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My friend Steve and I had been lovers for awhile and every now and then we would get together and just fuck ourselves silly I always played the submissive role which is the way i liked it! Nothing like feeling a guy cum inside you... his balls tighten up his breath quickens and you know your going to get it soon thrashing and bucking as he pummels your ass with his cock he throws his head back and drives deep inside you splashing spunk all up in your manhole! Gets me hard just thinking about it! Anyway on with the story...Steve had an older b*****r Eddie I knew for a fact that Eddie had slept with a guy before because I heard his wife had busted them together in bed she took off after that and Eddie was all alone in the apartment! Hmmm I thought maybe I can seduce Eddie too! That would be great having both b*****rs as lovers... Eddie had a huge cock too I watched him take a piss one night when we were hanging out in the woods partying I watched it hanging out of his pants but that was before I entertained the idea of sex with a guy anyway I got an idea Steve told me his b*****r always jogged around the park at night so I got myself a jogging suit and some running sneaks dirtied them up a bit so he wouldn't know I had just bought them and on that friday night I went to the park too! I sat in my car waiting for him to show up and when he did I waited until he got ahead a ways and I took off after him I can't run for shit and I almost died trying to catch him I tried not to look too winded as I pulled up next to him "Hey Eddie what are you doing here?" I said He looked over and smiled " Hi Billy whats going on?" "nothin new just trying to burn off a few calories" I joked " Yeah me too" he said we jogged around for a little while until I couldn't take it any more and I faked a pulled hamstring after that we walked until we got back to my car " So want to go get a beer or something it's been a while what do you say? come on I'm buying!" "What the hell!" he said I'm not in the mood to jog tonight anyway" We were both kinda sweaty even though we hadn't run that far and when Eddie said he wanted to take a quick shower first I had an idea! "It's a long way to my house do you mind if I take one at your place too?" "Sure why not!" he said "Gotcha" I thought smiling on the inside so we drove off to his place which was a nice apartment in a quiet building I commented on how nice the place looked!Snooping around as I was doing looking for the bedroom there it was nice big bed we were going to need it if things went my way... "Grab yourself a cold one!" Eddie yelled as he ducked into the bathroom I waited until I heard the water running in the shower for a few minutes then I took my clothes so fast you'd have thought I had breakaway clothing on and naked I slipped into his bathroom he didn't notice me until it was too late I slipped into that shower as bold as you please fortune favors the bold I was thinking as I moved close fast I grabbed his cock as I slipped my hand behind his neck and drew him to me kissing him fully on the mouth he did not resist at all on the contrary he responded by slipping me his tongue and his cock was getting fatter by the second I broke off the kiss and slowly began kissing my way down his well muscled body his blond hair was hanging down and his beautiful blue eyes watched me with interest as I made my way down past hid navel down to his pubes I kissed my way all the down his penis planting a big one on the end of it sliding my tongue into the tip that brought a gasp of pleasure from him I licked him all over his cock head while stroking him with my right hand and massaging his balls with my left well he quickly filled up that thing with hot bl**d it got long and fat with purple veins running all over his pale cock! He was almost ready his hand was behind my head and he began pumping into my mouth I pulled back and licked his dick like a popsickle as he moaned with pleasure closing his eyes I got up and turned around presenting to him my firm little bottom all nice and lubricated from the lotion I found while I was snooping around his bedroom he opened his eyes and saw me I smiled and wiggled my ass at him "Come on lover do me!" I said in my sexiest voice He couldn't resist me then and moved tward me slipping between my legs his cock was sticking straight out and lined up perfectly with my ass! It slid between my cheeks and it was my turn to gasp as he found my rosebud I began moving up and down sliding him deeper with each push and when I was ready I said "Fuck me Eddie!" "Fuck Me!" and he grabbed my hips and thrust that big polish keilbasa right up inside me! "OH My God!!" I gushed "Eddie it's so big I love it!" Eddie didn't say anything at first he was just testing the waters but as he got more familiar with me he got bolder and moved even closer so he could do me with long steady strokes I was in heaven he was hitting my prostate he was so long and fat it gave me a massive hard on too and it was dripping precum I could feel it oozing out my cock I grabbed my dick and began to jerk myself off I wanted to cum when he did and I felt like it was going to be soon and as his hips began to slam into my asscheeks I could feel him getting ready to blast me so I got myself ready too he leaned forward and kissed me on my neck hard sucking the skin giving me a hickey! "Crap I'm going to have to hide that!" I thought as I bucked myself back against him driving him even deeper and with a load moan he began to cum I swear I could feel him as it pumped into me filling my ass with his spunk I came during all this blasting the far wall of his shower and as it ran down the wall I scooped it up and then pushed forward popping him out of me I deposited the handful of cum into my gaping hole and then grabbed him and rammed him back into me driving my cum up inside me as well and he pumped me a bunch more times until he collapsed against me! We stayed like that for a while then he pulled out I spun around and pushed him back under the water "Lets get you cleaned up!" I said grabbing the soap and lathering up my hands I washed his cock and balls gently slowly stroking him "Lets finish our shower and get a beer sound good!" "You bet" I said kissing him softly and I turned around and let him soap my back and butt and we stepped out the shower sqeaky clean at least I was on the outside anyway! As we toweled off he looked at me and shook his head smiling I laughed and ran out of the bathroom now that was fun! We had a beer in the kitchen in our underwear just talking catching up on what we were doing but then I had to get going I promised Mom I would pick her up a few things at the store so I got dressed and kissed him goodbye but not before getting his number so I could arrange another hook up I was far from done with this guy believe it! A few days later Steve calls "Lets get together tonight" he says "Why not" I replied you get the beer I'll buy a pizza "sounds good" he said and he hung up.
That evening I was home I had already picked up the pie and was hanging out on the couch just veggin there goes the door and in comes Steve he's got the beer so we're good! We say hello I grab his junk and run when he takes a swing at me! So we adjourn to the living room after we set up the kitchen table with the pizza and put the beer in the fridge so we grab a couple of slices and grab a beer and hit the couch and were just having fun eating pie and drinking the beer when Steve suggested taking it into the bedroom "Sounds good to me" I said and marched off with my drink. When I got in the bedroom I took off my clothes and lay on the bed posing as sexy as I could! Steve came in and said lets do something different are you up for a little bondage? "Sure" I said " why not baby sounds like fun!" So he tied me to the bed but positioned me so that my ass was high in the air and my front was face down my legs were spread wide and I was anticipating getting fucked this way but thats not how it went before I knew what was happening I got a belt whipped across my ass! "Hey! what the fuck Steve!" Steve just grinned and said take this b*****r fucker "WHACK" I got another lash across my bum "Who said you could fuck Eddie?" Oh shit I thought he knows! Eddie told me you ran into him jogging you don't jog you lazy bitch! And he rained down all over my ass I could feel it glowing red! All I could do was say "OH" every time he hit me "I'm sorry I didn't think you'd get mad hey he's over twenty and can screw who ever he wants!" "You like his big fat dick huh! Like it in your ass do you? Well I got something to stretch out that frisky little hole of yours!" Oh Shit I thought whats he going to do now? "Hey come on man I was just having fun!" I said " Yeah well now its my turn to have some fun!" he said and I felt something oily running down the inner crack of my ass Uh Oh i had an idea what he was up to and when he slid his finger into me I knew he stuck that finger all the way up inside me and wiggled it around "Very good" he said "your clean!" "Of course" I said "I figured we were going to fuck so I needed to be clean can't have you pulling out a dirty willy!" "Well thanks for that but your still going to get whats coming to you!" he said slipping another digit into me and then another until he had all four inside me and then half his hand! I was moaning and he said your gonna like this and he jammed his thumb in there too and began opening his fingers stretching me out until I thought I would rip but I have a rubber asshole and it just kept opening then he grabbed my throbbing cock and began jerking me off while he rammed his hand into my anus it slid past and in until I was wrapped around his wrist I was bucking and moaning the pain was awful and when he made a fist inside me I almost died! He pulled it almost out and twisted it around and stretched me out some more then when he had me as he wanted me he pulled it out all the way and punched his way into my ass in and out it went smashing into me deeper and deeper it felt like it was in to his elbow this was my first time for everything the bondage the whipping and now the fisting I was in sensory overload but strangely it felt good to be completely dominated was liberating in a way I had never known before and I gave into it completely I begged him to fuck me, I pushed back at him when he plunged inside I bucked against the hand around my cock and suddenly I was cumming cumming like I had never came before I gushed all over his hand and onto my sheets screaming and crying as I went!
He pulled his fist out of my well stretched ass and went into my bathroom in a few minutes he came back "Got a present for you" he said and smeared my cum all over my face! I looked up at him and smiled "that was fun!" I said "We're not done yet" he said and before I could blink he shoved his cock down my throat! "GAAAAGHHH" I said as I had to take him balls deep into me my nose was in his pubic hair and it tickled his balls were on my chin and I couldn't breathe until he began fucking my face and I could draw a breath when he pulled back the spit was running out of my mouth running down my chin soaking his balls faster and faster he pumped into me I could see he was trying to get off and he did he rammed it all the way in and I could feel the cum pumping down my throat as he exploded moaning and holding my head tight against him again I couldn't breathe and this time he didn't pull back and soon I was seeing spots before my eyes and I don't remember anything after that! I woke up with a start I was untied and laying on my bed Steve was looking at me with a worried look on his face "Hey baby your back man you scared the shit out of me I thought I killed you or something!" "How are you feeling?" I looked at him and said "Well lets see I've been hog tied,had my butt beaten red with a belt then had my ass plowed like a kentucky corn crop and then to top it off I was almost choked to death by your big fat cock! So I guess I'd say "I'm fine!" " That was amazing I have never came so hard in my life!" "My ass is really sore but it was worth it! Thank you!" He laughed and said "I thought you'd be mad!" "I thought you were mad!" I said "About Eddie and all" He shook his head bent over and kissed me "No I was never mad I just thought it would be a great fantasy fuck and it was! Sorry if I hurt you but that was part of it y'know!" "Yeah I know go get me a beer will you my throats sore!" He got me one and we hung out for awhile talking and watching the tube I fell asl**p and when I woke up he was gone at first I thought I might have dreamed it but my still sore ass told me different! OMG that was the monster fuck of my young life...wonder if I can get both b*****r's in bed?.....Hmmnnnn

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