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Behind a door listening to my wife take a monster

My wife April and I have been married for 3 1/2 years. She is 29 and I am 25. She is amazing and very sexy. Blonde hair, brown eyes, D-cup tits, and a big round ass and a tiny body. She is very sexual, she will randomly give me a blowjob and let me fuck her anytime I want. Her blowjobs are amazing, she makes me cum in no time at all. About 2 years into the marriage I started having fantasy's about watching her suck and fuck other men while I watched. I have a 6 inch cock and I always wanted to watch someone with a monster cock fuck her tiny body better than I could. I always hinted to her about finding a friend or another guy for her to fuck and suck his cock. She always just shrugged it off and thought I was k**ding. I would fantasize about coming home after work walking in and finding her sucking on a huge cock.

We had another couple we were friends with named Rob who was 35 and Janet who was 29. We would go over to there house every weekend and get d***k and BBQ and just hang out. One night we went over there and me and Robert were outside and the wives were inside talking. Rob and I would always talk about having sex with our wives and what they were like in bed. Rob's wife Janet was cute but not really sexy in my eyes but he would always tell me how good of a fuck she was. This night Rob was asking me how my wife was and I told him she gave the most amazing head and had the tightest pussy. He would always joke how he would love to fuck her and would every once in awhile would playfully grab her tits and her ass. I knew he wasn't playing but he actually wanted her bad. We were sitting outside when he laid it on me. "How would you feel about swapping wives tonight?" I was instantly turned on by the thought of watching an older guy fuck my wife. I don't know if they would go for it I said. He said his wife would but we just had to get my wife on board.

We went back inside where Rob had two couches in the living room one facing the TV and the other one off to the side. Me and my wife sat on one and Rob and his wife sat on the other. We were watching a movie when Rob said to his wife "Why don't you go sit by Luke, and April why don't you come over here and sit by me?" Janet got up with a grin and My wife actually got up and switched seats. I contributed that to the alcohol even though she wasn't really that tipsy. My wife sat next to him as he looked at her ass as she sat down. He jokingly said "The weather is better over here" as he put his arm around her. She looked at me and grinned as Rob started rubbing her shoulder. Janet scooted next to me but was really shy. Rob asked my wife for a kiss, she looked at me with a smile and I smiled back, She started kissing him and my cock instantly went up. He grabbed her hand and placed it on his pants where his cock was. She started rubbing back and fourth while giggling. Rob's wife started rubbing my cock too but I was too focused on watching my wife with Rob.

My wife unbuttoned Robs pants and he pulled them down exposing his cock. It was massive about 8 1/2 inched and thick as a pop can. I was so turned on by the fact that he was going to fuck my wife's tiny body with that massive dick. Rob started squeezing her tits as she grabbed a hold of him and started stroking him. Janet pulled my pants down and started sucking me but I was still so focused on my wife's hands on his massive cock. He looked at her and said "Why don't you suck on my cock for a little bit" She smiled and got down on her knees and began sucking him barely getting his big cock in her mouth. He groaned as she sucked him. He looked as me and smiled and mouthed the word "Wow", My rock hard cock was getting sucked good by his wife but it was almost like I didn't even feel it.

She must have sucked him for about an hour. Rob's wife ended up being called into work so she had to leave. I didn't mind at all. Rob stood up when his wife left and grabbed my wife's hand and said we should go into the bedroom. My wife went in and got undressed Rob stayed back and said "Are you sure you are alright with this?". Yes I said. He said OK and went into the room and shut the door.I quietly walked to the door and put my ear to it he must have started shoving it in her cause I heard her let out a scream and say "Oh my god, go slow". She was whimpering and saying "Oh my god" over and over again. I could tell when he was thrusting in her cause she let out a whimpering moan every time. I heard her say "I'm cumming" and him speeding up cause I heard his balls slapping against her ass faster and faster until she screamed "Ohh Fuck!!!". I heard her moaning loudly and Rob said "I'm gonna tear your pussy up girl". She giggled and said "You are so much bigger than my husband". I wasn't mad cause it was obviously true.

He fucked her for an hour and she came so many times. He must have pulled out of her cause I heard him say "That pussy is gaping baby". He started fucking her again and saying "You know you like that cock don't ya bitch". She let out a whimpering "Yes". I could hear him fucking her when he said "You want it in your ass baby?". "Yes" she said. I knew he was trying to fit it in her cause she screamed like she was being murdered. "Ohh ya baby, I'm gonna fill you full of big cock". She kept screaming as he must have been fucking her hard. "I bet your husband doesn't fuck you like this" he said. "Who fucks you better baby?"."You do, You do" she whimpered. He must have stopped cause she stopped screaming. I heard her say "Fuck my pussy". It sounded like his bed was going to break apart he was fucking her so fast and hard. " I'm cumming again she said". "Oh my fucking god!!!" she yelled. Shortly after he yelled "I'm cumming baby, where do you want it?". "On my face" she said. I heard the bed stop and Rob let out a thunderous grunt and my wife let out a sounds of satisfaction.

"Damm girl" he said. I ran back and sat on the couch when Rob came out with just his underwear on. He sat on the couch and said "Damm man she wore me out". I laughed and said it sounded like it.I got up and went in the bedroom where she was laying with her legs spread on the bed exhausted and with cum all over her face and in her hair. I looked at her pussy and it was gaping open and her asshole was stretched and swollen. Did you enjoy that baby? I asked her. "Yes" she said "But I'm sore as hell, I don't know if I can walk" she laughed. Thats good I said as I undid my pants and fucked her.

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