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Our Porn Star F-mily

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My Porn Star f****y

Our f****y had been hit financially like everyone else's these days, and as I was already working full-time and really could not grasp the concept of getting a second job, and my wife just lost her employment after 20 years at the same company, we had to get creative and our solution to our financial crisis. After all, with two teenage k**s to finish raising and a mortgage we did not want to fall behind on, something had to be done! The k**s, our nephew Jason and daughter Jennifer, had been great about the shortfall of money in the house lately for all the things k**s like, and need, but still we felt guilty about it and knew that it had to be stressful for them.

And then one night in the wee hours, after my wife and I had finished making love and were laying there in the afterglow holding hands, I made the comment "Gee, it's too bad you can't get paid for doing that – we'd be millionaires in no time". I had meant it as merely an oblique complement to show my appreciation for what she had just done to me – and what she had just let me do to her – but I know that simultaneously we both thought of the same thing: we could shoot our own fuck videos and take credit card numbers online to view or download them!

We were both still relatively young, and good-looking if I did say so myself, and my wife had certainly been no cherry when I met her – in fact since we hooked up while we were in our senior year of high school she had not only lane with me, but also every other guy in the clique of friends we hung with. She and I still occasionally visited with many of these people, who were still her friends, so I knew the concept of her screwing some other guy while I filmed it wouldn't run into some kind of prudish objections on her side. Now me, I was a bit camera shy and I had never considered myself to be built like porn star material, and fact I was distressingly average in the penis department. But as for Janet, oh my God was she built. Not that she had tremendously huge breasts, in fact they were a perfect C-cup which was perfect for me, after all I liked them pert young looking! It was just that her body was so perfectly formed shaped and proportioned that when she was nude no matter where you looked, you were sure that was the best part on her. Of course openly staring is impolite, but when we went to the local recreational nude beaches in the summertime every man there always definitely noticed her – and every other woman hated her just a little bit.

Of course I loved it when we were there, and I saw other men responding to her body. After all everyone likes to be the guy with the baby the other men are drooling over! We lay there on our blankets side-by-side, it seemed her favorite position was to be on her back with her right leg straight out at an angle and her left leg and an equally open angle but with the foot drawn up toward her just a bit, that long shapely leg bent at the knee. That wonderful playground between her legs was thus openly and unashamedly displayed, yet not overtly so it looked almost accidental. Her left hand would be on her belly with a son glinting off the diamond in her wedding ring, right hand relaxed on the blanket above her head. This displayed those young perky breasts to their best advantage as well, and as I pretended to be asl**p with my mirrored shades obscure in the fact that my eyes Randy wide open, I was enjoyed it when other men walking the trail beside the spot we had chosen to relax would turn their head and notice here, and would sometimes come to a stop and just stand there in their own nudity and take in her casually displayed intimate beauty.

And so it was we agreed to give this idea of making extra money with her body talent, and my photographic prowess became the plan of the day. We will all the furniture from our smallish guestroom down into the basement, where there was room to move about and set up the photo lights and video equipment. Also there was an open-air shower down there – meaning there was no screen or curtain around it, just a shower tray in the corner of the basement with their spray mounted overhead – so that she and whoever else was involved in the shoot that day wouldn't have to go very far to clean up afterwards.

Our first production attempt was the following Saturday night, and it went much smoother than we could've hoped. My older b*****r was only too eager to serve as the talent with her on-screen, which worked out well since chewing the two of us he was hung far more impressively that I will is. Of course Janet had seen him nude before many times, around our hot tub and of course on the nude beach with us last summer, and while the two of them had never been together yet I knew she was looking forward to the experience! And so, deciding to jump into the project before things could get weird, he disrobed and stood before my little bride as she stripped for him, and my camera. As I called "action" he slowly put his hands on either side of her head and tilted her face slightly up toward his. Then he bent down and kissed her softly on the mouth, and then again, then moved one hand around behind her neck and pulled her to him strongly and suddenly they were kissing with passion and intent, their tongues having found one another in their budding lust. As they continued to kiss he moved his hands down, onto her shoulders, and then down both slender tanned arms and took her gently by the hands pulling her body to him, so that her breasts only just brushed the dirt course here of his bare chest.

In the viewfinder I had the shot tight enough to show clearly the stiffening of her impossibly pink nipples, standing firm and proud like little noses each atop their own perfect delicate silken mound. I was fully closed, but already I could feel a stirring in my pants at what I was watching my wife do with my big b*****r Brian. He was holding both her hands now, fingers intertwined, he moved her hands around behind her and anchored them of the small of her back, then use that leverage to pull her belly tight against him. He was responding to this also, and he was now fully erect – his cock now large with engorgement and up tight against her sex as she slightly parted her legs to accommodate him. He began thrusting, but he was not inside her yet – rather he was see-sawing to and fro with the length of his shaft working itself against the lips of her rapidly moistening entrance. Janet's breathing was coming slow and deeply now, and her skin was flushing with the enhanced circulation of bl**d brought on by her mounting need.

Releasing her hands now, he moved to the side of her and I saw his biceps and shoulder muscles flex he lifted her effortlessly into his arms. He moved around to the side of the bed, and laid her down in the center of the mattress, then moved back around to the end of the bed and without asking, took her beautiful slender ankles in his grasp and veritably tossed her legs far apart. It was then I noticed that my wonderful barefooting girl, who hated choose as much as I did, had got the soles of her feet nearly parking lot black, they were so filthy from days of exposure to asphalt and concrete! Probably from the parking lots of the malls as she went shopping that way, I mused to myself silently. But the sight of them brought home to me what a wonderfully filthy barefoot whore I had married, and my balls ached with excitement. Then with a rapidity which took both she and I by surprise, he dropped onto the bed between her legs, deftly positioned the head of his needful organ, and plunged it deeply and effortlessly into her with a single thrust. Instantly he was balls deep in my woman, and she gasped at the sensation of being so suddenly and completely filled. But there was no pain, for it was already raining hard down there and her body was more than ready to accept him. I moved around the side of the bed, changing my camera angle to better take in the action, as he took hold of her slender wrists and pinned her arms above her head and began pumping her with his admittedly impressive cock in earnest. She uttered a low, sighing moan and he said to her "yeah that's right, take it bitch!"

Being thankful for this stable image that the little handheld steady-cam was providing, I moved slowly around the bed panning from one side, past the end of the bed where I got a good shot of his balls slapping her taint, and then on around the other side to provide our customers with that view. My pretty little wife's head was thrown back to where the pillows would be – if there were pillows – and her eyes closed in the ecstasy of the fucking she was being given. Her arms still pinioned above her head so she was helpless against his cock if she had wanted to stop it, he released her wrists but her delicate hands remained where they were. He then, without breaking stride as he banged away madly between her legs, he slid his hands beneath her back midway down the rib cage and lifted her up, arching her back upwards so that he could begin kissing, sucking and nibbling her breasts. The wet, sloppy shlocking sound his cock made as it brutally plunged my Janet's suite, dripping pussy, was loud enough to be clearly picked up by the camera's microphone. As I watched and recorded what was happening to my slender little bride she moaned, softly at first and then louder as he drove her crazy sucking and nibbling her tits. Then she began uttering soft, deep throated expressions of profanity, the sure sign in my experience that she was completely high on sex at this point and ready and willing for nearly anything. I wondered how Brian was going on like this without blowing his load inside her already! "Oh fuck, oh shit yes, oh fuck me yes" she said, and then "oh split me open you big hot dick bastard!" as she continued to give herself over to the use. And as she did so, my own erection group ever more fierce behind the zipper of my blue jean cutoffs.

Finally he withdrew from her, his shaft shiny with the slime of her cunt, and with only three or four strokes of his fist brought himself often finished whether impressive money shot spewing pearlescent cum upon her belly, cubes and finally managing to get an impressive spatter on both of her breasts. Her body was shiny with sweat and she was breathing hard, and witnessing Brian emptying his balls nearly the full-length of her fresh fucked body was more than I could take. Locking the camera onto its tripod I stepped into the shot dropping my cutoffs to the floor and stepping out of them as I went, and slicking off my shirt and tossing it aside in a single fluid movement. My aching erection bobbed as I walked, and I said to my b*****r, "take the camera big b*o, I gotta get me some sloppy seconds!"

Brian walked toward me with his penis not yet fully wilted and slick with her wetness. We walked past one another – his organ spent and tired and mine erect and ready for action – and he stepped behind the camera and corrected my hastily set framing of the scene. He stood still nude of course, his now spent and satiated cock purple from it's exertion and drying in the cool basement air. I approached the end of the bed, and said to her "turnover babe, hands and knees" and as she complied I prepared to mount her from behind and give her the doggy style fucking which I so desperately wanted. Now as she assumed the position, on hands and knees with her legs apart so I could kneel between them, she was close enough to the end of the bed where I stood that her ankles just touched the edge of the mattress – her feet hanging free just off the end of the bed – with her toes pointing at the floor. And again I felt the tingling of excitement in my balls from seeing the filthy soles of her feet, even the paths of each individual tell where the color of asphalt!

I said to her, "I've been wanting to give you this for 20 minutes now" as I swiftly buried my own shaft fully within her already well used sluice. Since Brian had emptied himself outside, blasting his spume across her belly and front side, I technically was not getting sloppy seconds but she was so excited from knowing this was all being recorded and would soon be on the Internet for thousands of paying subscribers to watch, but her channel was literally dripping with her own pungent feminine cum. I began pumping my wife's cunt as hard as I could, because at this point I just wanted release. I was not thinking of putting on a good show for paying subscribers! As high as she already was on the endorphins of sex, it should not of surprise me that already the action of my balls slapping her clit as I bottomed out on every thrust triggered a racking orgasm. Her body convulsed a beautifully as she shuddered in the waves of pleasure rippling through her body. I heard a couple of toes cracked as she curled them in her joy! And just that quickly I began the climax as well, but I stayed where I was pumping frantically and festooning her delicate interior tissues with splash after splash of my own hot creamy jizz. As the ringing in my years subsided and my vision cleared from the intensity of it, I heard from over my shoulder my b*****r's voice saying with a chuckle, "way to go little b*o!"

Already wilted from its expenditure, I withdrew my cock looking like a turkey baster and stood at the foot of the bed as Janet slowly extricated herself off the bed, to stand and catcher balance before heading for the crude shower over in the corner. I could tell by the way she moved, her hips were sore from the banging, and indeed she said as she began to hobble away "shit you guys, I can barely walk!"

Sitting on the edge of the bed and still breathing heavily, I looked over at Brian and said "cut, that's a wrap"

He turned off the camera, and came over and sat beside me. I was aware of the fact that it should've felt weird for us two fully grown b*****rs to be sitting there naked on the bed together after having taken turns fucking my wife, but somehow it felt natural and neither of us was uncomfortable. I said to him, "I was just doing it to bust my nuts in her, but man you really put on a good performance there. Can I assume you'd be up for making a few more of these with us?" Smiling he replied, "oh hell yes, I'll help you fuck Janet anytime you want! That is one fine piece of s****r-in-law ass you married there Dave"

Without a sound or any of us ever having noticed they were there, Jason and Jennifer rose from their unseen viewpoint in the shadows of the basement steps, and treaded softly up into the house on their own silently bare feet.


After making our first few videos and posting them for download, we realized we'd run into a production challenge. Our website offered the opportunity to "watch men fuck my wife" but so far it had just been Brian, and on two occasions our son Jason. Those shoots had taken place while I was out of town on travel for my regular job, and Jennifer had done the camera work as mother and b*****r had provided the on-screen talent. It was decided that from now on in our little f****y productions we would run a two camera system, with myself or Brian on one and his s****r Jennifer running the other. I made this decision after seeing the results of the videos they made without me, I was quite impressed with the creative angles and shots the girl obtained. It was positively artistic the way she had captured and presented otherwise simple acts such as her mother undressing Jason, and then fondling his tight young sack as she sucked him to readiness. And also the usually mundane scenes such as the two laying on their sides 69-ing.

After that we brought in a couple of my b*****r Brian's friends, but after the 20th or so video we started seeing comments posted on the website that that like to see other women involved, and more variety of location. There were a couple of extremely hot productions involving various combinations of the four of us – Janet and I, and both k**s – but then one day Jennifer had the idea to take the show on the road. Shooting our little projects outside had proven to be a brainstorm (using our own backyard had been Brian's idea) as these were very well received by our downloading audience. But it was at Jenn's prompting one sunny Saturday morning that we loaded up the SUV crossover and headed for the local clothing optional, nude beach on the banks of the river. We knew we would have to find a suitable area for one we got down to recording, so that only those other beachgoers who wanted to see such a thing would be privy to our activities. But to begin with we spread our blankets on the warm soft sand out among our fellow nature lovers, and our f****y casually stripped to our skins and settled down to apply sunblock to one another.

Though we had brought her video gear and had intended to go into production that day, the reality of the public situation eventually prevented it. Even after relocating to a more private area, we only got about 40 minutes of action between myself and Janet, and with Jason and Jenn taking turns running the camera, before some do-gooders threatened to call the police if we didn't stop. And so wishing to avoid any kind of altercation and especially run-in with the law, we wrapped up the shoot and migrated back to our original place in the sun among the other nature worshipers.

We finished out the day quite satisfactorily though, just relaxing on the blankets and chatting amiably with the new friends we made there that day. Jason fell asl**p in the warm afternoon sun laying there between his aunt and young pretty cousin, and while we didn't know what he was dreaming it was obviously quite enjoyable because as he slept there softly, he was sporting a full erection for all to see, pulsing slightly with his young strong heartbeat and providing a good full two inches of clearance between his rigid shaft, and the still developing happy trail of dark hair on his belly. This proved to be an ice breaker with the couples relaxing on either side of us, and soon we had all become fast friends.

And as the afternoon shadows began to get long and the sun began to set over the treetops to the west, we got dressed and exchanged e-mails with our new friends and I wondered internally, as the f****y stood once again fully clothed by the edge of the gravel road and loading our stuff back into the hatchback, just how I would broach the subject of inviting them to join us and one of our upcoming productions. Judging from their appreciation of Jason's sl**p-boner, and the way one of the guys we met had followed Jennifer back into the trees to watch her squat and pee earlier, and the looks the girl had garnered by the way she'd knelt in the sand with her knees apart and had casually bent at the waist giving us all an unobstructed and completely unselfconscious view of her rapidly blossoming womanhood when she retrieved a drink from the cooler, something told me it wouldn't be too difficult to convince them. "Perhaps one of them has a backyard we could use for a change of scenery" I mused, as I lifted the last now empty ice chests into the car.

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