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First of all I send a big hello to all the readers who now enjoy a good read to excite their moments, whether fantasy or real. This is the first time I tell my experiences through the Internet, fashion tool that has no barriers for any language.

At the moment I can only say that my name is Angel, I am Venezuelan, born thirty-five years, I am a professional in the security world, I'm tall, about 1.75 meters, dark, I do not care where they make love, be a hotel or outside it, although I must confess that it is much more fun, enjoyable, exciting and moving out of it, and most of my experiences that gradually share with you have occurred outside of the dull and stormy four parades a hotel and in those places where the imagination has no place, bridges, parking lots, behind a company, behind a church, places (like the history that I present below is in real life), etc., but beautiful woman unwittingly fulfilled my fantasy about how I love making love. And I'll share it with you.

I'm also videographer or cameraman, ie, people hire me to record their events; fifteen years, marriages, baptisms, and any party that is hired. And I'm going to share with you happened one morning after filming a marriage.

The sweet doll that my fantasy fulfilled Zully the call. She is a stunning catira, with a smile that would make any man stand only to see its beauty when you smile, has a delightfully curvaceous and voluptuous body, glistening green eyes that make her beauty, used to wear short skirts , Super towering heels, and this makes mortal dreams Culqui do things with it that we can not say. It has also more beautiful melons on the face of the earth, seem to break blouse gets how much, and it shows how hot is because you stop the piquitos of titties. I was in love with her and I always liked it, just that I have not found how to tell him. However, had married about two years ago with a lieutenant of aviation and living in the capital Caracas (or at least I thought so).

In the city where I currently live is a huge square that late at night is the suitable place for couples to work off their hidden desires and lust takes over the environment. To reach it you have to go through the main street of the city, where you first see a short square in front of City Hall. Three blocks later going through a boulevard, is the place that will forever keep my secret and my fantasy come true.

The most beautiful of my experiences happened in August of 2003. It was two in the morning, pretty cold by the threat of rain, ending a marriage that I recorded, and a bride's f****y by the tail I got to the corner of the main street of the city. And although it was a little cold and carrying a jacket underneath a black shirt and a blue jean long sleeve.

Way down, passing through the square cut to easily grab a taxi, at the moment I am about to grab a taxi, to medium dark in the distance get to see a woman sitting on the balconies of the plaza adjacent to City Hall . I could not see who was right, and without embago I went to view it better, I run the risk of, or were ambushed. Since I was a little taken of drinks (about ten glasses of whiskey black label), took a deep breath, let the taxi and I approached him. When asked when dissimulation and tells me it's 2:30 in the morning, I felt a chill all over my body when I recognized that voice. A voice I thought I would never hear again because until then believed that he lived in the capital with the lieutenant.

Without thinking twice, I took a chance and asked:

- Already Zully?

She slowly raised her face and I stared fixedly at him.

- Yes And who are you?

In the darkness he could not distinguish myself well. So I had to tell even with a lump in the throat, tied knot in surprise.

- I'm Angel.

- What Angel? I ask.

- The marriages that records, quin you attended at that video store movies and recommending that you always had a surprise prepared when going to rent a movie.

That's where fullness remembered who I am. She jumped up where etaba sitting and gave me a big hug, the kind of hugs that are immortal and never forget.

- Oh yeah. Long time no see. What have you done?, Telling it as he hugged me with uncontrollable frenzy.

- You know, defending a while here and another there, doing what I can.

When I can see it for the first time since her marriage, carrying exactly the same dress I saw him before marriage; Rosadita blouse that seemed not to break the hold and volume of their delicious tits, a jean skirt, only a slight breeze was enough to leventarla so you can see what's underneath it, and Super towering heels, which made me stagger and immediately leventar my "spirit". Also carried a backpack full of clothes and personal items.

Just reach to ask:

- And that's what brings you back here?

- I left my husband.

I must confess that I felt a chill, and I felt a tone of sadness.

- But Why? I mean, if I may ask. Not required to tell me, if you do not want to do.

- Had an affair with another woman better than me, and not only that, he has a son with her.

It was the sadness that had accumulated, and was so much more that could not and started to mourn. I'm trying another way to comfort her.

- Orita would take up not knowing me, he said.

At the party I recorded earlier gave me a bottle of whiskey he had saved in my bag, where I keep the camera and accessories. I proceeded to uncover. I said:

- I have this bottle of whiskey gave me a customer for filming the marriage of his daughter, the only bad thing is that no vessels.

- Never mind, we'll buy them in the tavern downstairs, is the only tavern that is open day and night, he said.

- Ok. On our way, I replied.

He grabbed his backpack, got up from the bench and walked three blocks to the tavern where they sell the vessels. I had not talked so much and on the way told me about his journey terrible, so he had to do to leave when they destroyed his heart and nearly killed his soul, in fact, she came without his knowledge.

We arrived at the tavern and bought vessels, besides asking for cigarettes and enough ice for the occasion, this was almost a surprise blind date with a beautiful woman and I must confess that there were many times when I did not know how to react.

We went to the main square of the city, I estimated about three in the morning, although the time flies away when you're with a beautiful woman. And even when the night is very dark and can not see the stars and no threat of rain. And with the cold weather, I carried a thick jacket waterproof and reversible, but since it was cold and yes, I gave it.

When we arrived, the place was not as bright as in the past, was half illuminated. We are located on benches that are half visible in front of the statue, and proceeded to serve whiskey there for her and me. However, despite the many efforts made to avoid the conversation, we fall into it accidentally when we saw happen to a loving couple in the distance, and she was devastated. I tried to calm her.

- Zully calm down. Do not be sad because I'll make me feel bad to me.

- Sorry. I can not help it.

While I get you a glass of whiskey and watch as she served it, she told me:

- Excuse me. I can ask you a personal question?

- Sure, I replied.

- Still you like me?

I confess that this was a question I did not expect, it's like in baseball, you strike out without throwing, because they leave you stunned. I just keep ice padazo mouth and made me swallow deep, including ice I had in my mouth.

- Yes, I still like you. Why the question?

- For anything, he said.

However, I did not believe much. Something told me that she guessed my thoughts on the fact that I liked her lifetime. I felt a little smile when I felt swallow.

- I felt deep swallow. Why?

- Because I did a very surprising question. And as surprising was that made me swallow the ice I had in my mouth.

Laughed, had achieved at least remove the accumulated sadness face. However, dissimulation and asked:

- My Love, Am I a clown?

- No, not that. It caused me a good laugh the way I answered.

- And how you responded?

- I do not know, as well as soft and innocent.

- I will answer so often.

Another smile I could get. While I get you a glass of whiskey saw that his body shook and bristling with cold. I pour the last glass bottle because it was over and I sit next to her and hug her, to warm my body. Although I had my jacket just like he was cold, and did not understand why.

- Here's your glass.

- Thank you daddy.

With that answer now was me who felt shaking and shivering, and she realized it and now it was she who gave me a hug for those who never forget that you will heat better.

I try to get over this unexpected answer and say, trying to keep your balance:

- To your health.

- Same.

- Are you feeling better, my life?

- Yes, thank you. I do not know what I would have done if I had not found.

- Me neither.

- Do not know why you're so special. Whenever you surprised me with movies and now you surprise me with this appointment and I am happy about it.

- This is not exactly a quote, but you know how I am. Whenever possible, I will always be at your service.

- Thanks my heart.

And it gives me another hug, only this time the hug was much longer than before. As a reward to be partly overcome this crisis, I proceed to give him a kiss on the cheek, but something happened that I can not explain even today, she rolled a little face and kiss was to lead in half his lips. At the slightest contact with the lips, I become crazy and slowly pushed me away, but as far as my face away from her, she got closer his. That and I had no doubt that this beautiful woman was in need of love and affection, and slowly approached my face to hers and gradually I was giving him a soft kiss on her lips, and she returned fire kiss that made get up my "spirit".

And my mouth was thirsty for her, after that kiss the clamorous request desenadenó Zully to feel loved and wanted.

The only bad thing (or at least believed), is beginning to drop a few drops of rain. As there was no one in the place or around, we moved to the statues, there I left my bag in sight on the steps of the statues which are placed wreaths, and she his wallet, all covered by a thick bag she had stored in his backpack, and thus prevented my camera and personal items got wet. They gave me another kiss as he felt the raindrops falling on my head was going to say we went to a roof, but she silenced me with another kiss long and deep, and the urgent need to feel loved and wanted, I could see in his eyes that somehow she was going to make my fantasy come true. Making love in the rain!

There began the orgy of kissing, hugging, touching and desires as if we had never been witnessed as the square along with the rain of what was happening. We were releasing all conventional strict rules imposed by society, not matter the place or the conditions, we were just her, the square, the rain that was already in gradual increase and I, in fact we were two needy, one of love and affection, and the other with a passion.

With my mouth I began to explore her own, to make the delicious strawberry flavor that had their lips, while my hands roamed her back slowly and quietly and carefully release spectacular tits that oppressed her blouse, then fell to much subtlety to reach their appetizing buttocks began tighten so that the situation exceed the limit of passion, after my mouth recorriera lips, I started kissing her neck and estregó tightly against my body, which was an indication that she was quite abandoned. I wanted to fill with love and neck to move to another stage.

His hands clenched and roamed all over my body, face, chest, hair, etc., all she could caress and squeeze, including my cock was already hard as iron.

While staying at my face the voluminous tits, my hands were slowly staying below her miniskirt, and when they begin to probe beneath the skirt to caress her buttocks and her heart, I am with two surprises! Not carrying anything under her miniskirt and her heart was freshly shaved.

Having already filled with love, passion, lust and desire all abandoned areas, proceeded to remove a high-heeled shoe and began to kiss her legs very tenderly, and slowly I climbed down to shaving his heart, which was already quite wet and proceeded smoothly to give the best blowjob of spoon you will never forget. As she removed her miniskirt, began stroking and squeezing my head and my hair while feeling raindrops on the rise and I working in wet cave while playing my hand and squeezed the breasts of a woman columinosas needed. Occasionally pulled my head to breathe but she put it back in his cave, and I did until I felt the first time she had in mo Demmi deep throat. It was so delicious I ended up swallowing all the juice coming out of there.

The rain was at its best, as if to prevent anyone saw the most beautiful sight of love was going to mean that it is the only one that has all exclusive rights to witness the act.

The matter did not end there. The same procedure that applies to her, she applied it to me now. I took off his shirt, shoes, pants, etc.. With his excited voice asked:

- What about inside?

- What inside Mommy? I do not wear underwear.

I think that turned a lot more, because it was so red it looked like a furnace that burned everything that was crossed. His hot tongue entered my mouth, my neck, my lips, my chest, in a word all my being, reaching my cock that was eager to get into her hot mouth. Having rested blowjob that I gave, we lay on the floor and she got on top of me. Again I went to stick my tongue in her spoon while she fixed his mouth on my wand and there debauchery and desire took hold of the two, while rain, the square and the twilight were witnesses to that volcano of love, fiery passion that was happening.

So we were on an unforgettable 69 in which she got very frenzy my wand to the back of her throat, and she came again in my mouth, which was for me a sweet food, nectar from the sap Zully, Nectar will never forget.

In the same way we were, while rain hit us hard, she got on top of me, her back to me. I rode as wanted, both fondly and with fury and so we lasted a while until we change our position. I was on the floor, but now she had turned around to see me without removing my baton against his wet cave. At the time I felt I rode came twice and was almost more then I could not move, so now it was my turn to do the job.

I stopped and put it in front of me. With just putting on my cock at the entrance of her wand left alone by a damp cave. We hugged and kissed with such f***e that it had gone from mild to wild, while I bit harder, gave stronger. Those assaults were to make her scream. Today I do not know how she did not cry, because that was a brutal onslaught. He tried to find his mouth with mine to avoid all the screaming, but his mouth was biting my neck so hard that I thought I was going to start. Then came fro twice.

I decided to rest a few seconds and decided to turn it over to put it in four. Already my cock went "like a dog by his house" as we say here and neither looked tired, because the rain gave us the energy to continue, then it was my turn waits above it, and so we were a long time, while she was squeezing her legs f***efully. There he came again. He pulled out, grabbed my cock, placed it on her boobs and started to make Chilean straw, as they say here, which involves placing the penis in a woman tetras. I lasted a while as he massaged and squeezed her boobs and my dick shoves in the middle of them, but it was time for me to finish, could take no more.

And I think I inadvertently gave any indication to her, because she was ready to get my material would be thrown as a missile. The time is coming, she is attentive, tightly squeeze her tits, I get an exclamation sigh, it's time to prepare than expected, and at that time my dick out the vitamins that require the body, many of them fall into the mouth of it, others are showered on her tits, while swallows part of my vitamins, vitamins are still going out of my cock, the risk is on her tits, she helps me, and I lie down beside the Once you squeeze me out to see if more vitamin. Since there was not a drop, almost all had io to stop his mouth when I finished, and part to her tits.

We rested for a while and we took a tree quite wet from the rain that had begun to decrease their intensity, we moved the tree and Jutes bathe there, like the paradise of Adam and Eve, face to face together the two very close , very close, his chest against mine. I still could not believe it.

We dry it with a cloth she had in her backpack, we set back the clothes we had on when we met and headed around the corner to grab a taxi, it was nearly six in the morning, while rain and fine , was trying to delay the dawn and hide the most beautiful event of love occurred in that place will always remember. Then we took a taxi bound for my home, where I offered coffee and my warm bed so she could rest and sl**p well, and as he watched the most beautiful female sl**ping and resting, I was the keeper of his dream, the Guadián of rest, and the precursor to his new role in life.

I never got anything serious with it, however, I am pleased to have given him a reason to face life. From time to time I called, and we are in touch although we are far separated by cities and klómetros; always lived experience join us in the square, regardless where we are, we will always be at the heart of each. This is my first experience outside the four walls of an ordinary, boring hotel.

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