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L at Midnight

On a mid-winter’s night, there were two lovers, alone together, gently lying on their bed, whilst passionately cuddling and kissing each other. The boy had one hand gently placed on the girl’s cheek, so he could guide her lips to his, whilst he gently ran his other hand up and down the girl’s flawless back. With each stroke, the girl leaned in a little more, giving deeper and deeper kisses.

The girl had both of her hands on the boy’s cheeks, so she could take control of the kisses. At first, they were short and playful kisses, but that was long gone. By now, the two of them had their lips presses sensually to each other, whilst occasionally sneaking their tongues into the other’s mouths’. Their tongues would twist together, sending shivers down the boy’s spine; as the girl knew exactly what to do to make him feel amazing.

After ending yet another passionate kiss, the boy moved from the side of the girl, wrapped both of his arms around her, and laid himself on top of her. He was holding off enough of his weight so that it wasn’t uncomfortable for the girl, but not enough so she couldn’t feel him. They were nose to nose, and gazing longingly into each others’ eyes. The girl rubbed her hands on the boy’s chest, and leaned in for another kiss. The boy pulled back, and parted his lips slightly, so he could tease her, making her wait for the kiss. Before long, he slowly moved in for the kiss, and when their lips met, the girl let her tongue wonder into the boy’s mouth, exploring every part of it, as the boy did the same to hers.

After a few minutes of passionate kissing, the two of them looked at each other, and they knew what the other one wanted to do. The boy lifted himself off of the girl, and ripped his shirt off, before moving in to steal some more sensual kisses, whilst guiding the girl’s hands down, so she could start to undo his trousers.

The girl finished undoing his trousers, and slipped them down to his knees. The boy once again got up, and finished taking them down the rest of the way, before proceeding to take of the girl’s top, and sensually unclipping her bra. He threw her top and her bra across the room, as he once again moved in to kiss her. This time, the kisses were even stronger, and even more passionate. The boy still kept one hand on her cheek, but this time, glided his fingers along her belly button, slowly moving them up, until he was feeling her chest. As he felt her, he got exited, and part of him started to poke its head up.

The girl felt him poking into her leg, and moved her hand down, so she could give it a gentle squeeze, to excite him further. He let out a small moan from her touch, and he knew exactly what he wanted next from her.

He turned her over, and ran his hands up and down her back. He wanted to excite her whole body, and he wanted to hear her moan, just the same way that he did. He caressed her back up and down, with long, slow, deep strokes. Each stroke ending slightly further down her back, until he was eventually reaching her trouser line. He asked if she was comfortable with what he was about to do next, and she simply replied “Do it”.

He moved her again, so she was once again facing up at him. He slowly placed his hands on her chest again, and gave her breasts a soft squeeze, before moving his hands down her body, and to her trouser buttons. Slowly, he moved his lips towards her, and kissed her just above her trousers, as he gently undid her buttons. When they were all undone, he held the loose flaps of her jeans in his teeth, and began to pull her trousers down. Slowly, and softly, gazing up at her for every moment of it.

Just with her top, he threw her trousers across the room. He started kissing one of her thighs, as he rubbed the other one. At first slowly, and keeping it towards her lower legs. But that didn’t last long. His rubbing got deeper, and more erotic, and he moved up her leg, so the tip of his fingers brushed against her bum with every rub. Then, he switched thighs, and repeated the process over, whilst gazing into her eyes with every chance that he could get.

By now, he could hear her breathing heavily. He moved back up her body, leaving kiss after tender kiss, and gently sliding over her chest with his hands once again. He leaned in, and stole another passionate kiss, and she wrapped her arms around his head, so he had no choice but to carry on kissing her, whilst letting their tongues rub against each others, tingling with each lick.

Soon, she stopped kissing him, and went to bite his lip. He kept his eyes closed for the first few seconds of it, letting the pleasure and the feelings flow through his body. When he opened his eyes, he immediately closed them again, as she gave him another unexpected rub, which left his whole body tingling from the pleasure. Again, he was unable to control himself, and let out a long moan, that lasted for several seconds, but that felt like much longer to him.

She stopped biting his lip, and moved both of her hands up to his chest. Once again, he opened his eyes, and gazed into her breathtakingly beautiful eyes. She moved her lips to his ear, and whispered “I know what you want. And I want the same. Do what feels right, it’s only natural”. With that, he moved down her body once more. He gave her a single kiss, with one lip touching her underwear, and one lip touching her skin. And then, as with her jeans, he took them in his teeth, and slowly began to remove the last piece of her clothes that she still had on.

After he had removed the last of her clothes, he moved up her body once more, and stopped when his mouth was just over one of her nipples. He parted his lips, and gazed into her eyes. She gave a little nod, and with that, he pressed his lips around her nipple, and gave it a little suck. She let out a small moan, so he stopped, and moved his lips slightly away from her. He knew she liked it, and was going to tease her until she couldn’t take it anymore.

She felt his warm breath on her nipple, as he slowly graced the top of her other breast with his free hand. Again, she let out a little moan, before closing her eyes, and biting her lip. With the sound of her moan still in his ears, and whilst his lips were still so close to her chest, he said to her “Tell me what you want. I can lick or suck, one or the other. Your choice”. She opened her eyes again, and looked down at him. “Suck… no, lick! …no, suck!” she said, with each breath a gasp, as she was too caught up in the moment to be able to say much more. He moved his mouth away from her chest, and placed his other hand there instead, that had still been rubbing her thigh until this point.

He slowly caressed her breasts in both of his hands, each moment feeling himself getting harder, and each moment seeing the girl roll her body more and more. “Use your mouth” the girl said, as she let out a moan at the same time. The boy carried on using his hands, making her wait.

When she couldn’t take it anymore, she pulled his body up further up hers, and pressed her lips against his, giving him long, wet kisses, where she licked and sucked his tongue, to try to take her mind off the pleasure. The boy kissed back, and now he wasn’t even sure if he could resist from pleasuring her further for much longer. He pulled back, but left his tongue exploring her mouth for a few seconds after their lips had separated. He moved his tongue to her top lip, and moved his lips so they were covering her top lip, as her bottom lip was left free, letting her mouth stay open, and allowing out any small moans that she desired.

The girl watched him pull back from her, and gazed into his eyes. She parted her lips, and brushed them with her tongue, as she guided his hand to her nipple. She watched as the boy slowly nodded, and once again went down to her chest. He kissed the top of her breast, before slowly moving down to her nipple once more. As with the other time, one hand was rubbing the other side of her chest, and one hand was rubbing her thigh.

He gently licked the tip of her nipple with his tongue, and she immediately placed one hand on the back of his head, and pushed him in, so he had no choice but to suck on her nipple. Over and over again, he teased her nipple, ranging from long, slow licks, to faster, more excitable ones. He had asked her if she wanted him to suck or to lick, but even he couldn’t control himself from doing both. The feeling of her nipple on his tongue was amazing, and sucking it only made it feel so much better. He wanted to stop, to tease her once again, and to make her want the next stage, but he didn’t want to have her moaning stop. Each moan that she let out was heaven for him, and it almost drove him to moaning just from it.

Eventually, he stopped licking her. He took the tip of her nipple between his teeth, and gently pulled it a little. Her hands were now on his back, and were squeezing him tightly from the pleasure. The two of them were enjoying every moment of it, letting out moan after moan, and letting their hands explore the other person’s body.

He moved his mouth to her other nipple, and began to pleasure her again. After a few minutes of sensually sucking her, and rubbing her body up and down, he stopped. He went down to her belly-button, and from there went up her body, giving kiss, after kiss, after sensual kiss.

He turned her over once again, so her back was facing him. He ran his hands up and down it, feeling her warmth, and trying to gain a few precious moments to regain control over himself. As he gave a particularly deep rub, the girl let out a loud moan, and gasped “Fuck me...!” He went up her body, and kissed her neck from behind, while he moved his hands down, and explored her body below her back. At the same time, both of them let out a deep gasp, and they knew what was going to happen.

The girl turned herself around, and pushed the boy down, so she was now on top of him. Without hesitation, she moved her hand down low, only to realise that in the heat of the moment, and amongst all of the pleasure, she had neglected to take off his boxers. She grabbed him through his boxers. Hard. He let out a deep gasp, but his mouth was filled with her tongue before he could finish it. She let go of him, and using both of her hands, she ripped his boxers off. She wanted to go slowly, to tease him, and to make him want it, but she could tell that he was ready. And so was she.

She moved both of her hands up to his cheeks, and gave him a long, sensual kiss, as she let his throbbing penis rub up against her body. His hands wandered down to her waist, and he gently pressed her towards him, so he could feel more pressure rubbing up against his penis. She moved her hands down to his chest, before moving her hips back and forth, just enough to excite him further, but not enough to make him moan. She wanted him to make him wait, just as he made her wait. They kept on gazing into each others’ eyes, as the girl kept on grinding up against him.

“Beg for it” the girl said, half playfully, half serious. One of her hands was now moving down his body, so he knew exactly what she meant. The boy just gazed at her, not knowing what to say. He wanted this… he wanted her, but he wanted to be in control, and didn’t want her to take that from him. After a few seconds of silence, the girl said “Never mind, I thought you wanted this, but obviously not”. She was bluffing, she would have gone down on him no matter what, but he didn’t know that, and she wanted him to let go, and give her control.

A few more seconds passed, and the boy couldn’t wait any longer. He knew that he was only moments away from being pleased, and he couldn’t wait another second longer for it. One of her hands was now placed teasingly, with the base of his penis lightly brushing up between her thumb and another one of her fingers. He couldn’t take the tension any more. “Please..!” He half shouted, half whimpered, before letting out a few shallow breaths. This was it; she had him right where she wanted him. “Please? What are you asking for?” She gave him an inviting smile, to show that she was only teasing him before. She knew what she wanted him to ask for, and she already knew exactly how she was going to please him when he asked for it.

“Please… taste me…” His voice trailed off towards the end, and changed to a gasp of air. Just the thought of her going down on him was turning him on, and he could feel his penis throbbing, ready to be pleased. But the girl still wanted to make him wait. She moved her lips to his, and rubbed her tongue up against his. She pulled back after just one kiss, letting him keep his tongue in her mouth for a few seconds longer. Playfully, she said “Mmm, you taste good”. Still gazing into his eyes, she quickly gripped his penis, and slipped her hand up and down the shaft a few times, before pulling her hand back, so that the head of his penis was resting in the palm on her hand. He moaned wildly, he had wanted that so badly. He bit his lip, looked down, and at seeing how close she was to pleasuring him again, whimpered loudly.

The girl smiled playfully once more, before saying “You asked me to taste you, and I did. This time, tell me exactly what you want...” she moved her lips close to his ear, before continuing “exactly”. He moved his hands to her breasts, and started to rub them, while letting out another small moan at the same time. “Please… go down on me… suck me… make me want to come… please...” He couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted to feel her lips around his penis, and to feel her tongue stroking the shaft.

The girl finally got what she wanted. She took his hands, and moved them off her breasts, so she could slowly move down his body. When she got to his penis, she took it in her hands. Loosely. She moved her hands up and down his shaft, without putting any pressure on it. It was driving him crazy, and it was making him harder than he had ever been before. He wanted her just to get on with it, to suck on his penis, and make him moan. Once again, he begged her, and this time, she responded.

She gently brushed over the head of his penis with her tongue, and he immediately let out a deep, long moan. It felt so good, but this was only the beginning. She licked the shaft of his penis up and down, making it wet, and making it harder and harder.

With her lips closed, she pressed them to the tip of his penis, and slowly began to press down. As his penis entered her mouth, she teased it with her tongue, while sucking it as hard as she could. The boy let out moan after moan. The pressure she was putting on him with her mouth would have been enough to please him, but sucking and licking it at the same time pleasured him beyond his wildest dreams.

She gave him a small bite on the head of his penis. She held it in her mouth for several seconds, as the boy rolled his body, and moaned wildly. While she was biting him, she held his testicles in one hand, and slowly caressed them. He moaned yet again, so she rubbed them yet again, and gave them a little squeeze. She put a bit more pressure on the head of his penis… a little bit too much. It had gone from being pleasuring to being painful, but he still didn’t want her to stop. The feeling of her lips around his head was still making it enjoyable, and he only wanted more of it.

She didn’t lick or suck past the head of his penis for a few minutes. She wanted to build up the tension… to build up the pleasure. She did everything to him that she could. From long, slow strokes of her tongue, to fast, wet sucks, all of which made him moan louder and louder. But now, she couldn’t resist. She wanted to feel his penis fill her mouth, to feel him throbbing inside of her.

She grabbed his waist, and once more, she pushed her lips down, still keeping them as tight as possible, while licking and sucking as she moved down his shaft. His body immediately quivered, as he started to let out a deep, satisfied gasp of pleasure. She pressed her lips down to the end of his shaft, so she had the whole of his penis inside of her. She looked up at him, and saw him rolling his eyes from the pleasure. He let out another moan. She stopped sucking and licking him, and opened her mouth, so she was still over him, but wasn’t directly pleasuring him. He looked down at her, and waited as long as he could. But after just a few seconds, he placed one of his hands on the back of her head, and mouthed “Please”.

She did the best she could to give a smile, but having her mouth as it was made it difficult. She slowly closed her mouth, and gently moved her head up and down his shaft. He moaned wildly, and begged her to go faster. She shook her head slightly, and carried on sucking him. Slowly.

His penis throbbed in her mouth with each suck, and seemed to grow slightly bigger with each lick. Before long, he had lost all control, and she was now fully in control. She pulled her mouth away from his penis for a few seconds, and it started to throb wildly, craving the feeling of her mouth. Once again, she looked up at him, and gave a small smile, before parting her lips. She put them over his penis, before closing them, while beginning to suck it again. She moved her mouth up and down his shaft, getting faster and faster. He moaned louder with each moment. She sucked him strongly. He slipped out a “Yes, please, don’t stop”, before letting out yet another moan. She pleasured him over and over, getting wetter and wetter from each of his moans. They were both enjoying this as much as each other. Neither wanted to stop, but she wanted to feel him inside of her in a different way. She slowed down, and finished pleasuring him with her mouth, but not before teasing the head for the final time.

She moved away from his throbbing, wet penis, and crawled back up his body, licking each part of him with the tip of her tongue as she worked her way up. His body was shaking from the pleasure, but he still managed to wrap one arm around the girl’s back, while placing another hand on her breast, and letting his mouth follow. Sucking on her nipple again felt so good, and as he did it, she let out a little moan. With her nipple still in his mouth, he moaned too, as the sound of her was so erotic that it made him want to come there and then.

After a few moments more, he moved his mouth away from her nipple, and moved up to her neck. He left kiss after passionate kiss, and he rubbed the girl’s body from the top of her back, to the bottom of her bum. Before long, the boy stopped, and moved his lips to hers. Once again, the couple sensually kissed each other. The boy had one hand on the girl’s bum, and the other on her leg, holding it up towards his body, so he could feel her rubbing up against him in yet another different way. The girl had one hand on his chest, and was rubbing his hard, throbbing penis with her other hand. As the excitement increased for the both of them, she began to rub him faster and faster. The kisses stopped, as he was left moaning, and unable to do anything but accept the pleasure that she was giving him. She wanted him to come, but not until she was satisfied. So she stopped, and let the boy go on top once again.

Again, the boy briefly played with her nipples, just so he could hear her moan once more. But then, he moved down her body, and went to the bottom of her waist. “Open them as wide as you can, I want to make sure I hit all the right areas” whispered to boy, as he was running his hands up and down her chest. The girl spread her legs for the boy, and completely gave herself to him.

The boy smiled, and moved his mouth closer to her. He placed his tongue at the bottom of her clitoris, and slowly ran it from bottom to top, moving in to kiss the top of her clitoris once he got there. While he was doing this with his tongue, he rubbed his hands up from the bottom of her thighs, to the top of her bum, ending with a slight squeeze. Her moans filled his body, and his hands shook at the sound.

He started to lick her faster and faster, watching her body squirm beneath him, hearing her as she breathed deeply and let out moan after moan. Before long, she couldn’t take it any longer, and she put her hand on the back of his head, and pushed his lips into her clitoris. He started to suck it, while also licking it up and down, as she let out the biggest moan yet, as the tension in her body was completely released.

The boy slowed down, and gave a few long, slow strokes of his tongue, from the top to the bottom of her clitoris, while his lips were pressed softly around the outside of it. Her breathing intensified; slowing down, yet getting far, far deeper. The boy carried on at the slow pace for a minute of two, as he felt her body react differently to how it reacted before. He then took his lips away, before giving one, long, slow, wet flick of his tongue, that hit all the right places.

She gazed down at him, the orgasm growing, and intensifying inside of her. She was wondering what he was going to do next. Part of her wanted him to penetrate her with his penis, so she could feel him thrusting in and out of her. But part of her wanted his mouth back on her nipple, whilst he rubbed her body up and down once more. She didn’t know what to expect, and it felt amazing.

The boy put his hand to her clitoris, and started rubbing it in a small, circular motion. He brought his mouth closer, and started using his tongue at the same time. He got faster. She moaned louder. The sound of her moaning was driving him crazy. The way he used his tongue and hand together like that was driving her crazy. The ecstasy within their bodies was like none they had ever felt before, and it was rising with every passing second.

Once again, the boy took his mouth away from the girl’s clitoris, and after a few moments, took his hand away, too. She was so wet for him in that moment. Her juices were slowly seeping out of her fagina, showing the boy that the girl was enjoying herself, and wanted more. He asked if she wanted him to go inside of her. She whimpered “Yes..”, unable to say anything more, as all it would turn to is yet another moan. The boy grinned, slowly rubbed around her clitoris once again with his fingers, before slowly pushing a finger into her.

That was it, they both wanted this more than ever. Her tight fagina squeezed his finger, as her juices seeped out of her. He slowly moved his finger in out of her, watching her squirm, hearing her moan. After a couple of minutes, he gestures a ‘come here’ motion with his finger, while still inside of her. The motion touched her in ways that she had never been touched before, but before she had chance to take it in, the boy was back pleasuring her with her tongue as well as his finger. She didn’t know what to do. Should she moan, or should be try to ride the waves of pleasure out? She knew that whatever she did, it would leave her hungry for more... hungry for him.

He had now worked up a good rhythm, and the girl was just lying there, unable to do much else but moan away at each of his actions. But without her expecting it, he slid another finger into her, surprising her and making her moan even more. She wanted his penis inside of her so badly, and he wanted to put himself inside of her so badly. But he didn’t want to stop. He was loving every moment of it just as much as she was, and he wanted to pleasure her like she had never been pleasured before.

The night went on. It could have been for hours, it could have been for minutes. Time seemed to slip away from them, as the feeling was too incredible for words. He teased her, he pleased her. She teased him, she pleased him. They were both ready now, and couldn’t keep it back any longer. He got over her, and slowly moved up her body, kissing her, and playing with her along the way, making special attention to her clitoris and her nipples. When his lips were above her lips, the girl looked up at him, and saw how much he wanted this now. She half moaned, half whimpered, and said “We both know what happens next”. He moved his lips to her ear, and whispered “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle, I promise”. She let out a deep sigh at his voice, and desperate to hear him moan again, she reached down, and took his bulging penis in her hand. And as he did the other times, he let out a soft moan, and satisfied her needs.

He laid his forearms either side of her head, so their lips were around a foot apart from each other. He looked down, and saw his penis rubbing up against her clitoris. He pulled it back a little bit, and looked up into her eyes again. “Guide me in” he said softly, “I want you to control this part”. She didn’t hesitate for a single second longer. She ran her hands down his body, until one hand laid on his leg, and the other on his penis. She gripped it tightly. He slowly moved in towards her, as she guided his throbbing penis inside of her. As the boy entered the girl, they both let out small moans, followed by longer, more intense moans, when he started to push deeper.

He was now in position, and started to slowly thrust in and out of her. Her fagina was tight, and barely accepted his fingers little lone his penis. His penis was being squeezed. Hard. And he loved it. The thrusts got deeper and faster, and the two of them started to make more and more noise. The boy moved his lips towards the girl, and they shared a few long, wet, passionate kisses, before the boy moved one of his hands down, to rub her clitoris while he was still thrusting in and out of her. When their lips separated from each others, they both let out loud, intense moans, with the pleasure now being so intense, and so uncontrollable, that it felt as if none of it was even real.

They were both enjoying it. The passion. The sensations. The pleasure. But the boy wanted more, and wanted to give her more. He pulled out of her, turned her around, and got her into the face-down doggy style. This time, he guided himself into her, and started back into the rhythm without a problem. She loved the new position, her body felt like it was a volcano that was about to erupt. She was going to orgasm soon, but she wanted it now, not later. He reached around her, and started playing with her clitoris with one hand, whilst he rubbed her back with his other hand. She whimpered loudly, with the whimpers soon turning into yet more moans.

She was being driven crazy, breathing deeply, letting out moan after moan, and was getting wetter and wetter. And that was driving him crazy. He could see she was enjoying it, and he wanted to give her exactly what she wanted. He moved the hand from her back, and reached up to her head. He gently wrapped a length of her hair around his hand, and pulled it back dominantly. While he did this, he moved his other hand from her clitoris to her bum, and gave it a small, erotic squeeze. He wanted to show her how much he wanted this, and he was going to take what he wanted, while listening to her moan and whimper through every last moment of it. He kept the rhythm going, resisting the urge to speed up and lose control just yet, as he moaned away with each thrust into her tight and wet fagina.

Once again, he changed things up. He saw how she liked it before, and wanted to keep on pleasuring her in different ways. This time, he got her on top. She had her legs spread wide over his, and had her forearms around his head, similarly to how he did with her. He brought his lips to hers, and they shared a few long, passionate kisses, while preparing themselves for the new position. Again, he entered her, and started thrusting away. Her breasts bounced up and down from him thrusting into her, and her moans were telling him that she was near. He moved one hand to her waist, and the other to her clitoris. As he rubbed her, he pressed his lips into her nipple, and started licking and sucking it again.

Once again, the night went on. For hours or for minutes, neither could say. But he could feel her fagina contracting and getting wetter. He increased his pace, and started kissing her again. This was it, she felt as if she was about to explode. She reached a powerful orgasm, and started screaming and moaning loudly. Her body shook from the waves of pleasure, and she didn’t know how to control herself. She started to bounce up and down on his penis, needing to feel it reaching as far up as it could. The two of them moaned, neither wanting this to end, but both knowing it was only a matter of time now.

Her surges of pleasure began to calm down, as he began to reach his climax. He wasn’t worried, he knew that she had already had her orgasm, and now it was time for his. For the last time, he increased his speed, and took control once again, thrusting deeply into her, as she moaned loudly for him. By now, he was thrusting into her so fast that her juices were being squeezed out of her fagina, and were freely flowing over his throbbing, hard penis. He kept on thrusting into her for as long as he could, wanting to hear her moan in his ear over and over again. As they both let out moan after moan, a wave of pleasure suddenly overcame him. They both knew he was past the point of no return, and they both wanted this. Badly.

With a final thrust, he let out an almighty moan, followed by many smaller moans, showing how exhausted he was, and showing that he was finally finished. She was left gazing down at him, seeing exactly how much he had enjoyed it. They moved in together for a few long, passionate kisses, before she got off him, and laid herself beside him. He took the covers, and wrapped the two of them up tightly together. He moved down her body once more, and gently licked her clitoris, before sensually kissing the top it. “Mmm, you taste good, too” he said playfully, while gazing up at the girl, and smiling at her. She smiled back down at him, while stroking his cheek with one of her hands. He slowly began to move up her body again, and gave her nipple a final lick, and sucked it a couple of times, whilst he gently massaged her inner thighs. She let out a final sigh of pleasure, which let the boy know that she was finished, just as he was. He moved back up her body, wrapped his arms around her, and gently placed his lips on the tip of her nose, giving her a playful yet loving kiss. The girl also wrapped her arms around the boy, and held him the same was that he was holding her.

They stayed like that, in the cocoon of the bed quilt, just kissing and cuddling, with the occasional bit of more teasing and pleasing. But before long, they were both exhausted, and were ready to call it a night. He wrapped his arms around her, gazed into her eyes, and said “Goodnight sweetheart. I love you more than anything else in the universe. Please don’t ever forget that”, before nuzzling his cheek into her shoulder. She gently replied “Goodnight, lover”, before closing her eyes, and letting herself blissfully drift off to sl**p.

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