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Tie Me Up

You had a limit, and you needed me to push it. Whenever you thought about me pushing you further than you had been before, you couldn’t help but get excited. You wanted me to tie you up, to have me in control. You wanted it more than you had ever wanted anything before. It wasn’t just a desire for you anymore, it was something you needed.

To tie you up, and to take away your resistance. To stop you from struggling, so you had no choice but to submit to my will. You would only be able to surrender to me, and nothing more.

Time and time again, you would picture yourself lying on a bed, your hands tied together, with your arms stretched over your head. Secured in place. Unable to move.

You would imagine my body pressing up against yours. The sensation of it, the thrill of it. You know that as soon as my fingers would run up and down your body, you would want to touch me back. And you would want it badly. But your hands would be bound. And I would be in control. No matter how much you moaned and whimpered, I would never untie you. If anything, I would only secure you tighter. Part of you would hate me; taking away your control, leaving you helpless. Part of you would love it, from the thrill of it all.

You could imagine my throbbing penis sliding into you, while you were unable to do anything but accept it. I could move your legs so I could penetrate you deeper, and faster. You knew that the pleasure would be intense… but how intense, you didn’t know. It would have been our first time together doing this, and you had no idea of the feeling that I could inflict upon you. You didn’t know how I was going to use you, as you would lie there, completely helpless.

The night slowly drew closer, and you came to see me. You were nervous, not knowing if I wanted to tie you up or not. We had a deal. If we were going to do this, I was going to have every last bit of the control. I would have all the power, and you knew it. When I agreed to it, you must have thought that I was up to something. After all, I could have done absolutely anything to you. And you wouldn’t have been able to stop me.

I stood up, but before I could do anything, you had your arms wrapped around my neck, and started to passionately kiss me. My hands slowly ran up your back, as yours slowly ran down my chest. You liked having me in your hands, but you knew that you would have that pleasure taken away from you before long. You slowly unbuttoned my shirt, and you were nervous. Even though you had done this part before, this was your first time doing it knowing what was soon to come. You were unsure how it would go, and were scared about finding out.

You unbuttoned my shirt slower than you had expected. Time was ticking away. If you went too slowly, you thought that I might get impatient, and punish you for it. But your nerves were stopping you from going fast, and you couldn’t help it. Eventually, you slid off my shirt, before stepping behind me, and taking off your shirt. You pressed your naked chest against my back, and I let out a small, almost inaudible gasp of pleasure. I placed my hands on your bum, as you rested your head on my shoulder, giving it small, tender kisses. I squeezed your bum slightly, and you started to run your hands up and down my back, before moving them round, so you could feel my chest.

I moved one hand back around, and undid my trousers, before you slid them down my legs. I stepped out of them, and you came back around to face me, gliding your hands across my body as you did so. I felt a rush of energy flow through me, with the realisation of what was going to happen slowly sinking in.

You told me to sit down. You slid down your underwear, before grabbing the blindfold and restraints. Without hesitation, you put they blindfold over my eyes, leaving me sightless. I thought you would do as much. You wanted me to do this to you, but not until I had experienced it first. My penis was already bulging, and was standing out, far away from me. You sat on top of me, restraints in hand. My penis sat directly under your fagina, as you started to press your hips into mine. My throbbing penis rubbed against your clitoris, exciting us both further. You grabbed one of my hands, and I let you place a restraint on my wrist. I moved myself closer to the middle of the bed, and gave you my other wrist, so you could restrain that, too. My hands were now behind my back, and I was sightless. For now, you were in control.

You brought your lips to mine, and passionately kissed me, as desire and lust surged through your body. Playfully, you switched your lips for your nipple. At first I wasn’t sure what it was, but I knew that this is what you would soon be feeling… only far more intensely. I sucked on your nipple, and slowly realised what it was. You let out a small, soft moan, as it was heaven for you. But this wasn’t about tying me up, it was about me pushing your limits, and your boundaries. So you quickly moved on, and moved down my body, so you could rub your wet nipple on my penis. Again, I didn’t know what it was. All I knew was that it was pleasurable, whatever it was.

You flicked the tip of my penis with your tongue, making me moan softly. I wanted more, and you knew it. But you kept your tongue to the tip of my penis, teasing me further. After a while, you opened your mouth wide, and put it around my penis, which was now throbbing greatly. Your mouth didn’t touch any part of it, so all I could feel was your warm, soothing breath, blowing down onto me.

You waited, making me wait, too. Then, you closed your mouth, and sucked hard and fast. I let out a long, loud moan, followed by a series of short, shallow breaths, and a small whimper. Before long, you moved up my body, and sat on me. You rubbed your bum on me, and squeezed your bum cheeks together as you put my penis between them, giving me pleasure in a way that I had never experienced before. After you had fully warmed up, and had done with teasing me with your bum, you let my throbbing, wet penis penetrate you deep, and you pushed down, until every last inch was inside of you.

Upon first sinking yourself around me, you didn’t let out a single moan. I wasn’t even sure if it was still you. Your fagina felt the same to me, and so did your body, but I couldn’t hear you, and I wasn’t fully sure. As you started bouncing up and down on me, you started to let out a few moans, and occasional whimpers. This re-assured me, knowing that it was you… knowing that you were close to me, even if I couldn’t see you.

You started to ride me. Hard. As you did, we both let out moan after moan. “Zoe…!” I whimpered, as your bum pounded against my lap with each time you bounced up and down on me, as I could feel my penis getting wetter and wetter from your juices. But then, without warning, you stopped, leaving me gasping, and wanting more.

You pulled yourself back, leaving just the tip of me penis left inside of you. You wanted to see how it felt like for me. To be restrained, being left completely in the mercy of someone else. As you were over me like that, you wanted to see my body squirm. You wanted to see how my body screamed, crying out to be able to touch you, and hold you. And it certainly was screaming. I longed to touch you. After such a short space of time, I was already desperate to hold you in my hands. To feel you. To see you. My body was screaming, and it felt both amazing and terrifying at the same time.

You straddled my lap, and started to kiss me. But this was only for a few seconds. After sharing just a few kisses, you stopped kissing me, and brought the rest of your body towards mine. After a few tense seconds, of not knowing what was happening, you grabbed my nipples, and pinched them slightly. I let out a half sigh, half moan, before biting my lip. You felt my body shake, which in turn, sent waves of pleasure flowing through your body. Again, you started to bounce up and down on me. As you lifted yourself up, you tensed slightly, putting even more pressure on my penis. And if that wasn’t enough, you were rubbing your boobs along my chest, as you were riding me hard. Soon, I was telling you to slow down. You would have made me reach my climax far too early, before I even had the chance to be in control.

Reluctantly, you climbed off of my lap, and removed the restraints from me. You sat back on my lap, and let my hands explore your body once again. It was heaven for the both of us. Then, you removed the blindfold, and nuzzled your cheek into my neck. I held you tightly, kissing you gently, letting us both calm down before we carried on.

“I surrender” you said, your face still beside my neck, “Do anything you want to me… do everything you want to me”.

“Lie on the bed. Face up” I replied, as I broke our hug. You did as I asked, and went to lie faced-up on the bed, with the straps and the blindfold lying beside you. Your stomach had butterflies from your nerves, knowing what was about to happen.

I placed the blindfold on you first. I didn’t want you to see my placing the restraints on your hands, because I wanted to surprise you when I did it, increasing the tension further. I tightened the blindfold. I took one of your hands. I raised a restraint. And I put it over your other hand, surprising you greatly by the immediateness of it all. Before you had time to fully realise what I had just done, I had already placed the restraint on your other hand, too.

I raised both of your hands, wrapping the restraints around the bed posts, and tightening them up, so you couldn’t move at all. I moved in to kiss you. When I pressed my lips to yours, you tried to open your mouth, to let out a small moan. Already, you were both scared and extremely excited, not knowing exactly what I was going to do, but while wanting every last part of it.

You had grown accustomed to being allowed to have me in your hands, and being able to see me… seeing that I was enjoying every moment of being with you, and seeing that I wasn’t planning anything without you knowing.

I graced my hands up and down your body, as you lied there, wondering where I would rub next. I moved my mouth to your nipple, as I moved my hand to your clitoris, before rubbing it gently yet quickly. You weren’t expecting me to do this so soon. You thought that I would take it slow, giving you some chance to anticipate what I was going to do next. But that’s not what I had in mind.

Almost as soon as I started, I stopped pleasuring you with my mouth and my hand. I moved my hard, throbbing penis between your legs, and let it rub against your clitoris. You rolled your body slightly, and let out a small moan, already feeling the pleasure from being tied up.

I pushed into you, penetrating you slowly. You pushed your chest up, letting out a large gasp, as the realisation of what was happening immediately overcame your body. I moved your legs, so they were spread apart as wide as they would go, before starting to rub your clit once more, while starting to thrust in and out of you, working up a good rhythm.

My free hand slid across your body, as you lied there, wondering where I would rub you next. I continued to thrust in and out of you, getting gradually faster and harder. You could feel your orgasm rising up inside of you, but you had no way or riding it out, as you hadn’t even got control over your own body any more. I pulled out, and got off of you. You were left there, not knowing what I was doing. Around 30 seconds later, I returned, held your hips, and once again, started thrusting into you. Hard.

“What were you doing?” You asked, half moaning, half gasping. You had no idea what I was doing, and you didn’t like it. “You’ll see soon enough” I replied “…well, perhaps ‘see’ isn’t the best word to use”.

I moved your legs, so they were resting on my shoulders, and were partially pressed up to your chest. I started thrusting into you again. Quickly, and deeply. You moaned loudly, and so did I. I rubbed your legs as I thrusted into you, and started to let out long, deep moans, often preceded by me whimpering “Zoe...”, which only made you squirm even more. In that moment, you didn’t just want to feel me, you needed to. And for the first time, you hated me for taking that away from you.

I moved your legs slightly, so I could press my mouth to one of your nipples, while rubbing the other with my hand. I pulled out of you, and rested my large, bulging penis, on your wet, aching pussy. “Leave it in me… please…!” You whimpered, almost desperate to feel me inside of you. “No. You can wait” I said, trying as hard as I could not to moan while I was saying it… trying not to show you that I was desperate for it, too.

Then, I started to nibble your nipple. The sucking. The biting. The pinching. You couldn't focus, and you couldn't anticipate anything. You felt it go right through you. From your nipple, slowly down to your stomach. Lower still to your pelvis area. You wanted me to fuck you. And you wanted it badly. You wanted me to press against your legs, and to rub your body. Your hands clenched at the thought.

You needed to touch me; it would have helped you to ride the waves of pleasure. You fought and pulled against the restraints. Your back arched into me, and you moaned “Alex” as loudly as you could. The rush radiated from your core. Your body tensed tightly. You would feel this later today, and you knew it.

Your pussy leaked, wanting to be fucked. Your stomach tightened up. But before long, the rush subsided slightly, as you missed the feeling of my penis thrusting in and out of you. You wanted to feel me deep inside of you. You wanted me to bite a bit harder, and to pinch a bit more. It would help to ease the slowly fading rush. It would be a distraction from the pleasure, and your body would have relaxed a bit. There was such a fine line between the pleasure and the pain, and you wanted me right on that line.

“Release me… please…” You pleaded. I replied with “No, I’m only getting started. Just wait right there that little bit longer. You’ll enjoy it… I promise”. You didn’t like that answer, you needed to feel me again. You were the one who wanted this, but I knew that I was enjoying it far more than you were, even if I wasn’t fully showing it. The feeling of being in control, of having you helpless, and being able to do what I wanted with you… it was incredible.

Once more, I sucked your nipple, and I moved one of my hands between your legs, rubbing your clitoris over and over again. I was fast, and rough. I could hear it as I rubbed you, your juices seeping down, and splashing around. I’d never rubbed you hard like this before, but I loved your reaction, and hoped that you wanted to do something like this again, because I wouldn’t be able to go back. Not now.

“Please…” You begged.
“Please what?” I replied, knowing exactly what you meant, but wanting to make you beg for it.
“Fuck me, please” You whimpered, not being able to wait for any longer.
I simply replied, “No.”
You gave in. “Fuck me… Alex, please… fuck me, please…!” you screamed, not able to contain yourself for any longer.

After a few more tense moments for you, I grabbed your legs, and I thrusted back inside of you, moving as fast as I could. I was fast, and I was fucking you as deeply as I could. You wanted me to moan your name; to feel my desires and urges, all rushing through your body. I thrusted into you over and over again, squeezing your legs as I did it, so I could penetrate you deeper. We were both moaning loudly. I wanted to make you stop, to make you wait. I wanted to take charge of that, too. But I loved your moan far too much, and I didn’t want it to stop, not even to assert my dominance.

I pressed my lips to yours, and took a few long, deep kisses. You were right on the edge of orgasm, and I could feel it by the way that your body was shaking. But this is how I was going to show my control over you, and to prove that I was fully in charge.

I pulled out, right on the point of your orgasm, making you wait. All that went through your mind was “Stupid fucking blindfold.” You didn’t know what I was up to. But you felt movement. My fat, wet cock was at your lips. You opened up, and greedily sucked me into your mouth.

As you sucked, I started to move in and out of your mouth faster. I pushed in hard and deep, almost making you gag. I pulled out, and slapped my cock on your face. Back into your mouth. My thrusts into your mouth are faster. My cock changed, it got harder, and swelled. I knew I was close, and you know it, too. You tried to hold my cock in place with a stronger suck, but I wouldn’t allow that. I continued to fuck your mouth, my balls slapping against your chin.

Once again, I pulled out. I reached around, and removed your blindfold. As I took it off, you looked at me, almost bewildered. But it gave you a few precious seconds to relax, and so you took them. I moved my lips to your ear, and I moved something to your hand. You weren’t sure what it was, because you couldn’t see it, as it was being hidden above your head. “You couldn’t see me when you needed to the most. But now, I’m going to stop you from moaning, when you need to moan the most” I whispered gently, sending shivers running down your spine. I rubbed your clitoris, the new object still in my other hand, allowing you to let out a moan, possibly for the final time that night.

I wrapped the new object around you – a gag. I tightened it, so there was no way it would come out. I didn’t even give you time for if you wanted to object to it. I knew that you would have wanted it, so I wasn’t too concerned. And if nothing else, it was just another way of proving that I was in control.

I went down on you, and fucked your tight little fagina. Fast, and hard. You rolled your body, and tried to press it up against me as much as you could. Now, you could finally see me, and see how much I was enjoying this. But now, you needed to moan more than you had ever needed to moan before. And it was driving you crazy. Your suspended orgasm before was re-ignited, and your body shook, almost violently from the pleasure.

I continued to thrust into you, over and over. You tried to whimper and moan through the gag, but it was pointless. It was too tight, and you couldn’t let anything out. But soon, your orgasm hit you, and your body started to scream. Your fagina squeezed my penis, and your juices leaked out of you with each thrust. Over and over, I thrusted into you, as I rubbed your clitoris quickly with my fingers. Your body rolled as much as it could, and you pressed your chest up, wanting me to rub it.

I moved my mouth to your nipples; sucking them, licking them, and gently nibbling them, before caressing your boobs themselves. Eventually, after much teasing, rubbing, and thrusting, your orgasm reached its plateau, and slowly started to fade away. And I was about to reach mine, too.

Once again, I moved back up your body, and switched the gag for the blindfold. This drove you crazy, your body was craving to be released by now, but I was switching things around once more. Yet again, I pushed deeply into your mouth. You sucked me fast and hard, as I moaned “Yes Zoe! Oh baby, that’s it..!” I let out a loud, deep moan, and you felt my cum exploding out of me, into the back of your throat. I felt more cum squirting out of me, and so did you. You could feel it rising through my cock, and I let out yet another moan, followed by a grunt and a whimper. My grunt excited you. You gently licked my cock clean in your mouth, before swallowing all of my juices, and yet again, I let out another whimper.

At last, I pulled out. You expected me to remove the blindfold. But I didn’t. I lied there on top of you instead, with you still restrained in place. My head was on your chest, and my arms were at your sides, shaking slightly. You asked me to let you go, to untie you. But I said no, and you didn’t like that. I squeezed you lovingly, showing that it was over now, and I wasn’t going to take anything else from you. But I still didn’t until you, as I lied there beside you, making you wait for the very final time that night.

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