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Motel Room Sex

When I was done with my Air f***e boot camp, right out of high school, I was sent to a tech school in Texas. I was in my motel room one night, laying naked on the bed, and heard a couple come in. Just remember that I was down there for 18 weeks with out having any sex. So any ways I heard a couple come in and I was half asl**p and I heard the woman in the room next to me moaning and I got so hard I listened to them and then she said to her hubby you are so d***k. Then I heard the door open and then I got up to see if it was her or him and it was her so I put on my shorts and went out in the hallway and got a soda. When I went out in the hallway she was sitting in the hallway and she looked up at me and smiled and I said hi but when I came back she was not there so I went back in my room and got undressed again and got in bed and I started to play with my cock and it was feeling really good when I heard a knock on my door I got up to see who it was and there she stood with her nighty on I opened the door a little and said to her you are in the room next to me and she said can I come in, my hubby is passed out. I saw you had a big problem when you came out of your room earlier. I said why not. You just want to talk right? She said yes, hubby is to far gone now. So I put my shorts back on and let her in and we were talking and I told her that I was married and she said she was and I already knew that. Well, after about an hour she said she had to go and I said okay. She said can I give you a hug and I said for what? For just listing to me. I really didn't want to because I was still rock hard. She was a real nice looking girl, so I said okay. I was on my bed, and she said are you going to stand up so I can give you one. As I stand up my rock hard cock stuck right out and she said well you haven't went down since last time I saw you in the hallway. I said I'm sorry but it has been 18 weeks since I have had sex. I used to have it every day. She said well can I see it. I said no, so she said please. So I let it out of my shorts and she said "Oh my God."

So she said can I touch that. I said you seen it, so go ahead she put it in hand and started to stroke it I look down and she was smiling and she said do you like it and I said oh yes. It feels so good and then she put her lips around the head and I lost it. I shot my load right In her mouth and she finished and said I like that. I stood there and said thanks and she sat down in the chair and we talked about another half hour. She then said she had to go and it was about 11 and as she stood up she said thanks and I said for what? She said for your cum. I said okay, as I stood up I was still rock hard. She said you still hard. I said yes and she said "Oh my gosh". I haven't seen a man do that in a while. So I said I would like to return a favor. She said sure. So I asked her what she wanted, and she said she wanted it inside of her. I said really and she said yes. I dropped my shorts and then she got nude. She had a small set of cute boobs for young girl, and you never thought she was so wet. I fucked her and she was so tight that I had to cover her head up because she was moaning so load. I hoped her hubby didn't hear us. We did it for a couple of hours. The next morning I was down having breakfast. She and her hubby came down and she smiled at me. Her hubby did not know what she was smiling about.

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