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You are alone and going to be for a few hours. You have decided to read the story I wrote. You start to read and you are getting horny. Since you are alone, you decide to indulge yourself. But first, you get up to wear something you know I would like. You go to change and come back to the computer. You are wearing a short silk robe and black stockings. You know how I love the feel of your delicious legs wearing silky stockings on my shoulders when I have my tongue in your pussy!
As you are reading, your hand starts to softly caress you leg and slowly slide up to your inner thigh just above the lace top. You close your eyes for a minute and tilt your head back. Your finger gets closer then finally touches your wet pussy. You rub your clit, and then slide a finger inside imagining it’s my tongue.
Then you feel hands on your shoulders. You don’t know if it’s real or just your imagination. It doesn’t matter; you are just going to give in to either. Now, you feel a soft kiss on your ear and a soft whisper. “I want you too!” Now, these hands slide down your arms then onto your sides and slowly move back up. They move around to the front and gently massage your tits.
Now, you see me. I move around in front of you, kneel down and start caressing your legs. My hands are massaging your calves as my tongue is licking your thigh just above your knee. You reach out and pull my head to your wet pussy. I lick those tasty lips then suck on them. As I do, you start squeezing you own tits. You put your legs over my shoulders and I wrap my arms around your thighs and pull you tight against my mouth. Your hips start to move and you are rubbing your pussy against my face.
You are rubbing your legs across my back as you feel my tongue rapidly licking your clit. Your hips are moving faster and then I bury my tongue as deep as I can into you. You pinch your nipples and then with a few rapid thrusts against my face, I feel you shudder and cover my face with your cum. You hold my head tight against your pussy until you come down a bit.
Now, you stand up and turn around. You bend over the chair and grab the back of your legs. Your hands slide up and pull you thighs apart and you feel my cock slide into you. I start fucking you slow from behind, then faster. It is close enough to your first orgasm, you cum again as I feel your pussy tighten around my throbbing cock. I hold still with my cock deep inside so I can feel every sensation of you cumming.
Now you stand up and turn to face me. I lean over and kiss you as my tongue slides past your lips and into your mouth. Your turn me around and have me sit on the chair. You slowly drop to your knees and kiss and lick the inside of my thigh. Your eyes are locked into mine. Now, you lick further up and start stroking my hard cock. You lean closer and extend your tongue and tease it by lightly licking the underside. When your mouth gets to the top, I see and feel my head sliding across your lips and the the entire length slowly disappears into your hot mouth! I can feel the head of my cock against the back of your throat and my head tilts back with a moan! You slide it back out across your lips the say to me. “Watch me! I know you love it!” I return my stare to see the top of your head and my cock disappearing deep into your mouth again.
You know I can’t hold back any more, so you start stroking my cock while you suck on the head. As I start to cum, you move back far enough so I can see my cum on your lips and cheeks. You then suck it empty and lick it clean then lick your lips! We both stand up and I hold you as we again kiss passionately!
Then I turn you around so you can sit back on the chair. I lean over and lick and suck on your nipples. You close your eyes and tilt your head back.

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