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Taking it to the Extreme...2

William climbed up behind me and rubbed his massive member up around my butt crack till he was at my anal opening. He poised his penis there pressing ever so slightly allowing my outer anal muscle ring to relax.

I groaned as I felt his huge penile head begin to enter my anal opening. 'OH SHIT, WILLIAM,' I cried as I gripped the sheets in my fist. Gasping for breath I uttered 'easy...take it're too damn big...'

William slowly pressed forward till his huge head popped into my anus, gasping in pain I felt my anal sphincter muscle ring snap shut around the neck of his man hood and heard William moan '...damn your ass is tight...shit I don't remember pussy being as good as this.'

Williams huge penile head was lodged just inside my outer sphincter muscle ring and held snugly. Tears weld up in my eyes as I struggled to manage the pain that was searing my poor anal ring.

William adjusted his self as I struggled in pain to accommodate the enormous male member that invaded my anus. I moaned softly as William moved slowly and deliberately, William lowered his head and whispered to me 'man your ass is tight, I'm enjoying myself tonight...'

William pressed his self to me and started to grind his huge stubby monster into my bung. I could barely control myself as he twisted slowly pushing more and more of his squat fat penis into my anal opening.

Finally I could hold my peace no longer and cried out '..Unnhhuhh, damn William, please man, don't be brutish, let me get used to your size...' William grunted '...your ass better get used to my dick quickly, I'm ready to fuck like the bitch I want you to be...'

With out another word William gripped my shoulders in his hands and rammed his squat fat penis as deep as it would go, till his pubic was pressed deep into my widely stretched my butt crack.

The tears were leaking from my eyes as William continued to rut and grind deep into my butt. My body started to tremble from my bung down to my toes I was being ripped open by Williams mammoth girth. I thought his penile head was huge but his penile shaft seemed to expand as he worked his body up in to mine.

I tried to loop my legs over his calves and pull him out of my bung, I tried to root up on the bed to avoid his onslaught of sexual energy. William grunted and huffed as he plowed his thick short piece of man meat into my over stretched bung hole.

Whimpering and gasping through the extreme pain of Williams sexual intercourse was causing sweat to pop from both our bodies and causing our bodies to slip effortlessly across each other.

After some twenty minutes of intense sexual intercourse William abruptly pulled his massive tool from my body. Gasping for air I begin to turn to my side, William took hold of my left ankle and turned me to my back, pushing up my leg William said '...I wasn't gonna do this, but I want to see your face as I finish fucking this pussy...'

Before I could object, William had pushed my knees back to my shoulders and re-inserted his penis into my gaping bung. My mouth gaped open in anguish as Williams huge member reseated it self.

I flailed at his chest begging for him to stop, I tried to hold him off as he plowed into me. I had underestimated the strength of William and his determination to sexually satisfy his need.

There was no way I could belay William, for close to an hour and half, William rode me like he wanted till he finally exploded in my rectum a copious amount of fluid. His substance squished from around his huge shaft as he flooded my anal canal.

William collapsed onto me breathing hard with my legs locked in his elbows, I could do little else but lay beneath him as he emptied his testicles of their load.

Once his penis stopped throbbing and squirting into me, William rolled to one side and said to me '...damn bitch, that's some good ass pussy you got. I'm gonna take a little nap, when I wake we'll have another round or two.

Taking it to the Extreme...2

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