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Miley Cyrus Loves Her Fans

You're at home. In front of you is a picture of Miley Cyrus wearing a light blue string bikini, walking on a beach. On your laptop in front of you three young college girls are fucking a roomful of guys, and the sound of moaning and wet, rehearsed fucking fills the air. Your right hand is slowly stroking your cock, long, thick, and rock hard as your eyes run up and down Miley’s young, lithe body, hands moving up and down your shaft. Off to the side, your phone is propped up, filming the picture and your cock. You're shaking slightly; you can feel your balls tighten as you get closer and closer with each stroke. You start moaning too, calling out her name. ''re such a little slut. Oh God, I'm gonna cum so fucking hard for you-'

It's too much. Feeling the pleasure rush through you, you point the head of your cock down at Miley's picture, and thick cum shoots out and covers her. 'Miley', you moan desperately, barely in control of your own body, 'Miley you fucking whore.' Another jet of cum shoots out and covers her from her face right down to just between her little tits. As you finish emptying your balls on her, still breathing heavily, you reach across, turn off the recording and mute the laptop.


That felt amazing. You play it back and watch her standing there, barely covered by her bikini, as you moan and work your cock and finally blow your load for her, covering her from head to toe. You can already feel your limp cock begin to stir again. You sit down and pull your laptop closer, and begin uploading the video, adding to your collection of tributes for Miley.

You notice you have a new message, from MileySurprise. The picture is a fake, Miley's head placed on the upper body of some pornslut, but her tits are firm and tight. You open it.

'Mmm, I love your tributes. Especially for Miley. I bet she loves that cum all over her.'
'Thanks. I can't see her without getting hard. I just love giving my cum to that little slut.'
'I'm watching one of your videos right now. I'm fucking hard. I'm going to cum for her too'
You're almost hard again, now.
'Do you want to jerk off with me?' your new friend asks.
'Sure', you reply.
'I'll send you my details. Let's cam.'

You clear away your picture of Miley, covered in cum, and remove the rest of your clothes. You're rock hard again, and can barely keep your hands off your own cock. MileySurprise calls your cam.
You point the camera down to your dick, making sure you can still see the screen. It takes a minute for the pictures to connect. And then, a woman's voice -

'You are a fucking pervert.'

You lunge for your camera, taken off-guard, and move it to film your face. You look at the screen. A young woman, fully dressed, stares back. It's Miley Cyrus.

'I didn't fucking cam you to see your face,' she says sternly. 'Let me see that dick. Let me see that dick that you've been stroking until it's fucking raw over pictures of me. Let me see what's been shooting load after load over me every fucking night of the week - you sick little fuck.'

You move the camera back down, but in the shock you've lost your erection. Miley laughs.

'Ha! Come on, you little pussy. That's not what I came to see. Get it hard for me. That thing is fucking pathetic. Get it real fucking hard for me, faggot. Let me see that big, thick cock I know you have.'

You stand up and start stroking it for her.

'C'mon big boy, get it hard. I know you can do better than that. Just do it for me nice and slow. I just want to see that big dick. You fucking pervert. So you can get it up for pictures of me, but not the real thing?'

You relax and get into it. She moans softly, appreciatively. You can see one shoulder of hers moving rhythmically, but you can't see where her hand is. After a couple of minutes your cock stands up, fully erect, rock hard, twitching. You feel like if you touch it you'll blow again.

'Mmm…that's it,' she says, licking her lips. 'You're pretty big, for a sick fuck who gets off jerking it over pictures of me every night. You like calling me a slut, huh? You think I'm a little whore? Here I am commanding you to stand up and work that cock for me and you're just playing along. So who's my little slut now? Well?'

You clear your throat, surprised.

'Well? Fucking tell me, cockboy. Tell me you're my little slut. Tell me you'd do anything for me, whore. Faggot. Fucking tell me who you are.'
'I'm your little slut', you say, quietly.
'Fucking louder!'
Now you almost yell it. 'I'm your little fucking slut!'

'That's better,' she says, leaning back. 'Now, my little slut is going to come see me tomorrow. Understand?'
You nod. Your cock twitches.

'Good,' she says. 'Send me your address. I'll send a car.'

You give her your details. 'I'll see you tomorrow,' you say. She looks at you with complete disdain and holds up her middle finger. She hangs up. Slightly confused, you lay back and rub your cock, still stiff and ready until you cum on your own stomach. You go to bed.


The next evening, you arrive at Miley's house. Unsurprisingly, it's fucking huge. You ring the bell, and she opens the door herself. She looks at you like a piece of dirt. 'Come in,' she says, rolling her eyes. As you walk through the hall she shouts back at you, not bothering to turn around - 'And keep your fucking dick in your pants. Fucking pervert.' You watch her walk ahead of you. Her ass bulges slightly under her tight jeans. It’s so firm. You think about all the pictures you’ve seen of Miley in a bikini or a short skirt – how much you wanted to get down on your knees for her, pull those cheeks apart and lick her young ass until she begged for your cock. You think about how many times you’ve cum over pictures of her ass and legs. As she walks, she sways it slightly from side to side. You think she might be doing it for you, if she didn’t seem so disgusted by you.
She leads you into a grand room. Inside you see two giant couches, and a desk. She sits on the far couch and orders you to take a seat opposite her.

She leans back, raises her arm to rest her head on it and stares at you, playing with her hair. This goes on for about 5 minutes. Just as you're about to speak she gets up. She walks over and whispers in your ear - 'Wait. Here.' Her hot breath on your neck almost makes you moan, but you keep it together. She leaves.

After 10 minutes, she still hasn't returned. You begin to look around the room. You notice a laptop, open on the desk. You listen to see if anyone is coming, and walk over to take a look. It's unlocked. The browser window shows one of your dozens of tribute videos to her. You can't believe it. Beside the laptop you see a silver metal lump, shaped like a bullet. You pick it up. It’s a vibrator. It’s still wet.
You go to her profile and browse through her favorites - every single video, every single picture, is a cum tribute to her. Rows and rows of cocks being stroked over pictures of her, and load after load of cum all over her pretty face. Your newest video is up. You watch it, and feel your cock begin to stiffen as you remember almost screaming out her name as you gave her another hot load of your cum. You reach down into your pants and begin to rub the head, and feel it growing. Just as you move to grab the shaft you are interrupted -

An older man has entered the room. 'Sir, Ms. Cyrus wishes to see you upstairs. Come with me.' You follow him, up two flights of stairs and down a long hallway to a closed door. He knocks twice, and walks away. From inside you hear Miley call - 'Come in.'

It is a bedroom. Miley Cyrus, naked except for shiny black suspenders and heels, is spread out on all fours on her bed. Her tight, round little ass you’ve been fantasizing about is stuck up in the air, and from behind you can see her small pink pussy, and her perfect little asshole. It’s just like you imagined. Her whole body is perfect. You can just about see her little tits from the side. Her legs are firm and rigid. Her back is arched downwards in the middle, pushing her ass higher in the air. She is staring straight ahead, not at you. You notice a video camera on the far side of the bed. Miley barely moves. As you get closer, you realize she is strapped down like this, and can't move.

'Come here,' she purrs. 'Let me see you. Let me see that big thick cock that I love watching cum for me over and over again. Let me taste it. Let me feel that big juicy cock in my throat.'
You come around and face her at the end of the bed, her face level with your crotch. Slowly, you unzip your pants and your long, hard cock springs out. You brush it against her cheek. She rubs her face against it. She bites her lip, and moans softly. She looks up at you, almost innocently - 'I fucking want it. Please? Please let me taste that cock?'

You pull away and remove the rest of your clothes. She struggles against her restraints, moaning, mouth open, begging to feel your cock on her tongue. Now naked, you push your cock in her face again.

She smiles hungrily, and licks it - right from your balls to the top of the head. Your cock twitches. She looks at you, mischievously. 'Stop it,' she commands. 'Stop fucking around and just give it to me.' You grab her by the hair on the back of her head and push her head down. She opens her mouth, greedily taking all of your long, thick shaft. It barely fits in her mouth. In one smooth movement you push down further, hard and feel your cock slide down the back of her throat, her soft lips coming to rest on your balls. You thrust forward a little, and feel her spit soaking your cock, running down her chin. You hold her there for a few seconds and then pull her head back up. As the tip of your head passes her lips she takes a gasp of air. She looks at you, shocked at first. Slowly, it turns to a smile, with a dirty little promise in her eyes.

‘You fucking slut,’ you say. ‘This is how I like my cock sucked. This is what I want from little whores who can’t say no to a hard cock.’

'That's it,' she breathes. 'You know what I want. C'mon. Give it to me. Take what you fucking want from me.’ Her voice rises. ‘Ruin this pretty little face. I've been watching your videos for fucking months. I've been sitting here with three fingers in my tight little cunt screaming along with you. I make guys fuck me while I watch you stroke that cock, cum all over my face and scream out my fucking name. I think about it all the time. All the guys, all over the world, watching me and stroking their cocks and getting off and every last drop of cum is all for me. You know what? I like getting fucked by perverts who worship me. I fucking love it. Especially;' she says, moving her eyes down your body now to your cock, standing straight up, harder then you've ever been in your life - 'especially, when those perverts have smooth, hard, long cocks that make my pussy wet and my mouth fucking water.' At that, Miley lunges forward as far as the restraints allow her and takes your cock in her mouth again. You thrust into her, fucking her wet mouth, feeling her tongue dance wrapped around your shaft as you push deep into her throat and pull out, in and out, long firm strokes that make you feel like your cock is on fire. She just keeps gets hungrier, moaning louder even with her slutty little mouth stuffed with your huge cock.

She doesn’t get tired. You feel like she could suck your cock like this for hours if you were able to stop yourself from shooting your load down her throat. You wonder how many hard cocks she’s pleasured like this – how many guys lasted even more than a minute before pulling out and leaving her face covered in their cum. As you think about this you thrust forward, hard, one more time and hold your cock there, deep in her throat. She gags, just slightly, but regains control. Her tongue slinks out of her mouth and she runs it underneath your balls; her mouth still stuffed with your cock. You moan and almost stumble, she is looking up at you with her big blue eyes.

You pull your cock out of Miley’s mouth. It’s soaking wet, covered in her spit. A little saliva runs down Miley’s chin. ‘Can you take it?’ she asks. ‘I fucking love sucking cock. I love sucking it for a long time. I could slide that cock in and out of my throat for hours.’ She smiles, and licks her lips. ‘Of course, most guys can’t last that long. It’s my curse.’

‘Anyway,’ she continues. ‘I think I’ve been nice enough to you. I’ve made you cum over and over a million times already. I think it’s time I get something…back.’

You walk around behind her and take a second to stare at her ass, stuck in the air, smooth and tight and perfect. You stroke your cock, lazily. Miley sways her ass back and forth. This time you know it definitely is for you.

‘Come here and fuck your little whore,’ she pleads. You kneel on the bed, behind here. You push forward and put your cock between her ass cheeks, and rock against it. She moans. Then, impatiently – ‘You’re such a little tease. I don’t want a fucking tease. I want a man with a big fucking cock. So quit fucking around and give it to me.’

You reach under between her legs and run your fingers along the outside of her pussy, from her swollen clit right around to her ass. She is soaking wet. You take your cock in your hand and push inside her. She lets out a long, low moan.

She is dripping wet but her pussy is the tightest you’ve ever felt. At first you don’t think you can slide your cock all the way inside her. You push against her, slowly inching further and further inside. Miley lets out little yelps of pleasure with each thrust. Eventually you feel your balls resting against the back of her legs. You pull back and thrust forward once, just one long, hard stroke. Miley breathes in sharply as you push back inside her. ‘That’s right, fill me up,’ she moans. ‘Fill that wet little cunt. Make me scream. Fucking hurt me. Give me the big hard cock that a slut like me needs. Show me what happens to bad girls who don’t know how to say no.’

You stop for a second, your cock stuffed inside her pussy right up to your balls. You can feel every little bit of her. You can feel your cock twitch inside her cunt. It’s so warm and wet.

You start thrusting in and out now. You want to start slow. You want to drive her wild and give her some long, slow strokes so she can feel every inch of your dick. But it’s too much. She moans and pushes against you and before you know it you’re fucking her hard, your balls slapping against her. She’s almost screaming now. She fucking loves it. You raise a hand in the air and bring it down, spanking her hard on her firm little ass. She lets out a squeal.

‘That’s what you get, whore.’
‘That’s right, I’m a fucking whore. I’m a fucking whore. Give me what I deserve! Fucking show me!’

You bring your hand down again, harder this time. The noise is loud, sharp, perfect. Her right ass cheek looks a little red.

‘Does that feel good?’
‘Oh God, yes!”

You spank her again, still fucking her, getting even faster now. Your thrusts are long, you can feel her pussy wrapped around every inch of your cock.

‘That’s for saying you like it, you fucking slut.’

She runs out of words. All she can do is moan and scream and writhe as much as the restraints allow.

‘It’s too much!’

You ignore her.

‘It’s not fucking too much. You want this cock? You’re going to take it until I’m fucking done with you.’

As you push inside her again you feel her squeeze her little cunt around your cock. Taken by surprise, you almost shout with pleasure and pull out – but it feels fucking good.

‘Oh, you like that?’ Miley turns her head to look at you.
You spank her again. ‘Shut your fucking mouth, whore.’

You slide your cock back inside her soaking wet pussy. As you push forward she squeezes again. And again. Every time you thrust into her she squeezes your cock inside her. Now you can’t speak. It feels fucking amazing.

‘That’s right,’ she says. ‘Give it to me. Give me that cock. I’ve never found a cock that I couldn’t make melt in this tight little pussy. Is it too much for you? I thought you were better than that, you fucking pervert. You spend your whole life jerking off in your room for me and thinking about what you could do to me if you just got me all alone – and now you can’t handle me? I can’t even move and I’m making you my bitch.’

You keep fucking her and feeling her wet cunt squeeze around your cock but she’s right; you can feel yourself getting closer and closer. You pull out.

Miley sighs. ‘I thought so. I hope you didn’t cum. I want that cum all over my fucking face. You better have a big fucking load for me - you sick fuck. After all that cum you’ve shot for me it would be a shame if you couldn’t give the real me everything I deserve…’

You’re breathing heavily. More than anything you just want to grab your cock and stroke it and cum all over her perfect little ass, but you want to give her something special for taunting you like that. You look again at her ass, pushed high in the air. You think about all the fantasies you’ve had about her like this. You put a hand on each of her ass cheeks and push your face between them, and begin to slowly lick her pussy from behind.

‘Oh!’ Miley exclaims. ‘You must be close. Buying yourself some time? Well, you can eat this pussy out as much as you fucking want…’

You push your tongue forward to reach her clit, and bringing it back towards your mouth you run it against the length of her pussy. She tastes sweet – almost sugary. You bring two fingers up to rub her clit while you lick and suck hungrily around the entrance to her vagina.

Miley relaxes. She coos softly to herself and gives you directions for your tongue, your lips, your fingers. Her moans get louder as you bury your face in her snatch, push your tongue deep inside her and feel her sweetness all over you. Your fingers keep rubbing her clit, faster, faster. Then, you move up. You pull your tongue out from deep inside her and roll up, between her crack, towards her asshole. Her cheeks clench as you lick around it, slowly at first, soon picking up speed.

‘Oh, you are a fucking pervert. That’s good. That’s right you little slut; eat my fucking ass!’

You know you’re just getting her ready, but her ass tastes perfectly clean and sweet too; your face still covered in the juice from her wet pussy. Miley bucks slightly against her restraints. Your fingers continue to work her clit as you lick her perfect little ass.

Her moans start to get louder, more urgent. Soon she’s just screaming; long guttural cries between deep breaths as you bury your face between her ass cheeks. She catches her breath and begs you – ‘Please, please make me cum – please make me fucking cum, I have to fucking cum please!’
You pull your face away from her ass and slide your fingers down from her clit. Then you push two fingers inside her, hard. She gasps. You work furiously, flexing your fingers against the wall of her wet little pussy. Her head rises in pleasure.


Inside, you can feel what’s coming. The pressure builds and builds until Miley goes almost completely stiff and lets out a long, high scream, one that continues after she still has breath to make noise with. She squirts, hard. Her wet pussy comes all over your fingers, gushing out over your arm. You keep going.

‘No no no no no I can’t take it I cannn-‘
Miley screams again. Another gush, a little smaller this time, but farther. Some of it splashes against your cock, still rock hard.

This time, you relent. You slide your fingers out of her and lick them gingerly. Then you stand up and walk around to face her. You hold your finger in front of her face as she opens her eyes, rubbing her own wetness on her lips.

‘Let me taste it. Let me taste my fucking cum,’ she says breathlessly.

You slide your fingers in her mouth. Her tongue hungrily searches for every last drop.

‘Mmm. I love the taste of my pussy. I’m so fucking sweet.’

She looks down at your cock. ‘So, big boy, you want to show me what you got? You want to complete your fantasy?’

With one hand on your cock you use the other to cup her cheek, but then stop. Silently, you walk back to the other end of the bed.

‘Oh, you want more, huh?’ she says. ‘You can get a little more. Just make sure I get my reward.’

You get back on the bed and kneel down. Her ass is so covered in sweat and her own cum it looks like it’s been oiled up. You place a hand on each cheek, and rub it.

‘Come and get it,’ Miley teases. ‘Come and get some more of this little teen whore pussy.’

But you have other ideas. Taking your cock in your hand, you push up against her, and slide it deep into her asshole. She screams. ‘You fucking-‘

You raise your hand and spank her again, hard.

‘You mean a little slut like you doesn’t like a big fat cock in her ass?’

You move slowly, out, in, pushing a little further into her with each stroke.

She giggles. ‘I just wasn’t expecting you, that’s all. Mmm. Be gentle.’

You spank her again.

‘You’re my little whore and I’ll use you any fucking way I want.’

As you push deeper inside her, you can’t believe how good this feels. It’s even tighter than her pussy, and it’s fucking warm. You can feel the heat creep up your cock as you bury it deeper and deeper inside her. Looking down, you spit on your cock to get it wetter.

Soon, you’re pounding her little asshole raw. Miley has lost all control – she screams and yelps – ‘You’re too big. You’re too fucking big for my little asshole. Show me how a little slut takes your big fucking cock. Fuck me in the ass! It hurts so fucking good! Fucking ruin me! Give me that cum!’

It is too good. It’s so tight and hot that you know you can’t hold on much longer. You pull out, her ass gaping wide from your thick cock. You catch your breath, and move around to face Miley.
‘That was good,’ she purrs, catching her breath. ‘That was too fucking good. A girl like me needs to get fucked like that more often.’

She licks her lips, and stares at your cock.

‘So, you finally got something for me?’

You nod, taking your cock in your hand.

‘Good. Y’know, you can have the video, when you’re done,’ she nods at the camera in the corner of the room. ‘Your greatest Miley Cyrus tribute.’

You barely hear her. You’re standing over her now, rubbing your cock. She sticks her tongue out, opens her mouth wide. You lean forward to rest your balls on her tongue while you jerk off. You’re so close from fucking her ass that it doesn’t take long. You moan, low, loud and long as the biggest load you’ve ever shot shoots out of your cock. The first spurt lands right on her face, starting on her hair, covering her all the way down to her chin.

‘On my tongue. I want it on my tongue.’

You point your cock down lower just in time to see the second spurt shoot into her mouth, right down her throat. It leaves a trail over her tongue, which she rubs against her lips.

‘Fucking cover me!’

The next few spurts land all over her face. On her cheeks, on her lips – it runs down her neck and drips off her face on to the bed. You’re still gasping. You’re still holding your cock. You let go, and it falls limp.
Miley almost looks angelic – blissful, and covered in your sticky cum. She sighs. ‘Mmm. You didn’t let me down, pervert. You did not let me down.’

She pulls against her restraints.

‘Can a girl get a hand?’

You free her from the restraints. She stands up in her heels and stretches, raises her hands over her head. She looks even better standing up, you think. Cum drips from her face down to her chest. She feels a drop and rubs it into her tits, putting on a shoe for you.

‘You can crash here,’ she says, turning towards the door. ‘I’m going to go clean myself up.’ She winks, and leaves the room.

Dazed, exhausted, exhilarated and confused, you crumple onto the bed. Before you know it - you’re asl**p.


You wake up the next morning, still in the bed. Miley is gone. The camera is gone. You throw on your clothes and go downstairs. You find the kitchen. Breakfast has been left for you, but no one appears to be around. As you finish eating and decide to head for the front door, you hear a group of people talking.

The noise is coming from a room on the first floor. You cock your head to the door to listen, and then push the door open. It's a cinema room - 20 large reclining armchairs, and a giant screen. The room is filled with men, chatting, drinking beer. They don't seem to notice your arrival. Miley is sitting in the center chair of the front row. She looks over her shoulder, and beckons you to her with her finger.

'Sit down,' she says, flatly. You sit in the empty chair beside her.
'Alright!' she shouts, quieting the room. 'Let's get this going!'

The men cheer. The lights darken.

'What's going on?', you whisper in Miley's ear. She raises a finger to her lips. 'Shhhh'.

An image appears on the screen. It is a woman, on all fours, strapped to a bed. An older gentleman walks away from the camera frame and exits the room. It is Miley's room. The girl on the bed is Miley. You realize that this must be the tape of the two of you fucking from last night. You wonder if you should say anything. You look at Miley, who turns to face you back. She cups the side of your face in her right hand, and bites her lip. 'Mmm,' she breathes, and turns back to face the screen - excited for what's to come.

Sure enough, you watch as you enter the room onscreen. After some hesitance, you approach Miley's face, unzip your pants, and eventually remove your clothes. When you f***e Miley's head down on your hard cock, sliding it all the way down her throat, the room erupts in cheers. Miley giggles coyly and looks around at her audience. 'Thank you!' she announces.

'You're a fucking whore, Miley,' someone in the back yells.

Miley slips her middle finger in her mouth, sucks it, and then holds it high in the air. 'Sit on this, you sissy faggot!' she yells back, and laughs. The room laughs too.

As the film continues, you watch Miley suck your cock again, still almost able to feel her tongue resting on your balls with your cock buried deep in her throat. You hear Miley moan softly, beside you. She has a hand down her jean shorts - and closes her eyes while she rubs her clit slowly. You look around to see if anyone else is watching. You realize that every guy in the room has their cock out and they’re stroking it, all watching the screen as Miley writhes and screams and begs you to show her how much you fucking need her. Soon the room is filled with soft moans, and muttered accusations -

'She's such a fucking whore.'
'She's a little slut. She lives for cock.'

Miley can hear most of these, and giggles and moans as she slides her shorts to the floor. She isn’t wearing panties, and easily slides two fingers into her tight, wet little cunt. She looks at you.

‘Aw. You don't look like you're having any fun,' she says, in a low, innocent voice. 'You should relax.' She reaches over and unzips your pants, and your cock stands up. Looking around you notice that most of the other guys are completely naked, lying back in their chairs, stroking an impressive selection of hard, thick cocks. Some guys grab each other's cocks and rub, eyes rooted to the film.

Miley is transfixed by the screen. She stares straight ahead, listening to herself moan, now watching herself take your thick juicy cock all the way up her ass. She’s rubbing faster and faster now, and moaning louder. 'I'm so close!' She keeps going, and grabs your shoulder as she lets out a scream and sits bolt upright in her chair, eyes closed - 'FUUUUCK! FUCK. Fuck, fuck, fuck...oh...oh fuck.' She leans back in her chair, and slowly licks the wetness from her fingers. 'Mmm.' She sighs. 'That was nice.' After a moment she pulls her top over her head, leaving her completely naked. She stands up on her chair and turns around to face the room, naked, hard, stroking for that little slut getting fucked on the screen. She smiles at them.

'Alright, you fucking faggots! Who's ready to give me what I fucking want!' she raises her hands above her head, and the room erupts in cheers. She calls out to the room.
'Who's your little fucking slut?'
‘Who's your favorite little whore who loves to feel a big, fat cock stuffed down her throat?'
'You Miley!'
‘Who is the little whore who is going to kneel down over there, and rub my wet little pussy while you all jerk those nice thick cocks and give me all the cum a little slut like me deserves?
'Well. Get to it,' she smiles.

Miley moves to the front of the room and gets down on her knees. Her right hand rubs her clit, and with her left hand she slides two fingers in and out of her wet cunt. The guys try to form a circle around her. There's an inner circle of about seven guys while the rest hover around the edges, cocks in hand, still watching the movie.

In the center of the circle Miley keeps her hands down, pleasuring herself. When a guy moves closer she lunges forward and stuffs his cock in her mouth for just a second – moving about halfway up and down his shaft just once, maybe twice, before pulling away and staring up at the room of guys wanking for her. You stand and watch from outside the circle, softly rubbing your own cock.

‘Give it to me,’ she demands. Guys moan and contort and reach down to grab her tits, always with at least one hand on their hard cock.

‘I need it, you sick fucks. Come on; give it to me. Give me that fucking cum.’ She’s almost shouting now. Demanding what she wants. ‘Give me that fucking cum!’

One guy grabs the back of her head and turns her to face him. ‘Miley!’ he moans. She looks down at his cock just in time to catch a thick splash of cum right on her face. She moans ecstatically. ‘Yes! That’s what I fucking want. That’s what I fucking need. Come on boys; stroke those fucking cocks. I want it all. I want that cum all fucking over me.’ The guys begin to moan loader. Another two cum at the same time, letting out low grunting moans of appreciation – the first one aims down towards her tits, cum is left hangs from her left nipple, pink and hard. The second load splashes against the side of her face and runs down her neck.

After that there’s no stopping them. Guy after guy steps forward and pledges their cum to her – mostly all over her face and tits. One guy gets on his knees behind Miley and cums all over her ass. She grabs one guy with his cock in her face and stuffs it right down her throat. He almost screams as he pumps load after load down her throat and she looks up at him with her big, lustful blue eyes. While she’s draining every last bit of cum from him another guy steps up and shoots a huge arc of cum on her hair, down her face, and across her lips and the balls of the guy whose cock is stuffed down her throat. She pulls away and smiles, cum dripping from her lips, her face covered in the tributes of a whole room of hard thick cocks. She wipes some cum from her face with a finger and slowly slides it into her mouth, eyeing the remaining men with any cum left in their balls. ‘Mmmmmm.’

You wait your turn. Your cock in your hand, gently stroking it up and down. You think back to two nights ago, when you were getting ready to cum all over your picture of Miley in her tiny bikini. You look at her now in front of you, surrounded by cock, giggling, squealing, moaning, covered in cum as she rubs her pussy and opens her mouth wide, begging her men to let her catch a load on her tongue. When the last guy finishes by exploding on her cheek, you step forward. She looks up at you and smiles.
‘Does this get you hard, pervert?’ she asks. ‘It makes me fucking wet. It makes me fucking happy.’ She is still rubbing her pussy. Her sentences come between deep gasping breaths. She looks straight into your eyes. ‘This is what I want. I’m a little cumslut. I just want to be fucking covered. I just want every last drop all for me. Is that so wrong?’ She cocks her head to the side. ‘I don’t think so. Men love to come for me. I just want to let them cum…on me.’

You’re stroking faster now, working your hands around your cock as you move up and down. You can feel the pleasure building slowly, steadily. You look down at Miley Cyrus. She’s covered in cum. Guys have shot in her hair, all over her face, all over her perfect little tits…sticky cum runs down her body, little drips on her flat stomach. She looks like so many pictures you’ve destroyed paying tribute to her, like every drop of cum you ever shot for her has been sprayed across her young body. You start moaning too, calling out her name. ''re such a little slut. Oh God, I'm gonna cum so fucking hard for you-'

It's too much. Feeling the pleasure rush through you, you point the head of your cock down at Miley Cyrus, and the first jet of thick cum shoots out and covers her. 'Miley', you moan desperately, barely in control of your own body, 'Miley you fucking whore.' Another jet of cum shoots out and covers her from her face right down to just between her little tits. She brings her hands up to your cock and stuffs it in her mouth again, her tongue working furiously against your head, licking up every little drop that spills out of you. ‘Miley!’ You're shaking slightly.

She pulls away, and rests the tip of your cock on her lower lip. ‘You taste the fucking best,’ she purrs, too low for the others to hear. At the same time a last drop of cum falls from the head of your cock onto her lip. ‘I could drink your fucking cum all day.’ Looking up at you, she licks the last drop of cum from her lips, and closes her eyes. ‘Mmm. Fucking. Perfect.’

She remains in that pose for a second, looking to heaven, eyes closed. She rises unsteadily to her feet, cum-d***k. She looks around the room. She spreads her arms out wide.

‘All right you fucking perverts, get the hell out of my house!’

The guys mutter to each other and start putting their clothes back on. Miley Cyrus, still covered in cum, half stumbles over to her seat and flops down in it, exhausted. As the guys begin to leave, you follow them towards the door. Miley sees you, and calls you over. She tries to run a hand through her hair, still sticky with cum.


She shoots a hand out and grabs your crotch from outside your jeans. She looks down at your cock, and then back up at you.

‘You should remember…I own this cock now. Every last little drop of cum in those balls - is all for me. Ok? I don’t want to see you working that beautiful cock for any other little sluts, do you understand me?’

You nod, slowly. She lets go of your crotch, and you turn around to leave.

‘Oh, and hey,’ she calls back. ‘You better have another video ready for me by tonight. That is, if you have any cum left in those balls. And if you don’t, well I guess you better find some. Especially if you want an invite to the next party.’

She blows you a kiss, and returns to her seat.

You walk towards the door, already feeling your cock stirring in your pants. No problem, you think. You’ll just need to find the right picture.

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