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Miemke get in the hands of Mr Hanson

The phone rang.
-Hi Hans,I just wanna tell you that Miemke Thorsun is in my bar!
It was my friend Ramon who called
He ownes a bar downtown and behind the counter there is a room where we and some other guys use to fuck and abuse whores.
-She asked for you
-She really wanna meet you
-She's gonna be in my bar for a couple of hours
-Okay,I said,I'll be there in ten minutes.

I haven't met Miem -as she use to be called- but she was a legend around here.
Her appetite for sex and men was enormus.
She was s the kind of sub-slut you only can dream of
I heard stories about her getting gangfucked,spanked,tied up and beaten,

Well,anyway...just knowing that she was in Ramon's bar gave me the boner.
When I arrived Ramon gave me a drnk.
-She's in there.
Yeah,she was in there, five guys -friends of mine- was fuckin her.
I asked
-How long has she been here?
-About three hours,she showed up here with eight niggers and askes if she could use the "fuckroom".
They fucked her pretty rough for a couple of hours but they had too go back to work.
Ramon said
-When I looked in she was layin on the pooltable,sticky and the cunt all wet.
-I want more men, she screamed
-I can't get enough....I want more
-I told her to shut up
"I'll see what i can do"
-So I track down some of our friends.

I said
-Well,I'm at the bar for so long, when they've fucked ready so you can send her to me.
It was late and the bar were closed so me and Ramos were the only ones there.
She came in naked and had taken a shower.She looked good
I said:
-Well Miemke ,so you wanna see me.....why?
-Well,my husband will be away for two weeks and I wanna be with you during that time
-Why me?
-Well sir, It is rumored that you are strong tough and brutal with whores
-I want you to use me for two weeks
I said:
-Well,you have just been gangfucked twice.
-That was nothing,they only fucked me but,but I want more.
-I wanna get spanked ,slapped and fucked hard...very very hard,treated like filthy cheap whore.

I wasn't sure if I was dreaming,but she stood there naked and asked me so
I took a violent hold of the neck of her and slapped her face hard
-Are you sure about that,because in that case during this two weeks I'm gonna be your boss,pimp,daddy.....whatever.
-You do exatly what I tell you to do and I'm gonna do whatever I wanna do with you
-Understand ??
She said:
-Of course sir,I love to be in the hands of strong guys,I'll do anything you say.
-You can do anything you want with me,Mr Hanson

I said:
-Well,Ramon you can start.
He slapped her face and threw her down on the floor
and pulled out his cock out and f***ed it down her throat,facefucked her hard.

Meanwhile I went to the "fuckroom" and checked out Miemkes stuff.
I throwed out her dress in the street and turned off her cell phone.

When I came back Ramon was fucking her in the ass and pulled her hair so I pulled out my cock and
started facefuck her...oh,that whore is a great cocksucker,I almost came right away
I told Ramon to stop.
Adonia was on her knees in front of me.
I said:
-Put your hands behind yor back
-Tomorrow I'm gonna take you to a house in the countryside,you gonna stay there for two weeks.
-I'm gonna send out men,freaks,merciless thugs.
-They gonna have brutally dominated, fisted,gangfucked,beaten
It seemed that she was even more horny when she heard that.

We continued to fuck her hard.
She was on her back on a pool table we had in the fuckroomand Ramon sat on her face and slappet her tits,I was fuckin her hard.
I was so excited to have Miem like this and I felt hade to come already.
I jerked off in a wineglass,gave it to Ramon and he did the same
-Down the hatch,Adonia
She swallowed it all and licked the glass clean

I said
-Hope you enjoyed it,but it was only a soft foreplay
-It was okay,she said
-But I really need to get out to that house.
-By the way,where do you find all this guys,Mr Hanson?
I said
-I use to be a cop,so I know a lot of freaks,thugs and lowlifes
I told her to put on her shoes and wait outside.
She gonna have to walk naked a couple of blocks in the middle of the night but I think she likes it
I said to Ramon
-Miem stays at my place during the night and tomorrow we drive out to the house.
-The first day out there It's just me and Adonia
Ramon said
-Well,I think I know what you gonna do
I said
-Yeah,I'm gonna beat the shit out of her! be continued

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