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OHGIRL: Porn Star 3

Each of my first six scenes ended with a facial cumshot and I was currently on my knees as Felix, the porn director and my current lover, set up the final scene of my first in a series of 5 sex films. I was surrounded by 8 different male actors who were taking part in the final gangbang scene. It had taken three days to film the first six scenes and the gangbang was taking quite a while to set up. There were a lot of issues to be taken into consideration and we had already shot the fucking scenes earlier in the morning. They had coordinated all of the actors so that each one would spend a certain amount of time fucking me and the different positions that I would be in during the long, intense period of sex that had to be shot. Surprisingly, an old sexy friend of mine had been hired to play the part of one of the eight men in the current scene. I had met Neil on my very first time e****ting in Las Vegas. He had worked at the Adult Film Expo in another booth and we had hooked up on a couple of occasions. He was a hetero male that did gay porn and he was gorgeous. When I learned that he would be in my film, I was ecstatic. During the filming of the penetration phase of the gangbang scene, I was extremely wet when Neil and I finally had our time together. He was listed as the 5th guy out of 8 and when he finally shoved his huge, sexy cock into my gaping hole, I nearly creamed. Felix noticed the spark during the filming and Neil ended up being one of four of the guys that would fuck me in the ass during the filming. I was hoping that I would get some free time after filming, to spend with Neil, but I didn’t want to anger Felix. I had thought of Neil quite often since we had met and spending some alone time with him would have been awesome.

After being fucked, on and off, for about 4 hours, by 8 different guys in various positions, combinations, etc, I was relieved to be filming the final blow job setup. The cameras were set up and all of the actors were ready as I worked the circle of men around me and sucked all of their long, hard cocks. Two camera men used hand held cameras for close ups and to move with the action as the other stationary cameras filmed me on my knees surround by all 8 men. On a couple of occasions I sat on a hard cock or someone fucked me from behind, but during most of the shoot I was giving blow jobs. After about 2 hours of on and off filming and keeping all of the guys hard, each one of them stepped in and they filmed their close up facial. The men held my head as each actor stroked his cock over my face. My mouth was open and hot cum splashed across my face and sprayed into my mouth during each cum shot. After taking 5 cum shots, Neil finally moved in for his turn. I reached up and grabbed his long, white cock and sucked it until he was about ready to explode. I wanted to taste him so badly and he didn’t disappoint, as the majority of his spunk poured into my mouth and I swallowed it while I looked seductively into the camera. The final two guys covered my face with sperm and afterwards I posed for the camera, my face covered and cum dripping from my chin onto my breasts. I used my finger to lick up and eat as much of the jizz as I could, while purring and cooing for the camera. It was a take and my next film would begin shooting in two days.

Felix was tied up with the producers that evening, so I secretly met up with Neil and we went out on a date. He was surprised as I lit up a cigarette on our drive to the restaurant, but forgot about my newfound addiction when we spent 20 minutes in the parking lot, before going into the restaurant, while I sucked his beautiful, smooth cock. He didn’t cum, but that was fine, since I wanted him to be ready to fuck my brains out that evening. We barely got back into my room at the mansion before we had torn each others clothes off and started fucking. For someone whom had spent 7 hours on the set of a porn film, getting fucked and sucking off 8 guys, I was still horny for Neil and loving the pounding he was giving me. He fucked me all night and we fell asl**p in each others arms in the early morning. I apologized to him, when he awoke coughing on the smoke from my cigarette, that I lay next to him smoking. He pulled it from my lips as I took a long inhalation and pushed me down to suck on something less harmful to my health. Smoke poured from my mouth and covered his cock as I took his shaft between my lips. He put my cigarette out in the full ashtray near the bed and I continued to blow him until he filled my mouth with his white seed. We had the whole day to hang out and when Felix called me later in the evening, I asked him if he had hired all the guys for my next film. I would be doing a similar type of story, but in this film I would be doing all anal and end in an anal gangbang. He said yes and I was disappointed that Neil wasn’t one of them. I mentioned his name though and he made sure to see about hiring him for my next series of films afterwards. I couldn’t have Neil in my ass the next day, but I made sure that I got to feel his cock and cum in my ass that night.

Somehow I got up early the next morning and made it to the set on time, smoking my morning cigarette and rushing in to get into my makeup and outfit. Just like the first film, we would spend the next two days filming 3 scenes each day. Morning, noon and evening were spent setting up each scene and filming me as I fucked a different guy and each time he finished with anal penetration. Sometimes the cum shot would be on my ass or sometimes on my face, but Felix had been a pioneer in porn at the time and he was one of the first directors to consider doing an internal cumshot. He had decided that it would be more graphic to show the internal cumshot and that it would open up a new avenue in the business for me if I were willing to do what other porn stars weren’t, at the time. I was comfortable with the decision and over the next two days we filmed six anal scenes that ended with internal cum shots. Each ending showed my fellow actors cum as it poured from my ass and down my legs or butt crack. On the final day of shooting I would be doing an anal gangbang that would end the same way. I spent the night with Felix, before the final scene, and found myself still awake and thinking of Neil, while I smoked a cigarette out on his balcony.

I was bent over a desk as Lenny, one of my fellow porn actors, had just finished pumping the fourth load of warm cum into my ass. The filming had gone on for over an hour and Michael, the next male actor in line stepped up and slid his long, white pole into my jizz filled asshole. All of the men who had been chosen for this film had huge white cocks. Felix had wanted to show a nice contrast between not only the color of our skin but in the size difference. I was a small girl, only 5’ 3” tall and all of my co-stars were well over six foot tall, white and each sported at least an 8 inch cock. Felix had found 6 on the first two days of shooting and another 8 different guys for the gangbang finale in quick time. I don’t know how he had access to so many men with the look and size he desired. Neil would have fit in perfectly, but all I could do was fantasize about our last encounter, as I felt Michael fill my gaping hole with another blast of spunk. Three more men fucked my ass and each of them came in me as the film wrapped up. I was filmed from behind as I f***ed the cum from my ass and it ran down my legs and dripped in large clumps onto the tile floor. I was spent for this last film and Felix decided to wait a week to shoot my third film, a facial specialty flick.

I lit up a cigarette as Felix and I rode in the limo back to his place for the evening. He was so horny from watching me get fucked that he came quickly in my mouth as I took turns sucking his cock and smoking my cigarette. He didn’t mind when I smoked, since he was a smoker too, but he loved it when I smoked and gave him a blow job. He told me that he’d be tied up with the producers for the next few days, so I called Neil and made plans with him. Felix also told me that Neil had accepted a part in my next two films, so I was really excited. John didn’t really like us girls having guys spend the night or us spending too much of our time with one guy at the house, so I took some time off and Neil and I drove from LA to Vegas for the next 3 days.

I was enjoying a strawberry daquiri by the hotel pool as Neil and I relaxed during our three days in Vegas alone. I lit up a cigarette and smoked while he got into the pool to cool off from the hot sun. We had already been in Vegas for two days and it was such a relief to get away from the daily life of living in LA. We had made love at least 5 times since we had been at our hotel and each time was an orgasmic delight. I found my bikini bottoms getting moist as I watched Neil’s muscular body walk back towards me, water dripping off his tanned chest and his wet trunks outlining that huge cock that I so loved. He grabbed my cigarette and put it out and then said that he would give me something else to suck on and I didn’t argue. Once we were back in the room I was deep throating his hard cock and sucking it with passion. He moaned out as I licked my way down his long shaft and took my time sucking and licking his smooth shaved balls. His back arched up when my tongue flicked below his scrotum and found his cute butt. His cock was rock hard as I held it up and ran my tongue up and down his sphincter. He pulled me up and flipped me over and before I could react, he was ramming his long, stiff cock into my pussy from behind. Over and over his penis plunged deeply into my soaked cunt and I couldn’t wait to feel him explode in me. His release finally flooded my hole and his sticky fluid leaked out as I caught it in my hand and brought it to my mouth to taste. I loved the feeling of his hot cum in me and I couldn’t get enough. He filled my pussy another 3 times before we left the next evening and I never felt so good. I teased him on our drive back to LA by sitting nude in the passenger seat the entire way back, often leaning over to suck on his long, white sexy cock. I started shooting my next movie in two days and I wanted to have as much fun with Neil as I could. I snuck him into the mansion when we got back home and I made sure to share him with Sabrina that night, as we each took turns riding my sexy boy toy. Of course, when Neil came, I made sure that it was deep in my cum hungry pussy.

My next film was much easier to shoot and seemed to go much quicker. It involved a lot of sex with the 7 men whom co-starred with me and each of their scenes ended with me getting a facial. The movie was to show my love of cum and how I progressively learned to love the cum shots that I received so much, that I no longer wanted them on my face, but in my mouth. The movie would then end with me doing a huge oral cum shot in which I would swallow the cum of a large group of men that had been in the film with me, plus a handful more. In all, there were 12 guys in the final bukkake-like production and it seemed to breeze by as each of them filled my mouth and I swallowed all of their sticky loads for the camera. Felix loved the final product and I added his hot load later that night as we had sex at his house. The next morning we laid in bed and discussed my next movie over a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Felix got so horny explaining the theme of Double Penetration to me and how he wanted to do 7 different shoots, with differing pairs of men. He wanted each of the men to cum in my ass and pussy during their shoots and then in the final scene to do multiple men as they fucked me in every hole. His cock was throbbing when I finally crawled on top of him and rode him until he came. The shoot was going to start the next week and I was actually looking forward to feeling each and everyone of my co-stars cumming in me. It had been a while since I had had so many different men cum in all of my holes at one time and my pussy was still wanting more after Felix and I finished having sex. That afternoon I met up with Neil and made sure that his dick soothed my urge for both hard cock and hot cum.

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