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Fun at wedding, part 2

After the wedding had finished my girlfriend and I got in a cab to go back to the hotel where we were staying for the night.

She was very d***k, and I was still feeling horny.

I was able to give her pussy a good fingering while she dozed on my shoulder in the back of the cab, I caught the driver looking and he said was I enjoying myself.

We got to the hotel and I had to nearly carry her to our room.

She woke up a little when I got her on the bed, she kissed me and told me to get my cock out.

Well I did not need to be asked twice, and as she started to suck my cock I remembered the last place it had been, in Kathy's arse !!

My girlfriend then said it was her turn, and she quickly slipped out of her dress and spread her legs wide open and demanded to have her pussy well and truly licked.

I got between her legs and opened her hairy pussy lips and started licking and sucking, she must have been d***k because she never really lets me lick her pussy, and I love licking her cunt out!

I then tried licking her arse, and she moaned no, but I kept on licking and fingering her pussy until I could sense her cumming.

She then got on all fours for me and I slid my cock into her now very moist pussy and was fucking her nice and steady.

I said any chance of fucking you in the arse, and she said go on then !!!

I could not believe my luck, as I said she was a very d***k, but hell she said yes.

So I pulled my cock out of her pussy and got to work licking and fingering her tight little arsehole, it smelt and tasted so good....

My cock was throbbing as I guided it to her arse, and I was shaking with excitement. It took a bit of pushing, she let out a scream of fucking hell, but I got it in, and I slowly started to fuck her virgin arse. She was now starting to relax, and her hand reached between her legs and was fingering her pussy, as I slid in and out of her arse.

I was so excited I did not last too long and said to her I was going to cum, she said not in her arse as she loves to see me cum. I pulled out and she laid on her back as I wanked all over her face, shooting my load all over her mouth, and she greedily sucked on my now limp cock.

She then fell asl**p covered in my cum !!

As she lay there asl**p, I rolled her over, spread her bum cheeks nice and wide and started fingered her arse and pussy and felt my cock getting stiff again. I wanked myself off while I had 2 fingers in her arse and my thumb in her pussy.

The next morning she was a bit quiet and asked me what exactly happened, and said her bum was a bit sore !

Oh I do love a good wedding !!

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