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Exhibitionist Wife Lana Gives An

Lana's husband is addicted to watching his wife tease horny strangers at the public nude beach! They play this game, she parks in a spot where voyeurs will approach and they do. They usually ask politely if she wants company. She lets them sit close, but some guys dont ask and try and peek at her big 38DD tits, shaved pussy and huge clit like this guy did through the umbrella only to fall victim to Lana giving him an Evil Tease! She lays back with her legs wide open exposing the most delicious pussy, casually pulling and touching her lips while smiling towards the guy who keeps looking under the umbrella. Her husband watches from the dunes then walks around unknown to the voyeurs that her is married to her and he sneeks his video of what the other guys see! It gets Lana and her husband hot! The guys that are polite and quietly watch her tease get the best view. She casually touches her pussy lips, pulls them and plays with them but not in a "sexual way". Her husband texts her and tells her to dust sand off her pussy or to touch her tits while this total stranger watches from only a few feet away. The guy ends up stroking his cock while she spreads her legs for him all the while her husband is walking past and taking pics of the scene she is making! The lucky voyeur is in perfect position and he lays down on his belly to dry hump his towel while watching Lana. Her pussy right in his face! But then at the end she gets annoyed as a few too many lookers start to draw attention and ruin the scene but not before we get her casual innocent and yet very very naughty tease on video. rules!

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