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Unforgettable sex with gothic girl.

When I first moved to college I had been with plenty of women but there is one in particular that I will probably never forget. When I first got to college and away from my over controlling parents the first thing I did was get my tongue and lip pierced and get my arms covered in tattoos. I started hitting the college parties with my best friend from high school and was able to unlike high school have sex with many women. One night me and my buddy got ready to go to this party that a friend was having at her parents house. We got there and there and there was a ton of people. There was a ton of d***k women but I had my own approach at parties, I'd grab myself a drink find somewhere to sit and the girls would usually come to me.

I had a couple of girls come up to me but they would say hi and give me a hug even though I had absolutely no idea who they were and they would say that they were heading home. I was sitting there on my phone putting some girls numbers in it when I saw a girl sitting in the corner who was with a friend of hers. She was 20 years old and Gothic, She had long black hair, the bluest eyes you've ever seen, black eyeliner, a black leather necklace, and two wristbands with small spikes on them. She was wearing a black lace midriff top and a black and red flannel schoolgirl skirt. She had an amazing body, A tight waist and an amazing ass and tits. Her tits were trying to break out of her top and the skirt was so short you could see her thong.

I had never been with a goth chick but she was absolutely fucking sexy. I did what I never really had to do before and went over to her and tried to make a move. I walked up to her and asked her if she wanted to have a drink. She said she wasn't drinking because she had to drive her friend home but asked me if I had a smoke she could bum. I said yeah as she reached her hand out so I could help her get up off the ground she was sitting on. We went outside and found a spot to talk where no one else was. We sat next to the house and I started to ask her about stuff. She said her name was Michelle and that she was going to school for art design and mostly kept to herself in her apartment. She said she had a boyfriend for about 3 years but he dumped her recently so she was newly single. I talked to her for about an hour when surprisingly she asked me if I wanted to head to her apartment and hang out. I told her ya so we dropped her friend off as her house and headed to her place.

Her apartment was small but awesome. Her bed was amazing, it was a king size with a canopy above it and leopard print bedding and had a big mirror at the head of it. She asked me if I wanted to watch a movie in her bedroom, Ya I said so she popped a movie in and we laid together and got threw about 30 minutes off it when she rolled over facing me and started kissing me. I put my hand on her hip and made out with her for awhile when she stopped and told me she would like to put on an outfit she had bought to wear for her boyfriend for sex but since he dumped her she asked if I wouldn't mind if she wore it. Of course not I told her she grabbed a bag out of her closet and went into the bathroom for about 10 minutes. She cracked the bedroom door and said "Don't laugh". I said I won't, she came out wearing a cheetah printed bra which barley kept her tits in, cheetah printed lace socks with a cheetah print thong garter belt,and a pair a black cat ears.

I was nowhere near laughing, she was so sexy I felt like I was going to pass out. She looked at me said what do you think. I told her she looked absolutely sexy. She looked down shyly and walked over to the light switch and turned the lights off, than she went over to the wall and hit a switch and all of the sudden the room lit up again. She had about 10 black lights on her ceiling which made the room glow. She told me sit at the head of the bed by the mirror . She put in a CD of hers stood up on the bed and started dancing. She looked at me with her sky blue eyes and moved her body side to side with her long black hair flowing. She got at the foot of the bed on her hands and knees and crawled her way up to me. She straddled me as I wrapped my hands around her body and began kissing her lips, neck and ear. I planted a kiss on her lips, chin, neck and than started kissing the top of her tits as I moved my hands to her ass. She moaned as I unfastened her bra and threw it to the floor. I sucked on her soft tits and licked her tiny nipples as she had her arms around my head and was pulling my hair.

I flipped her over and kissed from ankles up to her hip and down the other side, I worked my way to her pussy and licked it threw her thong as her body moved side to side, I moved her underwear to the side just enough for me to expose her pussy which was shaven and had two star tattoos above it, I slowly licked her pussy and sucked on her wet pussy lips as she grunted and grabbed her tits, I spread her pussy open and slid my tung in her. She moaned and moved her body up and down as I tasted her. She pulled me up towards her and began kissing me and sucking on my tung and lips. I laid down now as she grabbed the collar of my sleeveless shirt and ripped it all the way down to my jeans and began kissing my chest and licking my nipples. She grabbed my belt with her teeth and pulled it off. She pulled my pants off and didn't hesitate she grabbed my cock and shoved it in her mouth and was swinging her head side to side with her hair going everywhere. She deep throated me until she gagged and would take my cock out of her mouth and spit in it and began stroking it.

After about 5 minutes it felt so fucking good it took everything I had not to cum. She stopped sucking me and got up, went into her dresser and pulled out 2 sets of black handcuffs. She cuffed my hands to the head of her bed, Got back on top of me, moved her thong aside enough to expose her pussy and with her other hand grabbed my cock and slide it inside of her body. She bit her lip and let out a moan. She rode me with her hands on her tits and began rocking her hips back and fourth harder and harder. She leaned down and with her hips still moving and began biting and sucking on my neck while she moaned. Her body shot up as she moaned louder and louder and dug her nails into my chest as she came. She threw her hair back as her body quivered on top of mine. She got off after she came and began sucking my cock which was soaked. She uncuffed me and gave me the cuffs as she bend over on the bed with her face looking into the mirror. Without asking I pulled her hands behind her back and cuffed them. I grabbed her hands with one hand and with the other slid my cock back in her. She moaned as I held her up by grabbing her wrists.She looked at me in mirror with her mouth open as she moaned she said "Spank me". I started slapping her ass as I kept one hand on her wrists.

She kept saying "Harder", I smacked her ass till it was red, I looked at her in the mirror and saw her eyes roll back as she came again. I uncuffed her and she laid back on the bed panting, her body glowed under the black lights. This time I cuffed her to the bed as she laid on her back as I held her legs up and slid my cock into her soaking pussy. I fucked her as hard as I could and began biting her neck as she did mine. I licked and bit on her nipples and her hips shot up as she let out a load moan and came again. I leaned down and put my forehead against hers and looked into her eyes as I pounded her when she said "Cum in me". I put my arm around her head and with us face to face I thrusted her deep until I groaned as she smiled at me as I shot my load into her. I uncuffed her hands and we laid there both out of breath under the blacklights. She got up and got into the shower with her cat ears still on,she pulled the shower open a little and with her finger gestured me to join her. We fucked 2 more times that night and to this day we are still together.

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