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A gang bang fantasy

( A flight of fantasy written from his point of view)

He looked around a twinkle in his eyes, he was tied to a chair butt naked and unbeknownst to her he had arranged the whole thing. He’d been careful to keep an eye on the time so he made sure they were both naked and that she was well on the way to her first orgasm when they burst in, he knew her fantasies even often the unspoken ones.

There were four of them, and they knew when the time was right they were to untie him and let him in on the fun. Until then he had to act surprised and fearful knowing and seeing how turned on this was making her even through her initial fear her eyes had a mischievous glint and her inner slut was screaming for joy.

They Made quick work of tying her to the bed making sure there was enough slack that they could manipulate her voluptuous curvy body however they so chose, they had her spread eagled to start so he could enjoy the show. He watched as the four men undressed, he had been careful to select men who were healthy, could prove they had no std’s and had extremely large dicks because he knew that was also one of her hearts desires.

The first man walked up to her and turned her head, pinched her cheeks so her mouth opened and stuffed his cock in as far as he could. Swallowing her surprise at the suddenness of this action she began to lick and suck that cock like her life depended on it, (she had always loved to suck cock) she felt hands roaming her body, not knowing whose hands were touching her where, she felt a mouth clamp over each nipple as two men began to bite and suck her nipples hard enough to have her moaning around the cock that was being pumped in and out of her mouth.

Her hair was in pigtails and the guy pumping into her mouth wrapped his big hands around them and used them to pull her face towards his groin making her deep throat him, this was something she craved and had needed for so long she was lost her inner slut was free to take the reins and enjoy every moment of what was about to happen.

She gasped as she felt a hand trace the wetness of her pussy lips, her hips moved of their own accord begging for those fingers to enter her hot wet hole, no easing in one finger after another the man shoved four fingers inside her and she gasped in shock at how easily he slid them in his mouth crashed down on her clit sucking the bud into his mouth and grazing his teeth along the sensitive nub.

The guy in her mouth was fucking her face furiously so much so she barely noticed when the fingers in her pussy became a whole hand until it was f***ed into her. Her pussy spasaming as it got used to the intrusion her moans coming faster now as the man pumped into her.

He looked at me, moved slightly and I could see he was past wrist deep into her. Her pussy juices gushing down his hand her body getting nearer and nearer to her first orgasm of the night. It happened right at the moment after the first man blew his load down her throat, she managed to swallow every drop and I honestly thought he would not stop Cumming as she was swallowing his load her body was shaking uncontrollably and one of the strongest orgasms I had ever seen her have hit her.

She squirted so hard some of her juices hit me on the chest. My cock was achingly hard at the site of how hard she had cum but I knew this was just the warm up the evening was just beginning I could wait.

Another guy put his cock in her mouth, as the first guy joined the one at the end of the bed with his fist still in her they lifted her up and put a few pillows under her for height the guy still moving his hand in and out of her pussy and sucking her clit, the first guy used some of her juices to lube her arsehole and started to finger her arse till he could get four fingers in. She came again and again and again each time squirting harder than I had ever seen her.

When they thought she was ready and could handle their cocks one guy got underneath her lifted her up and impaled her arse on his cock working it in slowly at first till he could slam it all the way in, the other guy kneeled between her legs and f***ed his cock into her pussy she was stuffed full .

In the meantime she had managed to get both of the other guys to come in her mouth, they untied me and I took my place at her head. I whispered “you look sexy as hell my little fuck toy” as I rammed my cock down her throat.

She was being pounded in every hole her body shaking in orgasm over and over.

The other two guys untied her hands and wrapped them around their cocks adding some lube she was lost. As the guy in her pussy raced the one in her arse to cum, they were pounding into her mercilessly and it was apparent as to why they had warmed her up the way they did there is no way those cocks would have fitted inside even her large vagina without all that stretching.

The neighbours must surely by now be able to hear what is going on I thought to myself whilst fucking her face her tongue swirling over the head of my cock as I f***ed it down her throat. I heard the guy in her pussy cum first then the one in her arse. The two in her hands practically pushed them off the bed in their hurry to fill those freshly vacated holes flipping her over onto her knees first her mouth popped off my cock she turned her head searching for a cock delirious with need and wanting lost in a lusty haze I shoved my cock back in her mouth as she was again pounded mercilessly in both holes.

I had lost count of how many orgasms she had had. Her body was one long orgasm one long craving fuck toy.

Time seemed to stop for a moment I was getting the most amazing blow job of my life her moans making my dick swell with need her hands cupped my balls as my shaft ****d her mouth and then with a primal scream that seemed to well from all four of us at once we all filled her with cum.

They thanked me, put their clothes on and left.

I left the blindfold in place moved to the end of the bed massaged her legs and put my head between them cleaning out every last drop of cum and pussy juice from both her pussy and arse and wringing one last orgasm from her before untying her and settling into a peaceful sl**p of the truly deeply satisfied.

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