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Beach Fun And More

It was a beautiful morning in late July, the sun was shining and it was already getting too warm for anything but a pair of shorts. I had parked up in town to collect an application form to fill in and as it was my day off I had planned to get back home to do some jobs. As it turned out, this wasn’t going to be an ordinary Monday.

I was returning to my car when I looked up straight into the eyes of a woman struggling with a pay & display machine. Before I realised what was happening, I called over to her, “Is it not working? It was fine a few minutes ago”
She shook her head and fumbled with a 5p, trying to get it in the slot. I was alongside her now trying to look helpful. She had shoulder length black hair, a black waistcoat and dark coloured pants. She seemed to have a good figure and I guessed her age was probably late thirties, maybe early forties.
It was obvious that the machine was being awkward so I asked, “How long do you want?”
“An hour” She replied.
“I’m going now, you could have my ticket if you want.” I suggested.
She looked at me, probably wondering why she was talking to a strange bloke in the street.
I added, “It’s a nice day, I’ve only used 5 minutes and its too hot for getting frustrated with parking meters.”
“You’re absolutely right, thank you very much. I’m already very hot.”
“You most certainly are” I blurted without thinking. I wasn’t sure what to do next, apologise or run. This was not a conversation I normally had with strangers but I think the heat of the morning had fried my brains.
Her eyes locked onto mine as she smiled uncertainly, “You are very kind” she said as she turned to walk away.
“What are you doing in an hour?” I called after her.
She turned back to me, still looking uncertain “ What did you have in mind?”
“It’s a beautiful day for doing no work and suntan cream is easier with two people” I replied.
Quickly writing my mobile number on a scrap of paper I passed it over to her. “My name’s Gerry, Gerry Saunders. Give me a ring if you have time”
She took the piece of paper, smiled and walked off.
I didn’t believe what I had done, Slightly embarrassed I got in the car and drove off thinking, ‘I even made up a false name, what is wrong with me today.’

A little while later I was concentrating on completing the form when my mobile started vibrating on the desk. “Hello?”
“Hi, is that Gerry?” asked a woman’s voice.
“Yes” I replied cautiously.
“My name’s Janine, we met in town a while ago and you mentioned about sunbathing?”
“Oh, er, hi, yes that’s right” was my lame response wondering what would happen next.
“Pick me up in half an hour, we’ll go down to the beach”
I quickly scribbled her address down as the call ended. The day was looking like it could be getting interesting.

When she got into my car, her clothes had changed to loose fitting baggy T shirt and sweat pants. She seemed a lot more confident and we chatted as I drove.
Janine was also on a day off from work and it turned out that I knew her boss as he had bought from a company I used to work for. It wasn’t long before we had arrived and I grabbed the towels, suncream and an ice box from the car.
“I know a great place for sunbathing in the dunes, it’s not far and really peaceful.”
“Lead on Gerry” she smiled.

My sunbathing spot was a hollow in the middle of three dunes, ringed with stunted trees and totally unoverlooked as the nearest proper path was nearly 60m away.
Janine dropped her stuff on the sand and said ,”I was beginning to think this was a nature ramble, but you’re right, this place is great.”
There was a slight breeze blowing from the sea as I laid out a travel rug to sit on before opening the cool box and passing an ice cold coke to Janine.
“Thanks. Now, take your shirt off and lets get started”
“Sorry?” I asked confused.
Patiently Janine explained, “Take off your shirt so that I can rub the lotion on for you.”
I mumbled an apology as I whipped off my T shirt and started rubbing lotion all over my face and neck. The next thing I knew was that her strong hands were kneading my shoulders as she rubbed in the cream. It was incredibly relaxing and I groaned with pleasure.
“We’ll have less of that. Anybody would think we were here to enjoy ourselves” Janine laughed. “My turn now”, She added as she turned her back to me and removed her shirt. I was already rubbing in the lotion and massaging her shoulders like she had done to me, when I realised that there were no straps in the way. Janine was topless.

I must have hesitated as she turned around, looked me in the eyes and said, “Now before your hands apply the cream, you must make sure they are absolutely clean, OK?”, as she guided my mouth to her left nipple. Within a matter of seconds I had made acquaintances with both of her fantastic breasts. They were not huge, but well proportioned and shut out all sound as I buried my head between them, making sure they were kissed and licked all over.

By the time that I had finished rubbing lotion over her chest I had a raging erection and Janine rubbed her hand over my crotch playfully, “That’s nice darling, hold that thought, you have some more cleaning to do.”
Bending over, she quickly removed her pants, turned round, pushed me down on to the floor and straddled my head. My nose was less than an inch from her dripping slit and I couldn’t fail to realise she was completely bald. She was already turned on, her outerlips were swollen and her inner lips glistened with natural lubrication.

“Well? What are you waiting for? Make me clean!” She demanded as she lowered herself to my mouth. Her aroma was overpowering, a musky but slightly sweet smell that blended well with the tart pussy juice that covered my face. I soon found her clit and it wasn’t long before she was moaning and grinding her hips around my head. I could tell she was getting close to orgasm so I changed pace and slowed down to allow her to last longer. A few fast and slow sections had her screaming for release, I hope nobody heard because it was really loud. Not wishing to disappoint, I gripped her wonderful arse cheeks roughly as my tongue flicked over her clit at top speed. Janine was shaking all over and her hips were thrusting so much around my head I thought she would break my neck. With one final cry she collapsed over me still shaking and I held her for a while until she recovered.

Getting up, she smiled at me, “I’m sure glad I met you this morning! Thank you. Now, how about some lotion for my legs, hmm?” I wasted no more time in making sure that every last inch of her skin was coated in the sun cream, paying particular attention to the smooth hairless region between her legs. Janine only made a comment when I made sure that her ringpiece was sufficiently coated, inside and out.
“That’s very nice but is it really necessary?” she asked.
“Only trying to do my job, we don’t want sunburn do we?” I replied cheekily.
“No, so it’s about time we finished you off”, she smiled, “So to speak”
My cock was straining for release again as she slowly removed my shorts, millimetre by millimetre.
Once I was completely naked she took one look at my knob and exclaimed, “No, that’s just not good enough”. As you can imagine, I was a little hurt and my cock shrank rapidly until she explained, “Sorry, my men have to be bald too”. She reached back for her bag and brought out a can of shaving mousse and a razor. My cock had more or less completely vanished by now but as she applied the mousse and started shaving I relaxed and started to enjoy the sensation. It didn’t take long before Janine was tutting about my hard on getting in the way. A while later she announced completion of the project and it was a strange feeling to have no hair below my navel. My shaven legs felt cold from every little breeze and my pubic area reminded me of a freshly thawed chicken before it goes into the oven.

Quickly, Janine applied the sun protection to my legs before announcing that I needed a wash. Before I even realised what was happening, my stiffening cock was at the back of her throat while her tongue darted around underneath. She quickly built up a rhythm of in, out, slurp, lick and back in again. Her mouth was so hot I was surprised I lasted as long as I did. When I did climax, Janine swallowed me deeper than ever and I shot my load straight down her throat. She went on to polish all the cum off my knob before quickly applying the sunblock. We lay there for a while to absorb the rays and recover from our exertions, it was a strange feeling to be lying outside, in public with no clothing and no body hair either.
“Do you want a drink?” she asked as she crawled away on all fours towards the coolbox.
“Yes, please” I said mesmerised by her swaying buttocks and the smooth cunt beneath.

Before she realised she was vulnerable, I was up behind her rubbing my cock up and down her well lubricated slit, finding the spot I plunged straight in and she moaned with pleasure. My cock was stiffening further and she rocked her hips gently to make sure it was all the way in. I grabbed a cold coke can from the box and touched it to her nipple and she screamed. It hardened immediately and I did the same trick to the other one. Janine cursed me and tried to pull away but I pulled her back onto my cock and applied the can to her clit. Again she screamed but this time it was encouragement. I cracked the can and poured a little on to her back before licking it up. She started to squirm on my knob, building up a rhythm with her hips, I poured a small amount of coke between her bum cheeks and felt it run down around my balls. We had now got a good pace going that I managed to maintain as I stood up holding on to her legs so that she was supporting herself on her hands. Slowly I made her walk on her hands while keeping the fucking pace going, she was going out of her mind she was enjoying it so much. Just as we stopped she started convulsing and that brought about my climax as well. We both collapsed on to the sand, shaking and out of breath.
“Christ that was good” she exclaimed in between breaths, “can you take me home? I need a shower.”
We grabbed our gear and shakily went back to the car. If it hadn’t been an automatic I don’t think we would have made it in one piece.

“Would you like to join me?” She asked, stepping out of the car.
Not needing to be asked twice I followed her through the front door and up the stairs.
“The bathrooms in there” she said, “help yourself, I will be in in a minute”
I was relaxing in the cool jets of water when I felt a movement of air as Janine entered the shower behind me. Quickly she soaped me all over before concentrating on a soapy massage. It was so relaxing to be washed and massaged at the same time that I didn’t immediately realise that she had a finger right up my arsehole. The soap allowed her to slide smoothly in and out and my relaxed muscles meant that the second finger was just bearable. I noticed that my cock was hard again and I was gently pushed forward so that I was supporting my weight on my hands as my cock and arse were massaged. The fingers were removed smoothly to be replaced by something bigger and stiffer and I realised she must be using a strap-on. It was a really tight fit but she was patient and after a while we got into a very comfortable rhythm and I found it different but still very arousing. I couldn’t see anything for the spray but I heard the bathroom door open and footsteps coming in. I was about to panic when the curtain was pulled away and Janine was standing there starkers saying “Is this a private party or can anybody join in?” This was followed by a grunt from behind me, I could feel the dildo quivering and it felt like it was actually ejaculating. I was a little confused because it was obvious that I did not know who was behind me and it was quite a shock to feel another pair of balls behind me.
“I see you’ve met my b*****r, James. You seem to be getting along well” Said Janine approvingly.
She turned off the shower and supported my arms as James carried my legs still with his cock in me, over to the bedroom where Janine lowered herself back onto the bed. With a little help from her, James guided my throbbing member straight into her honeypot. Janine held my head and kissed me softly as she rocked her hips under mine. Soon James was fucking my arse as I pulled out of his s****r. When I was in again he was out and it was an amazing feeling to be fucking and fucked at the same time. We carried on at a steady pace for a while and then suddenly they both speeded up. It was too much for me and I unloaded into Janines sopping cunt just before she started quaking and James pulsed his cum into my back passage again. We lay together spent until James went to clean up.

Janine turned to me, kissed me and expressed her thanks for not freaking out when her b*****r joined in. I explained that it was a new experience for me and that I had enjoyed it immensely. Janine turned me onto my back before lowering her mouth to my limp cock and giving it a thorough cleaning. I was enjoying her expert licking when James came back.
“I owe you an apology for the deception” He said.
“You don’t have to apologise, I really enjoyed it.“ I replied. “When I got over the shock that is”
I looked at James and it was obvious that they were twins. They were of similar stature, he was only about 5’4” tall and very slim.
“Have you two finished yapping?” Janine said coming up for air, “I need Gerry’s tongue in my cunt, you can apologise later if you must”

She quickly changed ends and lowered her crotch onto my face for the second time that afternoon and I swiftly had her moaning with the sensations from her hot snatch. I could tell James was on the bed as well but it was only when he grabbed my dick and slowly impaled himself that I knew what he was doing. His arse was very tight but he had obviously used some lubricant as we were soon building up a good rhythm. He was controlling it and as he raised up I pulled my hips back so that only the tip of the head was in him and when he sat back down again I flexed the other way and buried my cock to the hilt. Both James and Janine were groaning their appreciation and I had enough problems concentrating on breathing when Janine picked up my right hand and wrapped it around her b*****rs cock. It was quite a shock to hold another mans weapon and I suppose that it shouldn’t have been a surprise that it felt quite similar to mine. It went rigid at my touch and the head swelled dramatically as I pulled his foreskin back. Janine started shaking as her orgasm ripped into her, her pussy juice flooded my face leaving it hot and sticky. She eased off me and collapsed on to the bed still shaking while I continued to slowly wank James as he rode my pole. Janine smiled at me as she used her tongue to clean her pussy juice from my face and when she was finished, we kissed deeply savouring her taste as our tongues battled for dominance. I felt James’ cock twitch and Janine and I watched as my wanking caused him to shoot a huge wad of cum into the air and it landed on my face, closely followed by another three or four spurts. Janine immediately bent to lick her b*****rs sperm from my face and again she kissed me when she had finished. This time though when our mouths met, she shared all the cum in her mouth with me and it was a sharp salty taste, not strong but not unpleasant either. The combination of this new experience and James still riding my cock was too much and I shot load after load deep into his hot arse. James collapsed on the bed next to us spent while Janine and I went back to the bathroom to clean up.

“I hope you are enjoying the afternoon as much as I am” Janine asked as we soaped each other thoroughly, “What did you think of your first taste of another mans cum?”
“It was quite pleasant,” I replied, “I expected it to be horrible but it wasn’t”
“We’ve never shared a partner before, it’s been quite a day. Would you like to stay for something to eat, you must be starving. I know I am”
We dried off and went down to the kitchen still naked. I followed Janine around fondling her nipples and teasing her with my semi erect prick.
“If you’re not going to do anything useful, go upstairs and tell James it’s nearly ready” she commanded slapping my bum as I darted away.
He was still asl**p on the bed as I found myself drawn to his softened prick. I had tasted its sperm and massaged it to climax but I was slightly disturbed to find I was wondering what it would feel like in my mouth. I lay on the bed without him noticing, with my head inches from his half hard prick. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to gently pick it up and flick my tongue over its purple head. I could taste the now familiar salty flavour as I took it into my mouth, the cock stiffening as my tongue flicked around its head. My own prick was fully erect now and it felt really warm and wet, this was when I realised that James was deep throating my cock while I explored his. The realisation that the cock in my mouth was attached to the mouth on my cock aroused powerful feelings in me and caused my cock to twitch as it shot semen down James’ throat. I realised that his cock was also twitching but it was too late, I gagged instead of swallowing and struggled to catch up with the amount of semen pouring into my mouth. I slowly savoured the last salty spurt before swallowing and making sure that his prick was totally clean of spunk. We were just finishing as Janine walked in.
“I told you to get him up not get him off.” Angrily she slapped my backside and quickly fastened my wrists together with handcuffs before doing the same with my ankles.
“Be quiet and do as you’re told” advised James, "You're in for it now!"

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