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I had to write this because men get a bad rap that we dont eat enough pussy so i had to break it down so that it was forever and correctly BROKE. Men love eating pussy ive seen men in strip clubs eating stripper pussy (nasty). First lets talk about the pussy. It is nasty as hell and you should that the heavens men even want to put their mouth down there. Yall pee thru it fuck with it men cum (big loads) inside of it, Babies come out of it, discharges, yeast infections, bladder infections, yall bleed stinky bl**d for a week an get mad at who wont eat it? Then some of yall dont know how to keep it properly clean but think it is. If a man is not eating your pussy its you not him. He may think you a hoe, or think you fucking another man too,Saw some toilet paper left in there, or some dried white shit like you got a discharge, you got too much hair,or the pussy smells funny. Other reasons like for me if you have no booty i wont eat you or if your really knocked knee i wont do it,Dirt under your finger nails,FUCKED UP ATTITUDES A BITCHY WOMEN ...TURN OFF,if your feet are crusty i wont,if your teeth are buttery and arm pit hairs are not shaved. This shows me bad hygiene and grooming habits so why would i eat u. I make an exception from time to time (rare).I know us men are not perfect but we dont have the problems a pussy has and women are suppose to be fem and lady like not crusty. A few tips keep your skin creamed find the good shit, spend some money light perfume in the cream not heavy, get your feet, eye brows and nails done ever other week. when you get your weave get a lining too that nappy shit underneath make you look half groomed. If your a leaker and mess up underware dont keep them. If they come clean but still dengy throw them out. Buy bra and panties by the set or make them match. buy toilet safe vag wipes dont use Toilet paper this stops the toilet paper crumbs and the dryed up juice on the pussy look as well as keeps the pussy confidently clean all day.I promise you wont have to run and freshen up because when you do he know your doing it. This way he think you just got a nice clean pussy 24 7. Brush your teeth with crest pro health tooth paste and listerine mouth wash for great teeth and gums. Shave your pussy with clipper if you cant shave it smooth. but if you want to shave but bump up use the mach 3 razor YOUR MAN USE. BEST THING THEY EVER MADE FOR THE b*****rS FACE. YOU WONT BUMP UP... aLSO USE A GOES ON CLEAR DEODORANT SO WHEN YOU LIFT YOU ARMS YOU LOOK FRESH TO HIM. Ive seen fyne women hold up them arms and it just changed the chemisty. a FLAWLESSLY CLEAN WOMEN MAKES HIM WANT TO EAT PUSSY. Lastly so what you got a gut find the clothes inside and outside the bed to hi light your good and cover your not so good. You dont have to do the victoria secret shit. I had a s****r slim with massive tits in a long wife beater no bra and heels and tried to kill that sista fucking her i was so turned on or a body stocking and heels. If you dont have alot of ass but got some. Buy thigh highs sheer or solid they make your butt look better by slimming your tighs and giving you some undercarriage plus do all the above and i promise you will be next on alot of mens menu.

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