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I have been long away from my girlfriend

Those were the summer days and I have been long away from my girlfriend. I used to log in to yahoo and search for girls without much success. That's when a guy contacted me and asked if I would like to spend time with him. I did not say yes but started imagining how will it be if I am with a guy, how will it feel what would I do will I be able to come close to a naked man's body what if our cocks touch and slowly I started enjoying imagining this and was thinking what the problem is if I try this once. It was a weekend and I was looking for girls on yahoo in a chat room and a guy contacted me if I want to meet. He asked my stats, my experiences and if I am a top or bottom. I asked him the meaning of top/bottom and told him that I am a top. We fixed a meeting and I went out on the main road to receive him. He had told that he is on a bike.I told me the color of his shirt when I reached at the main road he was waiting at a little distance from what we had initially agreed upon, probably he was trying to make sure that I am genuinly looking for him or that its not someone who is playing prank on him by my searching looks he found out that I am the one with whom he has scheduled this meeting. He offered me a ride as my place was at little distance from there.We both reached my home and I was feeling little shy as it was the first time I was meeting a guy for making out. He entered and looked the place with a probing eye, he was trying to make sure that he is alone there with me. There was a table and chair in the living room which i offered him. He sat on the chair and I sat on the table just beside him. I was sitting quietly, he looked in to my eyes and smiled; I shyly smiled back. He asked me - so what do to. I said you tell what we should do. My heart beat was faster with excitement and curiousity about what is going to happen now and I could clearly hear my heart pounding. Sensing that I was not going to take any initiative he asked so are we going to sit like this and I responded no, you tell me what to do. He then put his left hand on my thigh and rubbed a little bit with a smile on his face, this made my heart beat faster. He then turned towards me and put his both hands on my thighs slowly reaching towards my crotch. I was getting aroused and waiting for his next move. He stood up and I was not sure what's next thing, he is going to do and that's when he gestured me also to stand up. I got up and he hugged me with one his hands on my back and other touching lower back. It was summer time and he was coming from direct sun but he did not smell bad, I think he was freshly showered as he was coming to meet me. I hugged him back with both my arms around him and his around me. We parted then as I waited for his next move. He asked me if we should go to the bed room, I nodded in yes and showed him the way to bedroom. We held our hands and together moved towards the bedroom as he touched my crotch. I did not react much, though I wanted to, and that was probably was becuase of my shyness. The bed was lying there waiting for both of us.
I reached to bed and stopped there as if asking him to say something or make his next move. He was good and understood that from here on he will be the initiator, so he started rubbing my dick from over the pants for some time and slowly started pushing me to back as if he wanted me to lie down there on the bed. I resisted his push initially and was stiff not bending much however as he massaged my cock more I was wanting more and his push made me sit on the bed first and then he carried on the push till
I was lying there on my back since I sat on the bed from the side, there was no room for him to come over, so he asked me to lye down in the length of the bed and started coming over me from down. He again started touching me slowly making me more need and then started unzipping my jeans, he again touched my cock from over my undies, my dick was completly hard by now and wanting to come out. He then held my pants from the belt and started pulling it down. I lifted my waist to help him and he pulled it down completly through my legs. I was now in my undies, he then hooked his fingers in my waistband, pulled the undies a little bit lower and there he shouted ooohh my! You are so big. I was like surprised, amazed and did not know waht to say for that as I never thought that I have such a big dick that someone will react like this anyway I was proud to hear that I am big. He got up from the bed and said that he had never seen such a big dick before. I also got up with my undies stuck between my thighs I was feeling more confident now after listening about my dick. I stood there in front of him, held his hand and placed on my cock again. I asked him would you please suck it. He agreed and sat down his knees to take my dick in his mouth. Wow what a feeling it was not that I had never got oral but this was the first time from a guy and it was certainly different. He massaged my balls for sometime and sucked my cock I was getting easy and comfortale now, perhaps my dick's praise helped me ease. I asked him also to take his pants down, he did and there he was naked from waist and his was a normal size dick thick at the head and little thinner going towards the root of it and his ass was round and firm and it seemed like he does exercise regularly as he was sucking my dick. I looked down and liked the way his cock was hanging suddenly a strange feeling to touch his cock came in my mind. I was staring at his cock while he was sucking mine and then he looked at me found me looking at his cock smiled and got back to his work again. I reached out to his cock and started touching it while he was suckin mine and me sitting on the bed. He adjusted his position and made some space for me to be able to reach his cock easily. I got strong urge to reciprocate, to touch his cock to my lips and to take his cock in my mouth but was shy to say it and don’t know what had happened to me, as before today it would have been felt too disgusting for me to even think like this, but today was certainly different making me shed all inhibitions making me think of doing something.I had not even thought in my wildest fantasies. I gathered all my courage and asked him if I also can suck him and he was happy enough to put his dick in my mouth. I first held his dick in my hand sat down on my knees and had a good feeling about it his dick was clean with thick red/pink shaft. I was still cherishing the look as he held my head from back and guided me on it. I did not take it in mouth right away but my lips were too close to it and I felt his cock on my lips.
The touch of his thick soft tip was so good that I kept my lips closed and rubbed it on my lips as my undies were still stuck in my legs, he asked me to remove them completely. I held his cock with my right hand and pulled my underwear with left hand down from right leg first and then from the left leg. Now I was naked from my waist and his cock hovering over my face, I felt my ass little stretched down and felt it’s much nicer to do it naked with a feel of cold fan air on my asshole.
The feeling of being naked with my cock hard pointing forward, ass in air and his cock on my face was making it more exciting. I was getting more confident and with my left hand touched his balls which were shrieked to its base quite opposite to mine which were hanging low because of hot weather. He let a moan out because of my soft touch on his balls, I could feel him shiever a little bit because of the sensation. He became more impatient and was forcing me to take it inside.
I rubbed it on my lips and then on my face my eyes were just down the shaft and it was looking like some big pink thing over my eyes. I was thinking if I am ever going to get enough of this closed my eyes and touched his dickhead one by one on of both of my eyes and brought it to my closed lips again opened them a little bit as if wanting him to give little soft push. He understood this again held my head and f***ed me on it. I opened my mouth and took the tip slowly inside and started feeling it with my toungue.
He then held my head and pumped his dick deep in to my mouth I was new, this was my first time and did not like this, so I asked him to be slow and let me work on this myself. My mouth was wide open to let his dick fit inside my mouth and took the shaft fully in and moved towards the base of his cock since it was not that thick towards the root and length of his dick was also not more it was easy to go backward and front easily once the shaft was fitted inside while his cock was inside my mouth.
I looked at him and he was staring at me and said you really like it and you were saying you don't want to do it. I did not say anything, actually could not say anything because my mouth was already filled in and I did not want to take his cock out, just nodded shyly with his cock still in my mouth. I then sucked him hesitantly for 2 mins and when he started pushing more. My mouth was hurting a little bit because I had to open it wide. I stopped and asked him to suck me again on which he said shall we fuck.
I wanted to suck him more but was not able to say I like to have his dick in my mouth so I said lets do it. We both removed our shirts, became fully naked. He lied on his back and asked me to lube his anus and my cock. He was clean down there and very less pubic hair and he had done his homework. I hesitantly reached out to his cock and then ass. I liked lubing his anus it was a good feeling to touch a guy's ass and lubing it. I then wore the condom he had brought with him and lubed my cock, put it on asshole and pushed it inside.
He felt little pain and asked me to adjust and push it slowly. I was excited but managed to do it slowly after some time of fucking he started feeling more pain (I was novice and pounding him hard, he could not take it anymore) he asked me if I wanted to get fucked. I was like I am not sure, I don’t know how will it feel and I have never done it bfore but somewhere inside I really wanted to be explored on that side and in reality he had asked what I wanted.
I really wanted to get my ass touched, tingled, explored and fucked, but was scared of pain, also there were no more condoms, he had brought only one for himself. I never had any plans to get myself fucked. I asked him if he has one more condom that he can use for me, He laughed at me as if making fun of me saying so you really want to get fucked, why were you not telling before? He told that he brought only one and that he is sure that I am clean as he understood that it’s my first time.
He assured me that he is clean too without any disease and I should not worry about it. So I asked him to lube his cock really well before pushing it inside. He was gentleman and lubed it well asked me to lay down on my back took my legs on his shoulders exposing my ass completely for him. It was real exciting for me to have my ass in the air for a guy with his dick touching my ass crack. I could feel the air touching on my anus lips a feeling that I had never experienced before.
My anus was stretched as he was holding my legs on his shoulders and when he started tickeling it with his fingers ohh my! It was nice. I did not know that it would feel so good never imagined before about it. I little did know that there was more coming to it when he took lube on his finger tips and put on my anus lips wow! The cold sensation around the rim of my untouched ass was fabuluous. I was thinking this guy should carry it on forever it feels so nice to get the rim massaged in the way.
He was doing it but it was not going to be there for longer as he was getting ready to fuck me and to ease I more and he inserted his index finger in to my ass. This was a change I was not expecting so fast. I was enjoying the slow and cold massage there. The moment he inserted his finger and my body reacted to it with a shiever and a moan. There was no pain but felt like little burning sensation when his finger touched the inner core of my anus.
He kept finger fucking me for a minute or so and then slid middle finger with index finger. I felt strecthed but again with out any pain as there was enough lube there. He was looking at my ass and then at my anus while he was doing this. I was not able to restrain myself and there were some moaning noises coming out of my mouth. I don’t know how my facial reaction would be that time but I feel those will certainly be like my girl friend does when I fuck her and this was enough preparation.
I wanted this to be continued but that guy had another plans as he started adjusting his dick on my ass and started rubbing it on my ass this was even better as shaft of the dick even though thicker than fingers and I was softer than fingers certainly nicer than fingers. I was getting ready to take it inside little nervous but ready. Tip of his dick was thick and I was really worried of consequences but the guy was master (he later told me that he is more of a top than a bottom)
He slowly penetrated my man pussy and I think lube had made it really easy. I did not feel much pain and the dick was inside. He then started moving back and front slowly. More than anything I was enjoying myself at the girly side. I usually have been on top and fucking girls like this fucking them and their body moving up and down with my strokes. Today it was me moving up and down with the strokes with my legs wrapped around his back.
Strangely I did not feel much pain in my ass but his strokes were hurting somewhere in my stomach and after 2 minutes of getting fucked I really wanted him to leave me but he was doing it perhaps it was my day and everything was happening according to my wish and so he was excited enough to cum soon and he told me that he was cumming. I said, take it out then but till then he had already ejaculated laid there on top of me for some time and when he pulled his cock out of my ass
There was little ghupp sound and i felt burning sensation again as if it was better inside than pulling it out. I could feel something coming out of my ass looked down it was his thick white semen flowing from my ass to bed though not much in quantity it was enough to wet the bed sheet with its drops. I think rest of it was still inside me and will come out when I stand up. He got up from the bed and smiled after seeing his cum dripping from my ass and said see.
How much of it came out as if he was proud to say that he has good quantity of thick cum. I liked to see his semen coming out of my ass enjoyed it and then cleaned. He suggested me to change the bed sheet and then asked for bathroom and moved towards it, that is when I saw him walking completely nude, first from the front and then from the back. The sight of a naked man with a firm ass and a limp cock which just came out of my ass walking in front of me, while I was laying naked there on the bed was fantastic.
I was afraid that his cock might get dirty in my ass but I could not see anything on his cock and that made me feel little relaxed. We did not talk much after that, I was waiting for him to leave. We never asked each other’s names. He wore his clothes, gave me a hug again before leaving while I was still nude. I saw him off naked closed the door and then went straight to bathroom masturbated feeling my ass with fingers it was little more open than usual sticky and smooth enough for my fingers to slide in without any problem.
I loved it and the moment I released my cum. I was surprised at my mood change. I was thinking not to do this ever again and there was no wish inside me to get fucked ever again. Later in the day I went to meet my friends and the most exotic scene of his cock over my face was coming to my mind again and again. I could not talk to my friends as I usually do, I was little lost in my thoughts, little embarrassed over what I had done. It was a mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness and I was feeling that
I should not have done this and I probably enjoy time with girls more. I deleted his yahoo contact. However this embarrassing feeling with a guy was not there for long time and after some days I again felt like I want to meet him, but there were no contact and no trace of him. I was once again alone and wishing that this guy will contact me somehow but that was not to be as he never contacted again probably he also did not have my yahoo contact sometimes I used to feel bad about all this and then next moment wishing to do it again.
Later on I found out that I like my time with girls, but I like my time with boys too specially becuase it gives me opportunity to explore from a different perspective, from a girl's perspective given a choice between a girl and a boy I would definitely grab the girl, but once in a while I would like to spend time with a guy too. I decided to bottom again for the right guy, I had got a girl friend, was enjoying my time with her, still looking for that exclusive experience with a guy which I did many times later, some of them were good, some not so good. I think I would like to write about them as well sometime to share it with others.

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