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Little Public Stripper

I walked across the nightclub floor, two female friends either side of me. My short red dress looked perfect with my red patent heels, and my ass and g-string showed below the hemline. My skin felt alive, smooth and shaved and tingling, ready for this experience. The matte gloss of my long, black 1950’s style hair style (an expensive, convincing wig) picked up the pink and purple lights of the club, and I felt everything below my waist relax as it prepared for the sexual treat. Eyes were on me, desiring me. Girls and men alike looked my way, the women celebrating my liberation with me, the men wanting to celebrate some other part of me entirely. My cock began to stand proud, poking its head out from under my g-string.

“Drink and a snack sir?”

I woke up, and saw the wing of the aircraft through the window. The clouds below seemed so serene, but turned threatening for a moment. Do the dreams of a dreamer show on the outside? Was that a smirk I saw on the stewardesses face?
“Coffee please”. I reached over and took a chocolate biscuit, the slight sense of shame still hanging in the background, a slight dissociation. I was disappointed the dream had ended and been replaced by this, though it was at this time I was glad my cock is only average sized. My erection was still full blown, and as I finished off the biscuit, the thoughts stayed with me, grew.

Its funny how the urge to dress comes over me at times. I can go for weeks, sometimes months, without it really coming up. But when it does, it does with a f***e that surprises me – a pressure that comes from nowhere. I can feel it in my body, I even start dreaming about it. A wonderful, soft soothing sensation, laced with desire and lust. Laced with a confidence I don’t otherwise have.
Being single at the moment, I had no partner to let this out with, and so my exhibitionist streak seems to come out. I’ve always loved fucking in the outdoors – the threat of being discovered, and the hope they will like what they see!

So it was after the stress of christmas, I had that urge again, and it was intruding on every waking thought, like an addiction, and one I was going to indulge. Right there on the plane, I decided when I was home, I would treat myself. My heart raced – “I’m really going to do this?”. I had been thinking about it for months – a little hidey hole by a stream in my local woods, with a small rock so perfect to sit on. A place where walkers and cyclists go past all the time.

I set out with my bag full of the things I would need. Stockings, high heels, a toy, some lube. Again I felt a slight shame, as if my bag had fallen open for everyone to see the contents. Would I really go through with it? The thought of simply walking down the street, fully en-femme, lit up my mind. My hips swaying atop my black heels. My posture so feminine, like the dream so rudely interrupted.

As I approached the woods, my legs were shaking, but I was so horny. I carefully stepped across the stream, taking care not to slip into the water – a ‘punishment’ for what I had in mind. A man walked past with his dog, and looked my way. I felt scared for a moment, but he walked on. No matter what, I was so horny now, I was going to do it. Sod it. It was me against the world, armed only with a dildo and deep, slutty deviance.

The stream was so loud I knew it would be harder to hear anyone coming, but It didn’t put me off. I undid my trousers, then removed my t-shirt and hoodie. I sat there naked, looking into the bag. My body cried out for the white stockings first. A surge of pleasure came over me as they moved up my legs, and my cock stiffened. Then my little black G-string, which nestled so nicely in my ass and drew tight against my cock and balls. I admired them for a moment, enjoyed the air moving over my bare skin. Then reached in for my little pink miniskirt, the one that shows off my ass just like the dress of my dream. It has such a silkiness to it, that always makes me jealous of girls who go clubbing in similar items. I pulled it up to ‘slut height’, and sat down, the cold rock feeling so good against my slutty little bottom. I heard a ‘crack’ as someone cycled past on the nearby path – a surge of adrenaline. A desire to be watched.

Finishing off with a cute little top, my bra and “boobs”, I put the wig in place and tightened my choker. I was ready to be fucked now, and I felt a surge of confidence. With a little lube, the tip of my thick, 10 inch dildo began to penetrate me. In front of me was a wide open area of grassland, separated off from the path by a stream and a line of trees. I felt like a stripper on a stage, my little rock and a filthy amphitheatre in front of me. The dildo slipped deeper, and the urge to perform took over, becoming more of a slut with every thrust, wanting cock. Wanting someone to appear from the bushes, cock in hand for me to suck off. The fear of someone approaching from behind turned into the wish that they would, and any fear was totally abandoned. I was a dirty little girl, stroking her little cock and gliding towards her very public orgasm. I could feel my movements becoming more feminine, sexual, teasing.

My hand moved up and down on my clit, and my shoulders and body danced, my hips set proud by the high heels I was wearing. I gave into the urge to stand and risk being seen, the cock hanging out of my ass as I paraded myself, fucking myself, primping and flirting. I could feel everything in my groin loosen, like the pussy in me was preparing for an orgy. Something primal. It was like a jet engine taking off in my head, and any fear of being discovered had long since evaporated.

Finally, the dildo up to its full length inside me and pressing hard and completely against my boi g-spot, my ass muscles gripped around the big fake cock as I spunked hard, each thrust of the dildo permitting a jet of hot, warm come. Dildo still hanging out me, I fell back and sat on the rock, my nervous little high heeled feet turned in like a shy, blushing schoolgirl. I looked down at the lovely mess, the white of the spunk complementing the freshness of my stockings. My pink clit glistening with its own juices.

I felt some small sense of triumph, like I had faced a fear and got over it. But at the same time the hunger for some hard, anonymous cock, pumping deep in my ass pussy, grew ever stronger. I want to service a hard cock with my mouth, with my ass. Its going to happen, just as soon as I get brave and horny again!

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