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When I was just shy of my eighteenth birthday, both my parents were killed in a
car accident. I had no other living relatives other than Granny Solange, so it
was decided that’s where I would go. And my grandmother was only too happy to
have me come and live with her. In all honesty I was looking forward to it as

Growing up, I always enjoyed whenever I got to visit Granny Solange, especially
when it was on my own, without my parents.

Granny Solange was my maternal grandmother, an immigrant from Belgium. I so much
more enjoyed visits with her than with Nanny Barnes, my paternal grandmother.

Not to speak ill of her, but Nanny Barnes was just too much of a straight-laced
old woman, and I rarely had fun during visits with her. However, Nanny Barnes
died when I was much younger, so when my parents desired a weekend alone with
each other, we’d make the four hour trip to Granny Solange’s place where I’d be
dropped off for either a weekend, or a week at a time.

Growing up, naturally I was becoming interested in girls, and every visit with
Granny Solange provided me with views of the female form.

Being European, Granny Solange was very open with her nudity, so I always got a

Many times I got more than a glimpse, as Granny Solange would walk from
her bedroom to the kitchen or bathroom without a stitch on. Many times, during
the summer months, she’d sunbathe in the nude in her backyard. There were even
times she and I would bathe together.

One very memorable weekend visit, Granny Solange greeted me with a huge hug,
while she wore only a skimpy halter top that barely held in her ample bosom, and
shorts that were easily two sizes too small for her rather large ass. As she
smooshed my face into her cleavage, Granny Solange giggled, and pulled away.

‘Let me see," she chuckled. ‘Let me see if it’s grown.’

In an instant, Granny Solange had unzipped my pants and pulled forth my young
cock. And yes, it was hard.

Granny Solange smiled as she stroked it a few times.

‘You’re getting to be such
a big boy,’ she cooed at me.

There was even one time, where we slept in the same bed together. I don’t recall
much of how it occured, as the previous night, I got d***k for the first time,
because Granny Solange let me get into the wine with her.

As it happened, I awoke the next morning with a huge headache, to see my mother
looking at us shocked at the sight of me and Granny Solange splayed across her
bed; Granny Solange was completely naked, and I was in my underwear.

As a result, there were fewer visits with Granny Solange over the next few
years. She did come and visit us a few times, but always seemed much more

But just as summer vacation from school was beginning, my folks decided to take
a trip for an extended weekend, and felt comfortable enough to leave me alone
for a few days. That’s when the accident occured.

A few weeks later everything was finalized and I made the trip to my new home
with Granny Solange.

At first I wasn’t sure how things would go, as Granny Solonge initially seemed
to be pretty depressed about the death of her daughter, but within five days, I
knew how things would progress.

I awoke one morning, and shuffled out of my room to the bathroom, but paused as
I heard Granny Solange call to me from the kitchen. So naturally, I shuffled
over to the kitchen to say good morning, and was greeted with the sight of
Granny Solange making herself a cup of coffee, naked but for a towel wrapped
around her hair.

She asked if there was anything special I wanted to do that day, and if not,
Granny Solange decided that today was a great day to soak up some rays in the

I told her there wasn’t anything that I could think of, and only mentioned that
if there was anything that needed doing around her place, she only need ask.

Granny Solange playfully swatted me with one hand as she took a sip of her
coffee. She then told me that this was my summer vacation, so I should just
relax and enjoy it.

As I watched Granny Solange’s huge, dimpled backside jiggle as she walked
towards her bedroom, I was sure I was going to enjoy my vacation.

As I climbed into the shower, I could see out through the window as Granny
Solange eased her large form onto a lawn chair to sunbathe naked.

I must have
watched her for over twenty minutes as I whacked off. I did cum buckets, but I
was an aboulte prune everywhere else from being under the water for so long.

After showering I changed into a tshirt and shorts and slumped onto the couch
and started watching a ball game.

An hour or so later, Granny Solange shuffled into the kitchen from outside and
asked if I was coming to join her outside, as she made herself a cocktail.

I told her I was in the middle of watching a game, but she playfully chided me
and told me it was beautiful outside.

Silently, I agreed with her, and it had nothing to do with the weather.

Granny Solange even said I could have a beer if I wanted, and she knew from my
mother that I also had smoked a few times, and she was willing to let me have a
cigarette or two.

I couldn’t believe how this was working out for me. Sure, she was my grandmother
and fifty years older than me, AND well over two hundred pounds, but still, I
loved looking at her naked body, and her she was inviting me to do it.

It was one thing when I was younger…despite how far things sometimes went, for
the most part it was just open nudity in front of someone too young to
understand it.

But now, I was eighteen years old. Nothing but raging hormones, and yet Granny Solange still had no problem with me seeing her naked.

Even though I was dying to join her outside, I played things coy, and said I’d
be out in a bit.

I think about a half hour past by before I headed outside. I first stuck my head
out the door and asked Granny Solange if her drink needed refreshing, and she
gladly accepted my offer to top her drink up.

She again told me I could help myself to a beer out of the fridge. So I
refreshed Granny Solange’s drink, helped myself to a beer and joined her

We spent a soothing afternoon in the sun together, talking and drinking away.

Granny Solange asked me if I was going to get naked as well on a few occasions,
but for some reason I declined.

We chatted away about various things like how I was adjusting to things, whether
or not I had left a girlfriend behind (which I didn’t), and whether or not I’d
like the new school I’d be atteding in the fall.

As the day rolled by, I think we both got a little tipsy, and we eventually made
our way inside.

Granny Solange and I both shuffled around the kitchen for a few moments, before
she finally muttered, and slighly slurred, that we should eat something.

I could only mumble that I wasn’t really all that hungry.

Granny Solange chuckled and said just because we should eat something, didn’t
necessarily mean that we had to.

Even though she said it wasn’t the best thing
in the world to do, she understood why I wasn’t hungry.

We both made our way to the living room, where I plopped down onto the couch
before Granny Solange said she was going to hop into the bathtub.

I wanted to ask if I could join her, but surprisingly I held my tongue.

Instead, I sat there on the couch and watched as Granny Solange headed to the
bathroom – didn’t bother to close the door – and began to get ready for her

I pretended to watch TV, but I was really watching Granny Solange the whole

I was so into watching her, that I nearly jumped out of my skin when she called
out out to me.

So I got up and headed to the bathroom, and saw Granny Solange as she eased her
ample frame up out of the tub, and she held out a sponge and asked me if I could
do her back.

I was only too happy to oblige. I place my beer on the toilet and took the
sponge from her hand.

Granny Solange then turned her back to me, and mumbled that it wouldn’t work.
Granny Solange then said, it would be easier for her to just face the front of
the tub, and so it would be easier for me to just get in there with her.

Since I was only wearing shorts, it wasn’t a problem, and I climbed into the tub
behind Granny Solange and began to soap up her back.

Granny Solange moaned softly as I rubbed her back. She stumbled slightly
backwards a bit, and I felt her big ass rub against my crotch, and knew she
could feel my erection, because she slowly rubbed her ass against me for a
moment and cooed.

‘You know,’ Granny Solange said softly. ‘You can take those off. We have taken a
bath together before.’

I breathed deeply and decided to go for it.

In an instant, my shorts were off
and tossed aside.

Granny Solange turned and smiled at me. ‘This should go to,’ she said softly, as
she raised my shirt over my head. ‘That way you can get clean too.’

Granny Solange took the sponge from my hand and began to lather up my chest and

‘Such a nice young man,’ Granny Solange cooed. ‘Tell me, Dale,’ she said as she
eased her hand down a bit lower. ‘Have you ever been with a woman?’

I somehow managed to gulp a negative response.

‘Really,’ Granny Solange did seem a bit surprised. ‘That’s a shame because you
are such a nice, young man.’

This time, Granny Solange’s hand made it’s way down to my crotch.

Even though she was rubbing me with a sponge, my cock still twitched.

‘Here,’ Granny Solange moaned.

‘You can be with me.’

Granny Solange reached down with her other hand and guided one of my hands to
her big tits.

‘Do you like that,’ Granny Solange cooed again.

‘Oh yes,’ I gulped back.

Granny Solange dropped the sponge, then guided my other hand to her pussy area
and made me massage it. Granny Solange then reached down and slowly began to
pump my twitching cock.

‘I’m so happy that you’re with me now Dale,’ Granny Solange whispered softly
into my ear. ‘We should go to the bed.’

We both slowly got out of the tub and towelled each other off. Granny Solange
grabbed my beer off the toilet and took a big swig and then lead me by the hand
to her bedroom.

Granny Solange sat on the edge of her bed, took another swig of the beer and
then placed it on the nightstand. Granny Solange smiled up at me as I awaited
her direction as to what to do.

‘Do you know what a blowjob is,’ Granny Solange asked me playfully.

‘Yeah,’ I muttered.

In an instant, Granny Solange leaned forward and swallowed my cock.

I gasped in shock and amazement, and then groaned loudly as I enjoyed Granny
Solange’s technique.

Since I had never gotten a blowjob before, I had nothing to compare it to at the
time, but it felt incredible as Granny Solange bobbed her head back and forth up
my rigid cock.

There were several times that I felt like I was cumming, but Granny Solange
managed to keep me from it.

Granny Solange then gave my cock one last, long slow suck before she released it
from her mouth.

‘Now,’ Granny Solange said in a lilting voice, as she eased herself back onto
the bed. ‘Come to me.’

I slowly crawled up onto the bed, and Granny Solange guided my twitching cock
into her 66 year old pussy.

I moaned loudly as I entered Granny Solange.

It was the most inviting feeling I
had ever experienced.

‘Easy my sweet boy,’ Granny Solange cooed into my ear as she pulled me close to
her and wrapped her thick legs around my torso. ‘Make it nice and slow.’

I followed Granny Solange’s urgings as she guided me through our love-making.

Granny Solange kept her thick legs wrapped around me and also reached down and
grabbed my ass with her hands and guided me into her.

‘Oh yes,’ Granny Solange hissed. ‘Fuck me good with that nice, young cock boy.’

My mind was swimming as I continued to follow Granny Solange’s urgings and

Granny Solange struggled a bit, but she eased her feet up onto my shoulders and
urged me to fuck her deeper.

My mind was swimming and I was reeling as it went on. I was losing my virginity
to my grandmother, and I was loving every minute of it.

I had never had sex before, but this felt like the wildest fuck anyone could
ever have had.

Granny Solange’s feet were bouncing off my shoulders, as she gripped my ass and
guided me into her. I could feel Granny Solange’s big ass quivering underneath
us, and I buried my face into her huge tits.

It went on for hours, even though I had no idea of that at the time.

My very first time experiencing sex ended with Granny Solange grinning at me and
asking me if I wanted to cum in her mouth.

‘Do I,’ I do remember asking astonishedly.

‘Yes,’ Granny Solange replied almost evilly. ‘If you want to make grandma

A moment later, we had switched postions and my cock was once again inside my
grandmother’s mouth.

Only this time, Granny Solange worked it harder and when she felt me getting
close she gave my balls a tickle with one hand, and the next moment I blew a
load of cum into my grandmother’s mouth.

Granny Solange sucked me dry.

Then I collapsed in a sweaty heap next to her.

Granny Solange pulled me to her sexy, big body, and held me close and kissed me
on the forehead.

‘Oh thank you, my sweet boy,’ Granny Solange moaned. ‘I’m so happy you’re here
with me now.’

‘I’m happy I’m here too,’ I managed to mumble back.

I fell asl**p in Granny Solange’s arms that night…the first of many nights to

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