran a tongue behind her ear!!! It was so insane!!

And it was so much what I wanted. I walked around with a cock as hard as a rock and found myself sneaking off into the bedroom or bath 2 or 3 times an evening to give myself a hand job. Not that it ever did any good, because the second I came out, there would be another vignette or situation to refocus my lust and hunger upon and rekindle the need in me to fuck.

Then last night, no one came over. The two weeks were going to be over in two more days, and I got the sense that Kay understood it was time to right the ship and clean house. She actually talked to me when I got changed and was eating a sandwich for dinner about what needed to be done get ready for our parents return. I had told her, “Well first of all, we probably need to hire a maid, just to clean everything around here!”

About an hour later, as I was unloading the dishwasher I caught sight of something moving in the dining room and turned to see what was going on. My jaw hit the ground. Kay had dug up some smoking hot French maid outfit and was feather dusting the room!! Shiny black PVC boots with 2 inch stiletto heels encased her legs perfectly to mid thigh, where a set of black fish net stockings stretched up to meet garter belts!! Her white ass was bare as could be and contrasted with black corset that f***ed her body to have even deeper curves than normal. Her hair was all pulled up into a tight bun at the crown of the back of her neck, exposing a graceful neck that flowed down into her strong white shoulders.

She turned around and my breath caught. Her eyes were heavily painted and the rouge on her cheeks was heavy, like those of a cheap whore. Her lips glistened with ruby red lip gloss that literally glittered in its moistness as she looked at me. But it was her boobs I could not take my eyes off of!!! The corset seemed to have squeezed them up and tighter together, forming the perfect passage for a hard straining dick to thrust up through!!!

“I figured, if we needed a maid, I could at least dress the part.” She said and without another word she turned back to cleaning. I went back to cleaning the kitchen, but I will have to say, my attention was locked on Kay. She would bend over to straighten a rug or pick up this or that and her tits would swing up and have to be re adjusted. Or she would squat down to rub a stubborn spot on the floor, only to rise butt first, giving me momentary glimpses of her labia lips protruding from her naked pussy. My head swam with the complete overload of images and visuals I had never dreamed of relating to Kay.

Three hours later, I settled down to have a whiskey and to watch the evening news. Kay had disappeared an hour earlier and I figured she had tired of making sport of my sexual famine and had gone to bed. I had just poured a second glass and was thinking of going to be bed when she came skipping into the room dressed like a perverted Little Bo Peep!!! The outfit consisted of a white off the shoulder peasant’s top, but at the best it only wrapped around six inches of her arms and chest with the elastic waging a mighty battle to keep Kay’s endowments in check!!

Her suspenders came right over the tops of her tits and were made of the same blue and white checker-board pattern as what passed for a skirt, that like the top, was barely there, neither covering the front nor the back adequately. White all in one stockings and garters covered her legs and framed her sex perfectly as she stood in front of me, in the doorway and said, “Have you seen my sheep? I seem to have lost my wool!!” I coughed as I swallowed the sip of liquor I had just taken. It was all too obvious that every bit of wool she had ever had was perfectly shorn and gone!!

She shrugged and turned and began playing at dancing through the room, looking for her sheep behind the couch and under tables. Then she pulled out this long, life-like dong and started poking at the magazine rack to see if anything would come when she called. All I knew was that I was ready to cum right then and there!!

She proceeded for the next 10 minutes to go up and down the hall skipping and bouncing, sometimes looking in the room for a moment. I kept thinking to myself, “This is not happening. She is your step-s****r and a pervert that does not have a thing in common with you!!! Damn man, you are still married, get a hold of yourself!!!” But try as I might, my cock ached for her to find its wool, but at last she grew tired of my lack of response and disappeared again, and I went to my room, locked the door and beat off twice before falling asl**p.

In the morning, I stumbled out into the kitchen, thinking certainly Kay would have grown tired of her sport. I started the coffee and wandered around until I found my tablet computer sitting beside the Bourbon on the study bar. I did not remember leaving it there, but shrugged and wished I could forget other parts of the night before as well. As I sat down to wait for my coffee, I noticed two new icons. I clicked on the one and a folder of images came up on the screen, each of Kay in a different outfit and all erotic!! I flipped through several before I clicked it closed.

“What the hell am I thinking? I have barely been able to tolerate even being in the same house as this woman for two weeks now!!! And now, I am wanting her??!?!? “Get a grip.” I mumbled. Then I stared at the second icon like it was a black mamba poised and ready to strike!! I finally screwed up enough guts and tapped it which launched my internet browser. Seconds later, a site call xhamster came up on the screen and a clip started, showing this old guy, sitting strapped into an electric chair completely naked. I almost clicked it off, but then Kay came walking in dressed as a sexy prison guard, followed by two other similarly dressed women. So I watched to see what would happen next.

“For your crimes of sexual perversion, you are sentenced to death by orgasm” I heard Kay pronounce. And then she went to her knees between his thighs and took his cock deep into her mouth. The other girls knelt down at either hand and each began sucking on his thumbs as if they were additional cocks!! The camera slowly played across first one face to another as they each expertly applied their own talents to the man’s digits and cock!! Within a minute he was hard as a rock and Kay started licking the length and width of his rod and then deep throating him!

One of the women removed her top and laid her full breast in the man’s strapped down hand. Then the blonde got up and removed Kay’s top and then her own. But she did not stop there. She then dropped her tiny shorts and stepped up to the restrained hand on her side and offered the searching fingers, entrance into her wet cunt!!

I was mesmerized. I stared at the scene as they each continued to push the levels of sexual freedom further and further and the man began to struggle and writhe under their touch. Then the camera zoomed in and Kay took his now monstrous cock and rammed it deep into her throat as you could just see his fingers burying themselves deep in the wet pussys of the other two. With a roar, he shook and exploded and Kay pulled back and furiously pumped his jets of cum all over her proud tits. He slumped back in the chair and as the camera panned back, you saw one of the guards feeling for his pulse and you heard her say, “Killed another bastard by orgasm. I love my job.”

The clip stopped and some other offerings showed on the screen as I set it down. I did not have to look down at the sweat pants to see my bulge, nor the boxers to know that there was pre-cum oozing out of the tip of my rod. I wanted to be pissed at her for messing with my tablet. I also wanted to know why the hell Kay was doing all of this!!!

Just then, she walked into the kitchen. Her deeply tanned skin shone bronze against the cream colored tap pants and camisole that she wore. She walked past me and poured herself a cup of coffee without even acknowledging that I existed. She took a couple of sips and without turning around said, “You make a good cup of coffee.” Then she reached for a bagel and twisted it in half and pushed it down in the toaster. She turned and looked at me. She looked at the tablet that had gone dark, on the table beside me. “Sorry about using your computer thingy without asking. I wanted to look at some things last night before going to bed.” She said.

That was when she pushed back against the counter and lurched out to walk past me on her way to the refrigerator….

That was also when I grabbed her by her wrist, spun her around and put her on my lap!!! “Enough of your games! You want to fuck, let’s fuck!” I hissed into her ear and then I bit into her neck and sucked on her flesh like a starving man with his steak!!!

She started to pull away from me, but I reached up and caught a handful of breast in each hand and roughly squeezed her back into me. “You want to to tease me? You want to see how far you can push me?” I stood up and released her right breast in favor of a handful of her hair at the back of her head and I shoved her across to the sink. “Enough playing. Now you are going to pay!”

Her hands both reached back and tried to pry my hand out of her hair, but I had the leverage and the strength. I released her breast and then released my sweatpants, and aimed my cock out my boxers. She squirmed when she felt my first jab from behind and then I felt her reach back for my cock. She spread her legs and let her weight rest on the counter and finally was able to get the head of my cock firmly lodged in the opening to her sex. With that, I thrust a couple of inches into her and she yelped.

I am not the world’s longest cock, but when on full alert, my cock is quite thick and on this morning, it was threatening to split its own skin. So I pulled back a little to let her adjust and then I slammed the rest of me all the way into her as she screamed! My hand worked its way up her back as I arched my own spine with the delight of being lodged so tightly in the quivering hot flesh that had so tormented me. My hand found her breast and her nipple was beautifully hard and long. I rolled it between my thumb and fore finger and then I pulled slowly back out of her before slamming myself tight up against her from behind

“Give it to me, you bastard!” she said, and that was all I needed to hear though over the next 15 minutes she continued to verbally demand more and harder and to be filled to over flowing. I pounded into her hard, the way I had always wanted to fuck my wife. The way felt every woman who had ever teased me only to walk awy deserved to be fucked. My cock slid tip to balls against her time and again and I could feel the hot juces of us both running down our legs!!!

I was getting nearer and neared that point of no return when she screamed, “Let go of me!! I want to suck that load of yours out of your balls and turn you inside out!!” I released her and she rolled off of the counter to a kneeling position right in front of me. She did not hesitate even a second as she pointed my throbbing cock glistening with the lube of her own pussy between her pouty lips and into an inferno of a mouth.

On about my third stroke into her mouth I began to groan and I felt her hands move to my ass and pull me toward her. Always, with my wife at this point, I had pulled out and fired my load onto the bed or her chest or into her hair. But Kim pulled my cock back into her throat and as I grabbed her hair in both fists, she gave me the indescribable sensation , as the head of cock entered her throat and she then pulled me into her to fuck her throat!!

I erupted in what felt to be a dozen or more blasts of cum, being pulled from the base of my neck and the ends of my curled toes!! The world swirled and the lights of eternity flashed off and on. I roared and felt my bones turn to water and I crumpled to the floor.

Z have no idea whether seconds or minutes passed, but when my eyes fluttered open, a set of wet, musky pussy lips were a mere inch or two above my face while creamy thighs. “Suck me, b*****r. Make me cum and swallow my cum like I did yours…. Make it right for me. Make me your whore!!!” and with that she lowered her soft rubbery moist flesh over my mouth. It did not take long for her to find how to grind her clit against my nose for maximum friction while I played my tongue deep into her, tasting her thick juices. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and opened her up further and I hear he gasp!! There were a few quick and vigorous thrusts of her hips and then I felt the flood gates of her orgasm begina t first to trickle and then thunder down as she grabbed my hair to hold me to her cunt while she pitched forward, screaming. “Damn, damn, don’t stop!! Oh fuck yes, fuck fuck eat me now!!Oh damn!!!” On and on it went as I held her thighs.

Finally she rolled off of me and against the kitchen cabinets breathing like she had just competed in an Olympic sprint!! “Oh Damn, that was good!!” she finally panted. I smiled over at her as I wat up and reached for a kitchen towel.

“Not bad for an old man, am I , you little bitch.” I said with a laugh. She laughed as she pushed herself up to a more sitting position. “Not bad, for an old man… and for the first round. Meet me in the Master bath in 15 minutes and we will see what else you can do….”

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