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The Unaffordable Vacation Ch. 02

by newbie2008

The Unaffordable Vacation Continues...


You know? Wanting your wife to go along with your fantasy is one thing, but hearing her come around to it, actually explain that she's now okay with it, even enjoying it, is a pill you'll have to swallow if you roll down this path.

I suppose a man feels more in control when she is reluctant about it. After hearing her utterly going along with the wildest things I could throw out, I began to seriously backtrack in absolute fear that she actually meant it, even enjoyed it.

In my disbelief, I asked, "You really would, fuck Henry, and then go down to the beach and take those other guys?"

She quickly looked shocked and replied "Yes. I would. Oh my God, can you imagine that many guys having me, doing me in front of you?"

I was without a doubt crushed, saying nothing at all when she giggled saying, "Oh my God, you're so easy. Of course, I wouldn't do that."

She then got a very mischievous look and said jokingly "We'd at least have to get a good nights sl**p tonight before I'd even consider it. You'd also have to make damn sure you wanted it."

Just as I was about to speak, she again said chuckling, "Your face, oh my God, I'm k**ding, Baby. I'd never do such a thing."

I chuckled in deep relief as she continued "You do realize though I'm not sure any longer whether you're serious or k**ding when you say such things. I mean let's not forget. I had intercourse with another man, and it's something you, yes you, really wanted. If you would be okay with one man fucking me, I sometimes think, you'd love to see others? So when you say you'd like to watch multiple men fuck me, I'm, well, kind of thinking you're serious."

I then replied "Honey. I'm sorry. Yes, I did want you to fuck Henry, and you did it for me, but strangely enough, I was worried that you would fuck him or something without me being there, and I know it sounds fucked up given what's already happened, but it bothered me."

Just when I thought she would say, "What's the difference you fucking ass hole?"

She then replied "Listen. I had intercourse with him because I love you, if that makes any sense. As insane as I originally thought it to be, I realized that, if it made you happy, if it aroused you, satisfied you, or whatever, I wanted to do it. I love you Baby, you need to know that, and because I love you so much, No, I wouldn't fuck him without you knowing or wanting me to."

I had a deep sense of calm come over me as we spoke, and I realized she did too. Once she knew I had my limits, I could see the relief on her face, but I began to understand that she really had no idea where the roller coaster fantasy would end.

A few minutes before this conversation, I had visions of her taking every guy within ten miles, but knew now she was only doing it for me.

Chapter VIII: Fantasy Out of Control

We eventually sat on the boardwalk steps and held hands as she leaned into me. I was so assured at this moment. We just sat there for a few minutes and began to passionately kiss, when to my surprise, she held my face in her hands and looked into my eyes saying, "I'll do whatever makes you happy Baby."

Just when I was of the mindset that I'd be okay if the sexual experimenting ceased, She gave a slight grin and whispered in my ear "I still want to make you happy if you know what I mean."

I quickly replied "I know Honey. I heard you."

She then got a look of almost shyness saying, "No. I mean I really want to make you happy, tonight."

I nervously asked, "Yes, but what, like what?"

She just bit her lip smiling and said, "You know, all that stuff you said a few minutes ago... it sounded, I don't know, like you might have been a tiny bit, serious?"

I then knew full well what she meant. I asked cautiously "Okay, like what? I don't want to make you do something you don't want to do."

She paused for about ten seconds, leaning down on her knees with her hands over her face, when she slowly rose and began shaking her head saying, "I only want to if you want me to, and I think you want me to. We've talked about it so much, now I really, really want to. Oh my God, Baby, that sounded so bad. I'm sorry."

She then paused with a grin continuing "I don't know, what's the right answer? I could, maybe try something new and put a guy in my mouth. I thought perhaps you'd be, turned on, if I had a guy's penis in my mouth, and I don't know. It might turn you on if he came?"

I then reminded her "My God that sounds amazing, but remember one thing. You don't like the semen in the mouth thing."

She cut me off saying, "I know. I know, but this would be for you. I think I could do it for you. It's just semen, and well... Its safer in my mouth and stomach than other places I can think of."

As I began to reply she cut me off again grinning and nervously bouncing her knees, as she said, "I didn't say I craved come in my mouth, I just want to make you happy Baby. I would do it if you wanted me to. Would it excite you to see a man finish in my mouth?"

Once again, she had me wanting to test her fidelity. I began with "Oh Dam that would be amazing. You'd let a guy shoot his semen in your mouth?"

She rolled her eyes replying "Um let's see, if I'd let Henry ejaculate in my vagina. I think I could f***e myself to let a guy squirt sperm in my mouth. I'm not sure, but I'd guess it would be less wild for me to take a guy's sperm in my throat than in my vagina. You can't even accidentally get my throat pregnant, silly."

By this time, I went from curious, regarding fidelity, to uncontrollably wanting her to show me what she meant. Now, Janet was a tester and a teaser too. I realized that earlier when she was totally going with the wildest thing I could muster. So, I really didn't know where the test ended, and where her seriousness began, I truly leaned toward her testing me.

The reason I did was because I had only ever once ejaculated I her mouth and it wasn't all the way to finish. She always said, "Not in my mouth, It's salty, slimy, and the after taste is horrid."

I then curiously asked, "Okay, so you'll do a guy orally, won't it be salty and slimy?"

She giggled replying "Probably." I then continued "So you'll swallow?"

She then paused, looked at the ground, and replied "I can do it. If you want me to."

She again paused and asked, "Do you want me to? I can take him from my mouth and let him come on my chest... or inside my vagina?"

I didn't reply. I just leaned and kissed her. As we kissed, a million things were running through my head, when without thinking I leaned to her ear and said, "Oh my God, I want to see it... If you decide you, um, can take it, I mean in your... in your mouth, that would be incredible."

She then very seriously said, "I will do a guy orally, and you can say while it's happening if you're okay with it... or would want him to come elsewhere."

I was incredibly worked up by this point. I replied stuttering "I doubt I'd want a guy to fuck you if you were doing him orally. It's a bit different with the whole Henry thing, I guess. That was what I'd call, um, well, that was... okay listen, we can still be adventurous without rolling the dice. I just, I don't know. I quite frankly get turned on by seeing a guy sexually aroused with you, period. And yes, just imagining a guy blowing a half a billion sperm deep in your pussy drives me sexually nuts. But we just don't know a thing about those guys on the beach. Seriously, who knows what those nineteen or twenty-year-old guys down at the beach could have, and besides, the over the counter spermicidal is not one-hundred percent."

She looked at me out of the corner of her eyes and stated, "That's the second time you've mentioned the guys down on the beach. It just sounds like you're wanting something you're not saying. Listen, whatever we are doing. We need to just do it. Henry will wonder why we are gone, and you're supposed to be already at the boat or on your way back. God knows where he thinks I am."

I then asked her to go back to the hotel room and tell Henry we wanted to have some alone time on the boat, that I hadn't even left yet. Henry, I believe, felt that we were rather out of our element in Mexico, and worried about us somewhat, so the last thing I wanted was for him to come looking for us and possibly see Janet with a guy's cock in her mouth.

She quickly agreed and off she went. After about five minutes, she returned saying, "He said it didn't matter how long we were out, that we just needed to make sure we put the dingy back and give them this, it will make sure the dingy is safe, and to be careful."

As she said it, she handed me a twenty-dollar bill. I took it and stuffed it in my pocket. I then hugged her and asked, "You are sure you're okay with this? I honestly don't want you to do something you hate, just to please me. I want you to want to for more reason than to simply please me."

She then smiled and replied "I don't hate it. It actually makes me a little horny thinking about it. I'm human too."

I then asked, "Okay. You're sure?"

She then gave me a quick kiss, paused saying, "Close your eyes."

I did, but as I couldn't wait for her to give me the green light to open them, a second later I looked up as she was beginning to hold up a small aerosol bottle of spermicidal foam with applicator. Thinking my eyes were still closed, she shot it half full. I quickly shut my eyes again, as she leaned in to kiss me. As we kissed, I could feel her lower it between her legs and insert the applicator inside her vagina I then felt her hand and wrist plunge the contents inside her pussy.

I then asked, "I thought we were simply talking about oral sex?"

She replied "I know, but I'm sure you'll want me to do something about the way it makes you feel afterward, something involving a guys unprotected penis inside my vagina. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Besides, the way this makes you feel, us feel, we could get careless and let a guy or guys, ejaculate inside me unprotected."

When she was done with it, she threw it on the side of the boardwalk and grinned nervously saying, "Just a precaution, not for their sperm, yours."

As she said it, I asked, "Is this all about me? I'd be ten times more turned on if I knew you were enjoying it too."

She then paused and said, "I don't know, Baby, what do I say? Okay, yes, if a man's penis is moving in my hand, my mouth, or somewhere else, yes it kind of turns me on. When Henry pushed himself inside me, it felt wrong at first because it wasn't you, my husband, but as I watched you masturbate as he fucked me, I knew for a fact you wanted what was happening. So, I began to really, really feel okay with it, and it aroused me, a lot."

She continued "I even felt guilty about how it was sexually stimulating me, how I began to feel dirty, and, well, how I liked that feeling. The look on your face when he ejaculated inside me though, Oh my God, that's what actually made me want him to come inside me more. I mean your expression was, well, intense. Just before he came, I knew you could tell he was going to. I felt his penis stretch deep inside me, and then when his hips jerked, a gush of his semen exploded as the head of his penis smashed against my cervix? I knew it was driving you crazy, knowing he was coming inside me. I also think the size of his penis turned you on too, seeing it inside me, especially without a condom. It was as nasty and taboo as your fantasy can get."

Half way through her explanation, I began slowly pulling her towards the beach. Her explanation had me shaking with excitement, and she knew it. I didn't have a clue what or if anything would happen.

I mean the four or five guys down there making their living guarding rich folk's dinghy's, might just think we were insanely d***k and point us back towards the hotel.

As we walked, and I looked upon Janet's beautiful legs and feet and knew there was no way, something wouldn't happen, it almost had to.

Upon arriving at the dark dimly lit beach launch, the nineteen year-old guy who seemed in command of things asked in somewhat practiced English "Are we ready to go back to the boat?"

I replied "Not yet. We wanted to hang out with you guys for a while."

He seemed quite confused speaking in fairly decent English "Are you sure? We love company, but no one wants to spend time here with us here. This is the ugliest part of the beach. Can we launch your boat?"

I said, "No, we just wanted to come down and hang out with you gentlemen."

He instantly said, "Gracias, we never get company. You are with the grandee forty to fifty foot lady offshore? You must be so proud of that boat. I think about it daily, how Beautiful she is. She is the best vessel in the harbor."

I soon told him that Henry owned it, and before I could get it out of my mouth, he said, "Oh yes, that I know. Henry is a nice man. He has been here before."

It was hard to tell how many times Henry had been here, but that made me feel a bit safer about us being down there on the beach at this hour, at least they knew of him. Two of the five guys began lighting a fire, and eventually got it roaring.

They turned out to be some unique individuals. The lead man, a nineteen or twenty-year-old guy, had been guarding rich peoples boats, since he had been twelve. Since there were many more boats than he could possibly look after, he employed four other guys, who made, as it were, their living with the standard twenty dollar per trip unspoken fee. I could understand why people paid it.

As we hung out, three of the guys continued building a bonfire larger than I would have ever imagined., another guy pitched two tents with a speed and efficiency that would have rivaled any career military man. I'm sure he did the same thing every night for who knows how long, and as it seemed, was a tent erecting professional.

Now don't get any of this wrong, we both came down there on a mission, but it wasn't in either of us to kick off anything sexual regardless of how much we crowed about it alone. In fact, the longer we were there, the more I felt as though we'd just sit and have a good relaxing time.

As we found out all but one of the guys was twenty, the odd ball being eighteen and the younger b*****r of one of them. After about a half-hour of sitting around asking everything we could about Mexico, etc., the leader of the group said in what I could decipher from Spanish "Get the tequila," to the guy closest to the tents.

A few minutes later he emerged from the darkness with a bottle of tequila. As he came out, I thought "We could just leave now, the entire situation was utterly innocent."

Up to this point, you'd have never thought we'd have discussed anything out of the ordinary. In fact, it turned into just a calm social gathering. As the younger of the guys returned, the older, leader, said "Let our guests drink first."

He instantly handed the bottle to me, and I turned it up immediately, mostly on politeness. I only took a small swig as straight tequila was more than I could fathom most times. Afterward, I handed it to Miguel, the leader of this group, when he said, "Oh no, the lady first, please."

With still a tequila face I'm sure. I handed the bottle to Janet. She instantly waved it away, when all five guys began heckling her to take a drink. Janet was already buzzed from the drinks we had earlier in the night, so I wasn't sure she'd drink or not.

It continued on for a minute or so when she turned it up. I watched when surprisingly, a few gurgle bubbles funnel through the neck of the bottle. As she brought it down, she had a priceless face. She immediately said gasping for air "Oh my God... Why... do people drink that stuff?"

We all laughed, with some of the replies being "Very good. You did well, better than your husband!"

It went around several times the exact same way, with everyone partaking. It was actually quite amazing to see a full bottle of tequila, go empty so quickly. As it turns out though, they had several others. Besides food, I'm sure they spent much of their earned cash on tequila, as they drank it like water.

After about an hour of being there, all of us now quite d***k, Janet said she had to pee. She rose up and asked, "Where's the closest place to pee?"

Miguel quickly said, "Just behind the tents, in the small ravine, or back at the hotel?"

Janet then rose up and stumbled a bit walking towards the ravine. It was more than obvious she had d***k way too much. I quickly got up and walked with her, steadying her as she stumbled on the loose sand.

As we walked, she said, "I'm so tired, we need to go, or are we still?"

I then replied "No. We should go, who knows what could happen now. We've d***k way too much. We'll just get ready to leave."

As she finished peeing, we walked back towards the tents, and she abruptly walked off my arm saying, "I need to lie down for a minutes before we leave. Let me know when we're leaving, I just need to lie down for a few minutes."

To my surprise, she ducked into a tent, and I watched as she dove onto a folded out sl**ping bag. We all chuckled as Miguel said, "She's fine. We'll sl**p outside if we have to, or in the other tent. Come back, we have more to drink."

Almost instantly she said in an incredibly d***ken state "I'm okay, just let me sl**p right here."

I left her there and went back out with the guys, and drank, more and more. It must have been 30 minutes later when I said I had to go take a leak in the same ravine. Upon making it to the ravine, I strongly began fantasize about one of them fucking her, or at the very least feeling her body.

Now as much as I fantasized, I wasn't a guy who wanted to watch someone fuck her or even kiss her being completely passed out. I knew it had to be either with her knowledge or not at all. As I pissed into the gully, I thought perhaps I would go into the tent, they would have to see it, and I would begin to kiss her in an attempt to wake her.

After pissing, I walked back towards the fire, and immediately took a left turn, slowly ducked into the tent, and knelt down. All the guys were sitting not more than ten feet away.

could hear a few saying things in English and Spanish like "Oh, he's going to get that," or "Look, Look."

Once inside the tent, I got my bearings, and saw that Janet was lying on her left side with her knees curled up to her chest, arms around her legs, and her panties completely showing.

I slowly grabbed her right knee and pulled her leg up and to the left in an attempt to roll her onto her back. In a very groggy state, she rolled onto her back, as she mumbled something that resembled my name. Once fully on her back, I put my hands under the back of both knees and slowly spread her legs.

As I did, my cock became so very erect. It was pressing very f***efully against the leg of my shorts. By the light of the fire, I looked down and the sight of her spread eagle, with her panties showing, tightly stretched over her pussy was breathtaking.

I continuously heard one or two of the guys as they watched say things, mostly in Spanish, like "He's going to fuck her."

It was obvious they were watching every move. Just as I took a second to ponder the moment, I decided that if nothing else, I would be incredibly erotic to fuck Janet in front of them. At only ten feet away, right in the open door of the tent, I slowly reached with both hands up under the back of her skirt, and very nervously began to pull her panties under her ass.

As I brought her legs together, I began removing her panties to her knees, and then slowly from one foot at a time. Once removed, I tossed her panties outside the tent. Expecting to hear something big time from these guy's, I heard nothing, but knew they were watching.I then d***kenly turned and found them all standing within two feet of the door, not wanting to rush in or anything, but seemingly to get a better view of what was happening. In hind sight, I realize what they must have seen and thought when I was removing her panties. I mean I made it overly obvious that I was undressing her and had no problem with who saw it.

I turned back and acted as if I didn't even acknowledge them. I then began to unbutton my shorts. Once unbuttoned and pushed to my knees, I slowly spread her legs and leaned down between them. Without entering her, I slowly began to kiss her.

It took five seconds or more before she began to waken even slightly, barely kissing back. As she did, she was still speaking gibberish, when I leaned up on my left elbow, and positioned myself to enter her. Once I spread her vaginal opening, I positioned the head of my cock inside her and pushed.

Just as I did, she arched her back, spread her legs in the most erotic way imaginable, and put her beautiful feet on my ass. I took it very slowly with one or two-inch thrusts, but within a few seconds or so, I was thrusting fully inside her.

I very nervously fucked her for about two minutes more, occasionally just looking down at my cock inside her. When I turned and seen all of them knelt down staring right at us.

Now in knew that the spermicidal she injected inside her vagina earlier was long since gone with regard to effectiveness, but I was utterly blinded with alcohol and even more blinded with erotic thoughts. I was so worked up by fucking her and fantasizing about her being touched by another man.

I sharply withdrew, and moved further into the tent. In my insanity, I then moved to the left side of her and carefully began putting the head of my cock to her mouth. As I did, she slowly turned her head toward me and opened her mouth taking the head of my cock in her mouth.

Looking down seeing all of them staring at her completely exposed, spread eagle, and freshly fucked pussy drove me nuts. At that point, she slowly opened her mouth wider and thrust her neck towards me taking about four inches of me in her mouth and throat.

I then began carefully thrusting inside her mouth. As I looked down between her legs, feeling her mouth and tongue on my cock, I looked up and motioned, pointing between her legs.

I wasn't pointing to anyone, in particular. As I did, I actually expected Miguel, the older of the bunch, to jump at the chance, but it turned out to be the eighteen year-old guy who dropped his shorts, and slowly crawled in the door of the tent between Janet's legs.

As he did, I watched him nervously fumble with his cock and free his nuts from his underwear. He then leaned down to his knees and positioned himself between Janet's spread legs. I could see that his cock was very dark and thick. He was about the same size as me and had a large set of dangling nuts. The head of his cock was slightly wet with pre-come, so it was no secret he had been thinking about something before this moment.

Not to sound racial, but he was a very dark Latin young man, who could have been mistaken for a black male. As I watched him awkwardly fumble between her legs for a few seconds, it was as if time slowed.

I stared down between my wife's spread legs, seeing the swollen head of this mans cock an inch from her vaginal opening when I had a moment of pause. For a split second, I though I could still stop it, and we could return to the hotel with what had already become the most erotic thing we had ever even thought about, or at least I had thought about.

Before I could even come to terms with my internal debate, he leaned in, and I watched the head of his cock spread her vaginal opening, and f***efully enter her completely. He was not being gentile what so ever, he was pushing with all he had, but I said nothing. I knew his only goal was to shoot his seed.

Janet sharply exhaled with my cock in her mouth, but also said nothing. In my intoxication and erotic trance, all I could do was watch as he bowed up his back and uncontrollably bounced his ass up and down between her legs.

Not more than thirty seconds after slamming inside her completely, with her vaginal lubricant covering all of his cock, he began with very loud moans and wincing his face tightly, when suddenly he let out an extremely loud "AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... AAAHHHHHHHHHHH.... MMMMMAAHHHHHHH... UM, AAAHHHHHHHHHHH."

The way he had tensed up and gritted his teeth, I could tell he was delivering his seed deep inside her. I think the instant Janet felt his semen shoot inside her was when she softly exhaled on my cock with "Umm, Ahhumm."

He continued shooting his seed inside her for about a full minute, jerking his hips occasionally as if to put the last drip of his sperm inside her, when suddenly he relaxed for a second and sharply withdrew.

I desperately had to stay motionless in my wife's mouth, or I would have been unloaded. Uncontrollably, I had to feel what had just happened. I reached down between her legs, and effortlessly inserted two fingers inside her.

I withdrew my fingers slightly, and could feel a glob of semen about run down her ass. I took both fingers and scooped it to her vaginal opening and inserted my fingers back inside her. By this time, I had his come all over the outside of her crotch.

The incredibly strong smell of this young mans semen took over the tent. Just as I was enthralled with the feelings I was having, another of the guys had already got to his knees and leaned in, with his erect cock inches from her pussy.

I quickly withdrew my fingers and for a split second rubbed semen all over her crotch. Just as I withdrew my hand, he slowly positioned himself with one hand and pushed completely inside her up to his nuts with one slow, fluid, inward thrust.

The light of the fire was shining between her legs plainly allowing me to see sticky threads of semen sticking between her pussy and his pubic hair. It finally began to hit me that this was utterly unprotected, and that anything that happened after this point was complete insanity, still I allowed it to continue.

This guy like the first, began picking up the pace and having that look on his face when I said for reasons unknown to me "Not inside her, not inside her."

As I finished saying it, the guy arched his back and thrust with all his might, letting out a roaring "OOOOHHHHHHH, MMMM, AAAAAHHHHHHHH, AHH, AHHMMMMMYYYYGGGGAAAHHH."

He was pushing so deeply that his body shook violently. It was obvious he had no idea what I was asking him to do when I earlier said, "Not inside her."

He just kept on trembling as he held his f***eful inward thrust. It was as if he didn't want to move the head of his cock even a quarter of an inch from her unprotected uterus, almost as if he wanted to ensure every strong shot of his sperm thoroughly flooded her fertile uterine chamber.

The instinctual way he held that thrust in some way made it obvious that, if she was ovulating, he wanted to be the one to fertilize her. The alcohol on his breath, the smell of semen, and feeling him shake so hard against Janet, was mind blowing erotic. It was apparent to me that this had become the single biggest gamble we could have ever undertaken, because it had become wildly out of control.

All the drinking with Henry earlier in the night was just to the point of having a great buzz, but this time we were d***k in every sense. Sane thought, if there ever was any, went out the tent door.

After shooting every drop of his DNA inside Janet, he slowly withdrew. As he did, another of the guys was leaning down simultaneously with his shorts off.

In my d***ken state, I reasoned that it now wouldn't make any difference whether she had one mans sperm inside her or a blended cocktail of everyone sperm. Before the third guy entered her, I softly asked her "Do you want to keep going?"

She just murmured "Do you want me to keep going?"

I had no choice in my mind it almost seemed when I said, "Yes, I want them all inside you."

They all took their turn with her, and all had fully emptied themselves inside her unprotected vagina. As the last guy, Miguel withdrew from her, I instantly moved between her legs and couldn't believe what I saw. By the fire light, she had a stream of semen leaking from her slightly gaped vaginal opening.

The thick white semen that filled the small gaped opening flowed down her ass cheeks to a thick clumpy puddle where ass met the sl**ping bags. It was a sight like nothing you could ever imagine in the wildest porn video.

The sheer volume of semen was beyond words. It didn't look right, or like I would have imagined it. It was more like thirty guys came in a glass and it was simply poured and rubbed all over her pussy and crotch. Every time she would even slightly move it pushed a thick glob out of her pussy and down her inner ass cheeks.

I have no idea why, other than my erotic moment of insanity, but found myself scooping it towards her ass with several fingers, sliding my fingers back up her ass and crotch, and sinking them deep inside her.

Just as I uncontrollably went to position myself between her legs, to my utter surprise, she slowly rose to her elbows and said in a groggy voice "Oh my God, I can't believe a simple blow job turned into me being gang fucked?"

She then continued "We need therapy, married people don't do this."

I didn't utter a word, unbelievably I had several things now going through my mind, first of which was "Thank God. She was coherent to know what had happened," second was "Holy crap, my wife just willingly let five guys fuck and blow their loads deep inside her," last thing was "Please don't let her get pregnant."

As I was thinking this over the course of only a second or so, she slowly pulled me to her, and we began to kiss. She then softly said, "Please make love to me. Don't just fuck me. I don't want you to just fuck me. I want you to make love to me. I love you so much. You probably don't even want me anymore. Are you able to make love to me with that many men inseminating me?"

As she said it, I slowly rose to one arm and positioned myself with the other. I was probably harder than I ever had been I my life, and was so close to ejaculating, and slight breeze could have set me off.

I then very slowly pushed into the thick white stream of seed leaking from her vagina. As I felt the warm slick sloppy flesh of her vagina consume my cock, I leaned slowly and effortlessly all the way inside her as we slowly kissed. I barely felt my cock inside her ordinarily tight pussy, knowing that her matrimonially sacred uterus was flooded with the competing seed of five guys.

Surprisingly, we fucked for nearly five minutes with me stopping frequently to avoid coming. She was so slick. Again, could barely feel her. Just as I felt the urge to empty myself, I believe she too sensed it, when she began exhaling quickly, grabbed my ass, and erotically spread her legs.

I was trying to last a few more seconds knowing a deep sense of regret would take over after I shot my load, when I glanced between her legs and saw come all over the base of my cock. That along with the strong aroma of semen was all I could take. My whole body began to orgasm. The pumping from my cock was so strong it almost hurt. It was as if mentally I wanted my sperm to get to the head of the pack, in case she was ovulating.

I came for several minutes it seemed. She didn't want me to withdraw at all. She slowly grabbed my ass and encouraged me to stay inside her. I just lie there catching my breath and feeling intense regret.

Occasionally, I could feel her tighten and flex her vaginal muscles and softly exhale. I had no idea. What could be going through her mind knowing she was carrying so many guy's sperm inside her?

Eventually, I rolled to her left side as my half erected and soaked cock slipped from her. Again, I put my hand between her legs and was amazed at how she felt. She was sloppier than I had ever felt. I was effortlessly running three fingers through her pussy lips and slightly inside her.

Even in my deep regret, I began rubbing it from her ass to her stomach. The scent of come was over powering. I can't even remember when, but I fell asl**p, or more accurately passed out.

What's worse, I have no idea how long I had been asl**p, but woke suddenly. To my horror and I had no idea how much time had passed, Janet was no longer lying right beside me, in fact she wasn't in the tent at all.

I was an instant wreck. I quickly but quietly jumped up and exited the tent, and could hear a guy moaning rhythmically in the other tent. I know it sounds insane given what all had taken place this night, but I was hoping she wasn't being fucked.

I very slowly walked on the sand to the next tent, and my worst fear materialized. She was spread eagle with a guy between her legs. He was smashing himself inside her with his huge nuts on her ass.

I could see that she had a pillow over her mouth and was screaming in a muffled way every time he slammed against her. I'm not sure how long I watched, but eventually I realized this wasn't one of the guys who had been here all along. All the other guys were probably not much taller than five feet eight inches tall, but this guy had to be six feet plus.

This was a very large, either extremely dark Hispanic guy or a black guy. As he fucked her, I noticed that he began to shove as hard as he could inside her letting out a strained roar.

To my utter shock as I rubbed my eyes, I watched as Janet took her hands from the pillow and put them on his ass as she raised her legs off the tent floor. I could hear her gasping in a low voice "Oh God yes! Yes! Oh God Yes! AAAHHH, God Yes, I'm so close. I'm so close. I'm so fucking close! Don't stop, Don't stop, Please don't ssstttaaaAAAhhhh ..................... AAAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGGGOD!"

She then curled her toes and dug her heel into the back of his upper thighs, as she simultaneously pulled with her hands with her fingernails dug into his ass. It almost appeared that she had stopped breathing when after a few seconds, she let out a pent up explosive "OHHHHH MY GGGGOODD! OHHHHH MY GGGGOODD! OHHHHH MY GGGGOODD!"

All the while, this guy was grunting and jerking his lower body with his nuts smashed against her ass. He was smacking his lower body against hers and flexing his ass as if to shoot seed in her chest.

Every time he exhaled, moaned, or flexed his muscular ass, I knew an explosion of his seed was busting into her now orgasmic, well fertilized uterus. I could only visualize her dilated cervix, sexually engorged uterus, and vaginal muscles convulsing in a primal and breeding way as it sucked up as much sperm as it could. I figured if anything signaled her body to ovulate, it would be this.

It was clear that yes all the other guys fucked her, but this guy thoroughly bread her. It took nearly five minutes it seemed for him to finish completely, and at least two more minutes for her to finish. It was the most erotic, sexual, impregnation embrace, I could even fathom.

I was cationic as I watched her beautiful hands tightly squeeze his ass, and saw her polished semen glistening fingernails as she at times ran her fingers to her pussy, with his cock between her index and middle finger.

To my fear, this was one of those times when a woman says, "I remember the exact time I became pregnant."

In all the turmoil, I had removed my shorts, and waited for the guy to leave the tent. I was right on the side and could hear them gasping for words. It drove me nuts hearing her speak with him after that. She began saying, "Oh my God, I didn't think it was possible to orgasm like that. Could you feel my orgasm? My insides tightened so intensely I thought I'd pass out if it continued. I can't believe that just happened to me."

He just kept panting occasionally chuckling quietly. However, Janet kept on and on about it. I thought she would fuck him again because I could hear her softly moaning and could detect the sounds of them kissing, but finally, he told her he'd be back that he had to go to work for now.

Once he finally put his shorts back on and left, I waited for a minute or two and eventually sneaked in the tent, where I found Janet rolled to her stomach. I didn't even identify myself. She had no idea it was me. I pulled her hips off the floor and raised her to her knees and shoved so effortlessly inside her as my body smacked against her ass.

For some reason, it was an enormous erotic turn on that she didn't know it was me. As I fucked her, I reached around her waist and felt the mess of semen between her legs, and on my cock as I thrust inside her.

I began rubbing the semen on her breast and began putting my finger in her mouth. It was so absolutely a****listic. For reasons, I still can't believe, It further turned me on that, I knew she could hardly feel me. She was barely and softly exhaling as I thrust inside her, she wasn't fucking back or anything.

It was almost as if she wanted it to end. The guy who just nailed her must have had a huge cock. I had never felt her loose like this. It didn't even feel like my wife. It didn't take very long before I shot my load, and knew I wasn't shooting much, as I had shot most of my semen the last time I fucked her.

That bothered me somewhat too, knowing the guy who just finished with her no doubt shot thunderous jets of seed into her orgasmic and convulsing uterus, but what bothered me the most was that she not only fucked a guy without me knowing, she had a true orgasm with him, and now I was fucking her, and she had no idea it was even me.

What was obvious too, was that I wasn't satisfying her at all? When I was done, I rolled her to her back, and asked, "How did you end up in this tent."

As soon as it left my mouth, she snapped up to her elbows and looked as if she had seen a ghost, saying "Oh my God, Baby, Oh my God. When? Where did? I, you... wait...Don't act like you didn't know? Please don't act as if you don't know."

I was at a loss because if she was trying to throw smoke at the confusion, she was doing a great job. I then asked, "How would I have known what? I woke up, and you weren't there."

I then asked, "Who was that guy who just fucked your brains out and gave you an orgasm? You know the one like you've never had before?"

She paused and replied "Baby, stop this, stop right now, you know who it was, as well as I did, which is to say that neither of us actually knew him. As he was waking me in the other tent, you woke up too and said, even begged, that you wanted me to have sex with him because he, as you so eloquently put it, had a huge cock. You told me you wanted me to touch it, and I did. You then plainly kept repeating Fuck him Baby, Fuck him."

She continued "The guy then said we were going to the other tent, and you wholeheartedly replied, yes perfect, so please don't act like you didn't know and make me feel like more of a whore than I already do. I hope we are both happy. I'm supposed to get my period in a few days, and well, what are the odds of that after all this? I've fucked more guys tonight that I have in my life, how do you think that makes me feel? Oh, and fucked them all in front of my husband without a condom or any birth control? Boy, that's just smart, very intelligent. Oh and God knows what we could both now have in the way of STD's."

The entire time she was saying it, I realized I must have been in a twilight sl**p and simply speaking when it was all going on. I remembered bits and pieces of what she was saying as she was saying it, but would have sworn I dreamt it all.

I quickly began in a backtracking manner "Listen. I'm sorry. I'm sure I said it, I just didn't remember it all. I'm sorry. You're right. This was stupid. Let's stop and not think about doing it any more. If we get through this without you being pregnant, or us catching something, we'll never even think about it again."Still bothered by it all, I went out on a limb and asked, "Was it just with that guy after you got over to this tent?"

I must have taken it a bit over the edge with that, as she was already brimming with regret when she replied sarcastically "I'm not sure, okay? I don't know. There could have been someone else, oh and let's not forget about you sneaking up behind me and getting yours, was that even you?

She continued fuming "Does it make you happy that I could barely feel my husband inside me because of how many times I've been BANGED? What would it matter at this point, after you excitedly watched those first guys take turns gang fucking me, did it really matter, did it? For fuck sakes, I've been used by practically a baseball team in front of my you, and now you want to know if the bat boy got some?"

She then reached between her legs and inserted her fingers inside her. As she pulled her fingers out, she held them up in front of me. She then began pulling her fingers apart as the semen stretched between her fingers saying, "Oh look, see? Hum, I can't tell how many men this is, apparently their sperm wasn't wearing name tags. Next time we'll make them wear name tags."

Again, I began to apologize saying "Okay, I get it. I really get it. I'm sorry, dumb question. Let's just go back to the hotel and shower this whole night off of us and never do it again."

She didn't really reply. She just fumbled and reached for her panties and put them quickly over her feet and scooted into them. As she stumbled to get up, I could see come all over the outside of her navy blue panties.

As we got back to the other tent, we quickly gathered and fumbled for the rest of our clothes, and exited the tent. I noticed the sun, still not quite up, but making the horizon beautifully orange. The fresh ocean air was like a truck hitting me after having smelled only semen for as long as this had taken place in the tent.

Half the guys were laying by the fire with sheets pulled over them as they slept, the other half, I had no idea where they made it to. I didn't even want them to see us, I just wanted to leave.

For some odd reason, It all seemed okay once we got out of the tent and stepped into the slightly cold sand. As we turned to walk back to the hotel, we ran into Miguel the leader of this bunch quickly replied "It's okay. It didn't even happen."

He also pointed at the rest of the guys, and said, "And the same goes for them, don't worry."

Janet sarcastically said, "Whose worried, it was fucking, don't all husbands bring their wives down here every night to screw?"

She then turned and walked off carrying her shoes. He just silently said nothing and but waved for me not to worry, and off he walked to the tents. Janet and I stumbled across the sand back to the boardwalk, not saying a word to one another.

Once we got to the boardwalk, Janet stood for a second and slipped her shoes onto her feet and adjusted the crotch of her panties. When she did, she wiped her fingers on her skirt and let out a quick regretful exhale saying, "I can't, I just can't believe us, all of this, and it's all surreal. Surely, it's a bad dream, and we'll wake up soon."

We finally made it back to the room, and noticed that Henry was already up on the back-porch sipping on a cup of coffee and reading a USA Today. He quickly smiled saying, "Oh, there they are, how's the boat?"

I quickly replied "Oh it's fine. It's all good."

He then said, "Wow, you two look rough, must have been a wild night."

I glanced at Janet, and she really did have her hair all over the place, and my shirt was half tucked in and rumple up. I'm quite sure we did look rough. I then pulled up a chair opposite Henry, and tugged at Janet's arm to sit with me.

Janet was still in quite rare form as she replied "A whole night of fucking can make a person look rough."

As soon as she said it Henry covered his ears and jokingly said, "Okay, I've already heard enough, glad you had a good time."

I got a sinking feeling not wanting her to go completely off the handle and spill everything that happened. I then jumped in saying, "Honey, just go take a shower. It'll make you feel better."

Janet paused for a second when she finally replied looking right at me "That's probably the best idea I've heard out of you in three weeks."

Henry sensed something was wrong as she walked into the sliding back doors of the room, when he quietly uttered "Is she mad at me, for some reason? Are you two okay? What's wrong?"

I didn't go into any great detail, I simply stated, "Janet and I played a bit more than we probably should have. I think we've unleashed a monster in us. We're taking too many risks."

It was almost as if Henry sensed what I was eluding to when he replied "Listen, by lunch time today we'll sail out of here, and you can forget about it. Don't be too hard on yourselves. I'm as much to fault as you. We all kind of let our inhibitions go, and they've spiraled a bit out of control."

Henry always had that way of making anything seem okay. A person could rob a bank and ten minutes later Henry would have them forgiving themselves."

Janet eventually came out of the bathroom and walked out back to sit with us. As soon as she did, the subject matter changed immediately. We began mapping out our way back home and speaking about another port south of us, we could hit before leaving. It was like a new beginning.

Everything spoke about it seemed to erase our guilt, regret, or any other negative feeling we were having at the time. As they continued speaking, I made my way to the shower. I couldn't wait to get clean.

I didn't have a sexual thought in my head, until I entered the bathroom. Upon entering, I noticed Janet's clothes in a small pile under the towel she had used. I can't explain why, but I desperately wanted to look at her panties.

I locked the door behind me and slowly began lifting the towel off her clothes. After a few seconds of searching, I saw her panties tucked inside the dress. I slowly pulled them out, and the site was unreal. They were still saturated with semen.

Some of it had started to dry around the edges of the deposit, but right at the crotch and about two inches in either direction, there was still a slick, soaked, creamy-white load of all their seed.

The intense smell of come was overpowering even though they were two feet from my face. I would like to say that we learned our lesson from all our risky events, but it didn't take much for me to fall right back into the mode of wanting to watch her fuck. *

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