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Weirdo story 2

I love spiders. I see your adorable body in front of me. You are on the table, just the naughty nylon touches your soft skin. I like you, feel the tickling of the nylon on my tongue. Again I start to become hard. Your bald skull, your face – everything makes me horny. The breasts are moving up and down as you breathe. A kind of fear and shame is in your eyes – and a enormous desire and lust. I take a little box and show it to you. You can see three big spiders insides – just like the one I sent you as picture. They are crawling … thick bodies, full of littler spider-eggs. Its time for them to loose their eggs so they can grow and become little spiders. Before I will implant them I want them to examine your body.

The worms inside of you now have settled down in your intestine. They suck at the gut wall and will never leave your body again, only if I use some medicine to kill them. They will breed another generation of worms, till you are just a birth-machine your shit-eating little stinky a****ls…I touch your stomach, touch your belly through the nylon… I think I can almost feel the living spaghetti through your body…a feeling of horniness arouses in my brain an of course in my dick. I see your fully shaved pink girlie-pussy spread wide from the stick between your knees. Your are wet…a little dirty bitch getting wetter and wetter. I look into your eyes…the medicine to calm you and the d**gs slowly fade. You begin to realise not only in a mood of absence of your will but also in terrifying clearness what happens to you. You can feel the bites of the worms as they use your intestine…you want to cry out, you want to move. But all in vain. Your are my slave. You are nothing but a subject of lust and perverted sexuality. THIS IS YOUR SEXUALITIY – you want to be a subject, a nothing, a piece of raw abusive flesh, nothing else but a a****l farm.

I take one of the spiders out of the box. Your perfect shining wet and lutful pussy opens wired. The lips are swollen as I used a vacuum-pump to make them huge and fleshy. The spider moves its eight legs, I show you the little a****l. Now I take it and sit it on your pussylips…it crawls, runs on your soft genital skin, you feel the legs move…the spider is very curious of the body beneath its legs and starts a journey inside your vagina. It is very notable to watch the little a****l…you can see it on a screen over your head…large and full of details. I get my horny dick hard and big as I see the perfect picture. You wind and try to move, but you are bound strong. I see the lust insides your eyes, as the spider enters the hole of your sexuality… it crawls deep inside of you, the tickling makes you crazy, you are almost close to an orgasm. You moan, you breath hard and intermittent, you turn left and right – just millimetres…your breast almost are shaking…the spider reaches the opening of your cervix. At this moment the little a****l bites you, injects its poison inside your flesh and crawls through the little hole at the cervix inside your uterus. Here it lays down, builds a cocoon and puts the spider eggs in for two weeks. After this time, you will give birth to hundreds of little spiders, crawling all the way back to freedom, their mum made the past minutes. A very intense orgasm runs through your body… Your eyes glare in full perverted joy… You are pregnant now, my honey. I come over to your head, my hard dick wants to touch your body, the nylon… I take another injection needle, fill it with a sedativum to make you my object of lust and again you loose any will… I open your mouth and stick my hard penis inside… I penetrate your face, your mouth, your throat. After a few minutes I cant stand anymore and all my hot juice squirts out and runs down to your stomach. I feed the worms…

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