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Cumming on her bedspread

This story goes with my video of me cumming on a bedspread.

I have a woman friend who is in her late 50's or early 60's who travels internationally quite a bit. Although just friends, we have maintained a nice friendship for over 20 years. She is divorced and not seeing anyone. Susan is very much into her career and travels so she started asking me if I would mind stopping by her house every so often to check up in the house and property when she is gone. She always bought snacks for me and kept wine, beer, soda, etc so that I would not starve when I got there.

I have been watching her place for several years now, stopping by after work every three or four days to check doors, see if alarm was on, etc. Susan is a tall girl about 5 ' 10" or so with a nice body, slightly bigger butt and nice tits. Since she knows some of my f****y, I never took any liberties to make a play at her, but thought about it a lot. Over the past year, I started thinking more about her as I would be in her home. One night I stopped by and went upstairs into her TV room and flipped on TV and was watching a movie where a woman was masturbating. This made me think of Susan and I started touching my cock and stroking. This was the start of something new and erotic as I started to look forward to going to the house just to play with my cock in a different, daring way.

Every time she announced she was going away, I would start planning my next session and began bringing lube, cock rings, and toys to help me get more i to mood. I got more daring each time, often starting to watch porn on her computer and then stripping naked to play. I started going into her clothes drawers and found panties and bras that I would wear or use to jerk off on. I had to be careful to clean or wash things so that she did not suspect anything. The video I posted of me cumming on a bedspread was shot in a spare room while fantasizing about a pair of sexy open toed shoes she had. After a year of this, I must have shot my cum in over 20 places including computer screens, coffee cups, her clothes, and on her shower walls.

I thought it would be great to see what she looked like nude, so my most daring act was to install a pinhole camera in the wall in her bathroom. It was ideal since there was some fancy stonework that had lots of crevices to hide the cam. It was on a motion sensor so every time she was back home and used the bathroom, it would record. I had to be careful and would remove the DVR often so she would not stumble on it. I got lots of videos of her...mostly routine stuff but several long clips of her tits and pussy exposed. I was hoping she would masturbate, but apparently if she did, it never occurred in the bathroom. I have spent some quality time at her home jerking off while looking at her videos!

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