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My 53 year old Fucktoy wants more

After my first session with a 53 year old, I really didnt know if she would come back for more or if I wanted her to come back, I sort of enjoyed the fact that she was so submissive and that because I didnt really care if she stayed or left I had no reservations in how I treated her after all she was old enough to be my mother and no beauty queen.

Anyway it wasnt long before she rang me, exactly 3 days to be precise, things sort of went along these
Hi its Sal she said (Wow I realized I didnt even remember her name) I left my shoes at your place, she said in a rather subdued voice, and I um wondered if you could drop them over, I said no, but if you want them you can visit me again, and to be fair, I can leave them outside the front door or you can get them from me inside the house, where we can start off from where we finished last time.
There was a pause and then she said, you were quite cruel to me last time and called me some disgusting things, so I am not sure. Ok I said I will leave the shoes outside the front door just pick
them up and you dont have to see me or knock on the door and apologise to me and maybe
I will see what you can really do to entertain me. Another pause, then she said in a very quiet voice, I will
knock, Whats that I said cruelly I didnt hear you, she said ok I will knock. OK I said make it just before
9pm and shave that old cunt of yours properly, I thought this might have been a step too far, but she said in a whisper alright alright and then hung up.

It was exactly 9 when there was a knock, I opened the door and there she stood, she actually looked better than I remembered he, she was wearing tight black jeans (that bulged a bit at the hips and ass)
but made her legs look less chubby, and a brown sort of asian patterned satin top that came down to just below her waist line, her blonde hair was more curly than last time and made her face look younger along with her make up.
Come in I said I have something to say to you.
She shut the door behind her and turned looking at me, yes I guess you want to aplogise
for your comments and very unacceptable actions from the other night and on the phone today.

I was stunned I thought I had her right in my pocket but now this bullshit.

Right I said, lets get a few things straight, firstly you can leave at any time, we both know why your here
you love the attention and lets be honest where is a an old bag like you going to get attention from somebody like me (I thought I wouldnt spare her because if she stayed I was planning some really humiliating things for her)
So let not have any misunderstandings here.
I walked over to the front door opened it and said Ok slut you can leave now or
you can drop your pants and show me what a good job you have done shaving that chubby cunt
of yours, your call. She looked bewildered her mouth slack but saying nothing, well I said, she walked to the door and pushed it shut and started to unbuckle her belt. Good I said now we know where we stand.
I watched as she fumbled and removed her shoes pants and dropped her red panties to the floor, she looked ok her legs looked good for her age and her brown patterned top looked like a micro mini skirt with the chubby pink lips of her cunt just peeping under the hem. Squat you old slut and lets see what sort of job you have done. She looked very humiliated but did as she was told, she couldnt look at me and looked away as I reached between her thick thighs and massaged her chubby and meaty cunt and surprise surprise she was very wet & slippery. I was already enjoying my power over her and had an interesting night ahead.
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