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My first orgasm pt 2

The summer had come again and I was off to the farm, it had been a hard year since I first saw Adam, Granddad had to retire due to seriously ill health and had to take on extra help around the farm, Adam was still there as Granddad had given him full charge of everything and only went to him if he had to order something.

I turned up as usual after first week of end of college and done my usual tour of the farm with the dogs, I found Adam who I was so pleased to see, he was chatting to another guy that was very cute and a hunk that made me wet as hell, I concentrated on Adam and struck up a conversation with both of them, his name was Charlie and was a good friend of Adam's. I arranged with Adam to have something later to eat and went on my walk, I was out for about 3 hours walking and thinking of nothing else but Adam and Charlie.

I got back to the farm and Adam was waiting for me he suggested we go into town for a meal and a movie, I shot upstairs and got changed and off we went, we had a nice meal and saw the movie, whilst in the cinema Adam had played with my tits making me as horny as hell by the time we got out, my panties where dripping wet and I was gagging for his cock, we got back to the car and started to kiss as my hand slid down his chest onto the huge bulge in his trousers.

I unzipped his trousers and pulled out his lump of hard meat and started to suck it slowly, Adam groaned as my mouth slid down his shaft I felt his balls they were heavy and big, I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied until that cock was banging my pussy, I suggested we find a quiet area and fuck, Adam agreed and we searched for a little area, we soon found a very quiet, dark area and got in the back, I was naked in seconds helping Adam out of his clothes, his body was unreal full of muscle more than I can remember, he pulled out his rubber and rolled it down his long shaft, I opened my legs as he got in between my legs sliding his cock into my soaking wet snatch as I cum straight away.

He slammed his cock in and out of my pussy as I groaned loudly begging for more as I grabbed his thrusting hips making him drive harder into me it was totally needed and I could feel myself building to a huge orgasm as Adam thrust harder I knew he wasn't going to last long, a surge ripped through my body as the huge orgasm hit me like a bolt from the blue as I screamed out a ear piercing orgasm, as I felt Adam pumping him load into me.

He rolled of me breathing heavily as I rubbed my pussy again feeling a bit horny as I groaned and had a string of orgasm's that didn't seem to stop. Adam looked in amazement as I finally calmed down, we got dressed and he took me home my pussy still throbbing, from the pounding he just gave me, Adam said that Charlie had said I was well fit and wouldn't mind given you one, I asked what he had said, he told me he told him a no go area as I was his and wasn't willing to give me up, I kissed him as he dropped me home and said I would see him tomorrow.

That night I slept well thinking of nothing else but the great sex I had, had that night waking up the following morning running around doing the few jobs I do when I'm at the farm before I went looking for Adam. I searched the farm unable to find him as I came across Charlie, I asked where Adam was he informed me he had to go out, and wouldn’t be back until late afternoon and asked Charlie to pass on his apologises for not being able to have lunch with me.

I felt disappointed but decided to go for a walk; Charlie suggested he had lunch with me to which I agreed and said I would be back in about a hour, the hour passed quick as I saw Charlie dip his head in the barrel of cold water to cool himself down, we went for our walk and found the same area that Adam and I found where he took my virginity. We sat and chatted I found out that Charlie was a mate from school and had just broken up with his girl friend. He lay back on the blanket as we spoke, I was drawn to all the muscles the abs’s, delta's the works; I could feel myself getting wet and I imagined unzipping his trousers to reveal a cock I was willing to suck.

I reached out rubbing his trouser front without batting a eye lid he said go on pull it out you won’t be disappointed, I unzipped him slowly and reached in to pull semi hard cock out not as big as Adam's but by Christ a hell of a lot thicker as I rubbed it slowly making it hard, Charlie said he didn't have a rubber but I didn't care I was as horny as hell and wanted a good fucking, I stood up and pulled my panties off straddled Charlie and lowered myself onto his cock that felt like a bollard stretching my pussy lips wide, I groaned as I sank onto his full length grinding my hips as Charlie held my hips.

He reached up and undone my top and unclasping my bra to reveal my tits as I rode his cock not even feeling guilty that Adam had told him to back off his cock stretching my pussy to its limit, I groaned saying I was Cumming as he started to thrust into me he was close as a orgasm ripped through my body as I cried out my pleasure as Charlie shot his load into my pussy, it made me cum again as I fell off his now ever softening cock, my pussy throbbed with unreal pleasure, we got back to the farm and Charlie went about his work and I went in to shower and change.

Adam turned up about 2 hours later and I went to chat suggesting we had a bit of fun with the 3 of us in a barn as I needed to be fucked so hard I was too horny to explain, Adam seemed shocked but as I explained it was only a bit of fun and life was too short to worry and told him to suggest it to Charlie and see if he was up for it knowing he would be after earlier today.

Adam returned and took me by the arm to the furthest point of the yard where Charlie was waiting, I knelt in-between them taking both cocks out and rubbing them slowly sucking each other alternatively, Charlie undone my top to reveal a pair of tits with huge nipples that stood to attention, my pussy was soaking as I stood up letting the boys strip me and was totally at their mercy, Adam bent me over and slipped his cock into my pussy as I started to suck Charlie’s thick cock.

My tits hung down as Adam reached forward to cup them whilst he thrust in and out of me, I knew I was going to be totally filled with cum and I didn’t give a rat's furry arse. Charlie's cock was thick and stretching my jaws as I took his cock out of my mouth telling him to lay down, Adam pulled out and watched as I lowered my arse onto Charlie’s cock telling Adam to slam into my pussy totally filling me with their cum as I had a little treat for both. As Adam finally slid his cock into my pussy, feeling totally full as I orgasm again shouting to both of them to fuck me like the dirty whore I was all of a sudden Charlie cum in my arse that set Adam off, Adam exploded a huge amount of cum that over flowed out of my slit.
Adam pulled out and stood up his long limp cock hung down dripping cum from the head, I got off, of Charlie who lay there lifeless his cock slumped over his leg, I was gagging for more I had not had sex in a year, ok had the odd finger and vibrator but that’s all, I told the boys that was great and would give them their treat in a while, we lay in the barn the warm summer air we could feel on our bodies, as I got ready to give them a one of performance never to be repeated for 2 guys.
I told them to stand in front and not touch their cocks until I said so, they both agreed and I lay on my back with my legs wide open as I slowly rubbed my pussy teasing the clit until it stood out like a button, I could see Charlie’s cock rising at the view as Adam smiled knowing I was happy what I was doing, Charlie’s cock was now at full pelt it’s thick head staring straight ahead as my fingers slid in and out of my pussy at a great rate I was groaning loudly as Adam’s cock was now rock solid as I lifted my hips and sprayed a huge fountain of juices that soaked my legs, I could see both of them rubbing their cocks like mad as I told them to come over and wank over my tits.

They both stood in front of me their cocks all big and throbbing I could see their balls swaying with every pull they made, Charlie shot first pumping his cum over my tits, I looked at Adam knowing he was close as I put my mouth around his cock as I felt his cock head swell then explode his load down my throat as I swallowed every drop of his seed, his cock slipped from my mouth as we all got dressed, and went our separate ways, that summer I was screwed, and used like a total whore and loved every inch of both cocks without each other knowing I was having both Adam for the length and Charlie for the width.

The summer finished and I went back to college and passed all my courses, my grandparents died and I took over the farm now being the boss and having my perks of hiring the young farm hands and married Adam.

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