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MMF Threesome delight

She stood beside her husband, her sexy curves filling out the tight dress to perfection as she looked expectantly at me.

“Take my husband’s clothes off,” she said in a curt business like tone, “but leave his underwear on for now.” She flashed me a pretty smile and a shiver passed through my body. I’d never had a threesome before but it was my most common fantasy.

My eyes fell to her husband and I smiled meekly. He was a good looking guy ten years my junior. I had seen and even masturbated to pictures of his tone muscular body and of his thick dick but I had never met either of them in person before. I moved over to him and my heart raced as the gravity of the situation struck me. I’d been fantasizing about sucking cock for over a half dozen years and I had written and published over a hundred stories about it but I had never touched another man sexually.

He raised his arms and I pulled his tight tee shirt over his head exposing his well defined chest to my hungry eyes. My mouth felt dry and my cock grew semi turgid in my pants as I sank to my knees and unbuckled his belt.

I heard her sigh and I glanced briefly at her as I hooked my fingers into his jeans and dropped them to the floor. Her hands teases and pinched her hard nipples through her dress as she stared intently at us.

He stepped out of his jeans and kicked them aside. My eyes were drawn to the prominent bulge in his tight boxer briefs and I ached to touch it.

“Now me,” she said impatiently as her pretty blue eyes bore into me. Her tone left no question that she was in charge and I quickly scurried over to her. She had confessed to me that she wanted to dominate me. She had long wanted to dominate her husband but he was a natural top. I on the other hand was switch and versatile. In everyday life I was a typical alpha male but sexually Ihad sometimes craved the freedom of being sexually submissive.

I unzipped her tight dress and slid it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. My eyes travelled slowly over her soft, curvaceous body soaking in every nuance. She wore a lacy bra and matching thong with a garder and hoes completing the look. I had seen dozens of pictures if her both naked and clothed and she was, to me, one of the sexiest women around.

“Now strip for us,” she said confidently. Her voice, though calm, was raspy and filled with lust, betraying the level of her excitement.

I stepped back and pealed my shirt off revealing my broad, athletic torso to them both. I felt a flash if insecurity as I dropped my pants and boxer briefs to the ground.

“Get on the bed,” she said abruptly as she pointed toward the big king sized hotel bed. I scrambled onto the soft mattress and she positioned me on my hands and knees.

They both looked at me with wide eyes and I felt my cheeks flush. I wasn’t used to being looked at while naked and it was simultaneously exciting and humiliating to be viewed in an aroused state.

He climbed in front of me, his cloth covered cock mere inches from my face. His strong hand ran through my hair as he looked down at me with a smoldering gaze. His touch was both intimate and erotic and I didn’t resist as he pulled my face to his crotch. I could feel the warmth of his dick through the fabric of his underwear and I ached to feel his bare flesh against mine. My hands trembled beneath me and my once dry mouth watered profusely with anticipation. I had never wanted anything so badly in my life and I rubbed my cheek against like a cat against the corner of a warm sofa. I inhaled sharply drawing the faint scent of his natural musk into my lungs.

His hands slid over his taut rippled stomach and I held my breath as they dipped inside his boxer briefs. I looked up at him with soft pleading eyes and I waited anxiously for him to free his needy cock. It spilled from his underwear and rested against my cheek as he pushed them down. His warm skin, soft and supple, felt good against my face.

“Lick it,” he said in a deep masculine voice as he nodded slowly. It was the first time he had given me a command and I felt a wicked thrill as his words bounced around in my head.

My tongue slithered up the underside of his dick tasting the saltiness of his cock. I liked it and I yearned to feel it between my lips. I closed my eyes tight and surrendered to my primal hedonistic desires. My tongue glided up and down his shaft as if guided by an unseen f***e. I licked the tip and savored the briny flavor of his precum as one hand caressed his strong legs and moved slowly towards his erection.

The bed shifted and I heard the unmistakable sound of lubricant being squeezed from a bottle. Her fingers smeared the cool viscous liquid over my exposed asshole and I moaned deep and low.

He grabbed his cock with one hand and held my head with the other as he guided my mouth toward the flared head. My lips parted instinctively and my heart pounded fiercely in my chest as he entered my mouth. The sensation was intensely erotic as his warm, pulsating cock filled my mouth. The taste and feel of the sharp ridges and the juxtaposition between the soft skin and the hard core was incredible and I knew in an instant that I was born to suck cock.

Her fingers, first one and then two pushed into my ass and I groaned wantonly around his cock as she fingered my quivering asshole. My hips wiggled side to side silently begging for more. My cock twitched as her fingers brushed against my prostate and I felt a surge of precum ooze from my painfully hard cock.

I sucked hard on his dick, savoring every moment as his wife continued to ravage my ass with her fingers. She added a third digit and then f***ed four fingers inside of me, stretching my asshole wide. There was surprisingly little pain and I concentrated on giving him the best head that I could.

My head bobbed slowly taking him deeper with each stroke until my nose touched his pelvis. His dick felt good in my throat and my eyes watered as I held him deep before coming up and gasping for breath.

I groaned with disappointment as she pulled her fingers from my asshole and she giggled quietly. She rubbed the slippery tip of her strap on across my now gaping asshole and I moaned around her husband’s delicious cock.

Her full hips pressed forward, gently but insistently and her girl cock entered my ass with surprisingly little pain. She fed the entire length of it into the depths of my bowels in a long steady stroke and then paused with it buried deep inside me. She pulled back slowly, drawing her lifelike girl cock out until just the head remained inside me.

“You like my cock in your ass don’t you Piggy,” she teased as her hand playfully slapped my ass.

“Yes,” I hissed around her husband’s warm, throbbing manhood. I was beside myself. I had never been in a more erotic and mind blowing situation.

She pushed deep and grabbed my hips firmly. Her cock pistoned into my asshole hard and fast. It stroked my prostate and I felt things I’d never dreamed of. My cock drooled a steady flow of precum onto the bed and I felt my climax approaching anew when she stopped suddenly and pulled her big cock from my quivering asshole. She rolled me onto my back and straddled my face. Her succulent juices dripped into my mouth as her husband settled between my legs and buried his dick into me. As good as her strap on had felt, his cock was better. It was warm and simultaneously hard yet pliable.

Her pussy descended onto my hungry mouth and I lapped her juices like a thirst starved traveler. My rough tongue attacked her hard clit and her legs shook as a powerful climax rocked her soft, curvy body. She cried out loudly as she came and I was certain that our neighbors knew the carnal decadence we were enjoying.

He pounded my ass hard and fast, bringing us both to the edge before slowing to a snails pace so we could prolong our fun.

He pulled out momentarily and his wife lay beside me. She pulled me on top of her and guided my drooling cock into the silky embrace of her womb as he knelt behind me.

My hips moved slowly and steadily, pumping my flesh rocket into her as her husband guided his dick into my waiting ass.

Our bodies moved together as one. He thrust hard into me and I followed suit into his wife. It was as though he was fucking her through me. I was a tool, a conduit through which he could use my cock to fuck her. Our pace increased and we recklessly sped toward a threeway, simultaneous orgasm.

“Dont stop,” she pleaded loudly. Her pretty voice was tremulous as the first waves of pleasure rolled through her. Her long painted nails raked down my back leaving deep red welts in their wake as he husband thrust erratically into my ass.

My eyes rolled back and I grunted like a wild boar as a huge batch of hot cum spewed from my throbbing cock deep into her pussy. It spilled out around my shaft as I continued to pound into her like a jackhammer.

He grabbed my shoulders for leverage and rammed his dick deep inside me. His balls pressed tightly against mine and his shaft expanded in my sphincter as he painted my bowels with his seed.

We collapsed in a sweat soaked heap on the big bed. Our chests heaved as we recovered from the ferocity of our respective climaxes.

“How soon can you boys go again,” she laughed and we all looked at each other. I smiled and ran my hand through her cum soaked labia.

“I’ll need a few minutes but I will gladly clean my mess from your pussy.

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