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Friend whoring me out bareback.

This story is the same as my other story, completely 100% true.

One night when I had the house to myself I decided to text a regular fuck buddy called Brian and asked him if he wanted to come over and have some fun. After a few minutes he texted back saying he was up for some fun and had a kinky idea, I asked him what his idea was but he wouldn't tell me. All he would say was "I'm coming to yours, wait outside. You'll thank me for this later".

As I waited outside my flat many fantasies were running through my mind, what did he have planned for me, what were we going to get up to. I was already getting hard just thinking about what might happen.

Brian then showed up and signaled for me to get in his car, which wasn't anything new as we have had fun in his car before. He then told me that we we're driving out to the countryside to a new place. I love fucking outside so I had no problem with this.

After driving for about half an hour, with me asking many questions and getting no answers, we were finally there. We were at a parking area at the entrance to some woods, Brian then asked me to suck him off. I was a bit nervous to begin with as it was quite an open and unknown area.

It didn't take any convincing though, I bent over and took his dick out and started sucking. I was sucking him off for about ten to fifteen minutes before I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. "Not yet, I'll be right back" he said then got out of the car. I must have been really enjoying myself, like I always do, because I didn't hear a car pulling up a couple spaces away from us.

Brian walked towards the car and started talking to the driver, I was confused as to why he was doing that. He then walked back to our car and got in. "What was that about" I asked him. "Just having a conversation with the guy" I was a bit confused. "He wants to have a chat, can you get in his car and speak to him and do whatever he says".

I was even more confused now but I thought okay, why not. I got out of the car and walked over to his car. I got in and said hi. "Hi" he replied "I heard you're good at sucking dick" as he said this he was taking his dick out, all I could think of was, was this what Brian had planned. It must have been. "Lets see just how good you are".

Since this was Brians plan I obliged and bent over and took this strangers dick in my mouth. I was only sucking for about five minutes before he put his hands on the back of my head and pushed my head down making me gag a bit, he then cummed in my mouth forcing me to swallow his cum, which didn't bother me as much as I thought it would because he tasted nice. "Your friend is right, you are great at that, now I think your friend is waiting for you". Without a thanking me I got out of his car and headed back to Brians car.

Brian got out of his car and said "have fun did we?" "yeah actually I really did" I replied. Brian then told me to get naked. I took off all my clothes except my shoes and joined Brian who had moved to a fence next to the front of his car. Brian took out his dick again and told me to suck him off so I dropped to my knees and started sucking again. It wasn't long before Brian told me to bend over the wooden fence because he was dying to fuck me. I instantly bent over the fence because I was also dying to get fucked. Brian took some lube out form his pocket, put some on his dick and a bit on my ass. He then undid his belt and let his jeans drop to his ankles. He positioned himself behind me and slowly pushed his bare dick inside me.

I was having a great time, getting fucked in a new place with the risk of getting caught by anyone. My dick was extremely hard and kept banging against the fence every time Brian thrust his dick into me. Brian told me to close my eyes and keep them closed until he tells me to open them. I said okay and went ahead and closed my eyes. "Now put your hands behind your back" as I done this Brian grabbed both my arms and held them in place whilst he continued to fuck me.

The next thing I felt, other than the pounding my ass was getting, were a pair of hands on the back of my head and a strangers dick pressed against my lips. I opened my mouth and let the dick slide into my mouth, I went to suck him off but this man had other plans, he wanted to fuck my mouth and not get sucked off. So there I was bent over a fence getting fucked bare and a stranger, completing the spit roast, fucking my mouth quite hard. It was great.

After about ten minutes the stranger was clearly about to cum, he pulled out and cum all over my face and then put his dick back in my mouth and pushed as deep as he could, pulling down on my head at the same time, making his dick be as deep down my throat as it could be whilst he finished cumming. luckily he let go of my head and pulled out after a few more seconds as I couldn't really breathe. The whole time Brian was still pounding away on my ass. Brian let go of my arms and said I could open my eyes. The stranger that had just fucked my mouth was nowhere to be seen.

Brians thrusts were getting slower but deeper, he was trying to pace himself and not cum too quick. As he was fucking another car pulled into the car park area and parked next to us. Brian never stopped fucking and I had given up caring if I wasn't going to get caught or not. A man got out and came over to us "That looks like fun, can I have a shot". "Sure. Do you want his ass or mouth?" Brian asked him. "Ass". Brian pulled out "It's all yours" Brian told him. I clearly had no say in this, I did not care.

This other man dropped his trousers and got behind me and thrust his already hard dick deep inside me bare and started fucking as hard as he could. Out the corner of my eye I could see Brian slowly wanking whilst he watched me getting fucked. Two more cars pulled into the car park, one man got out of the first car and walked over and positioned himself in front of me. I started sucking him off as four more men exited the second car and walked over to Brian and joined him wanking whilst watching me.

At the start of the night I could never have imagined this would be happening, I had been gangbanged before but never by this many men and it wasn't bareback. As I was sucking away the guy pulled out quick, I asked him why, it turns out he was really close to cumming and really wanting to fuck me as well. Luckily for him he didn't have to wait long. The man fucking me shot his load deep in my ass then got in his car and drove away. Almost immediately the guy who I was sucking was now fucking me. He came inside me within a minute of fucking, he must have been holding off cumming for ages because I could feel his legs shaking as he was cumming. He pulled out, went over to his car and left.

So there I was bent over the fence naked, two loads in my ass, swallowed another and the fourth one was all over my face and I wasn't even half way done. Brian told the four guys to do what they want with me. They all walked over and had a small argument/discussion as to who was going to fuck me first. I loved that I was the center of attention. They finally came to a decision and it was at that point I took the biggest dick of the night, luckily I was lubed up from cum and loose from the fucking. He grabbed my arms with both his hands and held them tight whilst he thrust his dick deep inside me. The remaining three took turns fucking my mouth, at one point I had a dick in my ass one in my mouth and one in each hand. I was earning that cum.

They all took turns fucking my ass and getting sucked off. I lost count how many times they went from ass to mouth to ass to mouth. One by one they came inside my ass and then went back to their car without even saying thanks. I was left with one guy and Brian. Brian had moved around to the front and was getting sucked off. The last guy finally came inside me, went back to his car then they all left.

It was just myself and Brian now, he moved back to my ass and started slowly fucking me. "I don't know how much longer I'll be able to last after all that" he said. I was beyond caring, if he lasted one minute or one hour it didn't matter. I had already got more than I thought I was going to get. Brian then thrust deep and held it there whilst he came inside me. He held his dick inside me for another minute before slowly pulling out.

I got dressed and we both got back into Brians car. During the ride home Brian said "so, are you ready to thank me yet". I replied "Thank you so much, that was incredible". I asked him how he knew so many people who would be up for it, Brian said he didn't know any of the men, before coming to pick me up he just posted an add on a gay dogging site saying "Young bareback bottom wanting gangbanged." and said where we were going. So it turned out I had seven strangers fuck me bareback and cum in my ass and suck off a further two strangers. This turned me on more than it should have.

When we got back to my flat I thanked Brian once more and told him if he wants to do that again just say when because I'll be more than happy to do so.

We have done it several times since then...

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