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Wifes work xmas party

my wife had got her outfit 4 her pary it was black satan dress low cut with about 4inch be4 knee and slit going up one leg the party was about 10 miles from were we live so we were sharein a taxi with guy he had 2 pick up a guy who had retired from company thhen us when my wife told one ov the women at work who we were going with she said watch him d and a few drinks he likes 2 tuch women up so sue came home and told me the night arrived sue in her dress u could see her lacy top ov her hold ups and she bent over u could see the tops ov her hold ups I went over felt her bum and said if u do that he will tuch u up sue said with u there then are door bell rang we got into taxi said hi sue said this is stan and stan said this is joe joe said love your dress we got 2 hotel had a buufet there we started in the bar area sue dosent drink much she couldent make her mind up whot 2 drink stan said ill surprise u I went 2 help him he got her vodka and coke we had are food and a few drinks sue was merry with the drink it was about 11pm when joe askt sue 2 dance they went 2 the next room 2 dance 15 mins later I went 2 dance flp moor and they were slow dancein he was havein a good feel ov her bum and chatin 2 her I went back sat down they came back and stan and joe went 2 bar I said he likt your bum then sue said joe had wisperd 2 her while he felt her up said id love 2 give u my 9inches my cocck stared 2 twitch at the thourt joe and stan came back so I couldend say anything 12 oclcock taxi was here stan got in front and we were in the back on the way home I started feelin sues leg her dress moved up showin her tops ov her stocking joe was havein a good look and I said come in 4 a drink joe said ok me and stan and get taxi 2 come back we got in2 house I put some slow music on and and went 2 get beers I came back and stan was givein her a kiss he said xmas kiss u don't mind I said no whotver sues happy with then joe snoged her and started feelin her tits u could tell sue had had a few normaly she would have told him were 2 go he lookt at mr while he was feelin her tits I smiled next thing stands playin wuth her tits joe puts his hand up her dress ripes her thong off and pulls her dress up 2 show er pussy off he starts fingerin her as stans got her tits out and sucking her nippales then sue goes 4 joes cock he helps 2 udue his trousers his dick shoots out its massive she starts wakin him and moaning say yes yes while lookin at me wanlin my cock nice and slow stan gets up stips of and puts his cock next 2 sues face and says suck me she starts suckin him and jue gone down on her joe says lets due her doggie she gets in posiosn and starts suckin stan as joe starts fuckin her sue starts realy cumin stan says iam cumin and shoots in her mouth a few mins later joe shoots in her pussy he pulls out isaid stop ther and I ram my cock in her soakin wet pussy I cum in seconds we have a drink and hour later joe says 1 4 the road I think he means a drink but he gets his cock in sues mouty and says give me a blow be4 we go she ives him blow job joes says iam cumin swallow it u sexy bitch which she does I then said 2 stan don't u want 1 4 the road he said hed love 2 fuck her sue lay on er back said come on then he fuckt her then they left I went strat down on her pussy she tasted great next morning sue woke up and said sorry do u still love me I was rock hard and said yes a I started fuckin her tellin her how much it had turned me on as I was cumin I said tell me u wnt fuck othere men in front ov me she does the more she says it the faster I go and we both cum just goes 2 show stan was 60 and joe was 67 and they've opend new life 2 my wife

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