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My Girlfriends Daughter Final Chapter

Chapter 7, the Final Chapter, thanks for reading everyone!

After the spending the afternoon with Julie, my sex drive had increased to an even higher level. I daydreamed about fucking both Monica and Julia, as the memories of Marie slipped slowly into the back of my thoughts.

That evening when Marie called, I realized that I needed to change my perspective before she returned from her business trip. When she thought I was alone we had phone sex. But what she didn't realize was that both Monica, her daughter, and Julie were sucking my cock as we talked.

As Marie was reaching her climax, fingering her sopping wet pussy on the other end of the phone line, I was not masturbating as she thought, but I was shooting my load into, Monica's, hungry teenage mouth. Then as Marie and I talked through the afterglow I watched as Monica snowballed my cum into Julie mouth. After that experience it was hard for me to focus on Marie. As Marie and I said goodnight Julie and Monica finished licking my cock clean.

Since it was Saturday, Julie was staying overnight at the house. This meant that I now had two young females to satisfy and to be satisfied by. When we went to bed that evening the three of us settled into the confined quarters of Monica's double bed. This was the first time in my life that I had intentionally started out with two women; the only other time being earlier that day when Monica joined Julie and I after our first sexual encounter.

Monica and Julie had already agreed on how our first three-way would be handled before coming to bed. As we started into our foreplay I alternated between each set of young firm breasts. I sucked and caressed each young woman's tits as the other sucked my cock. I was becoming so aroused that I nearly came more than once. But my goal to cum in their mouths, but to blow my load into either of their young tight willing cunts.

Each time I came close to cumming I pushed their mouths off my cock and pulled either up to kiss her. When the final moments of our lovemaking arrived, the two teenagers rolled me onto my back and climbed on top of me. Julie positioned her saturated pussy over my mouth as Monica started to shove my cock into her well-lubricated snatch. I lay on the bed taking in the entire situation around me. Monica was slowly sliding up and down my cock and Julie's tasty cunt was positioned over my mouth with my tongue savoring it's tangy flavor; all the while my hands moved between both teens tits. I wanted to continue this exercise for ever, yet I wanted to slam my cock into Monica and cum quickly.

As Monica increased her pace I pressed my chin, mouth and tongue harder against Julie's wet slit. When I finally climaxed into Monica, Julie and Monica were both several orgasms ahead of me. After the five or six squirting shots in Monica the pulsing of my cock slowed, then stopped and we all collapsed into a pile on the bed. Julie moved around to eat the cum out of Monica's cunt, while Monica took my spent cock into her mouth and started cleaning the combination of cum and pussy juice from it. After drinking a portion of my cum from Monica, Julie moved around and shared the little left in her mouth with Monica. after watching the two girls finish tasting each others mouths we settled in to sl**p.

sl**ping for several hours, I was wakened by Julie whispering in my ear as she manipulated my cock with her hand. "Bill I need to feel your cock in my cunt again, I want to feel you moving inside me as I sit on top of you", she whispered. As I woke slowly my cock was becoming harder with her touch. Reaching to the nightstand I retrieved a fresh condom to be ready when the time arrived. When I was fully erect I moved around on Julie, trying to keep Monica from waking, so we could perform oral sex on each other.

As my tongue drove deeper into Julie moist slit she suck my entire cock into her mouth. For nearly ten minutes we enjoyed each other oral machinations, until finally we knew the time had arrived for my cock to penetrate her cunt.

As I rolled onto my back Julie took the condom from my hand. Without any hesitation she rolled the condom over my hard cock by sucking it into her mouth. Then, as she moved up over my body I stared into her deep baby blue eyes waiting to feel the tightness of her young pussy. When her cunt was positioned over my condom-covered cock she lowered her body onto me, guiding me into her pussy with her hand. Slowly she allowed her pussy to once again become accustom to the feeling of a hard cock pressing deeply into it. As she continued to devour my cock I rolled my head back as the absolute pleasure of her tight opening gripped my cock like a vice. my entry into her was more pleasurable for both of us compared to the first time I took her. Once I was completely inside her, with my cock head positioned up and into her cervix, we lay perfectly still and allowed our bodies to enjoy the pleasure.

Julie pulled her body up off of mine, as she whispered into my ear, "If you want me, you'll have to get me from behind. You're cock feels deeper inside me that way". Without a moments hesitation I was up kneeling behind her perfect ass with my cock lined up and ready to enter her waiting cunt. stuffing myself into her, I started pumping in and out of her with slow deep long strokes, letting my balls slap against her clit at the bottom of each stroke. As Julie achieved her first orgasm I increased my pace grabbing her hips and pulling her back onto me with each thrust.

Her cunt was still so tight that it didn't take long for me to feel the cum boiling in my balls and working up through the base of my cock. Then with one last giant thrust I pushed my cock deeper into her then ever before, as my cum pulsed through the tip of my cock head. Once again the condom preformed its function and collected my life giving seed sparing her young fertile womb from possible impregnation. With the final pulse we fell to the bed in the afterglow of our mutual orgasms. Once again we had satisfied each others basic a****l needs.

As we lay there, Monica rolled over to face us and smiled seeing the pleasure in each of our eyes. I thought that Monica had been asl**p, but she was awake and had just been laying there with her back towards us listening to our passions explode. Not saying a word Monica reached down and took my still condom covered cock in her hand, and started removing the condom from my now softening cock.

Carefully she brought the cum filled latex sleeve up to her mouth and sucked the entire contents of it in. For the next thirty seconds she sucked the cum from the used condom in her closed mouth and then removing the deflated empty condom with her fingers dropped it off to the side of the bed.

Monica moved forward and kissed Julie with a deep passionate lovers kiss. The fresh taste of my cum and Julie's own vaginal secretions mingled between their mouths as her tongue pushed the last remains of the fluids from her mouth. As their lips parted Monica told me that she thought I would enjoy watching her and Julie tasting our mingled juices together. With our three bodies laying there tightly held together we drifted back off to sl**p. Only to be waken by the morning light.

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