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First Time Chubby Chaser

This is a true story, my first time writing as well. Happened in the winter of 2011. Makes me laugh whenever I think about it, haven't told friends so I would like to share with someone lol.

It was a Saturday on a very cold, typical Alberta winter night. Roommate and I had just finished a long hitch of OT. Decided to unwind have some drinks at the house and head to a club. Usual time looking for women and hitting the drinks hard lol

Met a few nice ladies, added a few new contacts in the cell, but no action.
Left the club decided to walk away from the crowd in hopes of flagging a cab.
As we walked for maybe 40 yards I could hear a woman sobbing. My friend( call him Joe) always stops to talk to everyone lol I'm sure he would fuck his shadow if he could catch it.
Joe- "What's wrong?"
Girl- "My friends all left me and I am trying to get home"
Joe- " Well we are waiting on a cab we will drop you off"
So we finally flag one down she jumps in. Now we live nowhere near her lol
So she is noticing we are leaving the town, I ask her where she would like to be dropped off, no reply. I assume Joe was talking her into coming over.

Arrive at the house, she is crying still! Saying I'm going to be killed if
I don't get home my husband will wonder where I am. So Joe in his d***ken state gives up and eventually passes out on the couch. So I calm her down hand her my cell, so she can make the call to go home. Her tits were hanging out by this point, not the nipples but giving me a good glance. She was apx 36 years old 5'1 I'd guess around 180lbs. Very large tits not a bad ass but flabby in the stomach and legs. Cab tells her 40 mins she is upset , I tell her it will be ok just tell your man you couldn't flag a cab.

She finally hands me the cell back as I reach out for it she ever so softly
sucked on my finger. She had nice lips, I was kind of turned on and also shocked lol didnt see that coming. Well I thought a BJ would be nice. She asked where the washroom was I e****ted her downstairs.
She freshened up a tad and came out in the hall where I was waiting to help her
back up the stairs. She started to rub the outside of my jeans. My cock was getting hard so I pulled the zipper down and took it out. She got down on her knees and took me into her mouth. She was gagging while caressing my balls. Her lips were sliding up and down up and dowwn, she really could suck cock. I had the feeling she hadn't had any in a while and was neglected at home.

I laid her back on the stairs so she was flat out climb up two stairs to where her head rested and knelt over her. I stuck my cock down her throat, she had nowhere to go no way of coming up for air. I start thrusting in and out of her throat deep , and when i did let her up for air she jerked my cock hard. This girl was one horny chubby slut. All of my girls have been slim I never fucked a chubby gal before. I figured I would just finger her to make her feel good.
Knelt over her face fucking her I reached behind my back and slide my hand up her skirt. She was dripping wet and bald. I rubbed her clit with a flat hand hard and she squirmed and squealed I knew it would not take long to make her cum. I slide my middle finger inside her, come hither motion and finger fucked here all i had until my wrist was burning she started to shake bouncing her ass up and down and came all over my hand. 2 fingers was a tight fit with her , I thought fuck it I want to feel her other set of lips wrap around my cock.
A moment after that thought I heard a horn Fuck! The cab. She heard it too pulled her panties up and started to head up the first set of steps to where the door is. I glanced out it was just someone picking up the neighbor. So I told her, she was sitting on the 2nd flight of stairs which leads back up to the living room. I took out my still hard cock grabbed the back of her head and she took me deep again. Reached in my back jeans pocket a hauled out a condom behind my back. I motioned her to turn around pulled her skirt up quickly and slide the panties aside and worked my way inside this tight dripping hole. She sounded so satisfied before I even thrust her once. I fucked her all i had my balls slapping off her big ass. Her feet were on the floor, hands and face into the stairs. Her knees dropped and hit the carpet. Her pussy was vibrating she started to squirt all over the carpeted stairs. The combination of her tight wet
cunt and now convulsing and squirting made me throb to the point of no return. I could barely get the condom off in time, I moved up towards her face. She said no I dont think so. My ass clenched tight and i thrusting a huge load of cum into her face. As I unloaded my cock, a horn sounded. Face covered in cum she was panicking to get ready, she took her panties off and wiped herself clean.
Put them in her purse and headed down the walkway.

I'm not sure if this grossed me out, I laughed about it for a while and still do. The thought of her going home to him with my cum covering her panties kind of turns me on.

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