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A*****ed, Rented, and Humiliated

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There's a reason women are advised to have an e****t when walking home in the dark. Arya was even offered one. She refused. It was a mistake.

Arya is one of those college girls that thinks she knows everything, has everything, and can just prostitute herself through school. It worked in high school, when she would just offer guys a blow job or fuck them for homework or test answers. She even bribed an instructor once. Arya was used to flaunting herself. She never had a shortage of guys to choose from, and most times she would just fuck them to mess with their minds. But now, she was in college. A whole different game.

Instead of a nice, safe walk from classroom to classroom, she has to transfer from one building to another. She had ignored her class sign-up schedule for so long that she had very little choices of class times. Fridays, the one day that she wanted to have off, she has math at 8 am, biology at 1:30 pm, and finally a physical fitness class at 8 pm. She barely shows up to math, biology is mildly interesting because she suspects that the instructor would be easy to bribe for an A. Arya actually enjoys physical fitness. She is able to wear her sexy yoga pants and show off to most of the guys. And she found that, if she tries really hard and worked up a sweat, the guys will almost follow her into the changing room. She always tries really hard.

After her physical fitness class, she has to take a bus to her off-campus dormitory. It's only a three block walk, but after an hour of intense cardio work, it seems more like 30 blocks. Usually the bus runs in 15 minute intervals. The bus drops off right in front of the dorm building. She would have a car here, but parking space is never available.

Arya's roommate is another one of this type. Always viewed as hot, very spoiled, and well versed in the art of seducing. She even has a poster up on the wall that says, “If you can't beat them, fuck them until they submit.”

Three weeks into the semester, they're relationship is still new, and very awkward.
“Hey Jenni,” Arya yells from the shower, “did you touch my shampoo?”

“No? Why,” Jenni yells back from their room.

“It feels like some is missing.” Arya and Jenni share a suite with two other girls, but they are never there. They sl**p in their boyfriends' rooms. Jenni and Arya don't pay attention to the rest of the floor.

“So, are you going to go to that super awesome party tomorrow?” Jenni asks when Arya enters.

“I heard that hot guy from your biology class will be there.” Jenni and Arya are under 21, but this hasn't stopped them before.

“I can't, I have my fitness class.” Arya responds, saddened. She was hoping to get d***k, black out, and just sl**p the rest of the day away.

“Since when do you care about classes,” Jenni snaps back. It's true that Arya hasn't been stopped from parties because of classes before, but Arya actually likes the fitness class. She is able to flaunt herself without the mandatory questioning and disapproving looks from bible groups, and the creepy stares that the old men give.

“I was hoping to hook up with a guy from that class tonight. He says he'll walk me to his place after class.”

“Oh, trust me Arya, there will be plenty of easy guys at that party. Half of these guys seem like they haven't seen a girl in a couple years, and the other half think they can get me.”

“I know, but this guy is loaded. I'll probably ask him to get me a couple bottles of vodka after I'm done with him.”

“Suit yourself Arya. I'm getting free booze on my own.” Arya finishes drying off, slips on some of her pajamas, and drifts off into the night.
Their fitness class had to be moved to a separate building today, due to renovations. Instead of the normal three blocks, it's five. Arya tries less hard today, trying to save her energy for the amazing sex she'll be having later tonight. Despite this, she still works up a sweat and, as usual, is panting at the end. She takes her time in the shower, freshening up to make sure she can get the most out of her hookup. Arya then waits by the door to leave the building. She notices her hook up approaching her. He doesn't look as excited as she had hoped.

“Hey, so about tonight...” he begins.

“Yeah, what's up,” Arya inquisitively asks.

“It can't happen. My parent's are staying the night unexpectedly. Their power cut out, and since they only live an hour away, they took at their food and stuff and shoved it into my fridge. They wouldn't like it if I brought a girl home. They are a little bit,” a pause, “strict.”

“Oh, okay...” Arya trails off.

“Look, I'm very sorry. I'll walk you to the bus stop if you want.”

“No, that's okay. I usually walk alone.” Arya turns her head away, shyly, trying to pull one of her seducing tricks.

“Are you sure? It can be pretty bad around here this time of night. And especially on a Friday. “Look, I'll just walk you to the bus stop, okay?” She can tell he is being sincere, but the shock of being refused is a little bit mind crushing. Arya has only had a few instances of being turned down, and none within the past year.

“Yeah, I'm fine. I carry pepper spray in my bag. You should go home and see your parents.” Arya doesn't want to seduce him anymore. She is too hurt by rejection.

“If you're sure. I'm really sorry Arya.” He says. They hug, and he walks off towards his house. Arya starts to walk towards the bus stop.

Trying to drown her sorrows with music, she pops in some of her ear buds and turns the volume up to full. A tired, sexy girl. Walking alone in a bad neighborhood at night. Completely blocking out the world around her. Without warning, dizziness hits her like a brick wall. She stumbles a bit farther, wondering if this is from dehydration, over working, or just a random dizzy spell. A few more steps, then suddenly she is grabbed from behind. Her purse is ripped from her shoulder. She tries to scream, but a hand is placed over her mouth and her torso is grabbed from behind. All she hears is her music, still at full volume. As she looks around, panicking, a black felt bag is placed over her head. As the last of the light flashes into black, she is able to make out the bus stop. Less than half a block away.

Arya is dragged into what feels like a cargo van. She struggles and writhes, trying to get away. She is too tired to make a decent effort. Unable to see or hear anything besides her music, she feels an incredibly intense stinging pain in her thigh. A needle. A few seconds, and suddenly her muscles just relax. She collapses onto her side, unable to move. Arya tries to get up, but her muscles will not work. Her dizziness just becomes worse, the music is now turning into unintelligible sounds. She wants to pass out. But she stays awake. She fights the d**g. She feels her legs being bound together, and her wrists are elevated and chained to the ceiling. She is moved into a kneeling position inside the van, with her wrists above her and her legs behind her. Her arms are not pulled taught, and actually have a few inches of slack. Arya feels touching of her chest, but cannot understand what is happening. In her last moments of consciousness, she feels a tightening of a strap around her chest.
When Arya awakes, she is immediately attentive to the sound of a diesel engine reverberating in a hollow metal body. Her arms are still strung up, as she last remembers. Every bump is felt in her knees, resting on the bare wooden floor. As she moves her torso, she realizes that a safety harness is attached to her, which is attached to the ceiling. “Am I being k**napped,” she thinks to herself. She moves her torso some more, and finds that the safety harness is not against bare skin. She is still fully clothed.

“Hello,” she says, still in a daze. “Who's there?” Suddenly, the sound of the diesel engine quiets. A sudden lurch of her body tells her one thing: the vehicle stopped. Her hood is ripped off, and she is blinded by the light.

“Hello there. What took you so long,” he says with a mocking tone.

“Who are you,” Arya replies, still blinded, dazed.

“That'd be too easy.” Another sharp pain in her thigh, and her dizziness starts all over. She is out before the vehicle starts to move again.
Arya awakes, this time with no hood. The room is quite dark, and her eyes have very little problem adjusting to the light. Her wrists are tied together behind her back, her forearms perpendicular to her spine. The upper arms are parallel with her torso. She feels incredible amounts of rope against her bare skin. Her perky breasts are exposed for the world to see. She tries to move her ankles, but they are chained to the ground. Her knees are also stationary, but she is able to sit back on her heels. God, her knees ache against the metal floor. Arya tries to speak, but can't. She knows the words she wants to say, but her vocal chords are paralyzed. Her head is facing forward, very prominently. She tilts her head forward, and feels an upward pulling on her already strained wrists. Panic sets in. Here she is, tied in some sort of Japanese bondage, completely naked, lost, and...thirsty. Incredibly thirsty. Looking down, Arya notices a water bottle, placed just the right distance away. With all the energy she has, she attempts to lean forward, pivoting on her knees, to pick up the water bottle with her mouth. She has to lean her head forward a tiny bit to be able to grab it, and her wrists feels a corresponding pull upward. Arya grabs the bottle in her teeth, and manages to wiggle back so her torso is upright again. She tilts her head backward and sucks on the bottle, finally quenching her thirst. It isn't water, but some sort of energy drink. She finishes the bottle and drops it on the ground, finally relieved that something has gone right. Arya tries to speak again. Nothing.

Two hours later, the lights abruptly flash on. Arya is blinded by the light, but hears a door open, a single pair of footsteps enter, and the door close again.

“Hello Ladies,” a man begins. “There is a bottle of Gatorade in front of you, just within your reach if you lean forward. Feel free to drink it, I know that those d**gs make you thirsty. You wont be able to speak for a couple more hours, but right now you should do more listening than talking. I am your warden, and this is your training facility. As of now, you are enrolled in slave training. We will teach you how to become the perfect slave, from sucking cock to eating pussy, and even some anal if we so choose. But, all this,” he pauses, “the d**gs, the k**nappings, the staff required, all costs money.” He starts to pace back and forth in lengths of about ten feet. “You will be my whores. Customers will pay for a session with you, and you will oblige the customer. He may want rough sex. You will spread your legs and take it. He may want to fuck your ass from behind while pulling your hair and pinching your nipples. You will bend over and invite him. She may want her pussy fucked by a face mounted dildo, then be eaten out and cum fifty times. Then she may want to put on a strap-on and fuck your ass until you're crying. You will kneel down and say 'When do I start?'. My customers pay for a session with one of you girls. And you will do exactly as he or she requests. Service thirty five customers to satisfaction, and you will be let go.” The man pauses suddenly. Arya's eyes finally start to adjust to the blinding light. But she hears the door open and many more footsteps march in. A blindfold is secured around her eyes, and she is back into a world of darkness. Judging by the number of footsteps, she assumes there must be at least five other girls in here.

The man continues.“You did not hear me wrong. You will be let go when you service thirty five customers. Naturally we will d**g you until you don't remember a thing, but you will be dropped off somewhere close to where you were picked up. This means that it is your choice on how long you stay here. You can accept your fate, go through training quickly, be very desirable to customers, and get your thirty five over with within six months. We've seen it happen. Others will refuse training and have virtually no customers. Some women have been here for four years. The average time is two, but this is entirely up to you.” Door opens, and the man leaves.

About three hours pass. Not a single word has been spoken, but there are some mumbles and hums as the girls slowly start to regain control of their vocal chords. Arya finally speaks out. “Hello,” she says weakly.

“Hi,” an unfamiliar voice replies. It is also very weak. “What's your name.”

“Arya. Yours?”


This time, more unfamiliar voices are heard. “My name is Katie,” of of them says. “I'm Shannon,” says another. They are all very weak. Suddenly the door bursts open. A girl is being dragged in, crying. “I'm sorry, I'm so sorry,” she blubbers. Arya's blindfold is ripped off. The light blinds her, but less so this time. Her eyes adjust to see Jenni lying on the floor, crying. Arya can't figure out what she's wearing. A shiny metal bra with chains running from the center and over her shoulders, and a metal thong with a flare covering her vagina and a horizontal metal piece running across her stomach. What appears to be a horse tail is visible, but just barely.

“Take a look Arya. She sold you out. She had no choice, really. But all of that will be explained shortly.” Arya feels her knees and ankles being unchained, and the mess of ropes in the back being lifted. Arya is brought to her feet and stumbles over. The firm hand from the man prevents her from falling over. “Walk,” he commands. He starts to lead her out of the room.

“What will happen to Jenni,” Arya says weakly.

“She's coming with.”
Arya awakes with a bucket of water splashed in her face. Her hips and legs are shackled to a chair, but her arms are free. In front of her is a table with all sorts of knobs, switches, buttons, gauges, and lights populating it. She looks up a little more to see Jenni, suspended from the ceiling and slowly rotating. A thick rope spans the distance from the ceiling to her upper back. Her arms are in the same Japanese tie that Arya's was in last time. Jenni's legs and knees are attached to spreader bars, and her mouth is covered by a metal plate with wires and a clear tube running to it. Her nipples have clamps on them with electrical wires running to a small black box on her metal bra. Jenni's back is arched so that her breasts are thrust outward and her legs are pulled behind her, fully stretched out. Arya begins to look around, but a head grabs her head and f***es it to look at Jenni.

“You see,” the man begins, “This is your roommate, Jenni. Jenni has been with us for a few months now, and she was really a pain to deal with. Always refusing, always complaining. So, we decided it'd be nice to try something with her. We ordered a custom chastity belt and bra for her. The bra means that her breasts cannot be touched, even from the side. Her belt has a few nice features in it. First of all, her pussy is sealed off, prevent anything from entering it. It's much easier to control a girl when you starve her of sex, especially her kind. But her pussy has a nice dildo lodged in it, just because we can't let a pussy like her's be unstuffed. Her ass also has a nice, large plug in it. Both the dildo and the plug are held in by the chastity belt. The plug has a hole in it, so she can poop when we attach a nozzle to the belt and give her an enema. The belt also has a nice clip in the back, so we can attach several types of tails to her ass if we want. Sometimes, she's a horse. Other times, a pig. Whatever we want, really. The plug and dildo are electrified, so if she disobeys us, we can give her immediate punishment. Her chastity bra also has removable nipple covers, so we can still torture those poor nipples of hers.

“You see, we f***ed Jenni into catching you like this: Unless she provided us with your schedule, most vulnerable point, and all other crucial details, we wouldn't give her the enema she needs to shit. So, unless she helped us, she would be backed up and backed up until she gave in. She gave in almost immediately. Jenni was very cooperative. Now, naturally, you're going to be angry at her. Which is why you have this control table in front of you. Each of these controls is linked to a...feature of Jenni's circumstance of there. You can shock her ass. Shock her pussy. Shock her clit directly. If you wanted to, you could give Jenni pleasure by vibrating her clit until she's almost going to cum, and then cut it short. You could shock her nipples if you wanted. Or squeeze them tighter. Attached to her mouth is a cum guzzling trainer. You push a button, and her mouth gets filled with a fluid much like the consistency of semen, but tastes awful. And I'm sure what you both know what bad cum tastes like.” Arya nods her head, ashamed. “Good. Now, you may not have a grudge against her. That's fine, I understand. But we have the other girls watching her. She is being used as an example against transgressions. So here's the deal: For each minute of punishment you give her, you will need one less customer for freedom. If you wanted to, you could punish her for thirty five minutes and be released today. But would you really want to have your friend endure painful shocks to her ass, pussy, or clit? Have her mouth filled with the most vile cum you've ever tasted? It's all up to you.”

The man show Arya all around the control table. All the switches, buttons, knobs, each of them tied to a punishment for Jenni. All throughout this, Arya's anger builds. “Why would she do that to me,” she thinks. “I'm her roommate! She can't do this to me!”

“Does the machine automatically stop the vibrator when she's about to cum,” she asks the man.

“Yes. It will bring her up to almost an orgasm, then stop right before. It will give her a couple minutes to come back down, then it will bring her up again. It will continue until you switch it off.”

She points to a button. “And this one does what again? Gives her an enema?”

“More than that,” the man says, almost enthusiastically. “The system will start to inject one gallon of an enema solution into her ass. It can be warm, normal, or cold water. After she's done being filled, her ass gets plugged so she can't expel unless you let her. The system will automatically have her expel after thirty minutes, as to prevent damage to our wonder model.”

“What's the difference in water temperature,” Arya asks. She is out to get revenge, and revenge will be painful.

“Normal water is just that: normal. Cold water makes the insides cramp up. Warmer water makes it so much harder to hold in.”

“Is she f***ed to swallow that cum?”

“Wow, you're really out for revenge. Her head is tiled such that it prevents choking, and yes, she is basically f***ed to swallow. It releases a fairly large amount into her mouth, so she has to swallow or risk it going down her wind pipe. She can't spit it up because that plate around her mouth is water tight.”

Arya pushes a button. The tube leading to Jenni's mouth begins to fill with a green-brown liquid. It is clear that Jenni sees this, as she begins to shake violently, trying to get away. The man laughs.

“The tubing is placed such that Jenni has to see it going into her mouth. She's not blindfolded for this reason, and she will get shocked in her ass if she closes her eyes for too long. The color is mostly just to intimidate her. We gave it a gross color because she's a slut.” As the liquid comes closer to Jenni's mouth, she shakes more and more. Finally, as the liquid enters Jenni's mouth, she shakes her head back and forth violently, trying to get it to stop.

“Three average ejaculates are emptied into her mouth each time you push that button. Oh, look, now she has to swallow it.” Arya looks at Jenni's throat, and sees the bulge move. She swallowed. Jenni looks over and gives Arya a pleading look.

“Bitch, you put me in this hell hole,” Arya says to Jenni. “This is your fault. And now you will pay.” Jenni opens her eyes wide and shakes her head back and forth as Arya pushes the button again. And again, the green-brown liquid fills the tubes and enters Jenni's mouth. Tears form in her eyes and she's f***ed to swallow the repulsive liquid once more.

“That bad, huh? Suck it up you bitch. I have control of you.” Arya now pushes a different button, and Jenni's breasts jump. Her whole body tenses up, but wont budge from the rigid position it's in. A barely audible scream is heard. Jenni now gives Ayra a look of pure hatred.

“I like the way your tits jump when I shock your nipples.” Arya rotates a knob, and Jenni turns to be facing Arya full front. Arya pushes the button again. And again. And again. And each time, Jenni's breasts jump a little bit, Jenni struggles, and a quiet scream is heard.

“Having fun, Arya,” the man questions.

“More fun than a whore at a dinner party.” The man gives a hardy laugh. “But you know, I wish I could milk her nipples like a cow. Bottle it up and feed it to her. That stupid bitch deserves it.”

“That...would be very fun indeed,” the man says, thinking. “I'm going to leave you know. There's a red switch on the right side that signals that you're done. You can take as long as you want.” The man then steps out of the room and closes the door behind him.

Arya continues to torture Jenni. Shock to the nipples, then her vagina, sometimes her bottom. This continues for almost twenty minutes. Jenni is in tears from pain, and Arya doesn't seem to care.

“One last thing,” Arya starts. “I hope your enjoy being filled with water. Cold water.” Jenni's eyes widen as Arya said 'cold'. She shakes her head violently back and forth, screaming as loud as she can. Jenni knows what is coming. Arya flips a switch, and water floods the tube connected to Jenni's butt plug. As the water enters, Jenni starts to shake, wiggle, struggle, anything she can do to stop it. But it just keeps coming. Suddenly, painful cramps strike Jenni's lower abdomen. The cold water is having it's effect. In reality, the water isn't 'cold'; it's a couple degree's below body temperature. But this causes cramping. Jenni tries to crunch forward, bent metal bar against her back prevents her from doing this. All she can do is take it.

After what seems like hours, the water finally stops flowing. One gallon as been emptied into Jenni, and she is f***ed to hold it. There is less cramping over time, but it is still just as painful.

“Okay. Now I'm done.” Arya is about to flip the red switch on the side, but pushes the cum button instead. The tube to Jenni's mouth once again fills with a vile green-brown liquid. Jenni is so tired from her ordeal that she barely moves as the liquid enters her mouth. After Arya is sure that Jenni swallowed, she flips the red switch. Moments later, the man enters the room.

“You must have had fun. Jenni will have to keep that enema for 30 minutes. I hope you had your fun, because you wont get another opportunity like this.”

“How many less clients do I have to service because of this,” Arya asks smugly. Even though she is naked and her legs and thighs are bound to the chair, she still feels that she isn't in trouble.

“You'll find out later. For now, you'll be held in a holding cell until we can finish the training schedule for you.”

“What do you mean hol-” The man slips a ball gag into Arya's mouth and slides a black bag over Arya's head. Her arms are restrained behind her back, the leg locks released, and Arya is hauled out of the room. Jenni is left in the room, full of water. As the clock strikes thirty minutes, locks release. Water now freely flows out of Jenni's bottom, right into a collecting tank. Due to her daily enemas to even use the bathroom, the water coming out is clean except for the occasional brown speck.
The bag is pulled off of Arya's head inside a metal room. She is still naked, ball gagged, and is tied to a chair. She feels painful nipple clamps on her nipples, and see wires running from them to a gray box on the table. Then she notices she has to pee. Very, very badly.

“This is the first part of your training Arya. Once you enter circulation, you will be given a specific time to use the bathroom once a day. You must learn to be able to hold everything until that time, no matter what. So, this is where we begin. You have been given d**gs to make you want to pee. For every moment you pee, you will be shocked in your nipples. In addition, every drop you pee, you will drink. We will hold you here for about fifteen minutes. If you pass, you will get to use the bathroom. If you fail, we will repeat this training every day until you pass. Have fun.”

Arya did not notice anyone in the room. All she can focus on is having to pee, but she cannot cross her legs. Her back is tied to the back of the chair, forcing her to sit upright. She glances down and notices a dildo attached to a metal bar placed right at the opening of her vagina. “I can do this,” she thinks. “I can hold it. It's just pee. Besides, it's the d**gs. I've taken harder stuff.” Her mental fortitude is admirable, but it won't hold out. Seconds drag on for hours. There are no clocks, nothing she can use to tell how much time as passed. After a mere three minutes, she finally lets some go. The relief is instant. The powerful shock comes one second later. She screams out in pain, and stops peeing. The shocks stop as well. She begins to cry, and starts trying to speak through the ball gag.

“Prease,” she muffles through. “Prease ret re ou,” she cries through. There is no response. There is nothing but silence for another two minutes. Suddenly she hears the sound of tinkling water. She cannot hold it anymore. She lets some more out, and is greeted with shocks to the nipples again. Again she stops, but the sound just makes it worse. Arya decides she cannot hold it anymore. She releases a powerful stream, and her nipples light up. Arya is emptying her bladder as fast as possible, but there seems to be no end. The pee keeps flowing, and the electricity stays on.

Finally, her bladder is empty. Arya leans her head forward and breathes heavily. Her body is covered in sweat. Tears well up in her eyes. A single drop falls, and lands right in the collection bucket. Her nipples are shocked again for a brief moment. She throws her head back, crying like never before. The sound of the water stops, and she hears a voice.

“Not even six minutes Arya. Six. You are a pathetic slut.” Arya hears a door open. Another black bag is slipped over her head, and the nipple clamps are removed. She feels an incredible pain In her nipples, but that is quickly masked by a sharp, stinging pain in each one. She starts to feel drowsy, and before she is freed from the chair, she blacks out.

Arya is awakened by a sharp slap to the face. “Wake up whore.” Arya is not tied to anything. No ball gag. No plugs. No rope. Two men are holding her standing up, but that's it. This room looks familiar, except she's seen it from a different perspective. She looks to her right, and sees a very familiar control table. Except she sees the back of it. A plug is rammed into her mouth. It has a metal plate covering most of her lips, and a clear tube runs from it to the ceiling. The plug is locked into place. Her tongue explores the plug. It protrudes very little into her mouth; a small opening is located just past her teeth. Arya tries to fight back, but she is quickly over powered by the men. Her forearms are placed behind her, parallel with the ground, and are quickly tied together. She is being put into a Japanese box tie. Spreader bars are attached to her knees and ankles. She feels a large metal plug being f***ed into her bottom. She fights, but it just keeps entering. A head harness is attached to the face plug and wrapped around her head. A piece of rope fastens the head harness to the back of the box tie. Arya cannot tip her head forward. Immediately, a large metal dildo is rammed into her vagina. She feels a leather harness strap go around her waist and between her legs. It is cinched up fairly tight. Arya closes her eyes and tries to accept her fate. But not too soon after, a painful shock is delivered to her still sore ass. She feels something being tied to the back of the box tie, but that is quickly forgotten as two large milk machine cups are suctioned onto her nipples. There are clear tubes running up into the ceiling. There is a sense of pleasure that she feels from this, but soon she feels something different. She cannot explain it. Then Arya quickly realizes that she's being lifted into the air, only by the box tie. The strain on her body is immense. Arya is a small girl, but having her entire body weight being supported by only a few points produces a lot of pressure. She is lifted until her feet are just barely off the ground. Then her legs are swung behind her and tied to the back of the box tied. She is being f***ed to arch her back. She then feels a cold metal bar being placed against her spine. The bar is curved slightly more sharply than she is, and she is f***ed to arch her back even more. Within moments, her body is strapped to the bar. She is unable to move her body at all, except for her head. Some indistinct chatter is heard, and another piece of rope is fastened to the chin part of the head harness all the way down to a strap fastening the back bar to her stomach. Now her head is f***ed to stay at exactly the level that it is.

She begins to slowly rotate and is raised up. Her eyes catch a glimpse of girls that look familiar. She tries to resolve them, but they don't look familiar. After her feet are lifted four feet off the ground, she stops rising. She continues to rotate around. These girls are placed in a circle around her, each in their own recesses in the wall. They are all looking at her, kneeling, sitting on their ankles, and have their arms placed behind their back. As the control table enters her field of view, the door opens, and someone sits down at the control table. Arya squints. It's Jenni. She still has her chastity belt and bra on, and her face is angry. She glares at Arya.

“Arya,” the mans voice says through a speaker, “you are in the same predicament Jenni was in when you tortured her. Except for a few modifications. That milk machine you suggested was a good idea, and we're going to give it a test run on you. Your tits have been injected with a substance to make you lactate with very little stimulation. I'm sure you felt it when the machine was first going on. Jenni has a little more control over what she does to you than what you did to her. She can make you drink that vile cum substance, or your own piss which you graciously delivered to us. Or she can make you drink that enema water that you had held in her ass for thirty minutes. Or your own breast milk. She could also fill your ass with piss or cum or milk. It's all up to her.” The speaker turns off.

“Arya, you fucking whore slut. You have no idea what you put me through. I was up there for almost an hour, being shocked, tasting some vile liquid, and having the worst cramps ever. But now you'll feel the same. And even more.” Jenni pushes a button, and the milking machines starts working. Alternating suctions between nipples, milk slowly fills the tubes. Arya is slowly rotated until she is facing a wall. A segment of the wall is pulled open automatically and a tray with two glass bottles is pushed out a foot into the room. There are clear tubes leading to the tops of the bottles. Arya squints to read what the bottles say. “Cow's Milk.” Underneath the title are smaller letters. “100% Arya. 100% Whore.” Arya begins to shake her head and cry. The machine feels immensely good, but the shame of being labeled a cow and a whore just break her down. She closes her eyes to try, but her ass is shocked. Her eyes jolt open and she stares at the bottles. Soon, milk starts to drop into the bottles. Arya shakes her head as best she can, but it doesn't stop. The bottles fill, slowly.

“Humiliating, isn't it. I hope so. We are going to fill those bottles. And you will have nothing to drink except that until you finish them.” No matter how much Arya wiggles and squirms, the milk keeps flowing, and the bottles continue to fill. Suddenly, Arya feels a liquid entering her ass. She tries to squeeze, but the plug is keeping her muscles open. It is unimaginably cold. She wiggles and moves, tries to scream, but to no avail.

“It's your own piss Arya. I'm filling your ass with your piss. Now, you only gave us half a liter, so I'm filling the rest with piss of these other ladies around you. Including mine. It makes up about a gallon. This is the beginning of a long...and painful payback.”

Arya continues to struggle. The milking machine keeps pumping more and more of Arya's milk into the bottles, while her ass is filled with piss from many girls. She cries and struggles, but it is of no use. Jenni is having too much fun. Arya closes her eyes again, and soon after her ass is shocked hard. Arya finally connects that she has to keep her eyes open. Suddenly, she sees a brown liquid traveling down a tube. This tube is connected to her mouth. Arya shakes violently, trying to stop the liquid. But it keeps flowing. Just as the liquid is about to enter her mouth, her pussy is shocked so hard that her whole body tries to crunch forward. The curved bar along her spine prevents this.

The liquid enters her mouth. Arya gags on the taste. She has tasted bad cum before. She used to be a call girl for a group of guys, and often times the guys would try to make their cum taste as nasty as possible. They would drink loads of coffee and and eat bulbs of garlic and onions, just to make it taste rancid. Some would even add asparagus to the list. This liquid is more vile than all of that.

“I can't swallow this...” she thinks. The sheer thought of it being in her stomach is just too disgusting. But the liquid just keeps coming. It's way more than three loads. She can't swallow it.

“Swallow you bitch,” Jenni yells. She shocks Arya's vagina once more. Arya refuses to swallow. Her vagina is shocked again, and Arya finally swallows. She gives this pleading look to Jenni. She doesn't want to taste that again. Suddenly, her stomach cramps. Hard. She had nearly forgotten about the piss enema, but right now it is all she can focus on. Her ass is filled to the brim, and the cold fluid cramps her intestines. She's trying to push it out, but it wont go. The plug in her ass keeps it from leaving. She tries to mumble something, but nothing intelligible comes out.
After two hours, Arya is finally released. She is tired, sore, humiliated. When she is released from her bonds, she collapses to the floor. Three piss enemas, countless loads of cum swallowed, and nearly two quarts of milk. Men detach all of her equipment. Her ass and pussy have their intruders removed, and her mouth is relieved from the apparatus. Her poor nipples are released from the milking machine, and she is handed her milk in the bottles. She can barely keep her eyes open. She is lifted off the ground and has her head pulled back by her hair. A man starts dumping her milk down her throat. She knows it's her own milk, but it tastes almost...good. But the humiliation is far too much. Finally, than man removes the bottle from her mouth. Arya has a black bag placed over her head and she is dragged away. As she is being dragged, she hears that man and Jenni talking.

“Now Jenni, I know you had fun. But no more. There will be no more arguments between you too. If I hear that you try to harm her, or humiliate her, or in any way treat her differently than any other slaves here, you wont shit for a week. You understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. Now suck my cock.”

A week passes. Arya is finally learning to control her piss, even when being fucked with a large dildo. She has been trained in proper answering, proper etiquette, and proper hygiene. It is time for her first test client. The strange man has revealed himself as Sir Mark.

“Arya. It is time for your first test client. Treat this as if it were a real client. If you pass, you will be put into circulation. If you fail, you will be punished and go through another week of training.”

Arya is lead into a metal room much resembling an interrogation room. She is completely naked except for some five inch high heels, but this has become the norm. There are toys on some racks in the room, but they seem to have been cherry picked. Instead of the normal slew of toys, there are nipple clamps, a whip, a cattle prod, and a rather large glass butt plug. A manilla folder is on the table in the center of the room. Arya picks it up and starts to read it. It is the forms for the client. They say what he is wanting, what he paid, and how long he expects to be there. This man is named “Master.” He is into tease and denial, corporal punishment, and slight humiliation. He has paid enough to allow for any form of penetration he desires, but anal penetration requires lube. As the paper states “Her pussy will be well lubricated, and her mouth is no issue.” He requests that the is bent over and spreading her ass cheeks when he enters the room. Arya bends over and, as requested, spreads her ass cheeks with her hands. Moments later, Master enters the room.

“Are you Arya,” Master asks.

“Yes Master,” Arya replies very submissive-like.

“Good.” Master slowly walks around Arya and gives her a hard slap on her ass cheeks. He grabs the butt plug and lube. He drips some lube into Arya's exposed ass, then slowly inserts the butt plug. It is larger than she is used to, but she takes it without moving.

“Oh, you're a good slave. It's a shame I can't keep you. Now suck my cock.” Arya straightens herself, turns around, and gets down on her knees. She unzips his blue jeans, and takes out his large, erect penis. She wets her mouth and starts to suck his penis like she was taught.

“Very good slave.” Arya continues to suck his cock, occasionally deep throating it to the best of her ability. Without warning, he grabs her hair and pulls her off his cock. “We don't want to go too early now, do we? Stay.” Arya stays where she is while Master goes and grabs the nipple clamps and the whip. He attaches the clover clamps to her nipples, and gives a slight tug on the chain. Arya's face crunches up.

“I like to see my slaves in pain. Stand up.” Arya stands up as quick as she can, but nearly loses balance with the five inch heels. Master grabs the chain and pulls her closer. “That wasn't very sexy you stupid bitch. Do it again.”

“I'm sorry Master,” Arya apologizes. She kneels down, and stands up again. Slower this time, but she makes it as sexy as she can. The plug in her ass isn't helping. But she stands up just fine.

“Bend over and spread your cheeks again. I want to see that plug in your ass.” Arya does as instructed.

“Good slave. Could you push this out if you tried?”

“No Master.”

“So you're plugged up until I release you?”

“Yes Master.”

“I like that.” Master takes the whip and starts to whip Arya across her bottom. It hurts, but Arya keeps quiet. She has been trained to do that. The whipping becomes more and more painful.

“Doesn't this hurt you cunt? Scream!” Arya screams out in pain. At every lash, she screams. Tears stream down her face. The whippings stop, and she hears Master whisper in her ear. “Close your eyes, don't move.” Arya closes her eyes and holds as still as possible. She hears him walk over to the rack, and walk back. Without warning, her pussy is shocked hard, and Arya falls to the ground, screaming.

“Pathetic bitch. Get back up.” Arya stands back up with wobbles in her legs. Her nipples get a shock this time, and she screams out again.

“Mmm, yes. Now suck my cock to completion.” Arya kneels down and takes his cock in her mouth again. As she is sucking, he shocks her ass with the cattle prod, but at a lower level. Arya has a hard time focusing on the cock. Without warning, he grabs her hair and pulls her off his cock. Master quickly grabs his cock with his free hand and jerks off onto her face. The load is incredible.

“Thank you Master,” Arya replies. Without saying another word, Master pulls up his pants and walks out of the room. She waits a few minutes, then Sir Mark comes on over the intercom.

“Not too bad Arya. You may remove the plug and the clamps. As you know, that cum will stay on your face until bed time.” Arya removes the clamps, and her nipples immediately erupt in pain. She waits another couple minutes for the pain to subside before removing the plug. The cum on her face is so embarrassing, but removing it will means she has to go through training again. The door opens, and she walks out of the room to her holding cell. She walks past several other holding cells, some with girls still in them. This is the walk of shame. All the girls know what she just did.

As bed time approaches, she washes the dried cum off her face. She lays in bed, wondering how she got herself into this. How did she go from a college girl to a sex client? She tries to doze off, knowing tomorrow will be no better than today.
“Arya,” Sir Mark, starts, “yesterdays performance had...mixed results. You were very good on everything, except that time you fell.”

“I'm sorry Sir Mark, I-” “I don't need excuses Arya. However, due to your exceptional performance during training, I've decided to put you into circulation with a grade C. You are still required to service 35 clients. That time you spent with Jenni was just a ruse to get you to actually torture her. A grade C will get a few clients, depending if you are good at what they want. Your talents are: cock sucking, cum guzzling, vaginal sex, and order following. That order following entry is a massive help to you, don't forget it. Your attributes are: A body begging for cum, sexy walk, sexy ass, and an always wet pussy. Don't slip to a grade D, Arya. Slipping to a grade D will mean you get the bad clients who pay less and aren't good. If you slip to a grade F, we will put you through intensive training, which is where Jenni is right now. You will stay there for year. Afterwards, you will be put into a grade D again. Starting price for you is $5,430. Any questions?”

“Yes, Sir Mark.”

“State your question.”

“How much do top tier slaves go for?”

“Top tier slaves? Do you mean grade A, or grade zero slaves?”

“I'm afraid I don't know the difference, Sir Mark. Please forgive me.”

“You're forgiven, Arya. grade A slaves are the highest grade of slaves that clients must travel to. The best grade A slaves go for about $70,000 per person per visit, and usually have several people using her at once. If you make it to grade A, consider yourself lucky. Grade zero slaves are the travel slaves. Clients rent them for housework. The slaves travel to the clients house and stay there for however long the client paid for. Most grade zero slaves go for $2,000 a day, and are the best grade A slaves we have.”

“How much do grade D slaves go for, Sir Mark?”

“Grade D slaves? They go for $300 a visit. No more questions. You're dismissed.”

“Yes Sir Mark, thank you.” Arya walks out of his office and is e****ted to the circulation cells. She is put into a cell which clearly has another girl, but she is missing. The cell is much nicer than the training cells. It's much larger, has a clean toilet, decent beds, and...a dildo on the floor, with shackles above it. Arya is locked into her cell. She takes off her high heels, and lays down on the bed. She is finally in circulation, but has to service thirty five clients.

“Am I only worth $5,430 dollars? That's absurd! I'm worth much more than that. Men have paid more than that for me in High School. These ass holes don't know what their doing.”

“Don't say that too loudly,” A voice says from inside the room. Arya jumps.

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