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School Girl Bullies pt. 2

I awoke to the annoying loud sound of my alarm going off.

I turned it off and laid in my bed for a few moments contemplating the day ahead. It suddenly dawned on me that I'm very likely to run into those cruel girls from yesterday again, and a big grin crept across my face.

I jumped out of bed, bounced around getting dressed putting on my silly uniform, ran down the hall to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and combed my messy bedhead hair.

"Have a nice day!" I cheerily told my reflection in the mirror, and hopped off down the stairs and rushed out the door. I was so excited, for the first time in my life I was looking forward to the school day ahead of me.

Throughout the first half of the day, I didn't spot those girls anywhere. I sat at the lunch table eating my small meal. I sighed and looked up at the clock dejectedly.

"They've forgotten about me..." I sighed.

The bell rang and I got up, grabbing my bag and headed off out the dining room.

I made my way through the hall.

"Got'cha!" I heard as I suddenly felt hands grabbing at the shoulder of my blazer. I spun my head round real fast. There they were. I smiled.

"Quick, get him in here!" I heard Kaylee demand from inside a doorway.

Belle and Melonie obeyed, pulling me hard into the little store-room and pushed me down onto the cold hard tiled floor. Kaylee stood by my head and knelt down.

"Get his hands up!" She commanded as the portly Belle swiftly leapt on top of me grabbing my wrists and lifting my arms above my head. Kaylee smiled as she pinned my arms down onto the floor.

"Hello, fart-face, miss us?" She grinned.

"Very much so." I murmered trying to sound uninterested.

"I thought so, you're only human!" She giggled.

I saw out the corner of my eye Melonie pushing the door shut and twisting the handle, locking the door from the inside. She then stood quietly facing Kaylee, awaiting orders like a soldier.

"You got the rope?" Kaylee asked her.

"Yeah, Kay," She replied taking a long length of rope out of her back pocket.

"Good. Belle stay sat on him, I don't want him going no where!" Kaylee smirked.

They could all get off me and I'd still stay there on the back not moving a muscle for them, but they didn't know that and didn't want to take any chances.

Belle kept her heavy weight bearing down on me, her rotund bottom pressed down hard against my stomach. She kept inching closer up my body every few moments 'til she came to a rest on my chest.

"Pass the rope here, Mel." Kaylee ordered, she took the rope out of Melonie's hands and began tying it around my wrists as Belle held my arms for her.

"W-what are you going to do to me?" I asked nervously, my heartbeat bounding away real fast in both fear and excitement.

"Just you wait and see..." Kaylee answered cryptically. I gulped.

She finished tying my wrists, when I looked I noticed she had tied my right arm to the metal leg of the large heavy shelving unit on my right side, and the same for my left arm tied to the left side shelf unit. I daren't struggle at all for the slightest jolt and the heavy filled boxes on the shelves could fall off and hit me, and there's no way to defend myself from that.

I couldn't even defend myself against the girls either, but I loved that fact.

"Right, we got him girls!" Kaylee cheered victoriously. The other 2 smiled and congratulated eachother.

Belle moved down so she was sitting on my belly again.

"So, fart-face," Kaylee started, digging her elbow into my chest resting her beautiful freckled face in her hand grinning at me, "did you enjoy the attention we gave you yesterday?"

"Y-yeah..." I stuttered nervously.

"I don't recall you thanking us for it though." She returned.

"Oh... I'm sorry- Th-thank you for it." I replied.

"No, it's too late for 'thank you's now." She smirked.

"Yeah, you ungrateful creep!" Belle chirped in.

"B-b-but I made you cum!" I exclaimed to Belle.

"What was that?!" She answered back in shock, "You didn't MADE me! I make YOU make me cum, there's a big difference." She snorted looking down her nose at me.

"He's a rude one, ain't he?" Melonie interupted.
"I'd give him 'The Sock' for that, Bee!"

"'The Sock'?" I thought fearfully to myself, "What's that?!"

"Yeah, Mel, I think I ought to, that'll teach the dweep some manners!" Belle chuckled, she leaned to the side to grab her bright pink bag and rummaged around inside it. She suddenly pulled out a dirty grey gym sock.

"You know what that is, fart-face?" Kaylee asked.

"N-n-no..." I quivered.

"That's Belle's sock she wore for P.E earlier," She explained, "you worked up a big sweat running around the dirty gym floor wearing that, didn't you?" She grinned at Belle as she nodded. "She hasn't even washed it since she first got it and that was sometime last year!"

"Here, smell it!" Belle pressed the real musky sweat-drenched sock under my nose, forcing me to smell it.

The overpowering cheesey odour nearly choked me, I struggled for breath but found myself sniffing it voluntarily. I couldn't help but to suffer the
lung-burning smell, and felt the crotch of my slacks getting tighter as my
hard-on grew.

"Put it over his stupid head!" Melonie egged her on, "Give him the full 'Sock' treatment!" The girls grinned as Kaylee lifted my head up, cradling it.

Belle pulled at the opening of the sock, she had small yet fat feet so the disgusting sock was able to stretch an opening big enough to put round my head.
She squeezed it over my forehead and over my nose, right the way down to my chin. Kaylee had then let go of my head, resting me back down onto the floor.

So there I now lay, tied up helplessly with my head stuck inside Belle's dirty B.O. reeking sock. With every single breath I took I was f***ed to smell and taste the extremely heavy air of her sweat, all as the girls laughed at my pathetic attempt to shift it off by moving my head from side to side.

After what felt like an eternity, but was more likely just a few minutes, I saw brightness as Belle pulled the mouldy sock off my head.

"If you dare insult me again, I'll give you even longer inside my sock!" She sternly warned me.

"O-OK!" I panted out, lapping up the fresh air.

"Hey dork, which smells worse, that? Or this?!" Kaylee quickly squatted forward, hovering her beautifully rounded butt over my face and farted.

I instinctively sniffed the air as she did.

"Oh fuck, Kaylee!" Belle groaned pinching her nose before laughing loads.

Kaylee rested her gorgeous bum down on my face, just sitting on me casually as she laughed along with the girls. Her skirt had flowed around my head so my face was pressed right against her naked bumcheeks. Thank god for thongs!

"Say what you want about her sock, but your farts are by far the worse smelling things I've ever smelt!" Melonie chuckled.

I just laid there, happily smelling the foul gas that was emitted from Kaylee's smooth bumcheeks.

I suddenly felt a familar hand reaching down my pants and grabbing at my hard cock.

"He's hard again!" I heard Belle declare.

"Fuck, he really is a nasty fart freak!" Kaylee exclaimed.

"Make him jizz his pants again!" Kaylee ordered, Belle eagerly obeyed, jerking off my thick meat. I was so hard and horny, and what with sniffing Kaylee's sexy stinky ass, I was totally unable to hold on for long, shooting my sticky white cum out all over Belle's hand.

"He's just came!" Belle squealed, pulling her now sticky hand out of my pants to show the girls. Both Melonie and Kaylee leaned in to look closer at my cum.

"You ever tasted a guy's jizz before?" Belle asked Melonie before swiping her sticky wet finger onto her chin.

"HEY!" She screamed before giggling, "Cheeky bitch..."

As it turned out, Melonie was a virgin, but she was intrigued about how a guy tastes, so she wiped my cum off her chin with her finger and then licked it.

"Hmm..." She murmered thoughtfully, "It's not that bad actually, a bit sweet and a little salty, hmm..."

"Why don't you lick it from his cock?" Kaylee suggested.

"Can I really do that?" Melonie hesitated but smiled at the thought, "Well, maybe I'll have just a little more of a taste..."

She leaned down, yanking my slacks and boxers down my legs, revealing my real firm sticky cock. She licked her lips and anxiously took hold of it, holding my slimey pink helmet to her mouth and licked the cum off it.

"Hmmm oh that's good...!" She moaned, licking me some more.

"You're supposed to suck on it, Mel!" Kaylee grinned, watching with a smile still sitting comfortably on my face.

I was so scared like a typical virgin myself at that point, but there wasn't anything I could do except just lay there and let it happen. Some may call it ****, but to me I was more than willing!

I felt the warm wetness of Melonie's mouth engulf my helmet, I felt the slimey slither of her tongue caress me, licking it as though it's a warm sticky lollipop. I tensed up as I felt her soft lips close around my cock and felt the pressure intensify around my veiny member as she began to suck.

"Oh, you trying to say something down there, fart-face?" Kaylee teased me upon hearing my soft muffled groans of pleasure from under her bum.

Also moaning was Melonie, starting to really get into sucking me off. I know I was a virgin myself so didn't really know any better, but the way she sucked on me, even a pro would think she had plenty of experience with her mouth.

"You're liking that, aren't you?" Belle giggled, watching intently.

"Yhmmp..." I moaned in answer.

"Shut up, dork," Kaylee interupted lifting her ass up a few inches and slamming it back down onto my face, "no one's asking you."

"Yeah, idiot," Belle chirped in and quickly pinched the skin around my ribs under my shirt, "I was talking to Melonie."

I whinced but carried on enjoying my very first blow-job.

It didn't take long again 'til I felt the urge to splurge. I groaned under Kaylee hoping to warn Melonie that she was about to make me cum.

"Oi, shut it!" Kaylee demanded, easily drowning out my moans with her voice.

"Hmmpph! Hmmph! Hmmmmm!" I moaned louder trying my best to warn her.

"He just doesn't learn, does he girls?" Kaylee sighed.

"This ought to keep him quiet-" She warned lifting her butt up so there was gap a few inches apart from my nose/mouth to her asshole.

"I'm gonna- I'm gonna-!" I hastily tried to warn only the be abruptly stopped with a sudden rasping sound and a gush of hot air from between her bumcheeks directly into my nose. It caught me completely off-guard and took my breath away. Her bum quickly came bearing back down onto my face, smothering me and stopping me from being able to do anything but moan quietly and muffled.

The girls laughed, excpet for Melonie, she was too into her first experience of sucking cock to pay attention to Kaylee's cruel shenanigans.

Once again, I was smelling Kaylee's oxygen-choking fart. The smell of which was like a very old cheese cooked into an omelette made from a well past it's
sell-by-date egg. It was very bad indeed but that didn't stop me from enjoying it, which only bought on my orgasm even quicker, like a well over-due volcano.

"AHHHH!!" Melonie squealed in surprise as my throbbing cock erupted with cum inside of her mouth. She immediately pulled me out of her, her white splodgey tongue hanging out from her mouth like a panting dog, and just stared in shock.

"He thuthing cumth in mythe mouth!" She groaned with her tongue drooping out.

"Oh my God!" Kaylee shrilled before laughing.

"Whath dew I dew?!" Melonie panicked.

"Swallow or spit, your choice!" Belle answered laughing along with Kaylee.

Melonie began spitting it out onto the floor. I suddenly felt really bad, like a monster for the way she reacted so badly to my cum.

"Gimme a drink!" Melonie pleaded to Belle, still spitting. Belle kindly handed her a bottle of fruit-flavoured water from out of her bag, although she continued to laugh.

"Urgh!" Melonie grunted after taking a few mouthfuls of water,
"It's so fucking salty!"

My facial cheeks grew red hot in embarrassment under the perfect smooth bumcheeks of Kaylee. I wanted to say sorry but Kaylee wasn't letting me up.
Infact, the only oxygen I could get down there was from filtering the smelly hot air that gathered around the very tight space between her crack and my nose.

"Stop laughing!" Melonie angrily demanded, which only made the girls laugh more.

"S- Sorry, I- Ha ha- I'm sorry!" Kaylee spluttered trying to compose herself,
"Mel, I'm sorry, but you got to admit, that was pretty funny!"

"Fuck off!" Melonie growled, but suddenly her pout turned into a big grin as she caught the girls' infectious laugh.

"That was real nasty though..." She quipped, taking another sip of water.

"Don't worry, hon," Kaylee reassured her, "I got an idea for getting him back for that..." She grinned as she finally stood up, giving my face a rest from being sat on.

She then tore out a page from one of her school books that was in her pink/white striped bag, and also grabbing a pen she began writing on it.

"What you got in mind, Kay?" Belle quizzed.

"You'll see..." She cryptically stated.

Finally, after a bit of doodling, she showed the girls her work.

"Oh that's good!" Belle exclaimed laughing.

"Yeah, the little creep deserves all he gets with that!" Melonie chirped.

I couldn't see what was written on the paper. All sorts of thoughts ran through my mind about what it could be.

"I'll just leave it here..." Kaylee said, bending down to place the paper beside my head. I tried to read it but it was at an awkward angle for my eyes.

Suddenly, the bell rang indicating that lunch-break is over.

"Oh well, we better get going." Kaylee sighed, picking up her bag. The girls followed suit picking up their bags too.

"Just leave your trash here!" She mocked pointing to me while looking at Melonie, who nodded and giggled.

"Wait there's just one thing missing," Belle giggle and grabbed a roll of ductape off of a shelf, she then tore off a strip and bent down placing it over my mouth so I couldn't speak, "there, that's better."

"Bye fart-face!" Kaylee whimsied and blew me a kiss. My heart sang seeing her do that. I smiled as she turned and headed out of the door with the girls, switching off the light as she did. She closed the door behind her and I heard the key jangle in the lock, making sure I'm trapped inside.

They had clearly fooled a teacher somehow into giving them the key for it.

I laid there for a while trying my best to see the note Kaylee writ out, but the darkness prevented me from seeing it clearly.

Suddenly, I heard the key going in the lock, the sudden sound made me jump.

The light flicked on, and to my horror I saw stood before me, Ms. Jacobson.

"You k**s these days!" The young looking red-haired middle-aged woman chuckled.

"Hmmmph! Hmph!" I groaned in panic.

"Yes, yes, I see the note." She said impatiently, walking over me,
"Hmm, let's see, I think I got one brewing up for you."

"Whmmph?" I puzzled, as to my shock and horror, she lifted up her knee-length dark plaid skirt above her waist and squatted down over my face, squishing my nose between the crack of her rather frumpy spotted knickers.

"Wait." She sternly told me as my legs shook with frightened nerves.
I paused, taking in the shocking scenario I found myself in.

"Ah, here it comes..." She warned. She suddenly farted on me!

I hesitantly inhaled her aromatic warm gas as she giggled to herself.

"Oh wait," She paused, letting off another small puff of smelly air, "ahhh, 2 for the price of 1!" She chuckled. She then stood up, pulled her skirt back down into position, brushed her fingers through her dark crimson hair and sighed. She then picked up some supplies off the shelves she had originally come to get and walked off out the door. Closing and locking it behind her.

"What the hell just happened?!" I thought to myself, still in utter shock, the smell of her warm odourful fart stuck in the back of my nose/throat.

Ms. Jacobson had accidently left the light on, which gave me a perfect opportunity to read Kaylee's note.

"Oh shit, now it makes sense!" I thought reading the words.

The paper read: Please FART in My Face!!!

And underneath that, it said:

(I'll donate £10 of my own money to charity for every fart I 'collect'!)

"That sly bitch!" I thought to myself, not sure if out of anger or admiration.

Fortunately for me, Ms. Jacobson wasn't the only female teacher to visit the storeroom throughout the rest of that day.

I heard the key jangling in the lock of the door again. Each and every time it did, I smiled under the ductape, took a deep breath through my nose, and awaited to see who my next special guest will be...!

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