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The New Sexual Awakening Part 4

Trevor found himself lying half naked in a bush, his shirt was off and his pants were around his ankles.

"How did I get here!" he asked himself.

He looked around at his surroundings and as he picked up his clothes which were strewn across the yard his memory came flooding back.

Several hours earlier...

Trevor had made a huge mess of things. His Spring Break visit was supposed to be a time to reconnect with his f****y but instead he brought a boozed up Bar Fly home for a romp in his Superman sheets.

After a weekend of apologising he had finally set things right with his mother and a promise made in haste to not bed anyone under his parents roof had appeased Father.

But just three days later Trevor, like any addict was hurting for a fix. But unlike the neighborhood Coke Fiend Trevor's Jones was unbridaled Sexual Congress.

With his parents at work and his b*****r off with Lana Trevor decided to break his self imposed incarceration and hit the town.

Little changed in Fairhaven in the two years he was away. Aside from the minor storefront or Housing project it looked fairly similar...and boring.

In his youth there were many things that a nerd on the town could do to entertain himself. But a guy looking for some strange casual sex was on his own.

Trevor found himself drawn to a two story Red Brick house, the Red Door had seen his fist many times in the past. This was the home of Wallace Markham his friend since Grade 7.

He hadn't seen Wally since Graduation Day and wanted to reconnect.

"Knock, knock!" Trevor said as he rapped on the door.

"Trevor Smalls as I live and breathe!" a familiar albeit older face said.

"Hi Mrs. Markham, is Wally here?" he asked.

"Wallace is out of town working at the moment, he got a job working for News Channel 8." she said proudly.

"Oh well when you see him can you tell him to give me a call."

"Now hold on Trevor, Wally might be gone but I know Sara would like to see you."

Sara Markham was Wallace's younger s****r. She always hovered around them in the younger days and was always a pain.

"She here?" Trevor asked.

"No she's at school but she should be home soon."

"I guess I could wait." Trevor said with a grin.

Inside Trevor felt as if he had been pulled back in time, same carpet, same furniture even the smell of Chocolate Chip Cookies.
"How's Mr. Markham?" Trevor asked.

"He's good, had a heart scare about a year ago and had a pacemaker installed."

"Oh god I had no idea!" Trevor said.

It was then that Trevor noticed something, Mrs. Markham was tense. Her husband's condition was showing on her face, she hadn't had a good fuck for quite some time.

"No, she's my best friend's mother...I've known her since I was a k**!" he said shaking his head.

"So tell me about you Trevor, you certainly look different from that boy who left this town two years ago."

"I've been through some stuff as of late and figured it was time for a change."

As Trevor took a sip of his tea the door opened.

"Mom I'm home, who's car is that?"

Trevor watched as Sara entered, the little girl he remembered was now a beautiful adult woman.

"Sweetie look whose here."

"Trevor is that you...hey!" Sara said sprinting over.

"Oh Wally's not here...damn!" she said

"Your Mom told me, I stayed to say hello to you." he said.

Trevor felt the warmth of Sara's hug wash over him. As her body pressed against his he could feel her tight and toned figure under her clothes and his libido began to scream at him.

"Shut up!" Trevor said to himself.
"You've always had a thing for Wallace's Mom....admit it she still looks good. She's begging for it and doesn't even know it!"

"Yeah but what about Sara, I can't fuck her Mother while she's here."

"Then do her too, a three-way with Mother and's perfect!"

"I don't even know if it'll work. The Augmented formula removes inhabition but i****t is a big deal."

Trevor found himself alone in the bathroom and was cursing himself as he slipped the Contact lenses into his travel case.

Trevor grinned with delight as Sara and her mother shared his Cock. The ladies giggled with glee as their tongues slid up and down his girthy member. With his hands on guiding them he pushed their faces together and they began to kiss.

As the trio made out in the bed Trevor guided Sara to his crotch, she moaned as he slid his dong up into her. While he fucked the daughter the Mother was watching and rubbing herself.

"Come here!" Trevor said

Anna made her way over and Trevor buried his head between her thighs. As he probed her sweet snatch with his tongue Mother and daughter continued to kiss. They used their tongues and probed each others mouths.
Trevor couldn't believe this was actually happening, the Biological emparative was like putty in his hands, more like a guideline than a rule.

As two generations of Markham women writhed in pleasure over him Trevor felt a great swelling in his balls.

Sara and Anne dismounted and together jerked him off until he came, the salty white lava erupted from his Cindercone cocky all over the slutty twosome.

Trevor was still out of it that he didn't hear the car door slam.

"It's Daddy!" Sara said emerging from her spell.

"Quick out the window!" Anne said.

The Last thing Trevor wanted to do was deal with an Angry Husband so he did as he was told and slipped outside.

He watched as Sara slipped out the bedroom door and made a break for her own room. As he stepped out he saw Anne wrap a robe around her body.

Trevor looked up at the Balcony as he slipped into the bushes, He had found all his stuff except for his Cell which landed at his feet.

Looking up he saw Sara still naked and covered with his cum, written in the phones message pad was a number followed by the words "Call me Some Time."
Trevor slipped to his car which was parked on the street and drove away.

"Wow that was crazy!" he tought to himself.

In his haze he didn't notice the Stop Sign and blasted past it.

He didn't even see the cop car until it was to late.

He pulled to the side and as the sun set could see the outline of a cop approach from behind.

"Do you know why I pulled you over sir?" The Officer asked.

"Yeah I didn't notice the sign, Sorry I was in my own head."

"Please look at me sir." The officer said.

Trevor kicked himself for taking the Contacts off and cautiously looked up at the Officer...the rather attractive female Officer.

"Hey there." Trevor said with a wink.

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