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Mall Bathroom . . . Part 1

This story is about the first time I had sex.

One day, early on a Friday actually, I was strolling through the mall after a half-day of school. Since it was, after all midday, not many people were around. A few older couples and singles, the employees of course, some harried looking moms with whining toddlers, and a few girls who I'd glimpsed before around school, annoyingly giggling whenever I passed them. I guess a eighth-grade guy is banned from walking around a mall alone for some reason. Like it's evil that I was shopping for a sweater, some jeans, and then meeting up with my friends for a movie.

Well, anyway, so far all the stores were ridiculously over-priced, and I was getting nowhere. It didn't help that the dressing-room person was wearing clothes that should NOT, under any circumstances be worn to any job except maybe at a nightclub. This did give me a boner, and while I jerked off in the dressing room, it made me extremely hungry. So, after cleaning off, I headed to the food court.

Just as I was about to order Burger King, my mom's persistent reminders floated through my head. "Always wash your hands before you eat, unless you want to get sick." Always one to observe my mother's credos, I headed off to the bathrooms, only to find, frustratingly, that the men's room was being cleaned.

"Probably the janitor just closed it off so he can jerk off in peace," I snorted, annoyed.

Not wanting to skip washing my hands, and now feeling an urge to pee, I headed into the "f****y stall," one of those multi-gender rooms that is for, I suppose, moms with toddlers.

I walked inside, locked the door, and yanked my pants down, do I could piss. However, at that very moment, one of the girls who was walking around the mall earlier walked right in.

Startled I turned toward her, just as my penis started pissing. All over her. And all over her white shirt. While she stood there in shock, the door swung back closed. My cock quickly grew hard in my hand.

To be continued . . .

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