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How He Entered Me

I was 17 and my parents let their best friend kevin babie sit me my mom worked double shifts and so did my dad so early that morning at about 3am kevin came to our house and my dad had already left work, my mom was heading out next so she gave me kisses and told kevin to make sure I ate and take my morning bath, so after she left and drove away he called me into the kitchen and asked me if I could cook him breakfast, I said sure, he was always nice to me but as I got older he start looking at me really funny so I really did not get it, after I cooked him breakfast on a Saturday morning he took off his shoes and changed his clothes, he came out sat down and ate so fast and im looking at him like damn kevin do u eat at home and he replied yea silly that's just how real men eat, so I said well u eat like u never eat, when he was done I took his plate into the kitchen and went in my room, it was pretty quiet up front so I tip toed up to the living room and peeked around the corner he was watching porno on the big screen and I was amazed I had never seen prono before so I stood there quietly and watched it like wow it was making me warm in between my legs, next thing u know I see kevin pull out his huge penis and he began to rub it up and down saying oh yea fuck that pussie damn then he moved as if to turn around so I ran back to my room fast and quiet and jumped next thing I know I hear him creeping in the hallway towards my door then I hear the knob turn, so im like oh shoot, then he says cc u sl**p so I don't say anything I pretend to be sl**p and I had not taken off my gown yet so he walks towards my bed and say softly damn she has a nice round ass, and I feel him touch my ass lightly then he pulled my gown up and starts to squeeze and kiis mt ass and im saying to myself oh my goodness he is nasty, so I turn on my back and still play like im sl**p so he waited a minute then I felt him lift my gown and I peeked and saw his dick on rock hard but in a way I was happy and in a way I was so nervous, so he bends down and and spreads my legs then he uses his finger and touches me then he pushed his finger inside me and moves it in and out and im saying to myself this feels so good then I see him put his face so close to my pussie and I feel his tongue flicking my clit so I wake up and I say to kevin what r u doing, he looks at me and says just relax this is just between us don't tell anyone and I mean no one so I said ok, so he gets really nasty and starts to suck my pussie harder and lick it hard and I start making noises and im like ooh kevin please and he says please what then he goes faster and I begin to shake and I start peeing at least I thought it was pee and he kept going then I said no kevin please so he got up and said damn that pussie juice taste so good, im like pussie juice I was so hot and wanted him to do more so he asked me if I ever had a big dick like his before and I said no so he said well u r going to get it todayso he spread my legs real wide and climbed on top of me and worked his big huge dick into my pussie and it was hurting so bad but he would not stop so I said no kevin u r to big and he said shut up girl im fucking u today the way u cummed in my mouth so he kept working it and I was in pain he got it half way and kept pushing and got it in and start moving back and forth and saying in my ear this my pussie u hear me nobody better fuck wit it and I said ok kevin so he star going faster and saying u like daddies dick bitch I said yes and he said start fucking me so hard and deep it was in my belly so he got up to lokk while he was ramming me and he said look at all this cream on my dick yo hot ass pussie mmmm yea bitch so I start moaning and saying I got to pee kevin mmmm no please, and he said shut the fuck up bitch u don't have to pee u just getting ready to cum on daddies big dick that's all then he pulled out and said get on your hands and knees like a dog so I did and he got behind me and shoved his dick in hard and start making me go back and forth on his dick so fast so the cum feeling came back and I said mmmmm please he said please what fuck u faster I said no he said yes he went so fast I was cumming and it was pouring all on my sheets a lot of slim and hid balls were dripping wet, then he said yea bitch gimmie this wett creamy pussie damn im gone nut deep in u shit bitch damn awwwwwwww shit bitch shit and I felt his dock jump inside me 4 times and he made me cumm again on his dick, when he was done he said turn around and clean yo cream and my nut off my dock and I licked it and sucked it until it was clean then he said damn girl do it taste good and I said no so he said oh it don't I said no so he held my head and start pushing his big dick in and out of my nouth, I was trying to pull away and he said hell naw im going to fuck u in your mouth til I nut and his dick grew bigger and harder and then I start to choke and he said yea watch those teeth then he moan and said damn drink all this milk bitch and his big dick start jumping in my mouth and next thing u know thick nut milk was pouring down my throat and he went stiff like damn bitch damn he took his dick out and said now was that milk good and I said yes so he pulled up his pants and told me to go shower and brush my teeth and I said ok then he said everytime I come over be ready to fuck and suck u hear me and I said yes and he said yes what yes what bitch I said yes daddie then he closed the door and I got my clothes together and went and showered before my parents got home...

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