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Morning Awakening

Warm.Snug.Curled up beneath my duvet,at rest between dream
sl**p and conciousness,my whole body smiled with
contentment.Aware that the morning was approaching but not
willing to acknowledge the fact, I sank back towards oblivion.

The world was a friendly place,safe at home in our bed.The
road was quiet as always,the only sound a bird trilling in the
tree outside the bedroom window.Assured after a good nights sl**p
that there was no need to get up,I slumbered on.

I had heard no sound.I had no warning.I became aware that
the equilibrium of my little world was being changed.Lying on my
right side my dulled senses noticed a movement behind me.A vague
sense of the duvet being lifted caused me no alarm,even when I
felt the bed tilt under me.Gradually becoming more aware I heard
the rustle of movement in the bed.Contact!

Warm feelings flushed through my body as I felt her body
conform to mine.I could detect a myriad of sensations flowing
over me as her hand slowly moved down my side.Feeling the
tenderness of her kiss as her lips touched the nape of my neck,I
cast my mind down my back savouring the feel of her young body
against mine.Her breasts were firm in my back,her legs forward
following mine,all warmth and comfort.

Rousing gently and,as I noticed,becoming aroused,her hand
continued on its travels down my leg until it could reach no
further.Pausing briefly it started moving back upwards again.My
hand rose as I felt the bl**d flowing into my loins,slowly rising
as it became harder and reached behind to rest on her bare
hip.Quickly assimilating this tantalising information,I ran my
hand down her leg as she moved her hand inside my t-shirt.
I could feel my body start to quiver with arousal.Electric
sensations followed her fingertips as they roamed my chest then
moved down to the waistband of my shorts.Slowly I pushed
back,forcing my hips to hers,arching my back as her hand slipped
under the waistband.

I felt my temperature rising as her hand
moved slowly down my left leg inside my shorts.Stopping
quickly,her hand rose along the inside of my thigh teasing the
hairs with her light touch.I observed everything with rapt
attention,her hand moved past the base of my now rigid
cock,flattening the hairs as it passed underneath.Twisting on
top,her hand rubbed slowly up and down the engorged member.The
feeling was exquisite,the wait,the slow build up had all been
worth it.
Moving her hand round,she grasped the base of my cock firmly
and I heard a murmur.
"Good morning",said my wife.
Good morning indeed!

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