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Circus of the Mind - Small Condom Shopping

Wow! My heart is racing and I can feel the wetness on the tip of my cock. Actually, I am soaking wet! I just had an awesome “small condom” shopping experience! If you are guy that is into “small cock” teasing or humiliation, you may enjoy this as a way to breathe some reality into the fantasy. I like to think of this as Circus of the Mind performance. One of my favorite “Circus” performances involves shopping for small condoms and engaging unwitting female store attendants in the show. The experience gives me such a rush…my heart races and, when it works out, my cock gets dripping wet. Plus, you never end up buying these condoms because no one stocks them, lol! Here are a few true stories to illustrate the process.

I was in the airport and walked in one of the gift shop/newsstand stores. There was a very attractive, young girl of mixed ethnicity (Caucasian/Asian) working the register. She was tall, probably 5’8”, with long black hair. There were a few ladies checking out and I could her speaking to them. Her English was good so I knew she would understand the nuance of the conversation she was about to have with me. I have found that stores in airports and hotels are the best place to do this. You are more likely to find attractive girls working in these places than in convenience stores. That said, I’ve had some good experiences in those places too.

As I waited for the ladies to leave the register, I had high hopes for a quick little mind fuck before heading to baggage claim. Once the coast was clear, I took a pack of regular condoms off the rack and walked to the register. I acted shy and hesitant as I slid them to her and asked, “Do you happen to have these in the small size?” She laughed lightly before seeming to catch herself and realizing it might not be polite to laugh. My heart was pounding as I stood before her and basically let her know, albeit indirectly, that I have a small penis. She told me that this was all they had. I thanked her and returned the condoms.

I turned around and she was smiling at me. I decided to hang out for a bit longer to let her think about what I just asked. It is a bit of a rush to be standing around knowing your new co-star in the Circus of the Mind is thinking about your little penis. I walked towards her and was heading over to the magazine rack. As I passed, I said, “They always seem to have plenty of large ones on the shelf but never the other.” She smiled but seemed so off balance, it was HOT! As I scanned the magazine rack, she asked me if I was here for business or lived here. Looking back on it, I think she may have actually been hitting me and she was a beauty! Who knows, maybe she likes the little ones. I was too wrapped up in the mental circus to handle that one well. I told her I was here for business and returned to the register with a magazine. She looked so hot and my heart was still pounding…I’m sure my hands were shaking as well. I added, “It’s embarrassing to have to have to ask for small ones.” She smiled understandingly, “No, it’s okay” and asked for my credit card. She held out her hand like she was holding a card…the gesture looked just like the “small sign” with her thumb and index finger extended, ha! I laughed and asked her, “Did you just give me the small sign?!” She started laughing really hard and denied it. It was hilarious and hot, hot, hot! Before I left, she mentioned that some of the stores outside the airport may have a larger selection. I thought about that comment for just a second and said with a smile, “You just did it again didn’t you? I need a ‘smaller’ selection, not larger!” I think she had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard. She was such a good helper and a great sport. As I walked to baggage claim, I could feel the wetness on my thigh and my thin tan slacks had a large wet spot…I was literally dripping wet!

Here are a couple shorter stories that show other scenarios and outcomes. I was on a business trip and staying on the strip in Las Vegas and had just finished an early morning workout. On my way to grab a bagel and coffee in the hotel, I noticed a hot little Asian girl working the kiosk near the escalator in the hotel I was staying at. No one else was around so I had a window of opportunity for a little fun. I stopped and browsed the condoms…she asked if she could help. Pointing to the condoms, I asked her if these were all they had for sale. She told me this was all they had. I shook my head and said, “Man, condoms are frustrating! Manufacturers and stores buy tons of regular and large condoms but no one ever stocks small ones. Life is tough enough for small guys, and it is even tougher when we can’t buy condoms that fit, ha! She laughed with me and agreed that they should have “little ones too.” With that, she suggested a pharmacy down the street that may stock “little ones.” I saw her the next morning and she asked if I found what I was looking for. It was hot to know that she remembered our conversation and was worried about my little penis being protected.

There was a convenience store near my home that I regularly stopped at to pick up odds and ends. The girls working there were always friendly and, it seemed, a little flirty. They were always complementing me about my clothes, hair, and smile. Over the course of a few months, I got to know them a little and at least recognized them when I went in the store. I never really flirted back… just picked up what I needed and headed home. I was about to move and thought I’d give them a little mind fuck before I left. In this particular store, the condoms were located behind the counter. I asked one of the girls (two were working) if they had any slim fit or small condoms. She looked and couldn’t find any. She said they had some ultra-thin condoms. I could tell she wasn’t quite registering what I was suggesting to her. I told her I couldn’t really read the labels from where I was and asked if there were any that said “small.” I added, “The regulars are too big around…that’s why I was looking for slim fit or small ones.” My cock was getting hard as I progressed through the conversation. She was diligent and was going through all the brands when her co-worker asked what she was looking for. She told her and the new girl’s look was priceless…a combination of shock and trying to not to laugh. They both began to look through the selection. It was hot to have two girls focused on finding little condoms for my cock. I’m sure they had a lot of fun with that request after I left.

I had an attractive and polished middle-aged black woman helping me one time. In this store, they only had one brand and, oddly enough, all they had in stock were large condoms. I asked her about that and told her I actually need small ones but was surprised they didn’t even have the average size. She looked at me thoughtfully and smiled in agreement. “I know, right? I noticed that myself and thought about asking the manager but didn’t. It isn’t right.” She suggested some other stores in the airport and said, “Don’t worry sugar, we all come in different colors and sizes… it’s all good!”

There was an attractive white girl working the register in one of the newsstands in the airport. The store wasn’t busy so I thought I would have a little fun. I checked out the condom selection the store and saw two rows of condoms, large and regular. I moved several of the large condom boxes over the regular row so that both rows had “large” condoms on the fronts. I left the condoms, grabbed a soda, and approached the register. She was smiling and friendly. As she was ringing up the drink, I asked her if they had more condoms other than what was already out. She said everything they had was out. I faked an embarrassed pause and asked her why they only stock large condoms and not smaller ones. She smiled and her eyes seemed to light up. She seemed to enjoy the little mid-day rush from having this vague discussion about cock size with a complete stranger. “I don’t know why…I guess it’s because that’s what all guys wish they were. ” I laughed and added, “Women too I expect…” Another customer stepped in behind me at the register and we dropped the conversation as I paid for the drink. She wished me good luck and suggested another store in the concourse as I was leaving.

My final story on this theme is one where I really pushed the envelope with a pharmacy technician. I had been to this pharmacy before and was waiting until the time was right. The right time means no customers and only female technicians and female pharmacists in the pharmacy. I went through the usual conversation and, because there were no other customers around, I asked her if she could check the computer to see if they could order some. She agreed and turned the screen to me as we scanned all the condoms they could order…carefully looking for any name that suggested a “small” condom. She made a lot of supportive comments about how many large and extra-large options and didn’t think it was fair that they didn’t offer smaller options. I added that the real challenge was that the regular ones were too big around for me and tended to slip off. I squirmed a lot with this one, and I imagine she thought about that long after I was gone.

There are obviously many scenarios and variations you can play with. Based on my experience, I suggest you act a little embarrassed and hesitant…like you really don’t want to ask the question but need to because safety is important. Be a gentleman and more often than not, the ladies that are sweet or a little naughty will feel some empathy for you and want to help you and your little friend ;-)

Hope you enjoyed a little Circus of the Mind - Small Condom Edition

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