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Wife Renee at Adult world

Wife Renee goes to the adult store.

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First where we live is not far from I-75 in Tennessee. Which happens to be where a place called Adult World is. Now my wife had gotten a lot more adventures since she had fun with my best friend. So tonight I talked her in to going to Adult world to find some toys so we could play around this weekend. She was very hesitant as it was close to our house and she was afraid she would see people we know. But she gave in when I explained that if she saw them in there they would not say out of fear of her telling about them.
When we walked in she was very nervous and did not know what to expect. We walked around and were looking at dildos and vibes. She had found an 8 inch dong that looked real and was staring at it. But then someone said something and she jumped. It was someone we had went to school with. I thought Renee was going to jump out of her skin. Jason looked at her and laughed. He then calmed her down by assuring her it was ok he comes in all the time and sees all kinds of people we know. He then asked if we ever go into the theater and watch any of the movies or had we ever tried out the booths. Renee quickly said no and started to walk away looking at different things. Jason told me he was sorry he had embarrassed her I said its ok she will get over it in a little while she is just shy.
We walked over to Renee who was looking at some bullet style vibes and he told her he was sorry again but he thought she might like the privacy of watching a movie in a booth since she was shy. To my surprise she looked at him and said could Shawn go in with me? He said sure he could I think it is exciting watching a porn knowing someone else is in the booth beside me and what are they doing. Renee kind of sighed and said that does sound interesting. Renee looked at me and said have you ever done that? I said no but we can if you want to. She handed me a bullet vibe and told me to pay for this and get us one just to see.
As Jason walked with me he asked if he could get the one next to us. I just looked at him and said why? He said well some of the booths have a hole and you can see the people in the one next to you. He went on to explain that he would like to watch Renee watch a porno as he knew she had always been thought of as the good girl never do anything wrong and was surprised she would even be in there.
While I was paying Jason was talking to the guy running the place he said the booths were messed up. Jason pointed to Renee and said she has never been to a place like this and wanted to see it he then said the end one with the streaming videos is working but that is all. Jason said perfect they will take it for a while. He said go get Renee and go down the hall to the last door and enjoy. I said what about you he said I am going to go in the big theater.
I went and grabbed Renee and we walked down a hallway of doors she said it is so empty. I explained how they were tore up except the last one and we walked in and closed and locked the door. It was dark and took a minute for our eyes to adjust to just the light if the TV. As we turned around and sat down there was a Movie playing that had 2 guys on each end of a woman who was moaning loud. Renee laughed and said I cannot believe we are doing this. After about 5 minutes of watching I noticed that Renee was squirming a bit in her seat. She was rubbing her leg just below the hem of her dress. She looked over at me and started saying I cannot believe Jason walked up to us like that in here. I said he is just a guy looking to get a free show watching women in the theater. I looked at her and said I have to go to pee. She said don’t leave me. I said I will be back in just a minute and we can go if you want to then she said ok but knock when you get back I am going to lock it.
As I stepped out the door to the booth next to ours opened and Jason motioned me in. he shut the door and pointed to a hole in the wall. I looked in and you could see Renee lit up by the light of the TV. She was staring at the screen and she slowly lifted one hand to her breast and was lightly rubbing it on the outside of her dress. Jason looked at me and whispered do you care if I watch she is getting turned on. I just shook my head yes and kept watching. Renee kept rubbing her breast and her other hand started to rub between her legs pushing her skirt to where we could see her hand on the outside of her panties. She let out a soft moan and started to move her hand inside her panties which were now soaked. I said I better get back in there and Jason said ok I am going to watch I looked at him and said ok have fun.
I knocked on the door and Renee said Shawn? I just replied yes. As I walked in she looked at me and said to bad and shoved her finger in my mouth. She said this is so hot knowing people are all around the building and I am in here fingering myself it is like at work in the bathroom. I looked at her and said you do that she just slowly got on her knees and started undoing my pants. Once she had my dick out she was sucking me for all she could. All I could think is Jason was watching through the hole. I turned to sit down and Renee never let my cock leave her lips. I reached down and started to pull her dress up over her head. She stood up and pulled it off now all she had on was her satin panties and a bra.
I grabbed her and sat her in my lap and was running my hands all over her as she leaned back against me. I was kissing her neck and pulling her bra down exposing her large breasts and hard nipples. Then out of nowhere a dick starts coming out of the hole on the wall. Renee kind of jumped and said what the hell is that. I said oh my God a glory hole. She kept staring at the cock in the hole and said what is a glory hole? I explained how guy will put there dick through a hole after seeing a woman on the other side to see if they will help them out. She looked at me and said they have been watching me? Yes. To my surprise she just said oh what should I do? I did nothing but rub her breast. She sat down eye level with it and reached out and touched it. She looked at me and said do you think it is Jason? I reached over and undid her bra and said yes I am sure it is.
She started to slowly stroke the foreskin over the head and back down. You could see her breathing faster as her hand went faster. Then she slid in the floor on her knees out of the seat and moved her face closer to his cock. She slowly parted her lips and his cock disappeared into her mouth till her face was against the wall. She reached down with her other hand and was playing with her pussy. She started moaning on his cock while she was fucking it with her face. I got on my knees behind her and started reaching around rubbing her tits and wet pussy to free up her hands for the cock in the wall. I pulled her back and stood her up and said where is my blowjob. She started to get back on her knees but I said no take off your panties and bend at the waist.
She pulled her panties off and bent over as she did her ass was back to the wall Jason’s dick was sticking out of. As her mouth went on my cock I was guiding her back by pushing her to Jason’s hard dick. When it touched her skin to my surprise she reached back and guided it straight into her with a soft moan she stopped sucking me and kind of stood up with her ass pushed back and I could tell from her moans Jason started trying to pump into her Renee looked me in the eye and said I AM SUCH A SLUT. She started moaning and then reached down and rubbed her clit as Jason did all he could to try to fuck her in this position. I got on my knees and tried to lick her clit and then I could taste the salt as Jason was Cumming in her. At this point I did not care and Renee started to buck and leaned forward as she did a lot of his sperm came running out.
Jason’s dick disappeared back into the wall. Renee took her dress put it on and said lets go. She put her dress back on and walked out with her panties and bra in the bag with her new bullet vibe.

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