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The Art of Deep Throat – The Way to Man&rsqu

Well, some men anyway. Deep throat fellatio is an art, for sure, but so few women really know how to perform it. Just taking a man’s penis in your mouth , and forcing it down for a second will only activate a woman’s gag reflex. This is NOT deep throat, and for the man, nothing special. However, when a truly deep throat has been performed, the experience for the man is unforgettable, and the woman leaves an impression that lasts, even a lifetime.

So, when I got a phone call from the lovely and divine Alona, to help her learn this art, I was both pleased and somehow honored. Alona is in her late 20s or early 30s, and could easily be a model for a renaissance master. I told her that I was going to my rented dacha, and if she wished, meet me there, and we would commence her lessons. Needless to mention, I was really looking forward to this.I arrived at the dacha, not far from Rublafka, and prepared a great Italian meal in anticipation for Alona’s arrival. As expected, she was a bit late, but I had factored that into the preparation. We dined on fresh rukola salad with fresh grilled jumbo shrimp and parmesan slices; and followed that with my own homemade spaghettini al pesto. The basil was growing very well for Moscow weather. I served my favorite Italian wine, Dolcheto, which set both our moods off very well.

The meal was wonderful, or so she said, and we were relaxed. Alona and I had never had relations before, but as she was Russian, personal affection does not necessarily have to enter into the equation. At any rate, with meal finished, Alona asked to use the bath, and I told her I would after her, and meet in the bedroom.

Our preparations over, we would begin. I told her that I wanted to make her ‘lesson’ a part of a love experience, and she agreed. So with some gentle kissing, and discreet towel removing, we are naked on the bed. I then submitted her to very rigorous foreplay, and at the end, opened her beautiful legs wide, and gave to her as expert a cunni as possible. Like the rest of her, her vagina was smallish and lips delicate and symmetrical. Her clitoris was quite hidden, but with the correct stimulation, I felt a hard knob beneath its hood. With continued stimulation, and my two fingers inserted in her vagina, pressing the g-spot, Alona was soon swooning, and the orgasm she had was nothing less than explosive.

The kisses I received after that were immeasurable. Instead of resting, I put her into crab position (doggy style) and began 20 minutes of constant thrusting. I could feel her vagina grabbing at my penis again, and pre-orgasmic tremors began. As they did, I inserted a finger into her anus, and pressed down as she reached her 2nd orgasm. I had to hold back, and it took all the self-control I could muster.

After a short rest, I put two pillows about 1/3 rd the way down the bed, and asked Alona to put her shoulders on the pillows, and let her neck and head hang over the pillows. Her legs hung off the bottom of the bed, and now she was in position. I knelled in back of her head, and let my penis drop towards her mouth. At this point I explained to her that I would do nothing, no pushing or thrusting, nothing at all. In fact, my hands would be at my sides. I explained she should take my penis in her mouth slowly, and she would control the depth of my penis in her throat. Her hands should go on my hips, and be used to pull me towards her to go deeper, or push away to make the penis withdraw. We began and at first it was fine, she was able to take about 75% of my penis inside. Then she gagged, and we stopped. After a moment, we began again, and she slowly and lovingly taking in more of me.

At this point, as she was getting used to having such a large object so deep in her throat, I told her to take my penis in one hand, and slowly f***e it even deeper, but ever so slowly. She did so,and did not gag, as I was totally passive. In a moment she had taken in my full 17cm erect penis in her mouth and throat. We stopped, she was very pleased with herself, and then we began again. This time she was able to achieve full deep throat in a matter of a few minutes. We continued till I could bear it no longer. I told Alona I needed to finish.

She smiled, and asked me how I wished it, and whatever I wanted she would comply. I said I had enjoyed the crab (doggy style) with her and would like to finish in that position. She assumed this position and I began a strong and rhythmic pounding. She responded so well. Then to my surprise, she put one hand behind her back, and took my penis out of her vagina and inserted it into her anus; without any lubrication. The feeling was exquisite, and totally unexpected, and withing a few seconds, I found myself terminating for over a minute, and quite uncontrolable. I still remember it vividly.

We were finished for the day, and perhaps we would not have another session. Alona has very rich and important lovers I am sure, and what she learned today would no doubt be applied in more appropriate situations. She drove away, and I returned to my garden, where I lay under the sun, thinking and dreaming about a very wonderful afternoon.


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