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Got Revenge On my Father....With A Gangbang

My dad was an mean abusive asshole who always looked at me like he wanted to fuck me. Every time I got a boyfriend he would end up threatening them with v******e and they would never speak to me again. My mom couldn't take it anymore and left me and my b*****r with him and Ive never forgiven her for that. My father would always look at me like I was a piece of meat and would stare at me when I got out of the shower or when we went swimming. My b*****r tried to work as many hours as he could so he wasn't around much. The first time I had sex with a guy it was a boyfriend I had tried keeping a secret from my father. One day my Dad said he had to work an overnight shift so I had my boyfriend come over and we were having sex when I my dad came home kicked my door in and beat him up and threw him out. He told me he didn't want any guy touching my body, as he looked me up and down.

That was the last straw for me. I was going to get to him and get revenge the only way I knew how. On the day of my dads birthday I put on the sluttiest outfit I could find and went out into the living room and told him I wanted to give him a special birthday present. His eyes lit up and he jumped off the couch. I told him to come into my room where I had a chair, I told him to sit down and I tied his arms behind his back to the chair and put a piece of tape over his mouth so he couldn't speak. He didn't care he was too busy stareing at my body imagining the things he wanted to do to me. I stripped down naked and laid on my bed and started to play with my pussy. His eyes got wide and he looked like he was having the time of his life.

I was fingering myself when there was a knock at the door, I smiled and said "Come in". I heard the door open and people filing in. I had went on Craigslist found a guy with the biggest cock and told him what was happening with my dad and that I was and looking for my first gang bang and that he should bring three friends. They walked into my bedroom when my dads eyes went from pleasure to shock. I was laying on my bed still fingering myself when all four guys lined up next to my bed as I knelt down on the floor and began unfastening their belts and pulling there pants down. One at a time I went from guy to guy sucking there big cocks. They would put there hands on my head and slam their big cocks in my tiny mouth. I could hear my father yelling from under the tape on his mouth when I looked at him with a cock in my hand and said "Do you like watching me suck cocks daddy?", His eyes filled with rage as he struggled but couldn't move. I laid on the bed spread my legs and told them to "Fuck my little pussy". One guy began fucking me as two more knelt by my head so I could suck there cocks.

I moaned and screamed as they took turns pounding me as hard as they could as I sucked the others cocks. I looked at my father and said "His cock is so big daddy". I laid one of the guys down and got on top of him faceing my father as he shoved his cock in me. I looked at one of the other guys and said "Fuck my ass". I had never tried anal before but I really wanted to go all out and get my father as pissed off as I could get him. One of the guys got behind me and began easing his cock in my tight asshole. He got all the way in and with tears in my eyes I let out a loud scream. I was having my holes filled with huge cocks as my father watched helplessly. I looked at him and said "Your little girl has a big cock in her ass daddy". I came over and over as they both pounded me as hard as they could. I got down on the floor in front of my father on my knees as all four guys lined up and shot load after load all over my face in my mouth. I had cum in my eyes, hair and most of it in my mouth. I got up off the floor as the guys started to leave. I walked over to my father and spit what cum was in my mouth in his face. And left and never returned.

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