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I need a breath of air.

I needed a breath of air. The party was getting loud and I just got caught staring at a beautiful woman in a black dress and sexy black hose.
I slipped out a back door and was sitting on the stairs. I heard the sound of heals coming down the steps. Thinking it was my willful imagination, I didn’t lift my head. Then I feel a leg d****d over my shoulder and a nylon covered calf against my cheek! Instinctively, I reached out and caressed that delicious leg with my hand and kissed and licked the calf against my face!
Then she steps back up one step and lays her leg across the railing. I turn around and stand up. I start kissing and licking that leg, slowly working to the top. As I get closer, I see she is not wearing anything under the silky sheer pantyhose. As I almost get to her pussy, I see her hand slide under the top and she rubs her pussy, the slides her fingers inside! I stop licking for a minute to look up to see her hand coming back out and up to her beautiful face! I am hypnotized as she licks her wet fingers then puts them in her mouth and sucks them clean.
After an audible moan, I return my face to her pussy and start licking it through the nylon. She is very wet and I can taste her through the nylon! I kiss, lick and suck that delicious pussy until I hear audible moans coming from her!
Then she moves down a few stairs to be in front of me, but facing away. Holding on to the railing, she bends over and that gorgeous ass is in my face! I caress the front of her legs while I pull her tight against my face and again taste her through the nylon!
She is rubbing her clit as I lick her pussy. She is about to cum soon, so I take off my pants and pull down those sexy pantyhose just far enough and she lowers herself onto my throbbing cock! I am caressing those legs as she moves up and down and grinds on my cock until I feel her tighten then cover my cock and balls with her cum. Feeling this is too much and I explode inside her.
After we both recover a bit, she stands up, turns around and gathers our cum on her fingers and licks them clean. After she is finished, she pulls her hose back up, bends over and kisses me with her tongue swirling in my mouth!
As I sit there in total amazement, I hear those heels going back up the steps and the door close. Did this really just happen, or was it just a fantasy about A beautiful woman satisfying herself and me with my favorite fetish?

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