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Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 5

After that they let me go home.

Everything had been removed other than the cage which they said should remain on throughout the week to ensure my mind was attuned to being a sissy. Once home I showered myself completely and fell into a deep exhausted sl**p.

The following day I went to work and tried to act as normal as I could despite the fact that I was wearing stockings and panties underneath as instructed, not to mention having a butt plug stuffed up me and my 'sissy clitty' in a cage. All day the sensations reminded me they were there, the silkiness of the stockings against my hairless legs, the frilliness of the panties, and the plug constantly teasing meaning that my clitty was straining against my cage.

That evening came the usual dreaded email from my Master.

Dear Slut (I was obviously no longer Emma!)

I hoped you had as much fun as I did over the weekend although I expect that maybe it was better for me than it was you. I must say you have a delicious fuck-hole and my cock likes it very much. I'm sure they will be well acquainted in the future. I have attached the videos we made this weekend, remember to follow your instructions to stop them being emailed out to your friends.
I want you to continue as you did last week and you will wear stockings, panties and you plug at all times. There may be a check at some point and this may be in one or many forms.

I wondered about that. What did he mean by many forms? Last week I had had to send a photograph within 2 minutes of receiving a text from him. I guessed I would find out.

I also want you to go to the tanning salon again, although you will go twice this week. Again you are to wear the bikini.

I had done this last week but there was nothing definite to be seen. I realised that if I continued to do this I would end up with very defined tan lines that would stop me being able to go swimming for instance.

And finally sissy, the email said. We need to discuss your demerits.

I had been told that any failures on my part would result in a demerit and a demerit would mean me having to have something done that would feminise me. I was told these would start off as something private and non-permanent and eventually would lead to being more obvious and permanent. I also thought I had received three demerits, but Master reminded me of my failure to act as a sissy on the way to the shops in front of the young men.

Sissy, you will call the salon called 'Femme Fatale' and ask for Alan. Alan has been instructed on what is expected and you will act exactly as you know I expect for Alan. You will make an appointment for the following;

1 Your toes are to be manicured and painted red

2 You are to have your belly button pierced

3 You will have your eyebrows shaped

4 You will have a tattoo above your sissy clitty that says 'sissy slut'

I nearly fell off my chair while reading this. If this was just the start and the demerit punishments were going to get worse, I had to avoid them at all costs. I thought about what he wanted and whether I could go through with it. Painting my toe nails was bad but it would come off, it just meant I couldn’t go bear foot for a while. Having my belly button pierced was a bit more permanent but I would be able to take it out and let it heal. The tattoo was something else but I reasoned that I could at least let my pubic hair grow over it once I was free from this mess. But finally the eyebrows. Although they would grow back, people at work were bound to notice.

I wondered if I could go through with it and thought about the consequences. What could I do? I supposed I could go to the Police, but that would mean the videos would be released, ruining my reputation and making sure I would never see my k**s again. I could run away, but that would lead to the same conclusion. There was no choice, I had to keep going while I tried to find some other way out. I resolved though to earn no more demerits, I couldn’t afford to.

So I picked up the phone and asked for Alan. A distinctly gay sounded guy came on the line and asked if he could help and I introduced myself as Emma.

'oh so you’re Master John's new sissy are you?'

'Yes' I replied.

'Oh good, you and I are going to have so much fun' he said 'I been told what to expect of you and your behaviour and have to report any mistakes you may make'.
I suspected that he was going to have more fun than I was. I made an appointment for the following day after work.

All the next day I was anxious about what was going to happen. I knew that Alan knew Master and had to report how I behaved. I also knew what kind of behaviour I was going to have to display. It was going to be humiliating for me. I hoped the salon was quiet.

I drove to where I knew the salon to be and parked on the car-park. I made my way around the front and pushed the door open. It was a typical ladies salon that did hair, nails and other beauty treatments. There were a few ladies sat around having various treatments and a young girl behind the counter.

'Hi, I have an appointment with Alan' I said as softly as possible.

'Oh what name is it?' she said.

I realised at this point that they only knew me as Emma.

'Emma' I said and she gave me a very strange look.

A minute later an obviously gay male came out from the back of the salon. I realised this must be Alan and I just stood looking at him. He raised his eyebrows, urging me to speak.

'Errrr I have an appointment'

He frowned and tutted. I'd heard that tut before and I knew I'd have to do better or earn a demerit. I looked around at the ladies sat around the salon and at the young girl behind the counter. Again I was going to have to humiliate myself in public.

'Please Alan, I am Master John's Simpering sissy and I am here to have some work done to make me as girlie as I can be for him' I said.

Immediately I could here sniggering around the room as faces looked up to see who would be pathetic enough to ridicule themselves in such a way.

'And what is it you'd like done sweety?' he said.

Another deep breath.

'Well I want my toes painting all red and girlie to look better for my man, I want my belly button piercing to look more sissified, and I want my eyebrows shaped to look more feminine for my man'

I went quiet, hating the next bit.

'Anything else sweety' said Alan.

'I'd like you to tattoo 'sissy slut' above my sissy clitty to remind me and everyone else just what I am'

The room erupted in laughter as I was led into the back room and I immediately relaxed being away from laughing eyes.

It was short lived as Alan shouted 'now strip'

I did as I was told despite the fact that I had stockings and panties on underneath. He said that I looked sweet. But soon they were off too.

I was sat in a salon chair and Alan began to work on my eyebrows while the young girl worked on my toes. Alan was cooing and telling me how good I was going to look for my man.

Once this was done, I was stood up and they began to pierce my belly button. Was this like any normal piercing I hear you ask? Of course not, this was a ring with a word that hung from it saying 'slut'. Then the ring was soldered shut. It wasn't going to be easily removed.

Finally, Alan got out his tattoo kit and begun work above my 'sissy clitty'. I had never had a tattoo before believing that they would just look silly when your are 65. This one was definitely going to look silly. It hurt like hell and all Alan could say was you get used to it when you've had a few more tattoos. I thought there was no way I would be having anymore.......little did I know.

'Now' he said, 'Master John said you would take care of me as payment' So again I found myself on my knees in front of a man. His cock was not as big as Master's but when eventually he came I had more than a mouthful.

Once he was finished, he told me to put on my stockings and panties and then made me go out into the main salon area and show the remaining ladies their work.

I was so humiliated, standing there in stockings and panties, my red toe nails clearly visible, mt degrading belly button piercing and it was at that point I saw my eye brows in the mirror. Oh my god they totally changed my face, giving me that wide doe eyed look. Work was going to be hell. I was made to pull down my panties and show my tattoo and also letting them see I was caged. Ii could hear their laughing all the way home. Alan said he was looking forward to seeing me again. I hoped I never would.

That night I lay on my bed and took stock of the situation. Things were bad and I had a feeling they were about to get worse. Worse than that was that I was incredibly horny but this damned cage stopped me from getting any kind of relief.

The next day at work, people begun to notice my eye brows and I could hear whispering wherever I went. I just decided to brave it out.

Some time after ten o'clock, the receptionist called and said 'your wife is here to see you she's sat in reception'

I thought about reminding her that she was not my wife any more but decided against it.

'What does she want?' I said.

'Something about you having your plug checked' she said, does she mean your electricals?'

I knew exactly what she meant and I nervously made my way to reception.

This was going to be a long day.

To be continued.

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